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 My lad admits he has lots of women

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Juan's stalker

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:25 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I found this to be really really funny.

I have no idea why he was trying to be so honest with my character
about all of his women.

I dont know if he thought she was just to stupid to understand what he was saying or what.

She has been very simple and sweet this far in the game.
She doesnt love him yet either. Twisted Evil

Of course she forgives him tho after some drama......

Heres part of the chat.

ME: what happened?

ME: you signed out?

Lad: no

ME: yes you did

Lad: how was your day ?

Lad: i miss talking to you

ME: are you hiding from someone on your messenger?

Lad: yes

ME: who?

Lad: many people want to talk to me and i dont want you to feel bad

ME: yes i would feel bad

Lad: or take much time replying

ME: are they girls?

Lad: they are friends and people who all want more than friendship lol

Lad: yea most of them are

ME: so you are a player then

Lad: am not

ME: yes if you have many girls

Lad: or d you want me to go visible and chat with everyone ?

Lad: they are not girl friends just friends

ME: i need to go

Lad: i care your mad with me

ME: you seem to be playing games

Lad: how can you do this to me

ME: i thought you wanted to be sreious?

Lad: is it a crime not to talk to people you dont want to talk to \?

Lad: come on dear am serious

ME: well i certainly dont have a bunch of men on my messenger (((( IM SO LYING,heheheh )))

Lad: and you owe me an apology for calling me a player

Lad: darling i met them long before

ME: im not interested in someone who has a bunch of girls

ME: i want someone interested in me and me only

Lad: sorry baby , i kicked the adapter mistakenly and the computer went off , I'm sorry

Lad: don't be mad at me am not with anyone just with you and you are the one i care about

Lad: if it will please you i will put my online status when we chat again even if the whole world wants to talk to me

Lad: love ya


ME: stop it!

Lad: ssstop what ?

Lad: i thot you are gone

ME: lying

ME: im reading my computer

ME: i just stopped talking to you

Lad: but my compuyter stopped because i kicked the adpater and it turned off

ME: why are you bothering me when you have so many other girls to talk too????

Lad: you seem to have had a bad day baby , are you ok ?

ME: i want a serious man

Lad: baby if i wasn't interstested and serious without you i will not have been bearing your accusations and insults are you so blind not to see dat

Lad: am serious and i want nothing less

ME: now im blind?

Lad: well you are acting blind

ME: your profile seemed like that of a nice man not a player

Lad: and dat is not what i expect from you

Lad: am not even close to a player , what will i need all the women for ? i just need one woman to share my life with and dont have time for games honestly

ME: well then why do you have all these women on your messenger you need to hide from then?

Lad: i do baby i meet most of them in the dating sites

Lad: and others are just friends mere friends

ME: why are you talking to me then????

ME: im just confused by this

ME: you need constant womens attention or something?

Lad: what do you think is the reason why i went to ? to find the love of my life , if i wasn't available there will not be te need looking for someone

Lad: i already get

Lad: darling i need to be love by just one woman and that is my lover

Lad: i wish you would be a little reasonable

ME: so if i go and accept all the men to my messenger that want to talk with me

ME: you will be ok with that?

Lad: no am not saying that

ME: i have lots of emails over there too

Lad: the people i have on my messenger are the ones i met before you

ME: but i liked you

ME: so you just like and talk to all of them?

Lad: and dat stopped when i met you

Lad: no baby

Lad: i was looking for a lover and partner before you came

Lad: but that stopped when i met you

ME: no it did not

ME: you are still talking to them and hiding from them

ME: that must be why it takes you so long to answer a question i ask

Lad: not as lovers but as friends

Lad: darling i'm true with you

ME: i just thought you were so cute and sweet and now i feel so disappointed and sad

Lad: stop dat please

Lad: oh God what are you talking about ?

Lad: you are hurting me baby and i dont deserve tat from you

ME: well then stop talking to me and go talk with all your others

ME: they were all here before me anyway ,right

Lad: you wouldn't have seen a dust of me if i was with someone cos am sincere in my relationship

Lad: darling i have had a relationship but that finish bfore i met you

Lad: i had thot you are reasonable but you are not acting so

Lad: i had thot you are someone i can trust with my herat but you are stubbing it

ME: you mean you thought i was stupid and wouldnt care if i was in a group???

Lad: not that

Lad: i dont run any groups , what do i need a group for?

