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 Advice on where to go with Katya....

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Hello I'm New here!

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Hello everyone.

I have been baiting this Vlad called Katya. Now she doesn't use any script, and has always answered all questions i have asked her and in her replies references my emails. So my thought was maybe a pro dater. She hasn't asked for any money yet, and is content with playing things cool. So some advice on her status would help. Her email is £[email protected] (replace £ with k and $ with s). She was from AntheaClub...

I'll post all correspondance here plus pictures and let you experts run your magic!

Hi there,
Thanks for you message. I was very excited to hear from you and the possibilities of what may happen in the future bewtween us. So please write back to me soon.
A little about me, I am Freddie, I am 35, and Banker in the City of London. I am a widower with no childern, i lost my wife two years ago in a car accident, but now I am ready to spend time with a beautiful woman again. It has taken me some years to recover from the devistation of losing my wife, but my friends have told me to get back and start over. I hope to do this soon.
Please tell me more about you. I look forward to seeing your pictures, and hearing about your life.

Hello Freddie
I am very happy to receive news about you. Interesting you name Freddy, I have why it is associated with the surname Croeger. Why do not you send me some of their photos? I want you here is to see. You are good that you have recovered after a mental injury .. This is very hard, you probably even very difficult to remember this. I will not ask you about your wife so as not to offend you, Do you have children? or there?
Your friends are right and said Well done to you is, you can not sit in the past, must live in the future. what happened then happened, it must be quickly forgotten, and to continue to enjoy life fully.
You do not continue to communicate with me? I very much want to continue to communicate with you.
I will be very wait your letter and your pictures, please do not forget about them.
With best wishes, Kat

Hello Katya,
Thank you for your kind reassuring words. The do comfort me and ensure that I am on the right track forward. I wonder if you can help me more, and be that special someone that I am looking for?
I thought I said in my first email, but to clarify, I have no childern. As much as that would have been an amazing thing, lucky no childern will have to grow up not knowing their mother, whoch would be devastating.
You say I do not send you pictures, but I have recieved none from you either!! To stop this trend, i have attached a couple for you to see. I hope you like!!! I look forward to seeing some of you.
How about you, tell me all about your life so far. Have you ever been married? Do you have any childern? Would u like to have them at some stage? How would you feel about moving to England where I live?
Email me soon Katya, I want to know more about you.
P.S. Definately not Freddy Kruger, from Nightmare on Elm Street movies, I am so much more handsome, kind, considerate, well mannered and loving!!!

I am using pictures of Rupert Penry Jones, British actor from Series called Spooks if anyone is interested!
Hello Freddie
I am very glad to your new letter. o_O what you beautiful the man, you very much like me, nice the man. I such met a little.
Certainly you are on a correct way, and I completely support you.
You like children? It is a pity that you do not have children. I very much like children, it is a pity to me that I do not have at children, there was no suitable a man. Yes you are right, children cannot know that their mother already is not present, but I hope that with you more such will not repeat.
Oh, I apologize, have forgotten that have not sent you a photo. In your photos you very much like me.. I agree that you beautiful the man.
Well I shall tell to you a little about me, Yes I was married to Russian to the man, but soon I have divorced from him, as he any more did not love me and has started to use me as the housewife, it very much to not like me, recently he much and often drank, business reached even fights, it very much is not pleasant to me, all Russian men identical. Here therefore I also do not wish to marry Russian the man.
Here I have no children, it is very a pity to me. I very much would like to have children. You already think of moving to England? It not seems to you that about it{this} to think still early? It seems to Me that you speak about this early, can we while we shall continue to communicate simply so, and after good acquaintance and close relations then we shall already think of moving and joint residing. I should find out you better, I cannot live with which person I at allI do not know.
The answer on PS. I have already understood that you much better any Freddie Croeger..
Tell to me please, than you like to be engaged at leisure? Your hobby? I shall wait for your following letter with the great pleasure.
I shall send you some photo.
I wish successful day, Kat

