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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:25 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This one was short and sweet.

Blue for the Baiter

Green for the Scammer

Most intros and sign-offs have been removed

Comments are in bold.


This from the Surplus area...

2nd October 2008

Good Day,

As much as I would love not to disturb you with my mail, the truth is that I NEED HELP, I NEED IMMEDIATE HELP FROM you to get out of this present predicament that has bedeviled my life in the last 72hours.

"Sorry I got your email from an email directory I stumbled into while seeking help from every possible direction".

My name is John Martin Cornell a citizen of the United States. I was to a=
ttend a lecture seminar organized by a Non-Governmental organisation somewhere in the volatile region of West-Africa titled "Empowering youths to fight HIV/AIDS, Poverty, Illitracy and youth restiveness". This program was scheduled to take place in Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

As I speak to you now I AM STRANDED IN NIGERIA, I WAS ROBBED AND STRIPPED OF ALL MY BELONGINGS by the Taxi driver who was to convey me to my hotel room from the airport. Now I am so stranded that I cannot even afford food to eat not to talk of paying the hotel bills. The hotel manager is already threatening to kick me out of the hotel within the next 3days.

I have made several calls and sent several emails to the US embassy and the appriopriate authorities here in Nigeria all to no avail, I have also
attempted to make contacts with my family but nothing seem to be working in my favour. I AM SUFFERING! I AM REALLY SUFFERING HERE!! I need to get back home as quickly as I can before I get killed by these OILWAR MILITANTS terrorizing the entire neighbourhood on a daily basis.

I am therefore appealing that you PLEASE COME TO MY AID as quickly as you can. My hotel biil is already about $723.00US plus about $234.00US fare to the US embassy here in Nigeria which comes up to about $957.00US.

PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS, I'M ALREADY SUFFERING PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPRESSION and anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated and I'll pay back as soon as I get back home.


If you are willing to come to my aid, you can reach me through my email since I don't a phone for now and I can only check my email for 30minutes in the town library just about 500m from the hotel.
Email: [email protected]

My home address in the US is stated below;
5211 Pacific Concourse Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90045-6907

Hotel Address in Nigeria
Yasm1n Hotel,
No.16 0koroji Str.,

John M. Cornell.

This is new to me... so let's see what happens.

This is a surprise. I'm baffled that you've had no help from the US Embassy. I'm also surprised that the seminar organisers won't help you - not to mention your family!

I'm perfectly willing to help - hell, I've given most of my life in service to our country - but I have to be sure that you've exhausted all avenues.

I wasn't expecting much, but a paraphrase of the original message was a tad disappointing...

I can never thank you enough for your words of encouragement at this point in my life. I want to say THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR EVEN CONSIDERING HELPING ME OUT.

In the last 3days I have sent over 20 emails to my family but I stil don't understand why nothing seem to be working in my favour and I'm getting really depressed.

For now I have unpaid hotel bills which already amounts to about $723.00US plus an average total daily bill of $84.23US though with a very reduced amount of food since I need to keep it as low as possible.

I also need to get to the embassy as quickly as I can and that will cost about $234.00 as the embassy is very far from the hotel(about 750KM to Abuja from Port-harcourt) and I can not go on public transport considering the rate of kidnap of foreigners in this region of the country.

Since I have no legal identification document on me, the hotel manager or accountant can help me pick up the money if you send it through Money Gram or Western Union to the hotel address here in Nigeria.

I can also recieve and send emails from the city library just 500m away from here or from the manager's office.

Thank you again and again for your understanding, I know God will keep you safe and bless you immensely for me.

What would a Good Samaritan do?

First I'd better contact your family to let them know of your predicament. Forward me their email address and I'll get them to contact you. It's the least I can do for you.

What about the seminar organisers? They must have a duty of care for you!

In any case you didn't give me details for the hotel people to send money. If they're going to pick it up I'll need their names at least.

Now we're getting something off script - and he blunders badly.

I only have a brother who is divorced now though and both my parents are late so my brother is the only family that I have now.

I have tried severally to reach him through email but I'm yet to get a reply to any of my emails, You can still try though if you can help reach him for me.

I have also sent several emails to the organisers, tried their numbers a couple of times and all I get from the venue people is that the program has ended in nigeria and that they cannot reach any of the delegates on my behalf until the next six months when the program will be held again in Nigeria.

If you stil wish to assist me financially you can help me send the money to the hotel accountant using the details below.

