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 What season are we in again? (Bad lanuage alert)

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Cammy just lost patience with some Burkina Lads who demanded payment right now:

Your application stand to be nullified if we do not receive the answers and the processing fees from you on or before 4.p.m the 24th of December, 2008.
Make sure you do not over -stay the maximum time given to you which shall not be considered by this bank because of our working calender.
Because of the urgency in your matter , you are advised to send the money to our bank in person or through the western union money transfer and send to us the full information for receiving it. The money you are to send is [($2,850)].

Just after that the main Lad wrote (emphasis added):

Dear Janie,
I saw your file this morring in the bank and from the look of things, the bank can cancel the application if we do not act fast. You need to commit your time and everything to see that this transaction is a success. Because of the urgency of the matter, I decided to get the answers quickly and send to you... If you the money call me phone to alert me you have sent me a mail so i will cheek my mail, if you also send the money beep my phone to alert me so i will follow up imidaitely.

Quite apart from the name blunder, the mention of the phone is a no-no as Cammy has mentioned her deafness because of childhood rubella.

My name's not Janie, and never has been. Who's Janie? I want an answer pronto!

Then to the bank:

There is no way for me to send you any money before your deadline because the WU agency I use is closed until next week. It's the festive season and that's put everything on hold. You'll just have to wait, that's all.

Then her temper gives way:

Something else - like I told you before - I CAN'T USE THE FUCKING TELEPHONE SO STOP ASKING ME TO CALL YOU!

Almost immediately the Lad replies:

soory janie is my only daughter she was talking with me while i was writting to you iam very sorry may be while i called her i wrote it down ,please my dear forgive me,her mother left me for over 5 years now i am the only one taking care of her , i dont want to remarry to avoid what happened to me first, please i am beggibg you to for give me, it was a mistake ok, have you forgiven me? i am sorry ihave changed it , once again forgive me, i will send her picture to you to see,she love staying with me , she is on holiday today so she went with me to my office, she is here now even with mei am sorry ok

Compare that with the passage above... he's jittery now!

Cammy replies rather acidly:

Yeah, well, that's all very sad, but spare me the schmaltz. I just read the bank's email where they tell me I've got to send the money right now or everything's off. Well, that fucking place is run by boneheads and morons because that's fucking impossible because it happens to be Xmas now and nothing is going to happen before next fucking week! I've got some other issues but I'm getting a migraine and I'm logging off now.

Two more messages arrive, which Cammy will of course ignore until tomorrow evening or later (she's due to stand as Freyja in the Yuletide festival) (emphasis added).

ok , i only said beep ,or flash me but if you no ok no problemits ok

Look copy the answers and send to bank tell them its xams holiday already and ask for a little time ok, i think they will extend it for you , the bank its self will go on xmas break today to reopen casualy on the 27th then officially on the 2nd of january, so please do this for me ok thank you very much ok

How pathetic... !

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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