ME: i have no idea

Lad: please listen wit your heart darling

ME: but apparently you have one

Lad: cos you are not listening

Lad: am single

ME: maybe i need to get me a group?

Lad: i for now

ME: and put you in it

Lad: stop acting silly

Lad: dont be stuipid

ME: you are silly

ME: you are stupid

Lad: how can you be so cruel

ME: you are cruel

Lad: you are acting like a spoiled kid

ME: you are a spoiled kid

ME: with to many women

Lad: how can you accuse me so much?

ME: because you told me about them

ME: did you forget?

Lad: darling , harness your anger and know one thing , i belive in love and dat is what i live for , time is precious to me and i dont have time to waste , the reason why am here is to find the love of my life , i have strong feelings regarding love so please dont destroy it

Lad: come on , they are neither my concubines nor my lovers

ME: well how can you try to have love with all these people?

Lad: some are cousins , sisters , friends i met before we met but no LOVE

ME: how can i believe you?

Lad: becahow can you believe me when you puit on the cloak of blindness

ME: how am i blind?

Lad: the reason for you to believe me is simple , if i was with another woman in love what need would i have for another woman

Lad: because you refuse to see the logic of my words

ME: you opened my eyes for me by telling me about all the women who wanted you and you were hiding from them!

Lad: you are so blind with jealousy dat am sure you cannt see the tips of your fingers

ME: how can i be jealous

ME: i barely know you

Lad: i just did but you are not listening

Lad: you can say dat

ME: im just sad and confused

ME: so maybe you are a sheik with a harem then?

Lad: some people online will just want to chat and if i should talk to all of them you will feel i i'm ignoring you and i dont want you to feel dat way because you are the one i have love feelings for

Lad: stop where do you get that silly stuff from

Lad: ?

Lad: i wish you would stop your wrong imaginations

ME: they are not my imagination

Lad: i'm me , a single gentle man looking for true love

ME: i just know from your own words

Lad: then they are our illusion

Lad: you misinterpret what i said

ME: so i totaly imagined those words of other women?

Lad: come on baby

Lad: how can we build anything solid if you jump blue murder at the slightest thing

Lad: cheer up baby

Lad: am not seeing anyone

Lad: and i am not wit anyone

Lad: just with you

Lad: and you are the one i'm trekking with on the corridors of love

Lad: take it or leave it

ME: ok you are making me laugh now

Lad: but dats the truth and neither you nor anyone will make me to lie

Lad: you're just crazy

Lad: and i deserve an apology from you

ME: you will never get an opology from me because i did nothing wrong

Lad: if not i will fall off from a cliff and God will kick your bud for murdering

Lad: you did everything wromng from your accusing wrds , nagging me as a player and not even appreciating the time am giving you , you have not even said any sweet word when you came but just throweing missioles after grenades

ME: you are very dramatic

Lad: oh how unfair are the onnocenty ofetn teated

Lad: cos you are raisning dust

Lad: and do u expect me to accept your accusation ?

ME: how am i supposed to accept being one of many women?

Lad: you better smile before i force your teeth out

Lad: you are not just one to me cos you are special and i want to spend endless days and nights with you

ME: but i will look funny without teeth

Lad: cant you still get it , cute brat lol ?

Lad: no what i mean is open your lips to see your teeth not break yr teeth

ME: ohhh

Lad: i can not hurt a hair on you

ME: i thought you wanted to knock my teeth out

Lad: altho i can see dat u can slaughter me cos i have just escaped being murdered by you lol

Lad: no i will never do dat , dats so cuel

ME: how can i murder you

Lad: am too gentle for dat shit

ME: i have not threatened to hurt you in anyway

Lad: by accusing me wrongfully

Lad: well you did

Lad: for the first time

Lad: and i feel so bad

Lad: just wanna go and drop into a well and forget about everything

ME: i thought i was the only one for you but you say you have many who want you and you must hide from them

Lad: i am available just because of you doesnt that ring any thng in you ?

Lad: and ignoring every word for you?

ME: you are supposed to show when you are online

ME: how can we talk if you are never online?

Lad: i will not unless you begin to teat me as your sweet lover

ME: but you my sweet lover has to many women

ME: there is no room for me

ME: you are all full up

Lad: stop dat shit

ME: what shit?

