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 Does Anyone Know Lena Frey/ The Instant Message!!!!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2008 10:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Yeah I love to get the ones who say the are in the US and then turn out to be in nigeria,,
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Doit Pruitt
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 3:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So a couple of days go by without any word from Lena Frey... and then, lo and behold, two days after she was supposed to arrive in Los Angeles, who's name appears highlighted on my Instant Messenger:

darling... you're still alive!
i was so worried about you

my love
i was just released from the police today
you let me down

i am so sorry
what can I do

why didnt you jst do this my way than going to insult the good company

i have spoken to the American Embassy who say you were in the hands of con men... not real police
you were a victim, darling
of unscrupulous bad men
can you come here tomorrow...
we still have your ticket
i was able to get a refun

honey i told you,you were totally wrong about everything ok,believe me,i deserve alot of apologies from you...i was locked up and bailed because of you....

who finally got you out
I will pay them for their inconvenience
I waited at the airport all night

Honey yes i can still come but i have a little debt to clear now for your sake,my friend who bailed me spent $350 and that expenses is on me to pay back was my friend who got me out darling,my neigbour actually the dont want you to pay for anything

oh I love you so much
i am glad you are soon to be my wife

i love you too darling

maybe I should fly to London to take care of all of these problems
and apologize to Mr. Duleum in person
I can take a flight to NY tonight
be in London in the morning
would you like that

ok,that would be great,but i have done everything in the world to prove to you i am for real,why cant you believe me for christ sakes...i had to take a pics with a sgn like you said,why do you still doubt me??i think i will have to forget this if that will make u happy.....

what do you mean?
i will come to London to make YOU happy and settle your debts and apologize
what more can you expect a man to do

i dont wanna have a romantic moment here,its so boring out here

btw, do you remember my three Christian girls Tiffany and Brandi?

yes i do

well the third of them, Anika, got a nude picture from a girl called Cassie that looked just like the one of you on the floor
i think someone has stolen your pcutres, darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you must be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are not cheating on me with one of my girlfriend, are you?

oh no
i dont understand,cheating on you,how??

the police here tacked it back to an address in Beirut
there are bad peple in the world Lena darling

oh i see

someone is pretending to be you

goddamned,can u imagine that,i never knew of this if not you telling me,honey i will be more careful ok
well i am me
and you know that honey dont you??

good I am glad you are not some Lebanese swindler
that would hurt me badly

what is swindler darling???

lying thieving Arab mother of a whore to a camel fetus scum sucking theif bastard that is the definition in the dictionary

I DONT understand but that sounds funny

if you were swindler I would have to say the curse to save you from hell and the devil below: (cover your eyes if you are a good God-fearing Christian woman or like Lot’s wife you will turn to salt when you read these words… this is just like in the movie The Exorcisst to Protect your soul:
useles yuroba idiot selfish creatures like your race ofeumanu hahahahahahahahh fucker empty vessel nonontity U HAVE AIDS YUROBA SWINE BASTARD YOU DONT HAVE PARENT WHERE IS THAT WHORE YOU CALL MOTHER HOPE SHE IS DEAD YES YES SHE I BELIEVE SO HAHAHAHAHAHA
and then you would have Aids and die
I am glad that is not you
can you come to America tomorrow darling?
I will be waiting at the airport until you come

you are so so so funny
I have bruises and cuts all over my body from where the police beat me and tortured me
maybe next week when I look better

ok I will send you the money
I love you
Merry Christmas
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