That you for your kind words. It pleases me that such a beautiful girl as you would be spending her time writing to me. It shows me that maybe I am write in continueing my search for the girl of my dreams.
Please do not think that I was asking you to move to England so soon. I think you misunderstood what I was asking. I was asking whether, if our relationship was to blosom, that you would be open to moving to England. I do not think it would be right to carry on our correspondance if this was not the case?
Yes i love childern. My older brother has two, two young boys, and it warms my heart to see that my family name will be carried on. The two boys remind me of myself and my brother. THey are both so special to me, and I spoil them whenever i see them. My brother is angry with me sometimes that I lavish such expensive gifts onto them. But it makes me happy to see them happy, and well, what else do I have to spend my money on! lol!!
My main hobbies are mostly sports, all types of sports. I do not play many team sports anymore, but I do go to the gym three or four times a week, and I run. I have completed numerous half marathons, and would like to one day run a full marathon, but unfortunately my knees aren't as strong as they used to be, so whether I will be able to I don't know. I think I will try the training, and then seek medical advice as to whether the 26.2 miles may be too much for them.
Ok my letter is long, i apologise if i have bored you!! Please send me a email soon, i look forward to finding out more about your life. Tell me about your friends, what sort of man that you are attracted to? Tell me your favourite things? Do u like pets, dogs and cats?
Take care,
Freddie xx

Hello dear Freddie
I again sit I am pleased to your letter, I am very glad that you finish search of the girl and stop on me, you too very much like me. I shall be very glad to continue to communicate with you and I wish to become closer to you. On mine you very good future husband.. =) excuse if I speak it very much early, but I cannot simply be kept.
Well, I have understood you, that you did not wish to speak about early arrival. I after have written to you the letter, have understood that I have written incorrectly. Has understood that you did not wish to offend you. I am glad that you the good person.
Yes, it agree, children are necessary to men for this purpose. To me children too are very important.. I very strongly wish to look after them. =) At you very cheerful family. I would act{arrive} as well as you, I would maintain the close child money. Same it is very good.
I already many times spoke that I very much like sports men, and I once again shall tell, Sports beautiful men it too is very beautiful. At you in city I in the evening too leave on jog, I run every day, I run about two hours. After jog mood very good. At once you go to sleep. Jog before a dream is simply there is no place is better. I too am glad For you, that you too run, run is a good piece.
No, you that how you can bother me? I read your letters with pleasure.. I on the contrary like your long letters, it means that you have paid to me attention and wish to pay the attention to me, it is very pleasant. Believe, it very much is pleasant to me. To tell to you my favourite things? What do you have in view of? About what things you speak?
About the pet I shall tell. At my place only there lives my artificial pink hare.. He at me lives many years.. He very much is pleasant to me, and the true animals at me unfortunately are not present. I had a dog, but she has already died, she was old. her it was very a pity to me. I soon wish to start a new dog, I very much like dogs.. And you have pets? If there is that tell to me about them..
I shall wait for your new photos and your fast reply.
Tell to me please about the character better?
With the best regards, Kat

Hello Katya,
Wow, I am so pleased, two emails in one day, I am a very privelged man! YOu put a very big smile on my face, especially with your beautiful pictures that you send me, please keep them coming! It makes me feel so special that you send them to me!
I do have two dogs, there breed is a Labradoodle. Have you heard of them? They are a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle. I bought two three weeks ago for my birthday! They were expensive as they are a very rare breed, but they are very cute and loving! Only problem is that they are puppies, so they are going to the toilet in my office often!! So I am doing alot of cleaning of their mess!! Oh well. It shows me that if i can clear their mess up, i will be able to do the same for childerns nappies!!!
Yes i do enjoy running. I run like you between 90 and 120 minutes. I feel very refreshed, I was hoping when the dogs get older, that they will run with me. It lets me escape my tough job, and relieve my stress. I do not have a beautiful lady to help me relax, so i have to do it myself somehow! Do you have alot of stress? My running also keeps my body in shape, and that is important. Do you have a athletic body?
I must quickly sign off as i have a meeting on the hour, but i wanted to reply as soon as i could, on the hope that you might reply to me again today. If not i will understand. I will be thinking about you for the rest of the day as u are now always in my mind.
Take care sweet beautiful Katya.
Freddie xx
My picture is me and my best friend Ronald x