Lad: that am with all those women , am only with one woman

Lad: opn your eyes from the first time and receive the sunlight

Lad: so you were hiding from your frogs ?lol

ME: yes i did just receive the sunlight and got my eyes woken up for sure

ME: frogs?

Lad: wow i love your pic

ME: im a frog?

Lad: it makes my heart dance

ME: thats mean

ME: frogs have warts

Lad: and i wish i could reach you and shut dat mouth of yours with kisses

Lad: gag you with a cane lol

ME: your women will be mad

Lad: then you will stop complaining

Lad: aren't you crazy lol

Lad: ?

ME: im not crazy

Lad: i can see making me mad is becoming a sport to you

Lad: i know but you are acting fine

ME: well im not really sure how to handle this situation

Lad: just lay back and close your eyes and receive these kisses from me


ME: well you are cute

Lad: clear your mind now from all those unhealthy thots , you are the one i think of when am alone

Lad: and you are the one i want as mine

Lad: you meana lot to me baby

ME: but you just said mean things to me

Lad: and i hate to see you sad

ME: so how could you still want me

Lad: iwhat i was just portraying is dat am clean and i deserve better treatment

ME: well you must not understand women then

Lad: i wnat you and my heart sings your love night and day , can't you hear it ?

Lad: darling there is no one for me as far as love is concern , or do you want me to go and climb mOunt everest and shout it out ?

Lad: i have friends and not lovers

Lad: please take it like dat

ME: you would have to video tape that

ME: then i would know you did that

Lad: haha i will have to darg you along lol

Lad: drag

ME: friends dont want you like that

ME: so you should not have to hide from friends

Lad: baby , do you love all the men dat love you ?

Lad: the logic is simple

ME: i dont talk to men

ME: i talk to a man, you

Lad: thankx for your permission , so you will not mind talking to friend when we chat and have the messages i sent you delayed ?

Lad: and i was talking to a woman

Lad: and it was a woman i wanted to talk to dats why i wnet invisible

Lad: went

ME: you can go invisible to all but me

ME: why go invisible to me then?

Lad: and dats what i did

Lad: darling when i went invisible i was talking to you so i wasn't invisible with you

Lad: i wish you would open your legs let me feel your warmth than shower me with brim stone

Lad: how was your day ?

ME: you want some brimstones? thats interesting

ME: you want some fire too

Lad: i didn't say o

Lad: \so

Lad: Mrs misinterpreter lol

Lad: yea fire from your passion

ME: in all seriousness tho

ME: if i bother you and make you mad with my questions

ME: why do you want to talk to me

Lad: i want your love baby

ME: there are millions of women in this world

Lad: good which means dat imust be serious with you and i have the feeling dat my feelings for you is nothing less than love


ME: hummmm

ME: you are very persuasive

Lad: i'll appreciate it very much if my feelings for you can be reciprocated with love and nothing less

ME: no wonder you have many women

Lad: that's the holy truth

Lad: and you could play the true sadist no wonder you are seducive

Lad: lol

Lad: but have mercy on my weak heart

Lad: and dont break it for Christ's sake

Lad: i want you baby and i need you

ME: i really dont think i could hurt you

ME: you seem very tough

Lad: well am a man and dat's the dream of all women , isn't it |?

ME: no the dream of women

ME: is to have a man who loves her and wont hurt her

ME: then she has no reason to ever want him hurt

Lad: we are speaking the same language , Mrs. Magistrate

Lad: hurting some one is not my idea onlove

Lad: my dreams with the loved one is to share all the good and sweetness of the world with her

ME: you think that telling me you are hiding from a lot of women would not make me feel bad then?

Lad: life is to special to bespend on hurting one another

ME: so why did you tell me?

Lad: well i'm now visible

Lad: because you asked me

ME: im visible to you too

ME: its supposed to work like that

Lad: i was thinking of creating a new email adress so dat there will not be any future fights

ME: make another messenger then

ME: so you and i can talk alone

Lad: yea dats what i want now

Lad: dat will do

ME: we just read each others minds

ME: thats spooky

Lad: but if i catch you talking to even Obama , i swear i will catstrate him lol

Lad: yea dats is truly amazing

ME: no if you get to have a harem i need one too

Lad: we'll have the time to talk undisturbed

Lad: hahaha

ME: yes i would like that

Lad: stop talking about harem ,

ME: thats what i thought we had till you started hiding

Lad: you are my harem

ME: Mr. Busy

Lad: lol

Lad: hahah and Mrs occupied

ME: who am i occupied with?

