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 My Very First Lad....Very long Post! Newest emails from lad

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Juan's stalker

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:00 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is another chat with my lad. I get jealous again because I see he still has his profile up on the dating site. Twisted Evil

10/21/08 12:42 pm till 4:09pm

Lad: hello baby

Lad: baby where are you? i'm missing you like crazy

Me: Lad baby are you still there?

Me: where the heck have you been?

Me: where is my cute man at?

Me: i forgot to put my light on, lol

Lad: hello baby

Lad: are you here?

Lad: i'm back online

Me: baby

Me: i was waiting for you

Lad: i know iwas on and left

Me: i was just fixing to leave

Me: lol

Lad: thank God i get you

Me: i have missed you baby

Lad: me too

Lad: how is every body

Me: mom is sick and throwing up

Lad: oh God hope she gets well

Me: me too

Lad: what about son

Me: i dont know if it is the pain medicine making her sick or she caught a virus from the hospital

Me: son is fine

Me: he didnt get it

Me: i havent got it

Me: so maybe it is just her

Lad: ok baby

Lad: imiss you so mnush

Me: how is my sweetcheeks doing?

Lad: baby my pc is slow

Lad: i was crying for you

Me: you were crying for me, why baby

Lad: missing you

Me: awwww you are so darn sweet

Me: i get hot when i miss you

Me: lol

Lad: lol

Lad: iknow baby

Me: you know how i am dont you?

Lad: no baby

Lad: pls tell me

Me: you dont remember how i am with you?

Me: my feelings are hurt

Lad: oh baby

Lad: iknow

Lad: baby is with me but wanted to hear her

Me: i was afraid you had forgotten all we talked about again

Lad: no no

Me: you know you are the only black man i have ever been interested in

Me: it just turns me on

Me: thinking of us together

Lad: oh baby i know

Lad: your black damion

Me: damion?

Me: demon?

Me: are you calling yourself a demon baby? ((HEHEHEHE))

Lad: no baby

Lad: your diamond

Me: ohhhh

Me: i was worried

Me: my Lad diamond

Lad: yes

Lad: baby you know your diamond

Me: what color boxers are you wearing

Lad: what ?

Lad: ok

Lad: ok

Lad: blue and white

Me: oh

Me: thank you

Lad: ok baby you like it ?

Me: yes

Me: im wearing red briefs

Lad: ok baby that good

Me: who are you talking to?

Lad: no one

Me: im talking to Susie

Lad: i'm here talking with you

Me: her husband is better now

Lad: oh ok your friend

Lad: thank God for him

Me: yes his heart is fine

Me: they did tests and he is good

Lad: ok good to hear

Me: Lad do you still love me?

Lad: oh baby yes i do why you ask ?

Me: i just need to hear it

Me: your so far away

Lad: baby i said to you that i love you nothing can stop me

Me: well i just miss you and you are not here and im not there

Me: i think you like other women maybe?

Lad: baby stop that

Me: I cant help it

Lad: you have seen another man ?

Me: is she pretty the girl you are talking to?

Lad: stop

Lad: i'm not talking to a girl

Lad: i know you if i talk to you and someone you get mad

Lad: hello baby

Me: Lad

Lad: why you always doing this

Me: because i need to know if you are my man

Me: or someone else's

Lad: baby i'm your man

Lad: no woman i want only you

Lad: hello

Me: im here

Lad: you see u are the one doing this

Me: i told you i dont like to share

Lad: i know

Lad: that why i don't want to share

Lad: only you

Me: i see where you check everyday at the dating site

Lad: baby what wrong

Me: if i was the only one then you would not be on there

Lad: no baby every day people send me message on the dating site

Lad: i only go there to read it

Lad: i'm not going there to find woman

Lad: watch me and listen to me tomorrow you will not see my profile there again

Me: well i go there to see if you are still there

Me: and you always are

Lad: yes is true

Lad: but not for woman

Me: then what else?

Lad: ok i promise u you will not see me there again

Me: maybe you will just change your name

Me: but still be the same profile

Lad: i prayed to God for you and i have you

Me: you didnt even come to talk with me yesterday but you went to the dating site

Me: i checked your profile

Lad: yes

Me: i dont want to believe you will hurt me Lad

Me: but im feeling you will

Lad: i came but you was not online

Lad: that why baby

Me: i never turn my light on and you dont either

Me: your not on now

Me: but your talking

Lad: yes i know baby

Me: how can i trust you when you do this to me?

Lad: sometime you come to sign in that what happen

Me: i want to love you so bad but im scared to

Me: i think you are playing with me and are not serious

Me: that really hurts me

Lad: baby stop

Me: i said in my profile no games

Lad: i know that you mine and i'm yours

Lad: forget that i'm not on any site for woman

Me: there is no other reason to be on that site unless you want other women

Me: the one you are talking to now is she pretty?

Lad: that why i told you that you will not see it again

Me: did you get her at the dating site?

Lad: who baby?

Me: the one you keep chatting with

Me: right now

Me: ?

Me: ?

Me: ?

Lad: know baby

Lad: why you don't want to trust me

Me: why are you still on a dating site when you said you loved me

Me: why are you talking with someone else when i am here?

Lad: baby stop that

Lad: i'm not

Me: why is it taking you so long to answer?

Me: brb

Lad: baby pls i want to talk with you only if you want to say something different tell me

Lad: take long?

Me: i had to go wipe my eyes

Me: now you wont talk?

Lad: ok

Lad: i have nothen to say

Me: me neither then

Me: have fun with her

Lad: baby you ready to make me feel bad again

Me: i feel bad cant you tell

Lad: baby

Me: my boyfriend who loves me is talking to someone else

Me: and has his profile on a dating site

Lad: pls for God sake stop

Me: i wish i could

Me: you just dont know how i feel right now

Lad: ok baby i'm speachless now

Lad: thanks for the time and bad feeling

Me: Lad i am so scared of being hurt

Me: cant you understand at all?

Lad: i do

Me: well i feel like i am losing you and i dont like feeling that way

Me: i want to be happy not sad

Me: you didnt even want to talk with me yesterday

Lad: i know baby

Lad: i know how you feel but you are not losing me

Me: really?

Lad: i will not do that to you

Lad: yes baby

Me: i have been so honest with you Lad

Me: I told you i have jealousy issues

Me: and i feel insecure

Me: with men

Me: i want to love you

Me: but only if you are here just for me

Lad: baby i'm here for you

Lad: baby i'm not going to do that to you

Me: I want to make plans and be with you Lad

Lad: you don't know how mush i love

Lad: you

Me: i dont want to look like a fool if you have someone else

Me: i really want to be with you

Me: understand my feelings please

Lad: baby you don't know me that why you worry about me

Lad: you will see me one day

Me: I do care for you thats why im scared

Me: does that make since?

Lad: yes baby you remember when i said someting about snake

Me: yes

Me: thats me too Lad

Me: I worry so much

Lad: ok i know

Lad: how you feel

Me: I want the things we have talked about together

Me: I want that for us

Lad: yes baby

Me: I dont want to share you with some pretty woman

Lad: i want it too

Me: I wish i could hold you right now

Me: i know i would feel better

Lad: baby no woman is pretty then you

Lad: yes baby

Me: Lad i just dont know how you think im pretty

Me: but thank you

Lad: baby you more then all the women

Me: I hope our babies look like you tho

Me: not like me

Lad: lol

Lad: yes

Lad: but one must look like you baby

Me: well we will try to give it more love because it will need it if it looks like me

Lad: lol

Lad: what about me will it be the same?

Me: yes we will give all our babies love

Me: but the ones that look like you will be handsome

Lad: ok i'm happy

Me: they will do well in the world

Lad: yes

Lad: cos they will have our love and blessing

Me: Baby im sorry i got upset

Me: i just missed you yesterday

Me: i was feeling so sad

Lad: baby i have a lot of plase in my heart to forgive you

Me: im scared i feel more for you than you do for me

Lad: don't worry about that

Me: im so glad you have such a kind and loving heart Lad ((( GAG,GAG,PUKE!)))

Lad: i told you you only need to see it now

Me: yes

Me: i feel better now

Me: you helped me

Lad: ok baby

Lad: i love you baby

Lad: i'm happy to find you

Me: Lad im so glad

Me: you are the man for me

Me: you can handle me for sure

Lad: i feel like the luckiest man for having u in my life

Me: Oh baby

Me: i feel so bad for getting upset with you

Me: and you are so kind to me

Me: you are a good man

Me: strong man

Lad: i understand we have to help each other where we are better than each other

Lad: you are an angel too

Me: yes you have a more level head than I

Me: my emotions get in my way sometimes and i cant think

Lad: that sweet of you darling

Lad: i'll help the shrew to be the gentlest lady in town

Me: yes baby

Lad: it's ok baby

Lad: afterall love is patience

Me: I care for you Lad

Me: I shouldn't hurt you with my words

Me: im jealous is all

Me: someone might steal you from me

Lad: it's ok all i want is for us to be happy and i dont think we deserve to hurt each other

Me: no we dont

Lad: that;s why I want us to be together soonest cos there are so many distactions

Me: I know me too

Lad: and you are someone i wanna be with

Me: i want to be with you to Lad

Me: then i will be fine

Me: brb phone

Lad: oh

Lad: it would be great being with you

Lad: ok am waiting

Me: That was my electrician

Me: they are calling to say they are done for the day and update me on the progress they made

Lad: ok

Lad: that's ok

Me: I went out there this morning and it is coming along nicely

Me: how is your business doing?

Lad: I'm doing fine

Me: thats good

Lad: managing

Me: will you be able to bring it to the states when you come to be with me? ((((HEHEHEHE)))

Lad: hahaha

Me: or you have to leave it with your family?

Lad: i am everything

Lad: ok

Lad: it's not as wide as your business

Lad: it's just that people give me calls to sort things for them ((HUH?))

Me: oh

Me: so its not a shop then?

Lad: it's different from having an office

Lad: no

Me: ohhh

Lad: people call me when they want to sell stuff or when they need things then am paid commission

Lad: i love meeting people and dealing with them

Me: oh you could find a job like that here in the states i guess

Lad: yea that I can do

Lad: that wouln't be a problem

Me: I will help you because you will be so new

Lad: oh you are such a darling

Me: I have a lot of good friends that could hook you up with good connections

Lad: I feel safe for having you

Me: I will take care of you here just like you would take care of me there ((GRINNING))

Me: we can depend on each other

Lad: that's the sweetest thing to hear

Lad: i love taking care of loved ones

Me: My friends will love your voice too

Lad: and I cant wait baby to meet you

Lad: you bring all of them when coming?

Me: if we get married there

Lad: and am sure they will fall for my friends

Me: they will want to fly in and be with us

Lad: why not

Lad: it will be many marriages

Lad: cos am sure they would like my friends

Me: ohhh thats sounds wonderful

Me: but most of my friends are married already

Lad: yea

Lad: oh

Lad: then am afraid that when they see some of my friends thay will talk of divorcing their husbands then lol

Me: lol

Me: are they all as cute and sweet as you?

Lad: oh yea

Lad: we have got here poets , prophets and good good ones

Me: my friends would love to meet your friends

Me: they love traveling all over the world and collecting stuff

Lad: oh they would enjoy it am sure

Lad: Gambia is like a piece of Heaven

Me: you said you had beaches there too?

Lad: oh yea groovy ones

Lad: and it's always relaxing walking sandy shores with its fresh airs

Me: I love the beach

Me: I cant wait to hold your hands and we can walk them together

Me: Do they have nice hotels on the beach?

Me: Lad my sweet man

Me: I need to go to the bank before it closes

Me: I need to go

Lad: oh yea there are loads of nice hotels just a few meters from the beach

Lad: oh what a pity

Lad: so you would leave me here lonely

Me: i will be back in 2hrs

Me: will you come back online?

Lad: ok i will try to be back if not we chat tomorrow cos the connection is unporedictible

Me: ok

Lad: i will try

Me: i will miss you


Lad: am alreday missing u

Me: Have a good night and im sorry i have to run

Lad: it's ok baby , arguiements are sometimes good to have proper understanding for each other

Me: im so glad you are so smart Lad

Me: you really understand me

Me: bye

Lad: thanx

Lad: am trying to understand my love angel


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dr stephen williams
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dramaqueen, you are a really good at this. Amazing work! Thumbs up I love what you have done here!

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2008 1:19 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I also love to chat with the lads but I haven't kept any of them in chat for six hours at a time like you.

Keep up the good work.

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Juan's stalker

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Thank you so much @dr stephen williams and redshoes.
I have seen both of your work and you do fantastic baits.

So thanks for the encouragement and compliments.
And the same back too you both Very Happy

My lad is mad at me at the moment because we had a disagreement the

other day and he accused me of cheating.

So he may or may not come back.
But it was a lot of fun while it lasted. Twisted Evil

I need to post up another one of our chats.

