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 Five laptops on the way?

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Who wouldn't love to have 5 laptops just waiting to be shiped?
For a while I've been baiting this vlad. I had promised her $100 usd. But she wanted to start a catering buisness and wanted more. After the tip I got here I suggested her to send her laptops since I had no more money. She liked that idea. So we have discussed back and forth what is best to send them. Looks as she don't trust [email protected] Dir3ct very much, who can blame her ... Very Happy
She have a good friend in Ghana who have a company who can deliver safe and fast. The problem is that it's a bit from my caractars home ...


me (15:29:1Cool: hi there
lad (15:29:29): mmmmmmmmmm
lad (15:29:32): my love is here
me (15:29:43): yes dear ... a sick one
me (15:30:03): I just came from the doctor
lad (15:30:0Cool: oh why?
me (15:30:21): well you yesterdey ... I was a bit drunk ..
me (15:30:2Cool: not very much though
me (15:30:42): but somehow I steped in whole ...
lad (15:30:56): i told you
me (15:30:5Cool: I didn't feel much yesterday
lad (15:30:5Cool: i warned you
me (15:31:03): yea ... Sad
me (15:31:30): but this morning the foot was all swollen and hurt like hell
lad (15:31:39): dont drink too much again
lad (15:31:44): understand?
me (15:31:52): hey I very seldom drink at all
lad (15:32:01): mmmmmmm ok
lad (15:32:09): i think drinking is not good for you
me (15:32:12): maybe two or three times a year
lad (15:32:26): mmmmmmmmm ok
me (15:32:39): anyway .. it's a split in the wrist
me (15:32:4Cool: no real fracture
me (15:33:14): but I have a plaster around the leg
lad (15:33:14): ok
lad (15:33:21): ohhhhhhhhh
me (15:33:30): and will have it for 6 weeks!!
me (15:33:32): Sad
lad (15:33:42): so meaning u cnat go to work tomorrow?
me (15:34:00): I called the headmaster about it ..
me (15:34:15): and he gave tomorrow off .. Smile
lad (15:34:15): so?
lad (15:34:19): when will u go to work?
me (15:34:31): and at monday I can probably teach anyway
lad (15:34:41): ok
me (15:34:4Cool: I count on to work on monday
lad (15:34:5Cool: so u cant walk?
me (15:35:09): not walk ..
me (15:35:13): but can move
lad (15:35:19): ohhhhhhhhhhh
me (15:35:2Cool: I have croutches
lad (15:35:35): what?
me (15:35:51): crutches
me (15:36:02): sticks to help me with moving
me (15:36:0Cool: you understand?
lad (15:36:10): yes
lad (15:36:15): oh sorry
lad (15:36:17): am very sad
me (15:36:24): yea ... thx .. me too
me (15:36:32): it hurt like hell .. Sad
me (15:36:56): the doctor gave me some pills
me (15:37:10): took them half an hour ago
lad (15:37:1Cool: ok
lad (15:37:23): so when can u walk?
me (15:37:35): I dunno honey ...
me (15:37:43): Im thinking of your package here
me (15:37:55): my friend can prolly help me
me (15:38:03): so I can ship it
lad (15:38:20): ok
lad (15:38:22): i am sad
me (15:38:24): hopefully tomorrow ... I'll call him later on today
me (15:38:39): Im so sleepy now honey
lad (15:38:45): wait
me (15:38:50): k
lad (15:38:52): how do u intend to ship it?
me (15:39:06): what you mean?
me (15:39:14): ah .. the package ..
lad (15:39:17): yes
me (15:39:27): we have that parcel direct here
me (15:39:45): the one you sugested ... its many km there
lad (15:39:50): yes
lad (15:39:57): i have to talk to them first
me (15:40:0Cool: sure honey
lad (15:40:13): so i will give u an answer this evening
me (15:40:26): what .. who are going to talk to?
lad (15:40:55): the manager here.............he willl direct me on how u will send i and how i will recive it
me (15:41:11): the ghana company?
lad (15:41:14): yes
lad (15:41:19): he is my friend
me (15:41:26): oh .. they have an agency here?
lad (15:41:44): yes
lad (15:41:49): i will talk to him
me (15:41:51): fantastic .. Smile
me (15:42:03): maybe he can come and recieve the package?
lad (15:42:04): ok
lad (15:42:10): may be
me (15:42:13): pick up I mean
lad (15:42:17): i will talk to him
me (15:42:29): yes ... sounds very good .. Smile
me (15:42:43): oki .. let me know ... I take a nap now
lad (15:42:51): sleep well my dear
me (15:42:56): should I ask my friend?
me (15:43:03): to help
lad (15:43:05): ask him what?
lad (15:43:10): yes of course
me (15:43:15): ah .. oki
lad (15:43:1Cool: but let me talk to them first
me (15:43:25): I'll call him later then
me (15:43:37): ok ... I'll wait for you then
lad (15:43:43): ok
lad (15:43:47): am very sad
me (15:43:56): me to hon ... sigh
me (15:44:11): and you are right ... never drink and walk ... Very Happy
me (15:44:25): cya later then
lad (15:44:2Cool: ok
lad (15:44:30): wait
me (15:44:35): k
lad (15:44:3Cool: when will u come back online?
me (15:44:51): hmm .. two .. maybe three hours
me (15:45:09): I put the alarm on
me (15:45:19): ok?
lad (15:45:24): i will be here on 07:00 pm gmt
lad (15:45:2Cool: so come here
me (15:45:36): I'll try honey
lad (15:45:44): ok
lad (15:45:46): sleep well
me (15:45:51): Smile
me (15:45:52): thx
lad (15:45:54): and dreanm of me kissing you
me (15:46:00): wow .. Smile
me (15:46:04): yes I will
lad (15:46:0Cool: ok