Hello dear Freddie
I am glad to receive again the letter from you. I every day feel all better from that that I receive letters from you. It very much pleases me.
I am simply happy from that that you count me beautiful. You simply install in me positive mood though at me today mood simply disgusting, but you to me have lifted him the letter, I am very grateful to you for it.
Is not present excuse, but about such breed I still never heard. Send me please a photo of your two puppies. I very much wish to look at these lovely muzzles.. Yes, to clean behind them dust is not the most pleasant in the world occupation, but it costs this. I am glad that you have accustomed them to go to a toilet, and that would be very bad. =) I am glad to hear such good words from you, that you can change diapers after that. It very much pleases, not everyone the man it will tell. You mean meanwhile train it to make on dogs? =) it is interesting. And it is very original.
Yes, I run as much how many and you, only I run now one.., it is a pity that I now do not have dog and so I would force to run too a dog with me. It is necessary to train.. I as, feel a big cool, then at once I go to a shower and to sleep, about my God as it is pleasant!!! =)
Yes you are right, to you it is necessary girl to remove a pressure.. The Choice of the girl for you, I shall be simply happy if you will choose me..
You ask about my figure? Yes at me the good beautiful body, sports addition, very much is pleasant to me, on me there are no plastic operations, I like all natural instead of artificial..
I understand you, you occupied person. I now would embrace you and have gently kissed on your lovely beautiful ear.. I Want that to you it was pleasant..
Tell to me please what you listen to music what you look cinema? Tell to me about the character.
I shall wait very much for your answer, yours Kat

I thought i might push to see where her boundaries are!!!!
My Katya
Thank u for your email. I have sent u two emails of max and rocco by puppies, don't u think they are cute?
Yes I do choose you as my girlfriend!! You make me feel special. You sound so kind and I am starting to think maybe I might have found my special someone. I hope I am not getting ahead of myself!
It pleases me that you are all natural. I would very much enjoy seeing your naked body one day. I have already started imagining how it looks. I hope that is ok?! If you kiss my ear, I would respnd by kissing your ruby lips!
I very much enjoy watching comedies with Will Ferrel and Jim Carrey. The make me laugh. I also enjoy adult movies, as I am alone they allow me to release! I hope you understand. I must be honest with u
Take care my sexy Katya
Freddie x

She seemed to be a little prudish, but handled it well!!
Hello Freddie
I again am very much pleased to your letter.. About my God, such 2 kids at me on the screen.. As they are beautiful.. At you very beautiful puppies.. I very much love them. I to myself want one same to myself home. I with pleasure would look after him.
About, you do not represent as I is glad to hear that you choose me as the girl. I am very glad. You too very much like me. Such as you I yet did not meet the man. You very lovely and beautiful the man. Such caress from men to me yet was not. On mine you are that that is necessary for me.
Wait, it is not necessary to start please conversations about a naked body. On mine you still very much early think of it{this}. If we shortly shall start to live together then only it will be possible to start conversations on such themes. I shall be very glad if you will wait up to our meeting (if it happens..) Please excuse me if I have told that that not that. Simply I do not want that all went so quickly. It not so is pleasant to me, but feelings to you at me already on mine have started to appear. Certainly I allow to kiss me on the mouth, to me the virtual kiss will be very pleasant even.
I too very much like comedies with Jim Kerry. he is very ridiculously played, I laughed at his each comedy. he simply amazing actor.
You such amusing. If I was the man that I likely would not dare to tell about adult films and that you make when them look. Give we shall keep silent in this occasion? Anything about it we shall not speak.
Tell to me better about the country, city, what at you there traditions? What customs?.. It will be interesting to me to know all that you will tell. And still ask me all that that you interests, I shall be very glad to answer all your questions.