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"why are you stingy over me" Craig
"you are causin me much frustration" Frustrated lad...
"stop makin me feel like mess and shit" Craig
"if not i will fall off from a cliff and God will kick your bud for murdering " Diamond Mo
" shot the fuck up you silly irrational bitch" V1ctor
"they make jest of me cus they tthink i am waisting my time and money talking to you" Ted
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Juan's stalker

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Here is a chat were I talk about cellphones and cancer. Shocked

I get jealous because he contacts my college friend ( OBL ) while he is talking with me. Evil or Very Mad

I also get confused if he has a wife or not. Laughing

2:05 pm to 6:08pm

Lad: hello baby

Lad: are you here ?

Me: yes baby im here

Lad: ok baby miss you so mush

Lad: how are you?

Me: im good sweetie how are you?

Lad: i'm fine

Lad: thanks

Me: your welcome

Me: have you been thinking of me?

Lad: oh baby

Lad: so mush more

Lad: baby you still there?

Me: yes

Lad: or talking to someone? (((ALWAYS TALKING WITH SOMEONE BABY Smile )))

Me: just working

Lad: oh ok baby

Me: i can always make time for you tho

Lad: i know

Lad: that why i love you

Me: thank you

Me: you make my heart happy

Lad: you welcome baby

Me: have you heard form your sister?

Lad: yes

Lad: we talk yesterday

Me: how is she?

Lad: and the olther will soon be here

Lad: she fine

Me: how old is your sister baby?

Lad: she 32 baby

Me: just one year younger than you

Me: we are close in age

Lad: yes

Lad: i'm 1 year youger then her

Me: oh i thought you were 33

Lad: yes

Lad: but

Lad: you want you baby to be young right

Lad: ?

Me: well you said you were 33 now you are 31?

Lad: no i'm 33

Me: if she is 32 and you are 1 yr younger than you are 31

Lad: but you told me you wanted me young right?

Me: no

Me: i like older men

Lad: oh

Lad: ok

Lad: so baby how your mom and son?

Me: they are good

Me: mom is feeling much better and son is in school

Lad: thank God to hear that

Me: honey are you 31 or 33?

Me: im confused now

Lad: 33 baby

Me: are you sure?

Lad: no don't be

Lad: i was just katting

Me: well if you are 31 I will still like you

Me: you dont have to be older if you are not

Lad: lol

Lad: baby i'm 33 i told her about you and she wanted to talk to you

Me: how old is your brother?

Lad: but she always basy

Me: he is coming with her right?

Lad: and she told me she like to call

Lad: i'm talikng about the onme in danmark

Me: yes but how old is your brother baby?

Lad: they two that coming are younger

Me: he is coming to be with you right?

Lad: 28 years

Lad: yes

Me: awww is he the baby?

Lad: no he next to me

Me: how old is the baby?

Lad: which baby ?

Me: the youngest of you all

Me: the last child born to your parents baby

Lad: he is 22 years old

Me: where does he live?

Lad: he not a child any more

Me: that is still young

Me: we didnt get good sense till we were 25

Lad: but he is the last

Me: where does he live?

Lad: oh ok but i see 18 years girl and boys doing older people things

Me: 18 is legal age here

Lad: he's in liberia

Me: but 21 to drink

Lad: i know that

Lad: i sometime read about that

Me: what is it there in Ga mbia?

Me: ?

Lad: gamb ia is cool from the time i came only yesterday i have problem with immigreation

Me: what?

Lad: and it was for my papers

Me: what is legal age in gambi a?

Lad: oh baby for africa just leve that

Me: what?

Lad: baby from 16 years are having sex and drinking here

Me: can they get married?

Lad: some baby

Me: so 16 is legal age?

Lad: oh yes

Me: i just like to know things

Me: about your country

Lad: some girls was rape dourin the war and is true myself saw it

Me: oh that is so sad

Lad: a lot of things happen here

Me: not in Gambi a?

Lad: yes

Me: I thought you said it was a good place

Me: safe place

Lad: yes

Lad: but because of money tinagers sell thenself

Me: they do that here too sometimes

Me: some run away from home and do that

Lad: ok

Me: they get on drugs too

Lad: you know people hide that kind of things

Lad: Gamb ia is a tourist country

Lad: different kind of people comes here

Me: we get a lot of tourists here too

Me: i think people love to travel

Lad: yes

Lad: sometime is good to trovel

Me: what country would you like to travel too besides coming here with me?

Lad: hammmmmmm

Lad: baby if i have that opponitty i go all over the woard

Lad: world

Me: I would like to do that too

Me: Maybe we could go together?

Lad: but i love europe and the USA


Me: we can have so much fun

Lad: it will be nice

Me: yes

Me: I would like showing off my handsome man

Lad: happness will always be there

Me: yes you make me happy

Lad: cos is like 50 50 love

Me: we are only 50% love?

Lad: no baby is hundred

Me: I was worried,lol

Lad: your 100% andmy %we be ok cos ie equar

Me: so i am 100%

Me: and you are not?

Lad: lol

Lad: why you will be 100% and i can't

Lad: is the keybord

Me: it just sounded like that was what you said?

Lad: i have problem with the keys here

Me: ohhh

Me: im glad i was going to feel sad if you didnt love me

Lad: baby you are more then the warld to me

Me: i feel so happy when you talk to me like that

Lad: baby let me say something to you

Lad: you know what make me feel that i'm not a looser is because i i'm always happy with you

Me: Why are you underlining your words baby?

Me: you are never a looser!

Me: dont talk like that

Lad: you just look like we two live together

Lad: i'm trying to get it out no way

Me: you cant change your words?

Lad: that why i want to do pls hold on

Me: that looks really funny

Lad: hello is it ok now?

Me: yes!

Me: I knew you could do it because you taught me,lol

Lad: lol

Me: lol

Me: i like blue it is pretty

Lad: baby sometime if i don't talk to you i feel bad so pls try and let me talk to you when i'm not online

Me: what do you mean sweetheart?

Lad: i want to hear your voice sometime

Lad: when you are in bed

Me: you want to wake me from sleep?

Me: then i would be tired

Lad: no baby

Lad: i feel bad when i don't talk to you online

Me: why cant you talk to me online?

Lad: oh is not a problem

Lad: sometime we promise to talk and we can talk that why i was saying that

Me: well i would have to get a cellphone then

Me: i dont like them

Lad: that what i was asking for cellphone number

Me: i would have to get one for us

Me: i have heard they cause brain cancer

Lad: that is a lie baby

Lad: olther people use it

Me: i have heard it

Lad: yes but is not true

Me: they say the antenna can cause cancer when it is next to your head all the time

Lad: ok maybe

Lad: but i don't beleve that

Me: well how long have you had your phone?

Lad: from 2004

Me: thats a long time to have an antenna next to your head

Me: aren't you worried you might have cancer?

Lad: oh baby

Lad: so you don't want me to use it

Me: i am scared but would do it for you

Lad: baby what's about the land phone

Me: I only use it for business baby

Me: i never like to tie it up

Me: my bank calls and my workers call

Me: the school might need to call about my son

Lad: so for that time you can't get cancer?

Me: not the land phone

Me: yes i probably could from cellphone

Me: we just cant talk long

Me: you know i am scared of cancer

Me: my mom is dying with it

Me: its no joke understand?

Lad: is ok baby

Lad: like you say i don't want to loose you

Me: i am always here for you

Me: why would you lose me?

Me: are you going to do something bad to me and make me run away?

Lad: lol

Lad: baby why you don't like to thank good about me

Me: what?

Lad: you always say bad things

Lad: why should you say that?

Me: well i dont understand why you think you would lose me?

Me: why

Lad: you said you don't want to get cancer

Me: yes thats why i dont have a cellphone

Lad: i get that

Lad: thats why you don't take call

Lad: i get it

Lad: is ok

Me: do you want me to get a cell?

Lad: no baby thats the reason i said i don't want to loose you

Me: ohhhh

Lad: cos i don't want you get cancer

Me: me neither

Me: it is so awful to see my mom suffer

Lad: yeah

Lad: are you there?

Me: yes baby

Lad: ok

Lad: what kind of shirt on you?

Me: purple shirt

Me: and you?

Lad: red and white t shirt

Me: is it the one from your picture?

Lad: no baby another one

Me: i bet you look cute

Me: you always look cute

Lad: oh always baby

Lad: your man always look good

Lad: look good smell good

Me: yes you do and you know it dont you,lol

Me: mmmmm

Me: wish i could smell you

Me: kiss you

Me: hold you

Lad: lol

Lad: i will be happy when it happen

Me: me too

Lad: yeah

Lad: baby can i ask you ?

Me: what sweetheart?

Lad: oh baby

Me: you dont want me to be happy?

Lad: i do want you to be

Lad: why you don't want to get a webcam baby ?

Me: because i am ugly

Me: i would be embarrassed

Lad: embarrassed for what ? for me to see my bride

Me: well even as handsome as you are you do look funny on cam

Me: i would look so bad you might run

Me: plus my son might use it and get a pervert after him

Me: i have to be safe with my child

Lad: baby i don't know about you ....but me if i like someone and i say it nothing can stop me

Me: well i just dont know what else to say baby

Lad: i'm not saying do things out of your ways

Me: yes you are

Lad: no no no don't you start again cos i'm not in the mood

Me: mood for what?

Lad: mode

Lad: baby the woman i saw in my mail that lady is very beatiful

Me: you know how to melt my heart and my fears

Lad: baby that woman is my life

Me: you always seem upset with me tho

Me: it worries me

Lad: no baby i'm not upset

Me: really?

Lad: baby i told you b4

Lad: that i have room for problem

Me: you mean you have room for my problems?

Lad: yes problem that will couse bad felling

Lad: cos i love my baby

Me: you are just the sweetest most understanding man i have ever met

Me: you handle my jealousy and my temper so well

Lad: baby i beleve you will ask me one day if i can get angry

Lad: cos i will not see myself making fose with you one day

Me: you have gotten angry with me and scared me (((ACCIDENTALY TYPED THIS TO @NDY LAD!)))

Lad: me baby?

Lad: hello

Me: yes

Me: once before

Lad: yes but i have study you baby

Me: you do seem to know me and understand me

Lad: yes that what i'm working on to really understand you

Me: i know

Me: you really do try

Lad: i'm trying baby

Me: i know

Me: i told you in the beginning im difficult

Me: i wanted to be honest with you

Lad: and i really don't want you feel bad in life again

Lad: yes you said it

Me: thank you for not wanting me to feel bad

Lad: baby i want that part of you be my food

Lad: thanks

Me: your food?

Lad: yes ...making you happy

Me: you do make me happy baby

Lad: that how i want you to be honey

Me: I love your attention baby

Lad: thankx

Lad: baby i want US to be the happest people on earth

Me: I think we will be baby

Me: if we can figure out a way to not fuss

Me: lol

Lad: baby fuss is not in myblood

Me: what runs in your blood baby?

Lad: love and happness for you

Me: awwww

Me: you making me smile baby

Lad: you will always

Me: I fell so close to you

Lad: baby let pray for your mom and come down here

Lad: so that you can see what i'm talking about

Me: yes baby i know

Me: i want to be with you too

Me: she is just to sick right now

Lad: really?

Me: she is

Me: its not gone

Me: they can do nothing for her

Lad: oh baby say sorry to her for me

Me: but by her time

Me: i will baby

Me: i try not to remind her of it tho

Me: keep her mind on something else and something happy

Lad: baby only put you trest in God

Me: i do

Me: he is the only thing keeping her here with me

Lad: yes

Lad: baby if you say you will not tell her about me it will not look good

Lad: she don't want you to stay alone

Me: i told her of you baby

Me: i have not told son

Me: but i told my mom

Lad: i beleve she want you to have a man

Me: yes

Me: she wants me happy

Lad: ok

Me: she said i am to young to be alone

Lad: yes she right

Lad: baby you need me

Me: well i can take care of myself

Me: but i really like you and feel crazy for you

Lad: you do?

Me: yes

Me: you know i act crazy

Lad: baby i'm so happy for that

Me: your happy im crazy?

Lad: i'm happy cos it has pass crazy and come back to happness

Me: yes im a roller coaster in emotions with you

Lad: lol

Lad: baby you want me to pass that stage so you want to kill me

Me: i would never hurt you

Me: would you hurt me?

Lad: baby i told you these words are not in my blood

Me: lol

Lad: yes

Lad: baby all the good things is what i'm working on now for you

Me: you will give me all good things baby

Me: you will treasure me?

Lad: i will teasure you baby

Me: i will treasure you too baby

Lad: hello

Me: yes baby

Lad: my connection is getting bad

Me: noooo

Me: i want you here with me

Lad: yes i'm here

Me: i dont want you to go

Lad: i said i willtreasure you

Me: and i will you

Lad: i'm not going baby

Me: am so glad

Lad: baby do i have to come b4 you tell son about me

Me: i love those little things ((HE SENT ME SMILIES))

Me: well i dont want to get his hopes up and we not get together

Me: you might find some beautiful woman and not want me anymore

Lad: baby stop those words you are saying where is your faith?