Lad: i have the feeling we'll make a perfect match

Lad: frogs andmonkies lol

ME: it looks like we will fight

Lad: admirers i guess lol

Lad: no my hands are too tender to heat and cause them pains and your flesh i will just want to caress and ignite with love

ME: so i take it you like to make love after a fight then

Lad: maybe you want to be hit but i can only hit you with my sugar cane and you will enjoy it then lol

Lad: oh yea , after a war of words , its best to cuddle my baby and dry your tears

ME: so if a woman stands up to a man

ME: she should be hit?

ME: you will never make it in the states

ME: you will be in jail

Lad: baby my idea of love is not hitting and fighting , i believe everything can be settled in dialogiue

Lad: dialogue

Lad: in the states or any where hitting and fighting is not just me

Lad: am a gentle man baby and i resect my self very well and dat of others

ME: the words you use sound like it

Lad: maybe you are looking for a saddest to bully you from dawn to dusk lol ?

ME: no i want the opposite

ME: a kind loving man

Lad: iwas waking my sleeing beauty from her deep sleep

ME: someone to have children with

Lad: then you have reach home

Lad: good , you are now speaking a language i can understand

Lad: go on

Lad: say some more

Lad: you are now reciting my gospel

ME: well it confuses me how you speak sometimes

Lad: i was just responding to your madness dats all

ME: it sounds like you hate women and want to hit me

Lad: hahaha

ME: and insult me

Lad: you are wrong again

Lad: i was just responding and defending my reputation which you were on the verge of destroying

ME: you always have an excuse for mean words dont you

Lad: and i will not let your repuation being tarnished by anyone cos dats the value we have

Lad: darling am not mean in the first place and neither do i enjoy one bit of our arguement

Lad: and thirdly all i want is to make love to you

Lad: can we do it now

Lad: what are you wearing ?

ME: how would that happen?

ME: my PJ's

Lad: by loving spiritually - through telepathy

ME: they are red

Lad: wow

Lad: that's a beautiful colour

Lad: attractive

ME: yes i like red

Lad: and u wud look sexy in them am sure

Lad: i wish i could feel your warmth close

ME: if you think a fat woman is sexy then i guess so

Lad: i like women with fat

ME: if you get to close you will catch my sickness

Lad: i dont mind to beinfected by you as long as we make love

ME: hummm

ME: its a pretty bad sickness

Lad: i would have been talking care of you if i was close

Lad: what kind

ME: i dont think you would be ok after you catch it

Lad: darling i'll take care of you cold or hot

ME: it was strep throat

ME: now it is in my chest

Lad: sorry

ME: yes it sucks

Lad: hope you're getting better?

ME: i would not wish it on you

ME: even if you do have to many women

Lad: it would not have run away had i run my hands on your boobs trust me

Lad: hahah you silly ass when are you gonna stop that lol?

ME: so you like big boobs or a big butt?

Lad: i love big boobs and fat butt

ME: well i think my fat butt is bigger than my boobs

ME: but they are big too

Lad: for i can caress and lick them into friction and will your moans as i lick your tits and suckle them

Lad: wow dat will give me all the room to go deep inside you

ME: so this is how we will make love on the computer then,hummm

ME: i wondered what you had in mind

Lad: and it will please me to run your taps with fingering and hard drivng

ME: are you a wildman or soft and sweet?

Lad: and piece by piece i'lkl stip you exploring and kissing every bit of you

Lad: all put together

ME: that might tickle

Lad: am sweet and tender at first but when hot i can be a hard core

Lad: hmm and you will groan and moan as i shower my passsion into you

Lad: and together we will ride to clouds of ecstasy

ME: so you are that good huh?

Lad: and your every inch of your body i will rock with electriacal love

Lad: am the angel of love baby

Lad: and am gonna feed you with love , lullaby you in love , suckle you in love , fill you with love and drown you in love

Lad: and enjoying my sweet company , you will never ket me go cos you will know dat you've met the angle of your dream

Lad: dats exactly what am doing which i said earlier

Lad: iwant to make love to you

ME: well first i need to beat all the other women off of you

ME: since you have so many you need to hide

Lad: hahaha you dont need to have an fights all you need to do is be commiteed and come to me then all the other piece fits

ME: so i need to come and get you

Lad: i have only one woman and she enjoys kicking my butt

Lad: can't you stand the chllenge?