Ok so I am now getting a little bored and am thinking where can I go, and how serious is she...
I was getting worried as i have not heard from you. Thank you for your email. Again it out a smile on my face. I only wish a picture of you accompanied your words. I now live in hope that you will send another to me.
I am sorry that I have started thinking about your naked body. But i do feel that physical attraction is very important in living relationship, and i am very physically attracted to you, so it is only natural for me to tjhink such things. I understand that it might make you feel slightly uncomfortable at such an early point in out relationship, and i will try and refrain myself.
I would very much like to kiss your mouth, both virtually and in person. I think it would be the start of a very enjoyable time.
I feel we must be honest with each other and tell each other everything about our lives. The fact we are so far apart makes this point more important. I must ask you Katya, what do you want out of this realtionship? Where would you like for it to go? If you tell me that I am the man for you, i think i will do all that I can to get you to come to the UK, to be with me. Is this something you want to happen?
If it is at all possible, is there a change we can talk on the phone? I would like very much to hear your voice.
Yours always,
Freddie xxx

So last night i received this....
Hello dear Freddie
I am again glad that you have written. I very much apologize that I did not write to you one day. Simply I had small problems with the Internet. At us the Internet expensive.. I am glad that you again smile. If you so wish to see me on video, I to you shall make video with me. But I think that it will be not fast. Because I can take a videocamera only from my one girlfriend.. And unfortunately she now in holiday. So if you wish to see me on video you should wait a little. But I to you shall make him.. I promise.
Certainly wait for my photos each my letter.
I have prepared for your pleasure to you for my small gift. This gift will be instead of video for today. I very much shall hope that very much is pleasant to you. I made him with all heart and soul.. My gift will wait for you on my photo. I really miss after each your letter.
You are certainly right about physical appeal. But I think meanwhile it is not necessary to speak about this at the initial stage of relations.. I hope that you will support me.
=) I am glad to your kiss. To you from me too it is a lot of kisses..
You ask me about our relations? I shall answer you, that I wish to create beautiful and liking family between us. You as seem to me very lovely and beautiful husband. But you have a main quality. It consists in that that you kind. You very kind. You are able to address with the girl. It very much is pleasant to me. You very good the man, such as you in the life I yet did not meet, I speak it with all my heart, with all honesty.. I hope you will accept these words?
About the Great Britain I still shall think.. But I shall hope very much that we shall meet you in the near future..
We certainly can speak by phone. Give we shall talk in the near future? Most likely in target.. I hope that you not against?
Write please to me the phone number.. At last that you will hear my voice, and I shall hear your voice, and both of us we shall be happy.
In the working days I cannot call to you because I very much am now occupied on work. I think that you will excuse me? At me the free time suffices only on that to write to darling Freddie (that is you..)
Tell to me as you spend days off? It is very interesting to me that you make at leisure which takes place now..
I shall wait very much for your answer. Kiss you, Kat

What is Freddie's surprise i hear you shout.... well it is this:-

Isnt Freddie's Katya sweet!!

Ok so what should I do about the phone thing. It sounds like Vlad is delaying but i am not sure i am happy giving my own personal cell number out...? If i get the video, i'll be sure to post!!!!
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I personally wouldn't give out my personal cell phone number to any of these fact, I tell them work pays for my phone and keeps a log of all they can't call me...if they really pressed I give them my j2 answering service (which I can't get to work right)...

I didn't feel like dealing with them for *2* days and when I felt like dealing with them again and logged into yim, I had about 20 calls they tried to make through YIM (I have no mic and they know that), I had 5 vm's on j2, and every one of them said "where were you, what's your number, we wanted to talk to you"...

I had been thinking about getting a throw away cell phone just for my lads but now I don't know...been telling them I can't afford one until feb.

My lads don't ask for money the first month or so, except one who's about to do a trophy pic by monday...they let you get comfortable with their "I love you's" and will hit you with "don't you trust/love me"...

I'd be patient and talk about whatever, keep her on the line - I had one lad explain the different regions of nigeria one afternoon - took him about 4 hours...he finally came around and started begging for money...he's in " dire need", took him about 2 months of chat to come out and say it though...although I did get a trophy pic after a month -- I told him his pic was too blurry and I wanted him to do a photo with my name "1vana sukk0k" after just a little prodding he did it...

go for an easy trophy tell her you want a picture you can show your friends & family with your name on it...and up front tell her you have a photographer friend so you'll know if it's a fake...

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