Fantastic ... just imagine someone comes to pick that packege up for me ... Very Happy
Wonder what will happen tonight

EDIT: changed vlad to lad

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:05 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice. Smile But if 'she' is in Ghana, she's not a vlad. She's a lad.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2008 4:18 am Reply with quoteBack to top

5 laptops huh? Maybe you can track down five of these: Shocked

It has 64K of RAM!!! Laughing

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2008 12:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Yes and costed only €3383 ... a bargin price!

@OBL .. oh oki .. I'll change that

Still no news from the lad, how to ship.

A question here, the cargo company exist for real. If they come to pick it up at a adress in a town in UK, that would be hurting a third part. So ... should I just give an fantasy adress and just pretend the company was there to pick the cargo up? I do have to put the town I'm supposed to live in though.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Straun,
If you have given her a town you live in you can google parks for addresses and then make the park address off by a number or two.

Or you can find fake names and addresses at this neat site:

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 02, 2008 3:49 am Reply with quoteBack to top

There's always 5 Mockingbird Lane, Windy Hills,

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:17 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nothing happens here ... the lad is waiting for a talk with the friend with the transportation company. I get stuck. I even wrote the lad that I had to give one laptop away since he asked me ... Twisted Evil ... didn't help though. Only four left now ... anyone here wants a laptop? ... Very Happy
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The lad heats up ...

me (22:08:3Cool: hi darling ... how are you?
lad (22:08:44): am not fine
me (22:09:07): oh ... what happens?
lad (22:09:29): am getting many problems financial problems.....i am just confused
me (22:09:52): sounds bad ... Sad
lad (22:10:05): yes
lad (22:10:21): i will talk to the mana nd make u send the laptop may be tomorrow ok
me (22:10:46): sure baby ... I've been waiting for what to do
lad (22:10:5Cool: can u walk?
me (22:11:30): well ... walk is to much to say
me (22:11:42): Im not allowed to stand on the foot
me (22:11:51): only with crutches
lad (22:12:02): who will do the shipping?
me (22:12:2Cool: my friend help me ... at least I count on him
lad (22:12:3Cool: ok
lad (22:12:44): dear a not happy at all
lad (22:12:51): am
me (22:13:06): does a kiss help .. :-*
lad (22:13:1Cool: it doesnt do any thing
lad (22:13:24): even if a real kiss
lad (22:13:29): dear am cinfused
me (22:13:37): oh?
lad (22:13:51): how do i pay the fees of my lillte brothers?
lad (22:13:56): my mums health condition is bad
me (22:14:17): sounds bad yes
lad (22:14:39): my brothers are now in the house
lad (22:14:46): they dont go to school
lad (22:14:5Cool: i have to pay thier fess before they go
me (22:15:01): so you teach them?
lad (22:15:17): how? and why?
me (22:15:31): teach them at home
lad (22:15:45): it is not necessary they got to be in school
me (22:16:07): yes agree to that
lad (22:16:19): am confused
lad (22:16:34): i just dont know where to get the money?
me (22:16:51): yes .. of course its bothering not to have the money ... Sad
me (22:17:19): I hate to remind you ... but you could have those laptops at your place by now ... Sad
me (22:17:42): or at least with a day or two
lad (22:18:42): ok
me (22:19:10): Sad
me (22:19:24): darling ... can you hold for half an hour?
me (22:19:3Cool: have to take care of my daughter a little
lad (22:20:03): no
lad (22:20:06): i may be gone
lad (22:20:13): may be tomorrow
me (22:20:26): so sad to leave you in this shape
lad (22:20:46): we will talk tomorrow
lad (22:20:56): may eb i may have a plan
me (22:21:29): oki honey .... we'll talk tomorrow then
lad (22:21:40): come early
me (22:21:41): >Very Happy<
me (22:21:51): I'll try honey
lad (22:22:22): ok
lad (22:22:24): kisses
me (22:22:32): Mad