Me: lol

Me: you are mad again!

Lad: no baby

Lad: you don't know me yet

Lad: me get mad?

Me: you sounded mad

Lad: no non

Me: baby?

Lad: yes

Me: i thought i lost you

Lad: no baby i'm with you

Me: awwww

Me: im so glad

Lad: baby you are my all and all

Me: you are becoming very important to me to baby

Me: i think of you so much

Me: i hope we can make this work

Lad: oh baby we can do that

Me: i have never had a long distance relationship before

Lad: baby my heart is white for you

Lad: now you have

Me: white?

Lad: first black man

Lad: first african

Me: ohhh

Me: i see what what your saying

Me: im so dingy,lol

Me: well i like my african man

Me: i just hope you wont be home sick when you finally come to be with me

Lad: you see what i mean

Me: yes i see

Lad: ok

Lad: oh baby i will be happy

Me: you think so?

Lad: my family with my love

Lad: yes

Me: im glad

Me: im worried from taking you from your family and home

Lad: no baby all of them that i told about you are happy

Lad: that why i said you are mine

Me: baby will it be safe to have a wedding there?

Me: you said bad things are happening there

Lad: not where i'm now

Lad: i was talking about my country

Me: ohhh

Me: i thought you said gamb ia

Lad: liberia not Ga mbia

Me: Have you talked with Charr0n lately? ((( OBL )))

Lad: no baby

Lad: i try talking to her the olther day but she was basy

Me: i just wondered

Lad: oh baby

Lad: i'm sometime slow in tipping i don't want my wife to get mad with me

Me: you have a wife?

Lad: yes

Me: why would you lead me on?

Lad: what you mean?

Me: you said you were single

Me: now you have a wife?

Lad: oh oh baby i'm talking about baby

Lad: hello baby

Me: did you type the wrong thing in my box?

Me: you really have a wife?

Lad: oh baby

Lad: listen pls

Me: how could you lie to me

Lad: i said i don't write faster so to talk to your friend will be a problem with my wife

Me: you dont have a wife you said

Lad: is it bscause i said wife?

Lad: i'm talking about you

Me: me?

Lad: no baby

Me: im not your wife

Lad: yes

Lad: that why i said is it because i said my wife

Me: yes and upset me now

Me: i asked if you had a wife you said no

Me: now you are saying you do

Me: why lie to me

Lad: yes baby i' dont have

Me: why

Me: i have done nothing to you to hurt me this way

Lad: what i'm i looking for if i have a wife

Lad: oh baby

Lad: sorry for that word

Me: why didnt you tell me you had a wife?

Me: you said you had been with no one in years

Lad: oh baby

Lad: yes

Lad: it becouse said wife

Lad: i'm sorry 100 times!

Me: i cant talk to you anymore if you have a wife

Me: i want a single man

Me: do you have kids too with her?

Lad: you think you can make me mad?

Me: do you have kids with her?

Me: are you a father?

Me: we cant get married if you are already married

Lad: baby pls i have not married b4

Lad: i'm sorry for calling you my wife

Me: you said you had a wife

Me: me

Me: i am your wife?

Me: you are talking about me?

Lad: that what i was saying

Me: ohhhhh

Me: i almost had a seizure

Me: i thought you were married already

Me: i dont want to talk to a married man

Lad: no

Lad: baby

Me: well i feel better then

Lad: if i talk to you and your friend you will get mad

Lad: that what i was saying

Lad: i call you my wife that why

Me: ohhhh

Me: you scared me so bad

Me: i thought you typed the wrong thing to me

Me: you mean i missed our wedding?

Me: i had big plans for our wedding

Lad: lol

Me: lol

Lad: no baby

Lad: hello

Lad: baby you don't want to talk why?

Me: i am getting over my shock

Me: sorry

Me: think if you saw i typed my husband

Lad: is son home now?

Me: yes

Me: its getting late

Me: even later for you

Me: are you tired?

Lad: yes but i'm enjoyeing talking to you

Me: me too

Lad: no baby

Me: im sorry i misunderstood

Me: what you typed

Lad: my friend will drive me home

Me: good

Me: im glad you dont have a wife

Lad: baby only you that why i said my wife

Me: i didnt understand

Me: it just came out of nowhere

Lad: ok

Me: i wasnt expecting that

Lad: oh i see

Lad: i almost get mad but i said don't 4get your promisse

Me: well

Me: if you werent expecting it

Me: and i just said my husband

Me: what would you think?

Lad: ifrom the time you told me i belive you

Lad: when i see it then i know who you are

Me: well i thought you were talking of a wife, didnt know you meant me,ok

Lad: is ok baby

Me: really?

Lad: yes

Me: ok

Lad: talking to your gf

Me: nope just sitting here

Me: thinking

Me: what are you doing?

Lad: playing card talking to you and gf

Me: you are not talking to my girlfriend

Lad: i'm

Lad: she online

Me: why are you talking to her?

Me: well i will go and let you chat then

Lad: just to say hi

Lad: no baby

Lad: i have not even talk for long

Me: thats why you were so slow to answer me

Me: you are talking to my friend

Lad: you see

Me: why is my bf talking to my gf ?

Lad: that why i was saying my wife will get mad

Me: do i talk with your freinds?

Lad: lo

Lad: lol

Lad: baby i just wanted to say hello that all

Lad: hello talk to me

Lad: you know is late here right?

Lad: baby then i have to go

Me: why not stay and talk with her?

Lad: i was not talking with her just to say hi baby

Me: well you were to slow to answer

Me: you like to make me jealous dont you?

Lad: i'm fast now

Lad: no baby

Me: im slowwwwww

Me: well you give my time to her

Lad: hello

Me: what?

Lad: but baby why you doing this?

Me: why are you

Me: did she talk with you or you with her?

Me: who sent message first?

Lad: you know you make me sad when youn are happy for second

Lad: i' said hello to her

Me: so you went first

Lad: i'm sorry for that

Me: i would like to have all your friends ids

Me: so when you talk with me

Lad: it was because of the questions you ask me

Me: i can talk with all of them

Lad: baby i'm very sorry for that

Lad: sorry

Lad: earth angel are you there

Me: maybe i should not be jealous but i cant help it

Me: why do you make me feel this way?

Lad: sorry

Me: maybe you should talk to her

Me: im tired and it would make her happy

Lad: you see is you that talking to your frogs then you getting angry with me cos i'm not online this time with you take care good night

Me: what?

Lad: ok good night i know what you up to

Lad: go on is goo for you

Lad: no is ok

Lad: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Me: why are you saying that to me

Me: well i guess it is goodbye then

Lad: yes i will say the true

Lad: byeeeeeeee

Me: dont talk to me ever again

Lad: look i just put vortage in you 1 10 not even 2 20 ((((WHAT???)))

Lad: baby i'm here you know you my heart

Lad: pls i just want to hear you

Lad: pls baby say a word to

Lad: me

Me: you said you were leaving

Lad: baby don't let me go in the dark with bad felling

Me: we always have bad feelings

Lad: do you love me?

Lad: i love your sweet company

Lad: pls baby

Me: what?

Lad: but why yopu don't want to talk to me?

Me: you talk

Lad: baby

Me: ?

Lad: you are not sounding good again

Lad: remember you are my happness my love my word

Lad: yes baby i told you even on my body if anything make you unhappy i cut it of ((REALLY?))

Me: we have been friends a long time

Me: she is like my sister

Me: she likes talking to you

Lad: then why you angry whith me

Me: because i want you talking to me

Me: not someone else

Lad: ok boss

Lad: so baby pls let me go

Me: yes

Lad: have a nice night

Me: you too

Lad: sweet dreams

Me: 2

Lad: oh

Lad: baby pls nest time be availble

Me: what are you talking about?

Me: im here

Lad: yes but invaisible

Me: you are always invisable

Me: i never complain

Lad: me or you?

Me: you

Lad: ok i'm saying it now

Me: if i see you online

Me: i will be online

Me: if i dont

Me: i wont

Lad: ok baby

Me: there you happy?

Lad: yes

Me: ok

Lad: yes i did that why the boss say

Lad: lol

Lad: ok

Lad: ok baby

Lad: allright good night baby

Me: good night

Lad: ok

Lad: byeeeeeeeeeee

Me: byeeeeeeeeee

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I havent posted about my first lad in a while. We had a big fight and havent quite made up all the way yet. But Im hopeful we will soon.

I think I may have chatted him to death and kept him from to many women. So he is trying to avoid chat with me because i take to much of his time.
I have asked a couple of other baiters to help with him too if they would like to do so. Twisted Evil

10/26/08 4:18 to 5:34pm

(( I catch him here because I showed offline and so did he )) hes not happy with me for catching him.. Smile

Lad: Hello baby sorry i have not been online for the pass time I'm sick. but pray that i get well and be with you soon i will try and send you the pic.i love take care of yourself good night.

Me: Lad im here

Me: Why are you sick baby?

Me: Baby????

Lad: I'm just from the pharmacey for injections

Me: Honey what has happened?

Me: You have a virus or cold?

Lad: I was in senegal for the past day i know is because of the road and the weather condition these day.

Lad: I love you baby you are always in my thoughts take care of yourself i will soon be with u XXX

Me: The weather is bad and you got sick from it

Me: Lad please!

Lad: yes

Me: dont leave me like that

Me: please baby

Me: im worried for you now

Lad: am not feeling good baby at the moment am really feeling it hard in me

Lad: just allow to go til these days baby

Lad: I know u are always there for me

Me: what are you doing at the cafe then dearest if you are sick?

Me: I have waited and waited for you but nothing from you

Me: Lad?

Me: I will pray for you my baby

Lad: Hi baby

Me: Hi

Lad: i just sent you a mail on gmail

Lad: you are always online?

Lad: i'm wondering how many friends do you have besides me ???

Me: You are a fine one to talk of that my sweety

Me: you have way more friends than me

Me: you even said so

Lad: come on

Lad: i'm sure i dont flirt as you do

Me: Are you being jealous of me again

Lad: how was yr week end ?

Me: You know i like it when you are jealous

Lad: dont i have rights to be jealous ?

Me: it shows you care

Me: of course

Lad: cos you want it when you stab my heart

Me: I have stabbed your heart?

Lad: you always enjoy eating my heart

Me: you have ignored me for days

Lad: i doont whether to call you a devil or what

Lad: i have been sick yto death baby

Lad: and you are out here cheating

Me: baby why are you mean to me now?

Lad: that's so dicouraging

Lad: cos you are talking to men and you know it

Me: So let me get this straight

Lad: damn

Lad: damn

Lad: damn!

Me: you can have all kinds of friends to talk to and i can have none?

Lad: come on stop that , i only come onlinr to talk to you

Me: That sounds very selfish and unloving

Lad: stop that baby

Me: you told me you always talk with friends online

Lad: i dont have time chatting with all the girls in the world

Me: you dont love me at all if you think that of me

Me: why would you even bother with me if you think that of me?

Lad: i talk with friends if they meet me online talking to you and they are not anything but friends

Me: Well why are you accusing me then

Lad: baby i deleted many friends from my friend's list cos i dont just have time for games

Me: well if you dont like me anymore than just go on

Me: i cant make you do anything and i dont see why i cant have friends and you can

Lad: i dont have problems with you having friends but my problem is you making friends

Me: Well i have not told YOU to give up all your friends

Lad: i cant understand you saying i mean so much to you while you flirt with men that baby sucks

Me: Why would you want me all alone and unhappy with no friends

Me: what men????

Lad: what am saying is if you truly mean all the love words you said , you shouldn't be talking to men or surfing the net always

Lad: stop that silly talk

Lad: you know what am saying

Lad: are you telling me that i dont suffice you in chat?

Lad: and that's why you would go chatting iwth other men?

Me: You know i was out looking at Christmas presents for you yesterday but i am so glad you have shown your true colors to me

Lad: and dont you have anything nice to sympathise my sickness

Me: You are accusing me of men

Lad: baby stop acting like a child

Lad: you know i love you

Me: you are the one acting like a child

Me: having a temper tantrum

Lad: and you mean more than all the presents in the world

Lad: all i want is for you to be true to me

Lad: that's all i ask or is it much?

Lad: i love you , you silly shrew

Lad: cant you say that

Me: you are not acting like love

Lad: and am hurt for you saying the words you said

Me: you are acting like hate

Lad: baby i dont wnat to share you with any *DELETED*

Lad: that's it

Me: well you are pushing me away with your nasty talk

Lad: i dont hve an iota of hatred for you

Lad: calm down sweetheart

Me: of course you are hating me

Lad: and know that your happiness is my commitment

Me: you are talking pure hate to me now

Me: im not stupid

Lad: hey i dont hate

Lad: i find loving far too easier and tender

Me: you must really think me stupid

Lad: well you are thinking stupid now

Me: you are not talking love you are acting hate

Lad: are you happy now ?

Lad: hahahaha

Me: hell no

Lad: that's ma gal

Lad: and it will be a sin

Lad: i love u Amber with all my heart

Me: why do you want to hurt me with your words?