Lad: challenge

Lad: you are someon i really wana meet

ME: why?

Lad: and i cant wait to meet you

Lad: because it is only in meeting that our relationship can bemenaingful

Lad: be meanigful

ME: what if we meet and dont like each other?

Lad: meaningful

Lad: i like you already

Lad: i know what i want

ME: why do you like me???

Lad: maybe you arethe one dat doesn't know what you want yet

Lad: because you are friendly , sweet to talk to , gentle mannered , beautiful , serious , which makes you attractive

ME: so you like a woman that will talk back to a man?

Lad: it is those qualities dat attracts me

Lad: i dont mind if a woman talks back in reasonableness but not when she acts stupid dat me nor any man enjoys

Lad: cos no man or woman want a stupid lover

Lad: maybe you do

Lad: do u ?

ME: hummmm are you calling me, stupid?

Lad: no one of my friends in Dakar wanted to call me

Lad: do you like anything in me ?

ME: what?

ME: i was trying to answer you

Lad: so you are busy with your group ?

Lad: ok

ME: you are handsome

Lad: ok

ME: you seem intelligent

ME: you said you are a christian

ME: you said you like children

Lad: ok

Lad: thanx

Lad: that's sweet of you

Lad: i just have the feeling that we'll behappy together

ME: i think you have a sense of humor

ME: i like that

Lad: oh that's cute to hear

ME: But should i list the bad stuff too?

Lad: i know already

Lad: spit them out ,

Lad: lol

ME: naaaaa i dont want to burst your happy bubble

Lad: well i can say what's on your mind

ME: ok you can read my mind

Lad: you dont like me talking to girls - so you think am a player but am not

Lad: 2. you think i can be aggresive when my ego is touched , am not, am a gentleman althoug if it will take me to kiss you sweetly and bite you little to wake you i will lol

Lad: you think i'm attractive and feels insecure datyou will be facing many women to fight

Lad: what a nicer way to hear it

ME: you have been paying attention to me then

ME: im impressed

Lad: of course i know every word you said

Lad: i care about you baby

Lad: i sure do

Lad: and hope we can build a solid future

ME: its impressive you can remember my name too

ME: with having to remember so many others

Lad: come on baby

Lad: hahaha

Lad: i will get you for this lol

Lad: i 'll bit that tongue of yours if you come any near

Lad: i'll give you my teeth instead lol

ME: awww thats no fun

Lad: to show dat i can bite lol

Lad: cool down

ME: that can go both ways

Lad: am just kidding

Lad: am missing your company hun

Lad: and wish so much dat i can touch you

ME: how are you missing me sweetness im right here

Lad: you sure are

Lad: did you saw the mail i semt you ?

Lad: sent

ME: yes i did

Lad: gmail i wanna say

ME: i thought you meant my email address

ME: yes i saw the gmail one

Lad: how is your son doing ?

Lad: yea

Lad: let me pee and come back

ME: he is fine but he has a slight cough today

ME: ok,lol

ME: shake the snake

Lad: hahaa no you do that for me

Lad: am sorry for him

ME: sorry

Lad: where is my darling ?

ME: baby

ME: just one minute

Lad: ok

ME: ok im back

Lad: welcome sweetheart

ME: had to put the clothes i washed into the dryer

Lad: good gal

Lad: dats ma gal

ME: so will you help me with the house chores or is that all for the woman to do?

Lad: i will help you with the house chores of course , i had thought you were conservative interms of marriage which is one of the best

Lad: lol

Lad: thewoman is the Queenof th home isn't it lol ?

ME: im just testing to see how you are and what you will say

ME: i can already tell you are a man who expects the woman to do the house duties

Lad: hahhaha

Lad: well am not a selfish man and i hate to sit when i can do something

Lad: the man andwoman are euql in marriage buyt their roles as you can see are different

ME: yes

ME: you are what we call here in the states old fashioned

ME: but if that were the case

ME: then the woman is not allowed to work

ME: because the man is to be the bread winner of the family

Lad: well if true love is spelled by old fashion then am for it

ME: and the woman does all the house work and rearing of the children

Lad: i takepride to cater for my woman but my woman can work cos that's a chance of contributing to the country ...