What a Romeo I am ... Smile ... advices pls
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I total turn around, the laptops aren't interesting any more ... as I hate WU I will now have to deal with Money Gram ...


lad (21:15:26): hello
me (21:15:46): hi there .... Smile
lad (21:16:0Cool: how are u doing?
me (21:16:26): Im just fine here ... and you??
lad (21:16:39): am a little fine
lad (21:16:46): i want to ask u a question
me (21:16:50): sure
lad (21:17:23): would u be happy if i am with you? any moment from now?
me (21:17:39): oh yes darling ... Smile
lad (21:17:56): there is an opportunity
me (21:18:03): oh?
me (21:18:07): tell me!!
me (21:19:22): ???
lad (21:19:59): my friend who is a hair hoster..says she can help me come to you ............. i

will sit in the plane as if i am also a cook in the plane .................but all i need is to

book my plane ticket... no pasport and visa.... but i cant afford the ticket......the trip is on

wednesday and i have to make the payment before saturday or monday
me (21:20:51): oh ... interesting ... Smile
me (21:20:5Cool: what an oportunity!!
lad (21:21:10): but the price of the ticket
me (21:21:31): yes ... sigh
me (21:21:45): if you had those laptops down there ...
lad (21:22:17): dear i will urge you to borrow money if u can
me (21:22:49): well ... the bank isnt very happy to loan money right now
lad (21:23:04): even from friends
lad (21:23:05): dear
lad (21:23:07): try hard
me (21:23:21): hmm ....
me (21:23:32): there is hard times for all right now ..
me (21:23:52): but Ill ask my rich friend ... the one who gave me the laptops
lad (21:24:06): yes
lad (21:24:12): but u didnt ask me the price
me (21:24:23): let me guess ..
me (21:24:36): a flight from Ghana to Heathrow ...
lad (21:25:09): yes
me (21:25:10): hmm
lad (21:25:14): they said heathrow
me (21:25:23): $1000
lad (21:25:33): yes
lad (21:25:36): how did u know?
me (21:25:49): guessing honey ... Smile
me (21:25:52): am I good?
lad (21:25:56): yes
lad (21:25:59): u are right
lad (21:26:05): they said 1000$
me (21:26:20): Smile
lad (21:26:29): dear
lad (21:26:32): plz try hard
lad (21:26:42): i will bring along some riches
lad (21:26:4Cool: we will seell and be rich
me (21:27:01): riches?
lad (21:27:06): yes
me (21:27:10): what is that?=
lad (21:27:41): u know my father in the village.................had some gold..........i can tell