Me: you know your mean hate words would hurt me, why?

Lad: baby i'm just taming the shrew

Lad: but you know am your sweetheart

Me: no you have made her a mean shrew now

Lad: i just dont want bits of you but the whole of your love

Me: you have ignored me for days

Lad: come on fat assed shrew dont be mad at me

Me: then you come on here screeching at me and accusing me of things

Lad: its not my fauklt

Lad: fault

Lad: i have been sick baby

Me: yes it is its all your fault

Lad: are you so unreasonable?

Me: all your presents i bought you are going somewhere else now

Lad: come on shut the fuck up

Me: you will not get a present from me

Lad: how can being sick be my fault

Lad: i dont love you for your presents if you think that you can keep your presents

Lad: i love you for you nothing else

Me: I give presents because i care for people

Me: i dont care for you now

Lad: i will give you the world as present if i could

Lad: because i love you

Me: you dont know what love is

Lad: do you mean what you have said ?

Me: you may have had love but you have just ruined it

Lad: come on Amber ,stop playing silly

Lad: ypu are talking like you have someone else

Lad: i can imagine

Me: i am the boss and no one speaks to me like this

Lad: i understand you dont show patience

Me: i dont need you

Me: i would rather be alone for ever now

Me: you men are all a like

Me: mean to women!

Lad: you are stupid if you think , love as far as i understand it is not a bossy thing , it deals with mutual feelings of love

Lad: that's the understatement of the century

Me: i will never be controlled by a man again

Lad: how can all men be alike or women when we have different natures

Me: you have picked the wrong woman

Me: you are free now

Lad: Amber i have not come here to argue with you or to be insulted i just came online cos i miss you

Lad: but am not disappointed by the way you show sympathy

Lad: and you are wrong to think am looking for a woman to control , i just thought you are reasonable and that i've met te one i was looking for but am disappointed by your cruelty to my sickness and your unreasonable and immature behaviour

Lad: i've forgiven you for all your foul words

Lad: and i'm telling you that i love you and will always love you

Lad: let me go down cos you are killing me with your words

Lad: take care

Me: you have killed yourself

Lad: bye

Me: with your own words

Lad: no i came to talk to my lover to reduce te pains i'm feeling but thanx for your sweet company

Me: you attacked me and accused me

Me: when i said i would pray for your illness

Me: how is that mature?

Lad: baby you can pray for my cure

Lad: that is a feeling of compassion

Me: thats what i said and then you went off on me

Me: for being on the computer

Me: why?

Me: i dont understand,you

Me: im so confused by you

Lad: baby cany you understand still that we do have connection problems

Me: what?

Lad: do i have to tell you that everyday?

Me: you said you were sick

Lad: your connection and our connectriond are not the same

Me: now you have connection problems?

Lad: and our power supply is not as perfect as yours

Lad: it goes on and off

Me: i was happy to hear from you

Lad: this is not a strange news for Africa

Me: then you just went nuts for no reason

Me: why?

Lad: baby cos i care for you

Lad: cox i love you

Lad: and i cant bear the thought of sharing you with another man

Lad: cant you ssee that

Me: what other man

Me: i dont have another man

Lad: i want to give you all that I've got and would want the same from you

Me: i think of you and wanted you

Lad: thats nice to hear

Lad: thanx baby

Me: now you have attacked me and i was so happy about you

Me: im so confused now

Lad: my gesturees are those of love

Lad: is it a crime to feel jelaous

Me: why would i sit here for hours talking with you if i didnt care for you?

Lad: dont be i'm just in love and with you

Lad: i know baby

Me: i went out shopping yesterday and picked things as a surprise for you

Lad: it's just that this distance is sometimes frustrting but we'll be ok the moent we are together

Lad: oh you are so thoughtful

Lad: and thanx

Me: now you have called me evil and the devil and scared me just like my ex husband used to

Lad: i appreciate everything

Me: why?

Lad: baby if i saw you as a devil i wouldn't be tsill here talking to you

Lad: me and your husband are two different worlds

Me: maybe you have fun picking on me because im fat and ugly and no one else would want me

Lad: i haven't come to make you angry but to love you and make you happy

Me: maybe you are just pretending to are for me

Me: im so confused by your actions and words to me

Lad: oh God i love your body i've told you many times that i dont like skinny woomen and you are beuatiful baby

Lad: i truly mean that

Me: why hurt me then

Lad: if i thought as you said i wouldnt have been giving you all my time but would have gone to the ones i have felings for

Lad: i love you baby

Me: what have i done to you to deserve such mean and cruel words from you

Lad: cant you contain the weight of my love ,my love is pure and it's all yours

Lad: stop that baby

Me: you sounded like hate and now you say love

Me: ?

Lad: cant you understand that i just love you and want you for me only?

Lad: i dont hate people , i simply kiss them good bye

Me: i think you are playing a game now and i fell for it

Lad: and you are someone i wnat to be with and live with forever

Lad: baby i iont have time for games

Lad: dont

Lad: life is too short and far too precious fpr games

Me: i want a sweet romantic man to love me and make me happy

Lad: it just means that you dont want to be ith a man who cares for you and who is jealous

Me: not an abusive man who calls me names like stupid

Me: if i am stupid how could i have such a good job

Lad: baby i'm an angel of romance the sweetest you have ever come across

Lad: come on baby even the wisest men and women acts imperfectly sometimes and either you nor me are exceptions

Me: i like a jealous man but not and abusive one who calls me stupid and names

Lad: for Christ sake say something swweet

Lad: i love you baby

Me: you have mistreated me for no reason

Lad: you are over recating

Lad: am sorry

Me: no i am not

Lad: am truly sorry

Lad: forgive me

Me: i would never treat my son how you have just treated me

Me: that is love

Lad: i'm just jealous that's all baby i want you

Me: I think you are mean to me

Me: and i cared for you

Lad: come on baby dont make a big thing out of it

Lad: oh God how can you say that

Me: i am not your doormat to wipe your feet on

Lad: you are killing me now

Me: im a nice woman

Me: with a wonderful career and family

Me: i have friends who love me

Lad: im far too gentle to treat you like that and besides my feet are never dirty

Lad: come on stop acting likew achild

Lad: you are now talking out of ego

Lad: i have said am sorry for msking you angry

Me: im not a child

Me: im a wonderful person

Lad: act like a grown up then

Lad: please

Me: and you dont appreciate me

Lad: i appreciate it

Lad: sincerity is all i ask for

Lad: cos am sincere with you

Lad: i'm even having a headache

Me: so you sincerlty think i am stupid then

Lad: i think i should leave you to go and rest

Lad: no i dont think you are stupid

Me: i hope you have a headache for making me hurt from your words

Lad: i am not attrcted to dummie

Me: im a good woman

Lad: dummies

Lad: i know

Lad: i love you my baby

Me: no you dont

Lad: andi do

Me: you just proved you do not

Lad: i just want a favour from you

Lad: and that is to stop using your temper on me unecessary

Me: i do not feel like giving you any favors right now

Lad: i cant accept truth whenever it comes from you cos afterall that is how it is suppose to be

Lad: but i wnat u to be reasonable

Me: then dont call me stupid and fatass

Lad: lol

Me: and all your other fun insults you just flung at me for no reason

Lad: you are a sweet fat ass

Lad: and i'm feeling horny right now

Lad: how about making love after the long fight ?come on i dont thgrow anything away

Lad: you are my God , temple

Me: i hope you get so sick you vomit your stomach out for being mean to me

Lad: and all i want

Lad: well i hope you vomit your boobs out

Lad: lol

Me: i hope you burn with fever

Lad: lol

Lad: and i hope you choke with cold

Lad: lol

Me: until what brain you have is mush

Lad: aand i hope i can lick your cold ass hot right now and fuck you till you scream like a virgin lol

Lad: am dying to have your tits in my mouth

Me: i hope you choke

Lad: and suckle the pleasure outr of them

Lad: lol

Lad: if i choke i will bit your tits and you will scream with joy lol

Lad: how i miss you baby

Lad: and how i yearn for your naked ness when i lay down at night all alone

Lad: and how i wish i could feel your sweet flesh

Lad: hmmm it would surely be fun driving my cock right into your horny flower

Lad: and then will you know that i truly love you

Lad: cos i will give you all my love

Me: you really think i would want you now

Lad: come on

Lad: you are hurting me '

Lad: why do you enjoy hurting me always

Lad: dont you wnat peace

Lad: or do you want to go on fighting

Me: so if another man said these things like stupid idiot and such to you it would be ok with you?

Lad: i know you feel hurt but am sorry

Lad: i got to go hun

Lad: am not so happy right now

Me: i hope eveyday someone calls you stupid

Lad: and i came to talk to you

Lad: thank you baby

Lad: take care

Me: your welcome

Lad: i got to go

Me: have fun

Lad: i cant am hurting

Lad: but thnx nyway

Lad: love you

Me: i hope you do hurt

Lad: and i hope you smile always

Me: i will without you being mean to me for no reason

Lad: for your smiles shine my world

Me: you take my smiles away with your meaness

Lad: but i cant without you cos ur my soul

Lad: i will bring u back laughters

Lad: take care love

Me: you cant you have hurt me

Lad: come on baby

Lad: i dont hurt people

Lad: i love you so much to hurt you

Me: so im not a person then

Me: im telling you you hurt me

Lad: iu might play the fat assed lover but i love you too much to hurt you intentionally

Lad: what do you want me to buy you for your chiristmas present ?

Me: all i asked for was a picture from you huggin my pillow

Lad: a gun or cutlass

Lad: ?

Me: you wont even give me that

Me: because you really dont love me

Me: and you think im stupid

Lad: oh God i will

Me: its just to hurt me

Me: for your fun

Lad: come on stop dramatising

Lad: i will send you one fat ass shrew

Me: its what you want to do

Me: so go

Me: you dont care for me

Lad: now smile and tell me something sweet so that i can sleep

Lad: am on my knees

Me: no

Lad: please

Lad: please

Me: why would get on your knees for someone stupid?

Lad: have mercy on me Oh fat assed sweetest nun

Lad: lol

Lad: what am saying is am on my knees

Me: go on leave you know you want to

Me: your friends are waiting

Lad: but you will be on your but with your knees up so that your lord me can have an easy entrance when i drive into yourr holy ass

Me: you are so funny

Me: just go

Lad: arent you gonna say anything sweet ?

Me: and let me cry

Lad: i love you

Me: over my broken heart

Lad: hahaha

Lad: you pretending wicked murderer lol

Me: what ever Lad

Lad: i can feel your sweetness even though acting a shrew is your favourite sport

Me: what ever makes you happy ok

Me: you said you liked my shrew

Me: now im a murderer

Me: how did this happen?

Lad: lol

Lad: kiss me giod night and dont bite me

Lad: if u do i will bite your clit

Me: why do you make me so angry Lad?

Lad: because it's fristrating to want you so badly when you are out of reach

Lad: because i love you and want to share every day with you

Lad: because i think my shrewish angel can contain my anger

Me: why if you think im cheating on you

Lad: but the intention is to make you angey

Me: why would you want me

Lad: baby i got to go

Lad: let us not argue on please

Lad: am sorry

Me: i dont believe you are sorry

Lad: i have said all the i'm sorries

Me: you like making me mad and are not sorry for it

Lad: you better show compassion if not if you make a mistake again i will kick your fat ass so mercilessly that you wouldn't be able to walk for days

Lad: you greedy shrew

Lad: fprgive me now

Me: i want my sweet Lad not Lad the thug

Lad: i wnat my angelic baby not baby the shrew

Lad: so wwe have a deal now

Me: thne see we will never be

Me: because Lad the thug makes baby a shrew

Lad: -no i was first shown the shrew that's what brought the thug out

Lad: good nite baby

Lad: talk to you soon

Lad: love you

Me: so you are saying its all my fault because i said i would pray for you

Me: how is that possible?

Lad: i love you baby

Lad: we'll talk some other time

Lad: the cyber is closing

Me: you think so

Lad: the operator shpuld have close d a lolng time

Lad: it's sunday he should have closed a long time

Lad: but was doing me a favour

Me: what ever

Lad: cos he seems to know am fighting a battle here

Lad: good nite

Me: then just go then

Me: go be free

Lad: oh God

Lad: do you mean that?

Lad: All right since that's what you want

Lad: good bye have a nice life

Me: have fun

Me: you too

(((This was his email to me))) 10/26/08

Hi dearest,

I hope your week end went well , I have been thinking about you and I never have enough of your company and i miss you so much that it pains me sometimes .I am not feeling very well and I'm taking mediaction nd i may not be on line for awhile but you are alwyas in my mind and I'm saying once again that I love you and I hope to meet you online soon .Love always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yours ,

(((My email to him))) After the big YIM fight we had.



Im hoping you are feeling better. I have been terribly missing you. I hope you are all right.

I thought by now you would have come back to me but you havent. Are we really over?

You dont love me anymore? I know i said some mean things to you but you did to me also.

