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 Dr Ug0 W3st comes at me from everywhere....

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:17 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dr. W3st of the CBN of Nigeria was hooked for months.
He safaried to Benin to meet me to settle my contract payment.
Unfortunately, my flight was delayed.

I tried to get Dr. W3st to move a second time but to no avail.
I forwarded him old Soludo mails from my in-tray telling him that the CBN was still waiting for me to act.

He of course was telling me that all those Soludo's were frauds and that I should only deal with him.

Finally I told him that the CBN officials had agreed to meet me at the SSC in Benin and that I had agreed to the US$27K in payments.
Dr. W3st then pulled the Nigerian police out of his ass...

[email protected]

>It has come to the notice of the NIGERIA POLICE FORCE LAGOS STATS
>OF NIGERIA through our intelligence monitoring network and the
>report of the Central Bank governor that it has been confirmed
>that some impostors has been using the name of the Central Bank
>and the Governors name in communicating as their staff.
>We aware that you will be holding meeting with impostors by
>tomorrow afternoon between 5/6pm. based on the information’s
>reaching us from monitoring/investigation unit and the governor of
>central bank. Note that from now onwards your further
>communications will be concede you have gone contrary to article
>102, section 36, sub-section iv of the 2001 financial and allied
>matters decree 20, guiding against illegal money laundry and
>fraudulent act.

I responded that they should arrest the culprits before they left Nigeria and the meeting was scheduled to go ahead.

Then Dr. W3st pulled the "you are being scammed by impostors" out of his ass.

For better understanding and for your own good go in to:
>> as it opens type in: Nigeria scam website and see
>>things yourself i am sure you will be carrying or blaming yourself
>>for not listing to my advice. Please don’t add .com if is through
>>googol to enable it give you all you want, after doing that get
>>back to me for confirmation.
>>Jell is your next name soonest because I will ensure that both of
>>your are arrested as fast as possible because I cannot allow you
>>be a victim as far as I involved you in the transaction before you
>>made the mistake along the line.

I responded with a very understandable response that I ACTUALLY DID A DEAL WITH THE REAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA!!!

Dear W3st,

I am very confused by your mail.
Here is what happened on my recent trip to Benin.
Please read this mail slowly and carefully.

Before leaving for Benin, I contacted the senior officials at the
CBN myself and told them about your contract offer.
They were very confused and told me that you were not associated at
all with the CBN and that you were a fraudster.
When I told them who I worked for, the CBN officials told me that
our organization might be able to tender a bid for a contract to
build humanitarian facilities in the outer provinces of Nigeria.
They asked me to meet with the heads of Kebbi, Sokoto
and Oyo provinces during my trip to Benin.

In the past we have built schools, small medical clinics and water
purification facilities for the Benin government. The heads of
Kebbi, Sokoto and Oyo wanted to SEE the facilities we built in

The heads of Kebbi, Sokoto and Oyo met me at the Simba Safari Camp
and we traveled together to see these completed projects in Benin.

They liked what they saw in Benin and drafted a contract for US$4.4
million to our organization to build similar facilities in Kebbi,
Sokoto and Oyo provinces.

The first phase of the funds have already been transferred to our
bank account. I received confirmation last week that US$440,000
(10%) was telegraphic transferred from the CBN to our Citibank
account. The funds have begun to arrive. I confirmed this with
Citibank myself. The money is there and more is on the way.

With regards to the US$27,800 processing fees, they were paid only
after the contract was signed.
These funds were placed in an escrow account at Ecobank. Only
after the contract was signed and stamped by the governors of
Kebbi, Sokoto
and Oyo was the money released from the escrow account to their
personal bank accounts.

We have agreed to deposit and additional US$50,000 in each of their
personal bank accounts when the second installment of US$440,000
arrives in our Citibank account.

Thus, I believe the ship has sailed and you seem to be
standing on the shore waving at the departed boat.

Then Dr. W3st pulled the accounts payable geek at the CBN out of his ass...

[email protected]> wrote:

> I am Mr. William Mason, the contract accounts payable director with Central Bank of Nigeria . I am 45 years old just started to work with C.B.N. I see your file which is marked pay now and the release of funds direct on my desk. Please I will send the balance owed as US$4 million dollars. I need your to send the monies owed to governors of kebbi, sokoto, oyo to be sent as soon as you can to my attention.
Please, call me as soon as you receive this Mail. +234-
>803-388-XXXX for the fee payments directions (same number as Dr. W3st)

I responded that we had already settled the payments the the local governors and sent the bribes directly to their personal accounts.

Then Dr. W3st pulled the FBI out of his ass...

In summary since the mail is ridiculously long, Robert Mueller is now asking me to secure 3 documents from the FBI offices in Lagos to ensure that the balance of US$4 million owed to my charity organization is free of terrorism and money laundering. I am to call the same phone number as that of Dr. Ug0 West for some reason.

I am just drafting my FBI response now but rest assured, Robert Mueller will be told that everything is under control and he should not worry about the balance of US$4 million owed to us by the CBN. Laughing

I cannot wait for the next character Dr. W3st pulls out of his ass trying to get in on this deal. Laughing

You must be stupied and mad you bastard full she goat. (Charles Soludo)
Madam, is not your signature for Christ sack (Prince Tony Yobo William)
I will cock you in a bottle and add peper to your eyes while you will die (My lost love Lad...Morgan)
fuck off and never contact me any more get this insult to your entire family (Barrister Philip Nowoke after 9 futile trips to WU)
I don't know how you think they will be liking your asshole (Paul Mbecki - banker Lad)
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I would be very careful if i were you.

It appears Dr W3st has some very high power friends. Wink

"nice try you want to spam my box asshole"
"fuck u and that of your company".
"ASSHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I know person like you fucking scammer".
"fuck off" Mr [email protected] [email protected]
"You are nothing but a crook and a liar,how could you send a fake transfer receipt to me and think that you can fool me".
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