him to give me some.we can sell and use the money or?
me (21:28:09): hmm .. dunno actually
lad (21:28:26): gold is expensive
lad (21:28:29): we can amke it
lad (21:28:34): my dad has a lot of it
lad (21:28:40): dont tell any one about this
lad (21:28:41): plz
me (21:29:11): yes .. understand ... hmm ... is that perfectly leagal to bring gold into UK?
lad (21:29:40): i wil put it in my bag of course they wont ask me any thing about it
me (21:30:07): omg ... you might end up in jail honey
lad (21:30:24): i wont
lad (21:30:27): i asked
lad (21:30:35): i already agthered informations
me (21:30:44): it's allowed?
lad (21:30:53): yes
lad (21:30:5Cool: after all it not cocaine
me (21:31:05): Smile
lad (21:31:25): so what do u say?
lad (21:31:35): fight hard and get the money b4 saturday
me (21:31:45): I would say it'll be just wonderfull!!
me (21:32:25): and yes .. I will try this very hard
lad (21:32:40): can u promise me that u wil get it?
lad (21:32:44): dear fight hard
lad (21:32:55): this is the opprrtunity dont let it pass by
me (21:32:56): for sure I will fight hard for it
lad (21:33:21): what will u tell ur friend?
me (21:33:36): hmm ..
me (21:33:47): I need money to cocain?
lad (21:34:07): dont joke dear
me (21:34:14): Smile
lad (21:34:31): what will u tell him?
me (21:34:49): I dont think I have to motivate at all .. if he can he will give me the money
me (21:35:00): or else ...
me (21:35:12): tell me to seel those laptops you never wanted
me (21:35:17): sell
lad (21:35:49): tell him u already sent the laptops
me (21:36:12): why on earth should I cheat on a friend?
me (21:36:23): or tell him lies
lad (21:36:40): nmmmmmmmmmmm think of what to say
lad (21:36:41): dear
me (21:37:14): darling ... you must have noticed ... I'm very honest and I never let a friend down
lad (21:37:2Cool: yes i know that
lad (21:37:32): what will u say?
me (21:37:34): these things I would never do
lad (21:37:46): yes u are right
lad (21:37:50): so waht will u do?
me (21:38:04): if he really ask me why I need the money ...
me (21:38:14): which I think he will not ..
me (21:38:2Cool: but if he does ... Im going to tell him the truth!!
lad (21:38:46): all about what am teling you?
me (21:38:53): yes dear
lad (21:39:01): ok
lad (21:39:15): all what i need is for him to giv u the money
me (21:39:52): oki darling ... lets think here ... if I get the money ... what should I do?
me (21:39:5Cool: buy the ticket online?
lad (21:40:42): no i wil give it to my friend and he will give it to his boss....his boss likes me

very much.........and then he will proces every thing for me
me (21:41:12): sounds as you want me to use these fricking pirates??!!
lad (21:41:24): hhahahaha
me (21:41:55): I do hate banks ... but they are like kitten compared with Western Onion ... Sad
lad (21:42:21): hahaha
lad (21:42:41): u seem too goin to laugh a lot when am there
me (21:42:55): you have seen nothing yet darling
lad (21:43:04): really?
me (21:43:16): uhm ... Smile
lad (21:43:30): dear try hard
me (21:43:47): you know I will ... Smile
lad (21:43:4Cool: if u didnt get from ur friends, ask another perosn who has it
lad (21:43:59): yes i know
lad (21:44:02): but very hard
me (21:44:03): doh ... my enemies?
me (21:44:11): my former wife maybe?
lad (21:44:23): lol
me (21:44:29): pffft ..
me (21:44:4Cool: some times I get into total darkness when I think of her
lad (21:45:14): ohhhhhhhhhhhh
me (21:45:23): bah .. no worries ...
me (21:45:34): I push her out of my mind
lad (21:45:41): good
me (21:45:41): there .. gone
lad (21:45:52): ok
lad (21:46:00): how is my sweetness doing?
me (21:46:22): going good darling ... you are full of surprises
lad (21:46:50): u are not the one am askng of i mean ur daughter
me (21:47:15): oh .. lol
lad (21:47:19): lol
me (21:47:2Cool: again a surprise
me (21:47:44): she's better now the poor thing .. no fever ..
me (21:48:07): as soon as she got back from the doctor whe was feeling better ... Smile
lad (21:48:09): ok
lad (21:48:20): ok
me (21:48:33): and with her pa's good treatment ... she's all fine
me (21:49:02): well ... at least ok ... Smile
lad (21:49:2Cool: ok
lad (21:49:36): how is ur friend doing?
me (21:49:55): which one?
me (21:50:00): the rich one ?
lad (21:50:39): th on who helped u with the laptops
me (21:50:5Cool: he's fine ... Smile
me (21:51:10): was happy to get one from me
lad (21:51:12): what wokr does the rich one does?
me (21:51:51): dunno exactly what he's doing ... import - export
lad (21:52:14): what does he export and import?
me (21:52:26): hehe ..laptops
me (21:52:35): nah ... just kidding ...
lad (21:52:45): ok
me (21:52:55): but he do buisness with electronics I think
me (21:53:09): seem to have much to do with asian ppl
lad (21:53:1Cool: oh ok
lad (21:53:25): he is rich? very rich?
me (21:53:43): well ... he gives that impression for sure ..
me (21:54:12): but i haven't investigated his economics ... maybe you shuld do that? ... Very Happy
lad (21:54:25): hehehehehe
me (21:54:59): but hopefully I can get hold on him tomorrow
me (21:55:26): if he want to give it to me ... I will get it right awy tomorrow evening
lad (21:55:49): dear u know how u will send it
me (21:56:02): grrrrr
me (21:56:20): I go to my bank and send it to your bank acount honey
lad (21:56:47): i told u my accout does not allow that
me (21:57:15): well .. get one that allow it
me (21:57:39): no way I'm going to use that ... that .. that system
lad (21:57:47): oh dear
lad (21:58:15): stop that u can go to another branch they may be good.....dont put me in a bad