Lad: am not like that

ME: then if your woman works she should get help with chores from the housework

Lad: i believe women can do more than just taking care of the home and raising children

Lad: of course baby dat wouldn't be a problem

ME: i have a very good job and went to many years of school for it

Lad: anddats iswhat is appropiate

Lad: ok

Lad: what's your line o

Lad: i understand what u gonna say next , being you cannot leave your job for love lol

Lad: but no one is gonna ask you to quit lol

Lad: what's your line of work ?

ME: Im a physical therapist at the hospital here

Lad: that's good

ME: i had many years of schooling to get my degree

Lad: hope you like the job ? it's a noble one

ME: The only problem with working in a hospital

Lad: ok

Lad: and its a worthy field

ME: is that i get exposed to illness a lot

Lad: ok

ME: and get sick often,lol

Lad: i understand

ME: so if you dont have a strong immune system you will get sick too

Lad: but the work is worth it because you're doing so much for other people and datmeans a lot

Lad: i know

ME: i mostly work with the elderly people who have fallen or had surgery

ME: and need to learn how to walk again

Lad: but i will not haveto begoing to the hospital all the time

ME: or use their arms and back

ME: stuff like that

Lad: we can always meet at home

ME: so what type of job do you have?

Lad: maybe i can pass by ioccasuonally to show some love and to tell the men to back of indirectly

Lad: ok that's fine

ME: i told you i dont flirt with men at work

ME: it is unprofessional

ME: since i have to work with them everyday

Lad: i was working in Cellc0m - atelephone compnay beforei come to Gambia

Lad: i know am just kidding madame flirt lol

ME: ok Mr. Busy

Lad: but am now inthe Gambia and i do brooking , and dat is people give me goods to sell for them and i make some profit out of it

ME: ok

ME: wonder what you would do if you come to the states

Lad: well i can do any job

ME: but what would you like to do?

ME: any ideas?

Lad: cos i can write a little , or be a field worker

Lad: i can do many things

Lad: am work orientated

ME: well thats good

ME: i will find you something with no women

Lad: maybe i can work in a telephone company , factory , etc

Lad: hahah you selfish thing

Lad: just find me a good job with no restrictions

ME: yes i am selfish with my man and wont share problem with that?

Lad: if you can work with men why not me lol ?

ME: because you will like them all and that will make me mad, Mr. Busy

Lad: you dont need to be , all i will need is a good job so dat we can support each other and live happily

Lad: come on baby , i am not a sex maniac or a woman mainac

ME: sounds like it if you have to hide from them

Lad: all you got to do is love me tenderly and am yours forever

ME: what do you say to them to make them chase you so?

Lad: hahaha

Lad: well the important thing is what is in my heart dont make me a prisoner please

ME: what if i want you as my prisoner?

Lad: they just see my pictures and profile and becomes mad

ME: lol

Lad: chasing me from one world to anothjer and i dont enjoy marathons

ME: i love your sense of humor

ME: you make me laugh

Lad: i can love you baby more when am free

Lad: and you make me happy

Lad: dats wh because i will belovng you 24-7

Lad: and love heals any wounded heart

Lad: lifts the spirit and makes you happy

ME: my heart is not wounded

Lad: am just saying

ME: i hope you wont do that to me if i come to care for you

Lad: what love could do

ME: maybe then you will hide from me?

Lad: no i have no intention of hurting anyone and besides am a good doer

Lad: hahahaha

Lad: if u want to kill me then i can go in hiding

ME: why would i want to hurt you?

Lad: or if you show me dat you are not commited then i can hide lol

Lad: hmmm dats nice to hear

Lad: you can charm a corpse out of a coffin

Lad: yor words aremusic to my ears

Lad: you have sweet cheeks

ME: i just speak the truth good or bad

ME: cant you tell?

Lad: ands a beautiful chin

Lad: yea

Lad: but its not bad to be rational before saying anything you think as the truth lol

Lad: well i like you baby

ME: i like you too

ME: thats why i was sad

Lad: and my feelings for you keeps on increasing

ME: now that you are away from the others

Lad: sorry for being sad

Lad: but am not seeing anyone

ME: im not either

Lad: they are just friends

ME: sure

Lad: andi have no regrets , i give them attention when i can

ME: i guess that makes them sad when they want all your attention

Lad: well they have to blame you then i guess lol

Lad: you better start repenting for your sins lol

ME: it takes two Romeo

Lad: yea

Lad: you are worthy of my admiration

ME: so you are always the innocent one

ME: hello????????