Please send whatever you can through Money gram or Western Union to;

Name: Ms. F1m1bama L. Be1ema
Hotel Address: Yasm1n Hotel,
No.16 0koroji Str.,

Please email the payment details to me if you are able to send any money. I'll be at the manager's office waiting for your reply.

Thank you again for everything God will bless you and your family.

Yep, that's right - his "family" seems to have shrunk to just one. I won't call him on it though.
A quick letter to the 'brother', cc'd to the Lad...

I am , formerly of the United States Marine Corps.

Your brother John wrote me requesting help as he is in Nigeria and in distress. He said that he had been unable to contact you.

Please write him and see what you can do for him. I am ready to help if needs must, but in my opinion family should come first if at all possible.

It's no real surprise to get this:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 MAILBOX NOT FOUND (state 14).

Time to share the bad news, hold up a vague offer of help, and offer a lifeline.

I'm afraid that your brother's email account is out of service. You may have received the notification.

I can't send any money today as the local WU office is closed on Sundays. What I can do is send word to the Embassy in Abuja, and to the Consulate in Lagos; either or both can arrange for what you need to safely return at the very least.

Another thing; if you give me the email address for the hotel manager, I can tell him that help is on the way and he'll cut you some slack.

The Lad shows some coolness under pressure as he does not want me to contact the US Embassy. The Marine Corps mention is doubtless intended to gain some brownie points.

I can never show enough gratitude for the extent you have gone to see that my situation is remedied, although I have sent several email messages to the embassy here but none has yielded any positive results.

However I've decided to go there myself only if I can get some money to settle my hotel bills and also pay the airfare to abuja where the embassy is located.

I showed your email to the Hotel people stating that you are ex-US marine corps, so they seem to have slowed down a little on their constant harrasments.

Please do your best possible to help me if you can, I hope to hear from you anytime soon at least to help me get to the embassy by tomorrow evening and from there I can seek ways to get back to home by tuesday.

God will bless you for everything you have done for me so far, I hope to see you personally when I get back home.

The hotel accountant just said you can also send WESTERN UNION online using credit cards, at least that will make it faster to get on monday morning when their offices open here in Nigeria.


I'm glad to see that the hotel staff knuckled under to just a mention of the Corps! Trust me, the USMC is the finest force in the world, no question.

With respect to the hotel accountant, I am not going to send anything online via credit cards - I've had enough problems with keyloggers. It's regular means or not at all.

By the way - if you are going to pay me a visit, it might be out of your way. I live on the far side of CONUS from you - Charleston, South Carolina.

One more point - who should receive the money for the hotal bills? I think they'd rather have that money sent straight to them.

He must be expecting payday!

Thank you very much for your speedy reply. I've been sitting here expecting it.

Payments are usually made directly in cash at the reception desk or with credit cards which is not very safe for you at this point because you'll have to provide your credit card details.

This is why the accountant has decided to help me get the money from the western union office tomorrow when you send it.

I have provided her details below:

Name: Ms F1m1bama L. Be1ema
Hotel Address: Yasm1n Hotel,
No.16 0koroji Str.,

Just email the details of payment once you have done it, I'll be checking my mail regularly at the manager's office tomorrow.

I'll find a way to reach you at charleston, even if it takes one month after my arrival to do that.

Thank you again and again for everything. GOD BLESS YOU FOR ME.

But suddenly...

I wish to personally thank you for all the efforts you have put in so far to ensure that I get back home safely and in good time.

It pleases me to also inform you that I finally got through to an uncle(mother's brother) who sent $3,500 to me today to cover all my bills and pay my flight back home so I woun't be needing any money from you anymore.

Thanks for everything, though I'll look for you when i get back home.

Well that was a let-down! Let's hope this stings a little.

Excellent news - travel safely. Drop me a line when you get home; maybe we could show you some Southern hospitality!

I have to go back to Western Union now - I sent $1200 to your manager, and now it's surplus to requirements!

Ain't that nice? He sure is a pleasant fella!

I'll still come look for you when I get back to the states, I already got the money that I needed from my uncle so I'll not be needing more.

Thanks all the same for everything I know God will bless you.

Sorry to say this, please ask the western union people to cancel the transfer so that you can get your money back. I'll pay the transfer commission into your account when I get back home.

Thanks again and have a nice week.

Let's part as friends... and I wonder what he's got planned for me after that gracious departure.

Don't thank me - tell your uncle he's a stand-up guy and no mistake!

Don't forget you're coming to Charleston sometime - maybe Independence Day if not before?

I'll be seeing you and good luck.

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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Either he twigged or he is setting you up for the big score...

I'm guessing (and hoping), he's setting you up...


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