I just want you to know that i miss you and love you and i dont want you to be sick.

I Only said that because i was angry with you. Are you really going to throw all our time together away?

Im thinking of you and I wish you the best.

(((His email back to me))) 11/01/08

Hi dearest ,

I'm missing you so much and I hope you are fine . I have been bed ridden all these times that's why I'm not able to come oline but I'm ailing .How are you doing my love ? Even though I'm alone in my room most of the time but your memories keep me company and I miss you so much darling.I cant stay long here but I'll to come online to chat if I'm stronger.I love you baby , be a good girl while I'm away , your curses the other night must have increased my sickness but I know you dont mean them.Take care , love always

11/02/08 ((He sends me the pics i requested but they are photo shopped,lol ))

((( My email back to him))) 11/02/08

Hi Baby,

Baby I am so sorry you are sick! You have been in my thoughts everyday since our argument.

I kept waiting for you to come back and say you loved me but you never did. I was so sad.

I was so scared and thought I had really lost you forever! Baby I just couldnt bare that.

Baby I want you to know that I do love you and I dont want anything bad to happen to you ever.

You are in my heart. Im so sorry about the things i said to you and would never want you to

burn with fever or hurt. I was just so upset with you for thinking I was cheating.

You know how many hours of my life I have sat with you on the computer.

I have told you of the dreams I have for us. My love why would you think I would want another man???

You know how you turn me on, no one else can do that for me. It is you I dream of and want with me.

Only if you said goodbye to me would I leave you.

You are more than enough man for me. Please understand that, ok.

You are my precious diamond. Im soooooo sorry you are really sick baby.

What have you got baby? A cold , virus, food poisoning, what is wrong my handsome man???

I wish I could help you feel better. I want to be there with you and take care of you.

Im sorry we both got jealous and had that terrible fuss. Please know that I never stay mad for long.

I love you Baby, im so sorry. I wish I could take my awful words back. I didnt mean any of them.

Never would I want to hurt you. I know you weren't feeling good and sometimes that can make people say things.

I only said them to be tough because I was hurt by your words. It is probably my fault anyway because I wouldnt tell you I loved you.

I just didnt want to be vulnerable to you and it scares me. But i will put away my pride and tell you that I love you and your are so important to me. Understand? I want to be your wife and have a future together. I want to make love to you like we have spoken of.

Please forgive my mean jealousy and prideful words. I use them as a protection for myself like armour.

But I am tired of being prideful and I want you to know how special you are to me. My beautiful diamond, I love you......

((((his responses back to me))) 11/02/08

Hi honey,Thanx for your sweet words and kind assurances , I don't our love for each other cos the prove is we always continue making love after our fights and I see the fights as a means of understanding each other but in the future I'm sure we woldn't be fightng cos we'll be so horny for each other all the time to be fighting .I understand that it was one of those stuffs jealous lovers have all the time and I will not deny that I'm jealous but not as extreme as you but jealous is just a sign of love >I'm missing you so much sweetheart and I came shortly to see whether I have any messages from you .i'm getting better and will join you for a chat soon .Take care babylove .I'm missing you and thinking about you .Love always

((( Another email ))) 11/05/08

Hi baby ,

Thanx for your sympathies and sweet love .I'm truly moved by your beautiful words and you should have come with them earlier cos I got cured after reading them .You have flush out every dark thing from my system and tickle the life germ in me .I might not have been here but you I'm always with you in my mind and yes I would have recovered fast if you were with me cos you are my love and guiding angel.

I'm happy to be assured that you take our relationship seriously as I do .As I've told you earlier it's a serious and lasting relationship I want .I might have acted jealous but it's all because I love you baby and I want to share every breath and moment of my life with you .

Don't be scared to open your heart to me and show me love , I will neither hurt you nor break it .It's the special one I was looking for to share love with and you suffice me in all ways .I can't wait to meet you darling .i love you so much , so much that thinking about you , talking about you and being with you looks like the only sensible thing to me.May God unite our bodies as He binded our hearts in love and may we live in love forever.Im proud to call you my sweetheart and wife.I came online but you were offline , it might be you're busy .I'll catch you online soon till then thinking about you , missing you and loving you more with every tick of the clock .

Yours lad

((( My email back to him ))) 11/07/08

My sweet diamond,

I know you said you were all better now. So why havent you come to chat with me? I miss you.

Dont you miss me sweetheart? I miss you like crazy! We were all in the middle of making our plans and you just disappeared.

From your last email you said you were better. So im not sure why you dont want to chat with me.

If you have changed your mind about me just tell me ok.

Im just really missing you bad and i dont know if i will ever get to talk with you again.

So if not just put me out of my misery and tell me please. Im really hurting over missing you.

I hope you are ok. [email protected] was asking about you too and i told her i havent heard from you in a while other than a few emails. She sends her best too. She said her store has really been jumping lately with the holiday seasons coming up. But she wanted me to tell you HI from her. She likes you and thinks your a good man.

I wish i could see you. I look at your pictures a lot and miss you so bad. I have seriously been thinking of getting a cellphone so we can talk.

You know they freak me out tho,lol... But i just miss you so bad. I wish i could get a big hug from you. It would make me so happy.

I hear a lot of songs and they make me think of you. Here are a few. Hope you like them and i can hear from you soon.

I would hate to give up on us but if we never talk how are we to stay close?

I love you my beautiful diamond. ((Hugs and kisses))

yours forever

((( His response to me )) 11/08/08

Hi honey moon ,

I'm here darling just to talk to you cos I'm missing you more than words can express .Sometimes darling , we either have light or connection problems but I have never ceased thinking , missing and loving you .Nothing has changed between my feelings for you cos love can take a moment to go into a heart but lives forever .SWeetheart there is nothing I love more than talking to you .It's in your company that I get my sweetest moments cos it is then that I feel I'm alive and talking to the most beautiful woman in the world .

Baby I can't imagine a world with you and I have no intentions of leaving you and how can you even imagine such ? How can i take years looking for my angel and leave her after finding her ( you ) ? that would be suicide and I want to live for ever and you are the spirit of my eternity so I want , need and love you in my life .

It was nice of [email protected] to ask about me , that's sweet of her , extend my greetings to her and well wishes and tell her that I like her very much too .She must be having fun then meeting different people all the time .Give her my hugs .

Darling I'm yours and am blooming all the world in me just to fill your life with the purest and most beautiful love.I stretch the arms of my heart , close your eyes and feel my warmth .I'm here for you baby and I'm here to stay and to love you as your life-time partner.I love you so much and it makes me smile just thinking I'm in your heart

Your fiance



Lad: Oh I'm missing you loads baby

Lad: I can't help loving you cos you are everything aI've been looking for

Lad: and yes chatting face to face will be heaven and am looking forward it so much

Lad: i love you so much darling and hope to meet you soon

Me: Hi baby sorry i missed you again

Me: My mom wanted to go and see her dad after church today

Me: he is 99yrs old

Me: so we went to see him and my aunt

Me: I wish you were still online

Me: i miss you and love you so much

Me: hope to chat soon

Me: love you


Lad: hello my dear

Lad: how are you?

Lad: are you there?

Lad: <ding>

Lad: <ding>

Lad: are you there

Lad: <ding>

Lad: and i don't realise how much i miss u until we talk

Lad: hello babes

Lad: <ding>

Lad: oh you're gone

Lad: what a pity

Lad: where are you darling ?

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Well this was an interesting chat. V1ctor really hasn't talked with me much lately and Im supposed to be his one and only. He said he was sick is why he hasn't been around. So today he decides he would like to chat.

Well the truth be told he was actually chatting with me and @Scarlett and OBL, LOL....

My sweetheart is so cheating on me, im so terribly hurt Evil or Very Mad

My good friend (OBL) and I have had a terrible fight and he is kinda stuck in the middle of it. He is very distracted and confused and it is hard to get his attention. Mean while @Scarlett is talking to him too.

We were swapping info back and forth the whole time. But unfortunately he did ignore us all a lot.

Lad : hello baby
Me: Hi
Lad : how you doing today?
Me: im ok how are you?
Lad : I'M FINE
Lad : i miss you that's all
Me: really?
Lad : baby why you ask me that?
Me: i dont know
Lad : you don't think i realy love and care for you
Me: im not feeling much love from you these days V1ctor
Lad : i know you will feel like that
Lad : but do love and care for you baby
Me: i wish it were so v1ctor
Me: I think of you all the time
Lad : baby pls hold on they want to change power
Me: ok
Me: thats pretty (( he writes to me in rainbow colors,lol ))
Lad : hello baby
Me: i love your colors
Lad : you see some of the things i tell about africa
Lad : ok thanks
Me: yes I know
Lad : ok
Lad : baby how is j0hn and your mom
Me: they are doing fine
Me: mom is doing much better now
Lad : ok thank God to hear that
Me: are you feeling better?
Lad : baby i miss you so much
Lad : oh yes
Me: Im glad you are
Me: i have missed you too
Lad : my love, you are the first i have to that i love.for from far
Me: we are very far away from each other
Lad : so i want you to know that i really mein it
Me: you have been gone so long
Lad : yes i know baby
Lad : but i think of our plan for each other
Me: do you even remember my name?
Lad : lol
Lad : baby you make people looking at me here
Me: why?
Me: what are you doing?
Lad : your question i'm laughing
Me: ohhh
Lad : baby where your pic on the messanger?
Me: there you go
Lad : that's my queen
Lad : you look cute baby
Me: thank you
Me: it was in florida
Lad : hammmmmmmmm
Me: my gf took it and sent it to me
Lad : who tolk you there?
Lad : ok
Me: I went with a group of girls after my divorce
Me: they wanted to cheer me up because i was sad
Me: [email protected] didnt go tho
Lad : oh ok
Me: we are not speaking anymore
Me: she hurt my feelings this week
Lad : you and who?
Me: [email protected]
Lad : look at what she just said
Me: you are talking to her???
Lad : yes
Lad : i don't know you two have problem baby
Me: I wanted her to come to Thanksgiving
Me: and she told me she didnt want to and was going to another friends house
Lad : but let me send you what she said
Me: ok
Lad : Tell @mber I said she should take her Thanksgiving turkey and stuff it where the sun don't shine.
Me: we have been friends a long time and i loved her
Me: why is she stabbing me in the back
Me: i have always been so good to her
Lad : come down baby she your friend
Lad : sometimes you let things go
Me: Why should i let it go
Me: i was nice to her all these years
Me: now she wants to go to that other bitches house and wants me to stuff my turkey
Lad : baby sometime these things happen
Me: D1ane is a real witch
Me: she hates me and now [email protected] doesnt want to come to my house because of her
Lad : oh i see but baby
Lad : baby she has bean your friend for long just don't take it high ok
Me: I feel so betrayed by them
Me: D1ane always talks bad about me
Me: How could she pick her over me???
Lad : baby what you will say about Jesue
Me: what?
Lad : jesus
Me: why would Jesus be mad at me
Me: im the one who is hurt
Lad : people will say a lot of things about you don't worry about it
Me: Baby you just dont understand
Me: D1ane slept with my husband when i was married
Me: [email protected] knows this
Me: Why would she betray me with D1ane too?
Me: i feel so hurt
Me: dont you understand
Lad : baby forget about that
Me: well i just cant
Lad : i know how you feeling right now. it has happen to me
Me: remember when the girl cheated on you
Me: my husband cheated with D1ane
Me: and [email protected] is ok with this
Lad : that what i said i know how you feel
Me: and D1ane always rubs it in my face
Me: I wasnt woman enough for my husband
Me: She is an evil woman who sleeps with married men
Lad : baby be strong and tell her that he was not the man for you
Me: and [email protected] wants to be her friend and go to her house for Thanksgiving
Me: She chose D1ane over me!
Me: D1ane is nasty
Lad : she will get her reword
Me: she gets deseases
Me: and spreads them to people
Lad : hello
Lad : baby sonething i want you to know is that anything that belong to you is always your's
Me: what do you mean Lad?
Me: I lose everything in my life
Me: Now i have lost [email protected] too
Me: And i thought i lost you
Me: i feel so alone
Me: V1ctor i just feel like since i told you how i feel about you
Me: you dont like me anymore
Me: i really opened up to you, you know
Me: its hard for me to trust and love people
Lad : baby i have to walk to another cafe to talk to you
Me: why baby whats wrong?
Lad : baby this contry have two enternet system when one is off we go to the nest
Lad : i'm sorry about all
Me: well thats really weird
Me: im sorry for you too
Me: i dont understand africa tho so i know you have to do what you have to do
Lad : just for you to not feel bad i have to go to another place
Me: im sorry to cause you trouble
Me: i dont mean too
Lad : oh is not trouble
Me: are you sure?
Lad : myself want to talk to you
Lad : i know how you felling right now
Lad : baby i'm sure 100%
Me: ok
Me: i love you V1ctor
Lad : i love you too
Me: I hope you will come back
Lad : @mber my my queen i will not go anywhere
Lad : i will be with you
Me: im so glad you still care V1ctor
Me: i really thought I had messed up with you
Me: and you would never forgive me
Lad : baby you know what my late mom told me on her dieing bed?
Me: what baby?
Lad : baby [email protected] just send me message
Lad : talking about you
Me: what did she say?
Me: is it mean?
Lad : let me copy it and send it
Me: k
Lad : [email protected] : I'll warn you, if you're still talking to that stupid cow, she's totally bat-sh*t psychotic. And she's a horrible cook. The reason why I don't want to go to her house for Thanksgiving dinner is because the last time I went I sick for a week. Her food can make a maggot gag.
Me: she knows i work all the time and
Me: cant be a gourmet cook
Me: shes a stupid cow not me
Me: she always said she liked my cooking
Me: my feelings are so hurt
Me: i will never speak to her again
Me: how could she say that to you
Me: when she knows i love you?
Lad : baby put your trust in God anything he have for will always be your's
Me: what if you leave me because i cant cook
Me: thats why we eat at the resturants all the time
Me: i never said i was a good cook
Me: i try
Lad : oh if you cam't i will do for you that why make two to become one
Me: but it is hard when im working all the time
Me: oh baby you are so sweet
Me: im sorry im not a good cook
Me: i do try
Lad : i know
Lad : baby i knew [email protected] true you so nothen she can tell me about you bad that i can't tell you i said b4 i love you is you that i love
Me: Oh V1ctor you are going to make me cry from happiness
Me: i love you too so very very much
Me: i never wish anything bad for [email protected] because i loved her
Me: but i will never have anything to do with her again she has really hurt me
Lad : i know you will not wish that
Me: I know D1ane will hurt her too
Me: because she is a bad woman
Lad : just stand strong and put the davil to shame
Me: [email protected] will be sorry for trusting her
Me: I will baby
Me: thank you and i love you for being with me
Me: im sorry you have to witness our fight
Lad : is ok baby
Lad : i was telling you about someting my mom told me
Lad : i don't know why she said that to you
Me: ok tell me sweetheart
Lad : baby you still with me?
Me: yes
Me: im always with you cause you are in my heart
Me: where are you
Lad : ok i love for that
Me: you go everywhere with me
Me: and i just love you
Lad : like i was saying you need to make them to know that he was not the man for you
Lad : so forget about what they say or what they do
Lad : baby i love you
Lad : 4get about these people and go on
Me: well it just hurt me because i loved [email protected]
Me: we have been friends for 10 yrs
Me: i guess im just not fun to her anymore
Me: she likes D1ane better
Me: d1ane is fun but in a wicked bad way
Me: she will hurt [email protected]
Lad : anything God destin for you will always be your's
Lad : you still here?
Me: yep
Lad : baby you are lucky
Me: why sweetheart because i have you
Lad : thank God for that
Me: yes i know
Me: i do thank God for you
Me: why did you leave im waiting to talk with you?
Me: what happened
Lad : hello baby
Lad : my connection is bad but i'm still here
Me: ok i thought i mad you mad or something
Me: made
Lad : baby you still here ?
Me: yes honey im right here
Lad : baby my connection is very bad
Lad : are you there my love
Lad : when is time like this the connection is off and on
Lad : can you call me tomorrow soon we can talk
Me: baby i cant call you in africa
Me: i dont have an international plan i have never needed one
Lad : o well am the first then lol
Me: you know you are
Lad : i wish i could stroke those beautiful curls of yours
Lad : love you love you love you
Lad : and i think of you so much
Me: i love you to my sweet diamond
Me: i would love to have your hands in my hair
Lad : still here my love
Me: yes
Me: im not going anywhere
Lad : ok
Me: we havent talked in a long time
Lad : yes you right
Lad : so baby what are some if your plans about coming here?
Me: you know i want to be with you soon
Me: it will probably be after christmas
Me: i need to get throught the holidays first and make sure mom is well
Me: so i can come and get you
Lad : oh my love you make tears comes from my eyes
Me: really
Me: hopefully good ones
Lad : and is a tears of joys
Me: im so glad my sweetheart
Lad : hello sweetie
Me: hi baby
Me: whatch ya doing
Lad : connection
Lad : i never get your last message
Me: you dont know what i said?
Lad : no
Lad : i want to call pls give me your number
Me: im nervous to v1ctor
Me: you havent even talked to me in weeks
Me: i want to believe you are serious
Me: i did get a cell phone tho
Me: V1ctor are you there?
Me: i need your reassurance
Me: why wont you talk to me?
Me: did you lose your connection again?
Lad : hello baby