ME: tell her to go away you are busy

ME: You must have an angry one

Lad: are ythe connection is bad

Lad: are you still there ?

Lad: I've got to go

ME: yes but your light never went off

ME: why?

Lad: it was the connection

Lad: my computer frooze

ME: why are you leaving me?

Lad: and i wasn't getting any messages from you

Lad: am tired baby

ME: what time there?

Lad: and wish i could have been here all night

Lad: but its getting late

ME: its 6:30 here

Lad: it is 11:30

Lad: ok

ME: aww that is late

Lad: we are 5 hours ahead

ME: you need to sleep

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Kobayashi Maru
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 10:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks for the glimpse into the "love lad vs. female victim" world. Smile Very different from the vlad approach.

You seem to have hooked a "smooth talker" type. Though that might be common… I've never had to deal with love lads.

My guess is he was going for the "I'm a Don Juan with lots of women who want me, so you should too" strategy. Trying to impress you and get you into competition mode. That's a risky tactic. Many (in my experience most Very Happy) women can be quite "territorial" and don't take kindly to competition. But if it doesn't backfire, it can work… especially on the younger/inexperienced girls. Think of all the catty behavior and back-stabbing that goes on between girls in high-school to get attention from boys. Wink How old is your character?

I'm really happy not to be married to your alter ego though. She sounds like a high-maintenance pain in the b.u.t.t. Your lad can have her. Laughing Have fun torturing him. Twisted Evil

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey KM,

Yes he is a smooth lad and I feel he is a threat to potential victims.
But they all are really Sad
He is constantly IMing others as we chat and seems to very busy.
He probably has other scams going as well.

I enjoy wasting his time and I hope he made some other vics mad as
he gave me so much of his attention and hopefully ignored them.

I do believe also he was trying to make my character jealous but that in my mind was a big gamble for him.
My character has never said she loves or cares for him ,only that he is cute and nice. He wants to hurry her up by pressuring her...

I enjoyed causing him some stress when his plan backfired on him.
He immediatly tried to get closer to my character by "making love" and threatening to jump off a cliff because he was so hurt by her.
Trying to make my character feel guilt that she had hurt him with her words so there for he must really love her.

I hate romance scammers with a passion. Evil or Very Mad On a real victim who is lonely this strategy might really work.
Making her feel pressure from other women wanting him and she might lose him and making her think she is important to him by his threatening to die for her.
Also a lot of them will bring in a child character to play on the sympathy of their victim when the child gets hurt or seriously ill and he needs money for medical care.

They are ruthless and cold and will do anything to get money from their victims. Mad

Im glad you enjoyed the chat.

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Proud member of "The Todger Club"
"why are you stingy over me" Craig
"you are causin me much frustration" Frustrated lad...
"stop makin me feel like mess and shit" Craig
"if not i will fall off from a cliff and God will kick your bud for murdering " Diamond Mo
" shot the fuck up you silly irrational bitch" V1ctor
"they make jest of me cus they tthink i am waisting my time and money talking to you" Ted
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:09 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

He is constantly IMing others as we chat and seems to very busy.

That's why they always just say "babe" and "sweetie" they don't call you the wrong name and get a major slap....which is so much fun to do. Very Happy

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 9:01 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

That was a great chat. Glad you are keeping the scuzzbag busy!

I don't know about him falling off a cliff, but this line nearly made me fall off my chair laughing! I would so Love to have this as a siggy:

if not i will fall off from a cliff and God will kick your bud for murdering


Closed lad accounts


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2009 1:43 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Alright Ms. Daisy I stuck it in my siggy Very Happy

TattooMortar x5 pony Nurse Nastys Audi TT Goat Goat Mc Fry Closed lad accounts United Kingdom Nigeriapyramid2 From my Valentine
Safari Sibide, Bamako-Cotonou W/Dr.S.W.
Proud member of "The Todger Club"
"why are you stingy over me" Craig
"you are causin me much frustration" Frustrated lad...
"stop makin me feel like mess and shit" Craig
"if not i will fall off from a cliff and God will kick your bud for murdering " Diamond Mo
" shot the fuck up you silly irrational bitch" V1ctor
"they make jest of me cus they tthink i am waisting my time and money talking to you" Ted
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