mood this evening
me (21:58:57): you are the one who put me in bad mood darling ... dont bring that up again
lad (21:59:49): so what do we do? plz go to aother branch they may have good services
me (22:00:03): forget it .. Sad
lad (22:00:26): plz
lad (22:00:2Cool: plz
lad (22:00:33): i beg you
me (22:00:40): no use honey ... my mind is made up
me (22:00:55): use a proper bank or no sending at all ... Sad
lad (22:01:35): ok i wil inquira bout money gram ok
me (22:02:12): money bank?
me (22:02:19): some new pirates?
lad (22:02:2Cool: oh no
lad (22:02:30): oh no
me (22:02:37): hmmpfff
lad (22:02:39): they charge low rates
me (22:03:20): I dont understand ... what is this ... a bank?
lad (22:03:47): it is a system of sending money internationallly
lad (22:03:56): they are better than western union
me (22:04:09): sounds as about the same kind of pirates
lad (22:04:23): oh no they are not
me (22:04:49): honey .. what's wrong with ordinary banks?
me (22:05:05): I understand them .. or at least I know what to do
lad (22:05:12): let mne explain for you
me (22:05:22): honey ... w8 ...
me (22:05:35): I have a cordless keypad .. the battery is out
me (22:05:4Cool: soon I cant type at al
lad (22:05:5Cool: what wil u do?
me (22:07:49): there ... changed the batteries .. Smile
lad (22:08:01): ok
lad (22:08:09): let me explain now
me (22:08:50): hmm ...
lad (22:09:02): me getting a foreign account here will cost me more then 200$ it is business men

who use that kind of account dear
me (22:09:29): ffs .. that is robbery
me (22:09:40): use an english bank!!
lad (22:10:27): all the banks dear.............. it is expensive to use it

dear....................... u will go and gather information.......... ok
lad (22:12:06): ok
me (22:12:35): all banks are pirates ... but western onion seem to be even worse
lad (22:12:46): ok
lad (22:12:52): i wil agther information
lad (22:12:5Cool: if not u will use money gram
me (22:15:13): baby ... you know I dont trust any of those suspicious agencies
lad (22:15:33): just try them
me (22:16:03): try them??
lad (22:16:11): yes
me (22:16:16): I want to kill them
lad (22:16:2Cool: they will beat u up
lad (22:16:30): ahahaha
me (22:16:44): hard to go against my shotgun
lad (22:16:57): u have a gun?
me (22:17:19): what else to use against my daughters boyfriends
lad (22:17:32): why?
me (22:17:41): Very Happy
me (22:17:46): a joke honey
me (22:18:25): Im serous about those againcys
lad (22:18:40): u if u get the money tell me
lad (22:19:0Cool: i will know what to do but the posibility that u will use money gram is 99.99%
me (22:19:21): hmm
lad (22:20:1Cool: yes
lad (22:22:03): are u there?