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Well, well... So [email protected] has come back with her evil, manipulative ways. This could bet even more interesting Twisted Evil

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LOL, when [email protected] was chatting with him he asked if your ex husband left you because of your bad cooking. Funny that he's concerned about that. [email protected] will certainly be enlightening him more. Twisted Evil He kept telling her to 'come down' (calm down) too.

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I too was chatting with V1ctor while he was chatting the other two.
He was having a hard time keeping up with the three of us.

He told me that he was chatting with his brother online. I started asking all about his brother and he tried to answer me, but just couldn't keep up. He finally disappeared on me yesterday, saying connection problems.

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In this chat I become suspicious and think hes a hacker Twisted Evil

We also swap a few emails about him be a hacker.

11/18/08 2:20pm to 4:09pm

Lad: hello baby

Lad: you give your number so that i can call you and you don't to take my call why?

Lad: pls send the number again

Lad: the time is about 10:45 and you are not online

Lad: when you are online pls text me on this number 00XXXXXXXXX5

Me: V1ctor im home now

Me: why do you call me and hang up?

Me: i answer and you hang up

Me: thats why i was worried about giving you my number

Me: why did you do it?

Lad: yes baby i went out of unit

Me: hey

Lad: how's your day

Me: you just keep calling and calling and i answer and you hang up

Me: i took mom for arm therapy and went shopping today

Me: you kept calling me in the store

Me: i would answer and say hello and you would hang up

Lad: baby the connection is bad here

Me: you always have a bad time

Lad: yes you right

Me: you wont call me all night will you?

Me: now that i have trusted you with my number

Lad: lol

Lad: baby i'm speaking from my heart

Me: i will have to shut it off at night if you wont let me rest

Lad: i love you is from my heart

Lad: oh no baby i will not call you bed time

Me: you promise?

Lad: yes i do

Me: im glad

Me: i was so tired

Lad: hmmmmmm

Lad: so how son and your mom?

Me: good

Me: mom is tired from therapy

Me: and son isnt home yet but soon

Lad: ok baby

Lad: baby will you send me this pic


Me: why do you like it so much?

Me: its ugly

Me: you can see my fat rolls

Lad: still with me?

Me: yep right here

Lad: ok lovee

Me: what have you done today baby?

Lad: i have bein sleeping

Me: hummmm

Lad: yeah

Lad: all day

Lad: thinking and dreaming about you

Me: you couldnt have because you kept calling me at the store and hanging up

Lad: yes it was the feeling that i was having. so i wanted to hear your voice to sleep again

Me: lol!

Lad: i'm serous

Me: you are teasing me,lol

Lad: oh baby so you don't belive me?

Me: i think you are teasing me

Me: but in a sweet way

Lad: are you sending the pic?

Me: no my love

Me: you must talk to me to see it

Lad: ok if you say so

Me: Maybe i can lure you into more chat if you like my pic

Me: will it work?

Me: i have missed you

Lad: me too

Me: you made me smile

Lad: baby i will always

Lad: hello

Me: yes my love?

Lad: you sound busy

Me: nope

Me: just watching tv and reading the net

Me: relaxing with you

Lad: ok

Me: what are you doing sweetheart

Lad: oh i feel happy to hear that

Lad: i'm talikg to you playing game

Lad: hahahahaha

Lad: you told mme b4 that you wanted to say somting to me when i send my pic

Me: whats funny about that baby?

Lad: what is it?

Me: I told you already in an email

Me: you wanted me to say it

Me: and i told you i loved you

Lad: lol

Me: you are not happy i love you?

Lad: more then happy to hear you say that

Me: i never wanted to say it before

Me: because i was being tough

Lad: for every time you say that i'm happy

Me: and didnt want you to see how much i cared

Me: so you couldnt hurt me

Me: ususally people i love hurt me

Lad: i;m not that kind

Lad: i will love you annywhere anytime

Me: im so glad

Me: i love you V1ctor

Me: Im glad you can hang in with me

Lad: i love you too Ammber

Lad: you know what make a man is the word that come's from his mouth

Me: well its coming from your fingers does that count? lol

Me: Baby?

Lad: yes baby

Lad: yes

Lad: hello

Me: yes

Me: that makes me think of when i come there to see you

Me: you can show me around

Lad: tell mme you are not serous

Me: about what?

Lad: about coming

Me: you dont want me to come?

Me: i thought you did

Me: baby?

Lad: baby tears are runing from my eyes to hear you say that

Lad: yes

Me: well i dont understand why you would doubt me

Me: because i was mad and said stuff to you

Me: you said things to me also

Lad: i'm not baby

Lad: yes

Me: people say things they dont mean sometimes when they are angry

Me: we have a reaction to one another sometimes

Lad: i know

Me: but we also have fun together

Lad: yes

Lad: so true

Lad: baby you know someting?

Me: what love

Lad: and you are all i want in my life

Lad: you make my happy

Me: is that what you wanted to tell me

Me: im so glad i can make you happy baby

Me: you have been through much in your life

Lad: hello

Me: yes

Me: baby?

Lad: so baby my time is up i call b4 i sleep ok

Me: what time my time?

Me: its almost 4pm here

Me: so i can have my phone with me

Lad: ok

Lad: but the time i pay for is over

Me: i understand my love

Me: i love you

Lad: i love to baby

Me: i hope we can chat again soon

Me: you really love me?

Lad: yes baby

Me: ok im still worried about our fuss

Lad: from my heart

Lad: the pass is gone

Me: but i said mean things to you my love

Me: and i have regetted it terribly

Me: and it still bothers me

Lad: like what my love?

Me: im not ever repeating them again

Lad: pls say some to me

Me: noooo

Me: they were bad

Me: i know you remember them

Me: you could not forget

Me: you were really mad and hurt with me

Lad: baby all that is over

Me: do you remeber what i said?

Lad: no baby

Me: then im not talking to V1ctor............

Me: V1ctor would know what i said

Lad: hello

Me: are you a computer hacker???

Lad: LOL

Me: did you take over V1ctors account?

Me: whats my name?

Lad: @mber my love

Lad: hello

Me: show your self on cam (( he didnt so I left ))

Me: im spooked

Me: what is going on?

Lad: @mber


Lad: hello baby


Lad: if you don't want to talk to me i want to say that i love you good night


hi @mber

It was me actually me you were chatting with the other day and I get your cell number.sometime my cousin use my messenger cos he don't know how to open a new one and i have been busy and don't have time yet to open a new one for him.

Don't be afraid ,your number didn't fell into wrong hands.I wasn't just in a good mood and was from sleep too but I will call you again and talk to you as the V1ctor you know.I love you sweetheart and I'm always thinking about you.catch you for a chat latter .love always

Diamond V1ctor


Hi V1ctor,

I thought I was in chat with you yesterday and we were talking. I gave you my cell number the other day to call me.
Ok I was talking to you in chat and I was telling you how sorry I was about the things i said the last time we had and arguement.

The person I was talking to didnt know what things I was talking about and I know you would never forget because you were sick
and we fussed and both said bad things to each other and you said i hurt you. The person I was talking to didnt even know about it. So now I am all freaked out that maybe you were hacked at one of those cafes and someone else has my number and your chat account.

Whoever they were didnt really seem like you and it scared me really bad because you usually talk a lot and they didnt.
V1ctor i love you so much and im so worried now. Im afraid to turn my phone on and go to chat because it might not be you.

I hope you get this email and can get back to me because im very upset about this. I have been thinking maybe you have been hacked at the public cafe.
I hope you get this letter and not the hacker. I asked for him to get on cam and he wouldnt do it so I quit talking to him and left.

It might not have been you on the phone because we havent talked in weeks and i thought it was you but i might have been wrong.
Please reassure me V1ctor. Im feeling very paranoid right now. Was it you or did I accidentally chat and talk with a strange man?!

Im so freaked out by this. You have been gone so long and maybe something is wrong. I was even worried to write this mail but i need to tell you about it.
I need to see you on cam to be sure you are all right. Please get back to me baby, I love you so much.
I dont even want to turn my phone on. When I was on the phone he asked me who I thought I was talking too.
That is so weird. You would never ask me that would you? I said V1ctor and now he may keep calling and saying he is V1ctor.
Im worried sweetheart and I love you,hope you are ok. I hope you get this mail and not him.

