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 Been doing local work lately (non-419)

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After my other 419 group closed up I took a break from messing with those lads for the most part. I finished my hit list and emptied my email box.

Lately I've been finding local scams, right here in the USA. I've also busted other illegal activity rings that are not quite scams.

Here are a few examples of what I've crashed lately.

A group of people were using stolen cellphones, switched to 911-only and hooked into another device to call fake 911 calls reporting false activities.
These people did this not only to divert cops from other illegal activities elsewhere, but also to sell the 911 recordings, as well as video from the scene of cops responding to fake calls.

Often times they were actually on-site with video cameras set up to watch the cops pull in. Here are a few common things they did:

1) They would report a innocent "Mark" had placed a bomb somewhere in a mall and give the description of a person at that very mall.

2) They would report that a innocent "Mark" had just killed someone in the back of a store and was escaping after washing the blood off in the restroom.

These people who were reported doing such fake activities here often times held at gunpoint, yelled at, or smashed very hard into walls or the ground, one was permanently inured by the police even though they had cooperated and had done nothing wrong. These people easily could have been shot by a nervous cop.

They would do all this with streaming video and audio over ventrilo, a voice chat program, and various means of video streaming. They had various ways they got paid by spectators in these streaming chat channels. Sometimes they would get bounties. If someone was brutalized by a cop they would get a monetary pledge, if someone was arrested they would get multiple small donations, they would sell their audio and video to people underground.

It was crazy how many hundreds of these people were there, paying to see people get hit, or pranked.

They also did other prank calls costing many businesses hundreds of dollars. These guys were scum. They were making thousands of dollars off this activity too.

This group has since had all accounts frozen including paypal, and personal bank accounts, and I'm sure that the FBI has taken at least a few of them into custody by now. I was able to give them specific information on many of their members and financial information.

You have to be a special kind of ass to be able to infiltrate such a brutal and childish organization. Or you have to lure them by their greed.

I can't speak of the specifics here due to various rules and regulations, including these forums rules. Tying up the 911 lines is dangerous and gets people who have real emergencies killed. Many times people with real Emergencies don't get help or are not taken seriously because the volume of fake calls being sometimes over 80%.

Recently they took out a "chatty" that had made over >2000< 911 calls on a stolen phone. He had that phone for just a few days.

I also was able to catch a gift certificate scam which is nothing in comparison to the above account. People on the streets would actually buy gift certificates from random shady looking people who printed them out on regular printer paper. This is a reminder that scams don't just exist on the net.

Thank you for calling the Scambait Hotline: Press 1 for Mugu, Press 2 for Cliq Mob, Para EspaƱol marque el numero 3.
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