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 Chatting with the B4rr1st3r

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 3:12 am Reply with quoteBack to top

So that you don't have to slog through several irrelevant e-mails, I'll stick up the Cliffs Notes version.

I forwarded a scam e-mail from B4rr1st3r S4d1ku from my main e-mail account to my current catcher one. It took a couple days, but I got the standard response to my reply. To shake things up a bit, I told the good B4rr1st3r that I was being relocated to Oregon for "poor job performance", only to find he kept at it with the "Where's my money?!" mails. Well, this has annoyed me enough to send this terse message:

B4rr1st3r S4d1ku,
Frankly, I am a bit disappointed in you right now. I had asked you to
give me a few days to make the move to my new location, and instead
you continued to pester me while I was away from my e-mail.
Unfortunately, moving has gotten more expensive, and I had to use some
of the money I was going to send to you to pay the movers. I hope to
have more here in a couple days when I receive my next paycheck.

In the meantime, I would like to know more about this fee you're
asking me to pay in order to receive my money. How is it that my
paying $175 to this fellow will get me the funds you've promised? In
the meantime, I'd also like a remittance receipt detailing what I owe
for the transfer before I'll send a penny.

Yun4 L3sc4
(cookies to everyone who gets the reference. My fiance loved it.)

So he earned himself a little scolding for being hasty. However, if there's one good thing (bad thing?) about the good B4rr1st3r, he responds rather quickly. It had only been a few hours before I received this from him:

Dear Yun4 L3sc4
Good Evening Hope this mail finds you in an excellent condition of health, I acknowledge with thanks the receipt of your mail,the contents are duly noted.
It is very unfortunate that trust has gradually been eroded from the business world today because of the nefarious attitude of few.

The fear expressed by you did not come to me as a surprise since we have not come in contact with one another for the first time.

I want to reassure you that there is no cause at all for you to bother yourself with such thoughts. I am Lawyer working for your good and we are not fighting my concern is for you to recieve your check peacefully without any problems The $175 Dollars you are sending is not for me it is the charges from Apex courier company i want you to understand this very well.

I personally want you to understand me very well so that we will achieve our great goal which is my prayer.kindly follow up my instruction and send the money never you think that i am pressurising you it is for your good ok

.I am instilling confidence into you now and would want to use this transaction as a tool to establish enduring relationship with you which obviously will be properly nurtured and inherited by our posterity.

This is a prophetic statement and I envisage we would work towards its relization.
You should warmly welcome my resolve to work with you to attain this noble objective. Please i strongly advise you to rally round and send the money

Have my best regards and God bless you.
B4rr1st3r j0hn s4d1ku

Gee, I didn't know I was being cooked in a pressure cooker... Laughing

So I'll let him sit overnight, then I'll start with another delay tactic with my next mail. Should be quite fun.

(He's also left voicemails for me. Those can be found in the "Audio" section.)

Me: I'm a horrible, horrible little baiter.
Him: Yes. Yes, you are.

Seems I'm doing quite well for myself. Twisted Evil

Geek chick on a mission to bait mugus. Twisted Evil
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