Kisses and Hugs

((( HIS BACK TO ME )))

Dearest @mber
it's V1ctor you are talking to and I'm not enjoying these exchanges as you are not .I've remembered and keep every single chat that we had and cherished it in my heart always.I am not two people and I am the one in the picture and the one you have been talking to .To make your mind at peace , We can chat on cam and you will see your man and lover .Have no worries it's me and there is no reason for you not to turn your phone oN. NOt talking the last time on phone doesn't mean that i don't want to talk or can't talk .Youi should understand that I'm from a sickness and was just calling to hear your voice and i like it it's so sweet .I love you so much @mber and you are the woman of my dreams and all I want is to spend the rest of my days with you .
Keep smiling back your beautiful face and know that I'm here for you and my love for you grows on and on .I miss your sweet company and hope you will be hear for a chat soon .I love you so much


V1ctor o: hello
V1ctor o: @mber are you here?
V1ctor o: baby let me tell you someting i'm a man who don't keep things in heart.if you do someting to me i will tell you and be finish with i don't think about the pass.why you and myself will be talking and i don't remember? i tought you wanted to talk about the pass that's all baby.if you are angry for that pls i'm sorry. you know if i'm helthy i talk with you every day. my love pls try to understand me.i'm still here waiting for you .i love you @mber
V1ctor o: hello sweetie

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Here is our chat for today. He was much more talkative and paid me more attention today Twisted Evil Or else I might think he is a hacker again. Razz

11/22/08 11:52am to 2:16pm

V1ctor o: hello baby

V1ctor o: @mber pls come online I miss you so making me feel loney baby

Me: V1ctor are you there?

Me: I have been so afraid to put my phone on

Me: I really thought i was talking to someone else the other day

Me: and I have heard about people getting hacked on the computer

Me: and i thought that was what had happened

Me: V1ctor i love you and miss you too

V1ctor : baby you stay here?

Me: yes

Me: how are you

V1ctor : ok baby

V1ctor : oh sweetheart i'm doing good

V1ctor : and you?

Me: im glad to hear it and im ok

Me: are you the real V1ctor?

V1ctor : lol yes baby your diamond

Me: i got really scared last time

Me: you shouldnt do that to me

Me: i thought you someone else

V1ctor : yeah but you well talking to me

Me: i didnt realise it might not be you until the end

Me: then i ran away


Me: hi baby!

V1ctor : yes you just sign off with out telling me

Me: well i got scared

V1ctor : hi sweetie

Me: i love your smile

V1ctor : i know you love your Diamond

Me: you seemed different and didnt know what i was talking about

V1ctor : thanks

Me: i do love you

V1ctor : i know sweetheart

Me: im glad its really you

V1ctor : yes my love

Me: i was worried something had happened to you

Me: or someone got into your account

Me: and i was talking to some stranger

V1ctor : lol

Me: im sooooo glad to see you!

V1ctor : no baby you was talking to your man

V1ctor : me too baby

V1ctor : i miss you a lot

Me: i miss you a lot too so very much

Me: im so glad your ok

Me: i feel silly now

V1ctor : @mber you are a sweetheart for me

Me: im proud to be your sweetheart

Me: im so glad to have you back

V1ctor : i can Tell you ,your pass mail.s make me happy

V1ctor : yeah baby

Me: im so glad

Me: i want to make you happy V1ctor

V1ctor : hammmmmmm

Me: you make me happy too especially now i know its you

V1ctor : that will be so nice

V1ctor : lol

Me: So what have you done today

V1ctor : when to my church to help clean up for washap tomorrow

V1ctor : from there watch football game

Me: I thought you loved basketball baby

Me: you like football too

V1ctor : yes

V1ctor : i play basketball but i love football too

V1ctor : yes

V1ctor : so how your mom and son?

Me: they are doing really well

Me: how is your family

V1ctor : ok, mine are finetoo

Me: did your sister and brother ever come to you yet

V1ctor : we told them to stay till after the xmas

Me: hmmm why baby?

V1ctor : is my sister in danmark told me, you know she doing everything for thair coming

Me: yes I remember

Me: i was hoping they could be with you for christmas tho so you wouldnt be alone

V1ctor : yes that why i was hoping for

V1ctor : but she change it

Me: well hopefully i can be there with you for the new year

V1ctor : really?

Me: We can have next Cristmas together

Me: yes baby

V1ctor : baby i'm very much happy

Me: i told you i was going to try and come in the new year after the holidays are finished here

V1ctor : yes you said it baby

Me: I just have to make sure not to take any complicated jobs

Me: that i cant handle from over there

V1ctor : oh baby we pray for it to not happen

Me: your sister will be upset if she waits to come

Me: because after the new year i will be there to get you and take you away

Me: then she will be all alone there

V1ctor : yes cos i told her about your coming,but i never told her the date

Me: well i wasnt for sure myself

Me: because mom was so sick

Me: but she is doing really great now

V1ctor : and she said brother let me see you

V1ctor : yes you right it was the time she got sick

Me: well she still has cancer and there is nothing that can be done about that

Me: but she is doing really well

Me: not feeling very sick

Me: she can stay with my aunt when i come for you

Me: i loved the picture of you laying in the bed

V1ctor : i'm on the phone baby bk

Me: ok

V1ctor : hello baby

Me: hi

V1ctor : the city power when off so i move to another cafe

Me: really?

Me: wow

V1ctor : yes

V1ctor : when i was on the phone

Me: im really surprised the power going on and off all the time doesnt blow the pc's up

V1ctor : no but i don't know how they can do it

Me: have you talked with [email protected] anymore

V1ctor : baby if is not connection it will be city power and this rude guy have standby

V1ctor : oh no baby

Me: you are at the rude guys place now

V1ctor : you don't think she will spoild my happeness

V1ctor : yes there i'm right now

Me: im not trying to control you

Me: if you talked with her thats your business

Me: i shouldnt have asked

Me: i was just wondering

V1ctor : yes i know

Me: you know i dont tell you who you can be friends with

V1ctor : yes, but i will not be with friendly with someone who you are not frendly with

Me: awww thats sweet baby

Me: i love your loyalty

Me: but you might find out if D1ane has made her mad or not yet

Me: I know she will

V1ctor : yes i think that how it should be

V1ctor : maybe it will happen cos the evil the man doe's live's after him

Me: yes im sure it will happen

Me: i wont be mad at you if you talked with her

V1ctor : i know baby

V1ctor : she try doing it the other time

Me: well she insulted my cooking and hurt my feelings

Me: but she was nice to you wasnt she?

Me: has she ever been rude to you?

V1ctor : yes she was

V1ctor : no baby, that why i told you to come down the other time cos we all do things and regret

Me: No im not speaking to her anymore ever

Me: she has hurt me to much

Me: i would never get mad at you tho for talking with her

V1ctor : i know you are hurt

V1ctor : yes i know baby

Me: i love you V1ctor

Me: I love how you understand me and the things i go through

V1ctor : i love you too @mber

Me: so you like it when i send you emails?

V1ctor : oh yes ,baby your words are always toughting

Me: I will send you more then if you will write me back

Me: i love hearing from you too

V1ctor: yes i will do so baby

Me: ok

V1ctor o: ok

Me: im smiling

V1ctor: me too

Me: you made me happy

V1ctor: i told you, you make me happy when i talk to you

Me: well sometimes im a brat

Me: but you are always understanding

V1ctor: yes sometims you are

Me: i know

Me: i warned you in the begining tho

Me: Dont you think im doing better?

V1ctor: baby two can't be angry at the same time

V1ctor: oh yes you doing better

Me: thank you you make me happy

V1ctor: and i know you will more then that

V1ctor: cos the day we meet that's the time i will welcome you to my world

Me: yes i look forward to being with you V1ctor

Me: when i thought i had lost you

Me: i had a hole in my heart and realized

Me: how important you are to me

V1ctor: baby you are the Queen of my heart

Me: and you are the King of mine

V1ctor: I love

V1ctor: you

Me: I love you too

V1ctor: so what did you ate today?

Me: you will laugh

V1ctor: why baby?

Me: sausage and bread and french fries

Me: all bad food

Me: what have you had

V1ctor: nothing

Me: what

Me: why not

V1ctor: yes

V1ctor: cos i'm fasting up to 12 :00 tonight

Me: something for church?

V1ctor: yes baby just to keep my faith

Me: i love you

V1ctor: i love too

Me: im glad you werent hacked

Me: i thought maybe you hadnt signed off

V1ctor: oh no baby

Me: and someone got into your account

Me: i was so freaked out

V1ctor: i read all your message

Me: im so happy you love me V1ctor

V1ctor o: @mber nothing now can make me turn my back on you

Me: Im so happy to hear that

Me: i will try not to be a shrew

V1ctor o: lol

Me: I hope you wont be homesick when you move here

Me: for your country

V1ctor: yes you are right,but deserve more

V1ctor: maybe only for sometime

V1ctor: cos is hot always

Me: Its always hot there or you are always hot

V1ctor: is always hot here and i'm always hot here lol

Me: It is very cold here right now

V1ctor: so cold woman and hot man

Me: we had ice this morning

V1ctor: oh ok

Me: yes maybe you could heat me up

V1ctor: lol

V1ctor: hahahahahaha

Me: so i wont be so cold

V1ctor: yes you are right

Me: i cant wait for that

V1ctor: baby don't worry lets wait for God times

Me: i know

Me: i just hate being apart from you

Me: i want all the things we talked about

Me: and i dont like being alone

V1ctor: i know baby

V1ctor: you will not be loney i will always be by your your friend your man your everything

Me: even if the shrew comes out?

V1ctor: yes i cross my heart

Me: ok

Me: im smiling

V1ctor: i'm serous

Me: well you have hung in with me when i have been very rude

Me: so i know you are serious

Me: i love you for it

Me: i need a strong man not a wimp

Me: and you have showed you can handle me

V1ctor: i'm happy you understanding me

V1ctor: yes

Me: im happy your understanding me

V1ctor: @mber

Me: yes my love

V1ctor: i love to hear you answer like that

Me: im glad

V1ctor: what time is it there

V1ctor: now

Me: 1:30pm

Me: what time there?

V1ctor: is 7:31 pm here

Me: ok

Me: you still have a few more hours till you can eat

V1ctor: yes

Me: so what will be the first thing you eat

Me: because i know you are very hungry

V1ctor: yes

V1ctor: i will eat soft rice on till tomorrow

Me: what about butter or sugar on it?

V1ctor: no i don't want anything on it

V1ctor: tomorrow is sunday i will eat good food

Me: ok

V1ctor: after church

Me: just trying to understand

V1ctor: i know

Me: we are so different

V1ctor: so baby what time you will like for me to call you? i mean my time

Me: whenever you want

V1ctor: yes i know

Me: i will turn the phone on for the time you say

V1ctor: oh baby i dont you be sleeping i call you

V1ctor: ok baby

Me: yeah i dont like that

Me: then i cant go back to sleep because i miss you

Me: so we are six hours different

Me: you are ahead there of me

V1ctor: yes

V1ctor: so i will be calling you from 10:00am your time up to maybe 1 or 2 your time

Me: ok so i have to leave the phone on that long

Me: thats four hours

V1ctor: yes baby only that time if you don't hear my voice that time you cut it off

Me: i just feel weird there are people who have my number now

Me: are you sure you are the only one?

V1ctor: oh baby yes let me answer first

V1ctor: i'm the only one that have your number

Me: you are sure

Me: no one got into your account

V1ctor: yes

Me: ok

V1ctor: no

Me: i hate cellphones you know

Me: i only got it for you

V1ctor: yes only for me you told me b4

Me: some weird woman named lisa

Me: keeps sending me text messages

V1ctor: from where?

Me: i dont know where

Me: im not sure how to work it yet

Me: im learning it

V1ctor: look for the country code

Me: she is very rude

Me: then i have someone who calls with a private number

V1ctor: is the phone on now?

Me: and all i hear is like rap music in the background

Me: and they never say anything

Me: no its not on now

V1ctor: ok

V1ctor: sometime from africa number private

V1ctor: sometime you see it

Me: who could it be?

Me: i only gave the number to you

V1ctor: i don't know

V1ctor: from the time you give me the number i try calling you that hold time only to know if it is going

Me: well i would not lie and give you a wrong number

Me: i love you and want to talk with you

Me: it makes my heart happy and full of joy

V1ctor: and i ask you what's wrong @mber?

V1ctor: yes i know

Me: i dont remember that

V1ctor: ok

Me: i just know someone called in the night i was sleeping

Me: then when i went to get the phone they hung up

Me: they didnt call back

V1ctor: and you said you well sleping

Me: so there i sat with the phone

Me: yep i was sleeping

Me: thats why it took so long to get the phone

Me: i couldnt see

Me: then at the store

Me: the phone rang and rang

Me: and i say hello

Me: and they hang up

V1ctor: you said all that

Me: and call right back

Me: same thing

Me: so i shut it off

V1ctor: you told me it when i call you

Me: well im glad you remember something

V1ctor: yes

V1ctor: i call you latter and you said it

Me: well you hung up on me

V1ctor: baby my time will soon be out

Me: so i didnt know if you heard me or not

Me: ok

V1ctor: yes then i told you in my chat that i when out of unit

V1ctor: yes

Me: something is always happening to you over there

V1ctor: like waht ?

