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 even orphanages are feeling the crunch

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my orphans on tap provider in C0tonou is really feeling the crunch he's now diversified and is sending faxes to my K7 for 'Alternate Investment Strategies' and 'Affordable Health Care' Laughing

He's also ready to meet me when I jet in for my S1mba experience

"i am happy to read from you this good news, can you tell me when you will be coming and the date, also try and send your ticket any time you will be coming and inform me on time so that i can wait for you at the airport, and you have to tell me and send money so that i will make the hotel reservation and make the place place for you.
thanks and have a nice day."

what a shame I'll be coming in overland and making my way directly to the S1mba camp wait I've just had an idea perhaps just perhaps he'd like to meet me there.

This is the first lad I ever picked up and despite numerous form filling, lots of fun with S3cure, wasted trips to WU, supposed gifts sent by PD which got misdirected to Abuja(which the lazy git wouldn't chase after) he still wants to help me
do you think we may have misjudged some of them and they really are not that bad Embarassed

Closed lad accounts X 27
i am tired and i am waisting my morning
i am tired of all these rusbish, i am waisiting my time andf mone
Ok i will try and take the form to my staff members, once i get the form filled, i am not ready to fill another form, make sure that this is all the forms, i am going to fill them and once i get them done, i will not fill another form
If you see how i was insulted in the western union office, you will pitty me - nope you're wrong there pal
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