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will my lad call at ONE of the times I listed or ALL of the times I listed...


I am getting confused by your e-mails? I have been meeting with my lawyer here in the states all day yesterday AND most of today - I am a very busy man, and for me to take the time and expense (MY LAWYER CHARGES US $150 per HOUR) to make sure that I can help finalize this deal shows that I am very serious, and your words have an insulting note to them. I do not wish you bad, I simply take ALL business transactions VERY seriously; as should you.

Based on the conversation I have had with my Corporate Lawyer (Gordon Howe Esq. of Dewey Cheetham & Howe Law Firm) I will need to speak directly with Sunlife Financial - I am unsure why they are unable to e-mail me directly? You have no problems with e-mail. The one voicemail they left was garbled and could not be understood. Have an agent from Sunlife Financial call me at exactly 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time tonight- that is GMT -5 hours on Friday March 26th. I will be in the office with my lawyer at EXACTLY 8:42 and we will wait no longer than 6 minutes - that means they MUST phone me by the LATEST 7:33 EST.

If all goes well with the conference call between Sunlife, myself and my lawyer - we can complete this business quickly.

Again EST is Eastern Standard Time - that is GMT - 5 Hours.

G0dw1n, I will be traveling ALL of next week in Alaska and will have no access to phones or internet. If I do not hear from Sunlife tonight at EXCACTLY 9:13 EST I will consider this transaction impossible to complete.
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