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I work in a NYC-based humanitarian organization.
I have been contacted by Florence Bakayoko from Ivory Coast who wanted to make a donation of $800,000 (fund left by her dead husband).
I first replied to her:
- I sent a picture of my family.
- I gave my name, profession, professional email address, professional address, work cell phone.
Now I know that her name is listed as a scam.
After I refused to pay anything to enable her bank to trf the funds from Ivory Coast, I am now in contact with her lawyer. I promised him to pay him $5,000 if he managed to have the Bank of Africa trf $800,000 to my organization bank in NYC without us having to pay the fess that they ask me upfront.
He called me yesterday on my cell to let me know that a diplomat will call me Tuesday night to give me a suitcase with the cash...
Is there any risk in them having the following information:
- my name
- my professional details: name and address of the organization, email, cell phone
Thanks for your help.
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Yes, there are risks.

We only bait these criminals with fake details, for many reasons. Don't get too worried for now, but one of the reasons we advocate safe baiting is that some scammers have contacts in other countries, and annoying them sufficiently to get their backs up is a good way to get an unwanted visit. To get them to that stage though does take a bit of goading.

What you must do for now, is to cease all contact. If you just fade away, they won't come after you, but don't go any further in this bait, you've gone far enough already.

If you want to bait in the future then great, but always do so safely, there is a lot of information contained in the introductory PM and the forum stickies on how to do that.

Welcome, and stay safe. Smile

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