me (22:22:26): yes I am .. in bad mode ... Sad
lad (22:22:36): why?
me (22:23:1Cool: you know why .. I dont like the system
lad (22:23:52): money gram is different from western union
lad (22:24:00): after all they have diferent name
lad (22:24:15): it is a diffrennt organisation all together
me (22:24:45): same shit different colours
lad (22:24:5Cool: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
me (22:25:21): Sad
lad (22:26:15): sad?
me (22:26:30): more like bad mood
lad (22:26:47): dont be
lad (22:26:50): if u are sad i will also be sad
me (22:27:15): not sad really
me (22:27:32): dunno why you are so stubborn with that system
lad (22:27:49): oh
lad (22:27:54): dear it is fast
lad (22:28:54): but
lad (22:28:56): money gram is good
lad (22:28:59): i think
me (22:29:10): I will look into it honey
lad (22:29:30): just try to get the money
lad (22:29:3Cool: and if u have it tell me
me (22:30:03): yes ... I will
lad (22:30:32): i know u will
lad (22:30:44): but force extra hard
me (22:31:13): yes darling ... bringing you here is the most important thing
lad (22:31:25): yes
lad (22:31:3Cool: if u didnt get it fromur friends................who else will u look onto?
me (22:32:0Cool: honestly .. I think it's the only chance
lad (22:32:26): oh my God
me (22:32:42): still the chance might be good
lad (22:32:52): ok
lad (22:34:10): am leaving now
me (22:34:23): Sad
lad (22:34:50): see u tomorrow
lad (22:34:54): for good nes
lad (22:34:56): news
me (22:35:13): yes darling ...
me (22:35:31): I understand ... and I will contact him during the day
lad (22:35:44): ok
lad (22:35:45): byee
lad (22:35:46): for now
lad (22:35:54): same time tomorrow
lad (22:35:55): ok
me (22:36:03): yes my love
me (22:36:11): cya tomorrow then
lad (22:36:17): ok
lad (22:36:1Cool: dream of me
me (22:36:27): I will hold you all night
lad (22:36:40): ok
lad (22:36:40): byee

Now .... which form is the best for this ocation? And what on earth to do with the packed lap tops?
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:15 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just a short update.

This lad have just conquered the incredible MT0N S3cur3 (what a genious creation) after only three support mail and one change of computer and in only 49 hours. Well since the time limit had expired we agreed the lad will conquered it a lot faster this time with a new try.
Oh .. ther was another checkbox to fill in when seting this up. I wonder what effect this one have .... Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 4:13 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Allright, after a new attempt he gives up. Now the situation is a normal way with Western Union. I have "been there and made a pay" and send the lad a ten digit code. So strange ... it don't seem to work ...


dear there is a problem
i went to the western union office agency and all what they could say is that they dont have neither ur name or my brothers name on their system
am soo confused now
they told me u may have not sent the money
so now i need you to scan the receipt they gave you and give it to me
and then go to western union and tell them that i went to receive the money and there was nothing.there may have been a problem
even yesterday when u gave me the mtcn,
i tracked it online to see whether it was available but they say they dont have any order with the provided information
1. scan the receipt and send it to me
2.go to western union and explain to them

Well, unfortunatly I'm sick today

My dear, this is very strange. I'm now sick but hopefully I can
straiten it out tomorrow. If I'm ok I go to work as usual and
afterwards I'll get to the Western Union agent and look what happened.

The lad is ofcourse very bothered with my health .... NOT

ok dear
scan the receipt and send it to me
very urgent
the last receipt on which the mtcn was on it

Oki, I can manage a reciep and let it become allmost readable. But how to coninue next? I feel like I need a new angle ...
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Oops ... the email waires in Ghana goes hot. Was this mail for me??? ...

good afternoon
i went to collect my money today from a western union agent location
and they told me that they have no order with the provided information
i checked all the informations and there was no spelling mistake
but they still tell me that
i contacted mr thor p vlavell and he says he doesn't know why
of course he wont know
why this problem
even yesterday when he brought me the mtcn code after the 48 hours of that boxes thing u have to complete before the u get ur mtcn
so am confused on this whole thing
why is there no order?
plz tell me

Hmm ... nope ... Smile

the e-mail i sent to u is not ur e-mail it was supposed t be for western union but i changed the e-mail address i was asking them about the problem
i mean the mail i sent u b4 this mail
kisses byeee
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