Me: power

Me: and signal

Me: rude guy

V1ctor: yes baby

Me: im sorry you have such troubles

V1ctor: so i will not hear your voice b4 i sleep tonight?

Me: yes i will put it on for you if you want me too

Me: just if i dont get it in time call right back ok

V1ctor: yes baby

Me: ok

V1ctor: ok

Me: i dont wear my phone like others do

Me: i dont like them

Me: then i leave it all over the house or in the car

Me: or it gets lost in my bag

V1ctor: lol

Me: you know im really different

Me: from other people

V1ctor: baby try take good care of it for my sake

Me: i will

V1ctor: i know

Me: my love for you is the only

Me: reason i got it

V1ctor: yes that true

V1ctor o: i love you @mber

Me: You know i never told you what [email protected] said about you

V1ctor: no baby can you tell me pls

Me: I was jealous about it

V1ctor: pls tell me

Me: She said you were very handsome

V1ctor: oh baby

V1ctor: i know you will fell that way cos you love me

Me: yes i do

V1ctor: i know

Me: i will have to get you a big hat

Me: and scarf

V1ctor: lol

Me: to hide you in

V1ctor: lol

Me: to keep the girls from you

Me: i might lose my temper and beat them up

V1ctor: no baby your man don't want any girl only you

Me: then you will have to get me out of jail

Me: im glad

Me: i dont want to share you

V1ctor: no it will not be so

V1ctor: i know baby

Me: i want you all for me forever

V1ctor: the bible say one man one woman

Me: yes

V1ctor: yes i'm your's

Me: but i thought in Africa you can have more wives

V1ctor: if you like but mosly it is the mulsim

Me: ohh ok

Me: wonder why the women dont fight

V1ctor: they know how to do it

V1ctor: but for me i don't know

Me: It would bother me very much to know you were making love with another woman

Me: and she could have your babies

Me: i want you and your babies

Me: dont want to share

V1ctor: i know

V1ctor: you will not share me

Me: promise

V1ctor: yes i cross my heart

Me: hope to die

Me: put a needle in your eye

V1ctor: lol

Me: thats an old saying

Me: also pinky swear?

V1ctor: yes but you don't know what it mean?

V1ctor: lol

V1ctor: @mber i have to go

Me: ok my love

Me: i will miss you

V1ctor: i call you

Me: you want me to put the phone on

Me: ok

V1ctor: yes just to hear my loves voice

Me: i love hearing yours too

Me: it always makes me so happy

V1ctor: let me ask you why you can't call from that side?

V1ctor: ok

Me: i dont have the plan

Me: plus we are way out in the country

Me: it is hard to dial out here

Me: sometimes we cant get calls either

Me: especially during bad weather

V1ctor: oh i see baby

Me: i dont live in the city

V1ctor: ok till then take care baby

Me: ok my love

Me: bye

TattooMortar x5 pony Nurse Nastys Audi TT Goat Goat Mc Fry Closed lad accounts United Kingdom Nigeriapyramid2 From my Valentine
Safari Sibide, Bamako-Cotonou W/Dr.S.W.
Proud member of "The Todger Club"
"why are you stingy over me" Craig
"you are causin me much frustration" Frustrated lad...
"stop makin me feel like mess and shit" Craig
"if not i will fall off from a cliff and God will kick your bud for murdering " Diamond Mo
" shot the fuck up you silly irrational bitch" V1ctor
"they make jest of me cus they tthink i am waisting my time and money talking to you" Ted
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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Wow! What stamina you have to talk to him so long XD

I like your character, I wonder if you make him cry sometimes. Either way, he sounds like fun bait XD
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Juan's stalker

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2008 11:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi PWNED and welcome to Eater!
Hope you stay and have some fun of your own.

Yes he has put up with some real drama from me but we seem to have found love Laughing together so I have put a lot of my drama on the back burner for him.
For now anyway. Im trying to get a new trophy pic from him so im being very sweet and loving. Twisted Evil

He kinda runs from chatting with me because I love to type his fingers off and he has problems getting away from me Razz
So we are passing emails. So here are the latest ones.

11/25/08 from him to me

Hi darling

You are like sunshine to my world always brightening my days with your sweet shining love.

your kindle the passion in me and arouse my senses with your erotic touch and make me feel whole.

It's so fulfilling and sweet just knowing that you cherish me in your memories and love me in your heart.I feel so blessed for finding finally my love dreams in you,you make me happy @mber,you make me alive and I feel like the luckiest man for having the sweetest angel (you).

I love you more than the oceans tides ,move than birds could sing because it's your thought that sweeten my thoughts,your passion that warms my veins and your specialty that is my pride.I can't wait to be with you body to body,heart to heart and soul to soul and you will know then that I've come to make you happy and you are an angel.I want to raise family and settle with you cos you are all I ever wanted.sending you tons of kisses and love
Diam0nd V1ctor

12/01/08 (his to me)

Love of my life,

I love you so much @mber. you are just the angel of my happiness. Your words are felt sweetly in every part of my body. You liven me with your love and I feel like being given the gift of love for the first time.

I truly appreciate your loving heart and beautiful soul and if we make each other so happy at this distance, our meeting will be without a doubt superb. Darling my feelings for you are more than liking. I love you so much cos you are a complete package of the qualities I cherish in women and i can't wait to be with you. You are right Pictures are pictures but the feelings of love we share are sweet and beyond imagination and the strengthens my faith everytime that we will be a happy couple.

It will be a pleasure shopping with you and doing many more things. Its a sign of caring and love. You are so romantic my soul and I'm sure you will nurture it beautifully as you pamper me often with love.

I'm your sweetheart and my yearning for you increases with every new day cos you are a peerless angel and you are genuine too. Laughing I've missed these past days but thought that you must be busy . I feel horny every time i think of you and my seeds I'm so eager to plant in your holy womb. I am looking forward to meeting you so much and yes we'll marry here and can make our horny moon in Hawaii.

Say hello to J0hn for me and Pet that naughty cat for me. I love you loads XXX

Your finance and love worshiper


I have decided as a faith of his love to me he should send me a naked picture. I have other pics of him and have seen him on cam but now I want more. Since I have to go to Africa to meet him I should know what Im getting when we marry. These are his responses to my requests.

12/04/08 his to me

My darling and sweetheart,

I'm sorry for missing you online , I'm worried too but we are just here at different times .I was doing some little work at home that's why but there is not a single moment that goes without you being in my mind .You have kindle my lustful spot that I even thought dead cos I did not feel like loving for a long time .

Baby thank you so much for your beautiful picture (( THANK YOU IMA AND BILL2)), it took my breath away cos you are so angelic , so sweet and I cant take my eyes from you .Looking at you makes me feel good and thinking about you fills me with love .Darling I'm a matured man and a true lover and for that matter I'm neither interested in size but rather the size of the heart and your heart is like an eden that can accommodate my world that's why I love you and your body is big and beautiful and it always arouse me whenever I think of stripping you nude and igniting your boobs with sweet touches.It will please me to hear you moan with sweet shocks and to put my big , rock ,excited, cock between your boobs as their softness caress them wildly before your sensual lips lick the juices from the tip .

I am all yours honey and if I wasn't sure or interested , I would have called it off but I'm true to us and mean every sweet word that I've ever said to you .You are sweet @mber , romantic , sensitive , lovely , beautiful , genuine , loyal and stubborn. lol. the stubbornness of which makes you more attractive and makes me secured cos I don't want a cheap woman who anyone can fuck.

Every part of my body sings your love and yearns for your touch .Like a bee collecting sweetness from different flowers , my life I had gathered all the sweetness I can manage just to share it with my beloved and you are the lucky one .You mean everything to me @mber and without you my heart is useless cos you have made it to beat once again after it had stopped for a long time .I love you so much and and that's the holy Truth .Darling I wish i could take a picture of every bit of my flesh cos my body and heart belongs to you but as you realized I don't have a PC of my own , I use the public one , and even if I had took the pictures , I would have to scan them and the cyber operator will have to do that job and I truly dont want him to see my dick cos great respect is between us .So I'm really sorry and wish I had both a computer and a scanner at home so that I can do it all alone for you but dont worry you will see every bit of me and you will like my body, I've got a good muscular body with all the curves at the right places and it you will be the proudest woman in the planet the day you see me naked cos I even love my sight especially when am naked and my tender loving care and joystick will fill your days with happiness and your nights with ecstasies.I'm a good fuck @mber and I cant wait to pound my fat-assed sweet shrewish Queen .

Be assured that I'm neither seeing nor dating anyone .I'm loyal in terms of relationships and I've found what I was looking for in terms of love and that's you so i don't need any other fuck. lol cos you suffice me as a friend , lover , partner and you're the chosen one , the mother of my future children .I love you @mber beyond description .I wish my calls would have lasted longer , maybe you can check with your telephone company cos people do receive calls from US here , maybe its the phone company you are using or the card you often buy but anyway you make me happy with your words and company .

I love your picture so much and I was trying to look beneath your sexy figure hmmm I wish i could see how you look naked hmmmm I'm only afraid your beauty will blind me for the rest of the day .

Have a pleasant day my priceless gem and know that my love for you increases in every breath I take .Love you and love always

Your sweet soul and body-mate


12/04/08 ((((FROM ME TO HIM)))

My beautiful V1ctor,

Thank you for your beautiful words.

I am so sad to hear you will not send me the gift I ask from you. I understand about you having to get it scanned but you said there are many cafes there and i just thought you could go to one you dont normally use and they wouldnt know you there.

My sweetheart I just thought you would be proud to show me your beautiful self. I remember you saying you have a tree and I just wanted to see so badly because I want you and long for you so much. My love size does not matter. I will not be upset if you dont have a tree. Is that the reason you dont want to share yourself with me? V1ctor you should know by now that I will love you anyway even if you dont have a giant cock. ok. I know you have a beautiful body and I lust for it so much. Size does not matter to me.

I just thought you would like to make me happy and secure with your love for me. I never thought you to be a shy man my love. I am to be your wife and I will be traveling a long way to come to you and make you my beloved husband. I never wanted to get a cellphone because im terribly afraid of them and still am. But I did it for you because I love you so much and it was important to you that i get one. I havent been out to the clubs any more with the other girls because im not interested in other men. You are always in my heart and my thoughts. I just feel very sad about this. If you only knew how much that meant to me I know you would not deny me. You know I have never been with an African man. Im so curious as to what you will look like and the thought of you and I together just makes my heart beat so fast because I get so excited. puke Why would you not want to share with me when I love you so much? I just dont understand. I want to see you my love dont you understand. I miss chatting with you and I feel we are getting further and further apart. Sure I could go look at some porn of dark men if i wanted but I love you and i want you and only you. You mean so much to me V1ctor. I just wanted to see you and thought it was ok to ask. You just dont know how much I think of you and want to be with you. I know you dont want to talk to me anymore in chat. If you did you would make sure you were able to talk to me because I can tell you are a man who gets what he wants. I know you. You are a very determined, smart, funny, and handsome man and i truly miss talking with you. But there is nothing i can do about it. Just know I will always love you. Always..... Laughing

Im going to bed now,it is late. Im all alone and missing you.

12/05/08 From him to me

My sweet sunshine ,

I'm sorry that you are sad about me not being able to send you naked pictures of my dick and you misunderstand me when i was talking about size , I didn't mean about my cock cos I'm thankful for the sweet dick I'm given . I appreciate your getting a phone so that we can talk and if you fill that it's giving you a problem we can just be writing and chatting online .

I didn't said i dont want to do it but i dont have my own pc and scanner and our societies here walk on high moral principles and although its not any serious sending nude pictures to a loved one but it's a big thing here , I dont mean the sending but scanning and I'll be the talk around here these days and I dont think you will like that . Twisted Evil You don't have to worry , looking at my body should make your hopes soar high and you will be satisfied with me I'm sure .I hope you will understanding being the reasonable lady you are . Question I'm yours baby and you will see all of me lots of the time .I love you so much and I even tried to call you to come online so that we can chat .I think about you so much and love you truly @mber .I cant wait to meet you @mber to love you like you have never been loved before .You are my moonlight and rose of my garden and you are the one thats filled my balls with passion so I'll fill your sweet pussy with ecstatic juices and will leave a permanet smile on your face! I love you my unique diamond.Say hello to my son J0hn for me .Hope you will come soon to chat .I'm missing you and I love you

Your Sweet Candy


TattooMortar x5 pony Nurse Nastys Audi TT Goat Goat Mc Fry Closed lad accounts United Kingdom Nigeriapyramid2 From my Valentine
Safari Sibide, Bamako-Cotonou W/Dr.S.W.
Proud member of "The Todger Club"
"why are you stingy over me" Craig
"you are causin me much frustration" Frustrated lad...
"stop makin me feel like mess and shit" Craig
"if not i will fall off from a cliff and God will kick your bud for murdering " Diamond Mo
" shot the fuck up you silly irrational bitch" V1ctor
"they make jest of me cus they tthink i am waisting my time and money talking to you" Ted
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