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 G0merB0yz Fraternity v Pammy the Tranny Filipino racist NSFW

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Tommo Shanter
Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 10:35 am Reply with quoteBack to top



This bait stemmed from Wayne's post on this thread...

The lad clearly wasn't happy with the video Wayne had posted on Youtube. So I decided to stoke the fire a bit....

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2008, 10:09 PM

Hey lady boy Philippine. Listen up good okay gay boy. The Nigerian G0mberB0yz Fraternity gonna chop your dating site business big style. Watch your back maya. You soon sleep with the fishes in water grave.

Good day.

Mr G0mer

His measured response...

LOL hey dickhead, We are not a ladyboy or shemale or gay, hahaha I am straigth Male you dickhead! hahahaha.. as long you guys exist desperate and hunger for love, joingin dating site, we are there to scam you guys hahahah


Sequel to your email, If you not a sheboy how come you are called Pamela? Or is it Cindy? I bet your real name is George and you take it up the arse from your gayboy friends for small money.

The G0merB0yz Fraternity (GMF) take no shit, unlike you who stab it up your gayboys arse.

Watch out mugu, the GMF take no prisoners. We make Mr Bello look like St Nicholas at Christmas party.

Die young mugu and die painfully poor in your miserable tin shack with asbestos roof.

One love.

Mr Mcavity
[dictated in Mr G0mer's abcess]

My mother is in MILF porn...

Hahaha see what a stupid idiot braindead you are!! hahha i use pamela is not because i am a gay, i can use any name i want , dickhead this is internet, i can use george bush or name of your mother hahaha, to hell with that negirian ! hahah cause i am not a nigerian hahahah..stupid braindead countless person you are hahahaha

oh your mother is in MILF porno? Shocked Laughing



Hello Cindy.

You really like laughing don't you? Hahaha.

You won't be fucking laughing when our Usman Bello Boyz Phillipino connections will be chopping your arms off and scratching your nose with them. They will then stick your nose up your shit stabbing arse so you can see what your whore sister's pussy smells like.

We be Nigerian but we have affiliates in every country. The G0merB0yz(Manilla) Fraternity are ready to chop. You, on the other hand couldn't date your own cock with your right hand.

One love and stay bless.

Mr Jack Me0ff Mcavity
[From the Desk of Mr G0mer, in his abcess killing somebody, very slowly]

Lad's racist 'N' word rant...

fucking negirian monkey *DELETED* hahahahahaha...fraternity in your ASS!! well tell your friend come in mindanao hahaha and lets see whose gonna cry like a bby..hahahhaha


Hello Gay ladyboy like you from Phinoland.


Listen up Alice. We may be Nigerian, but we are Nigerian and proud okay. We chop your miserable Phino dolla and you die in poverty in monsoon shelter like a crocodile with no eyes and crying. We have G0merB0yz over there, we have them in Europe and also USA and Canada. You can run but not hide. u have a penis the size of a rats hardon and a brain to match. u no make money at this business. We drive round in BMW with windows tinted and hot chicks. hahahaha. u on other hand pull rickshaws and do blow jobs just to make a dolla. hahahaha. u laughing now mugu?

One love and die tomorrow okay. Have a nice weekend.

G0merB0yz Fraternity

Lad seems to have an issue with Nigerians and an obsession with monkeys and sexuality issues...

hahaha hey what ever you do, luxury car etc. still your a BLACK *DELETED* LIKE A MONKEY!!, your currency is low!!! you have many criminals act than in our country...remember nigerian scam in internet? lousy shit blacck ass monkey ugly man,,go back in the cave hahahahhaha

what a braindead! people you are!!! how many times i told you i am not a gay!! or ladyboy or shemale hahaha.. I AM A MALE pretending to be a women in dating site and get a lots of money!!!! hahahahahha..stupid monkey....your fraternity is lousy shit!!!.....we dont give a fuck , if you have fraternity in EUROPE CANADA and other country...hahahhaa

Oh really you have a g0merb0yz here in philippines?????..hahahahha whats the address and ill burn them hahahah.....



u seem to have a fixation about race and colour broda and also spelling. hahaha.ha. We do not discriminate against anybody, we will kill them no matter what colour of skin or nationality. We especially enjoy chopping and killing ladygirl lipstick Phinos like you, as they squeal like a stuck pig at a Muslim barbeque. Our currency is low but our dolla is high. We invest in weak countries like yours and exploit stupid mugus like you. u do the work, we chop the dolla, easy.

G0merB0yz in Manilla. u on other hand eat in shit in south island. hahaha.

Enjoy next breath, it may be your last broda.

G0merB0yz Fraternity
[Nigerian And Coming To A Town Near You Soon]

Lad pulls me up on my spelling and he also hates Muslims....
Ohh gayboys in negeria? *DELETED* black ! you can't even spelling filipino! hey black ass its FILIPINO not PHINOS!!.. braindead hehehe... you killed huh? ohhh criminal *DELETED*!....curly skin like a COAL!. Muslim? hahah we hate muslim just like we hate people like you. Your country is sick!!!Many AIDS, MANY desease hehehe AFRICAN PEOPLE. go back in cave!!...

you didnt tell me about the NIGERIAN INTERNET EMAIL SCAM hahahah or should i forward to you..or you didnt search in google or yahoo...

OK go to then search NEGERIAN EMAIL SCAM ..... ok braindead black *DELETED* hehehehhehe


Hi Pammy

u seem to be laughing a lot hahaha for a Phino tranny that hasn't got long to live. hahaha. That is what we here in Nigeria call you because you are stupid...Phinos. Do u know what a Phino is? It's you taking it up the arse before you have your balls chopped off for the fanny tuck up. . hahaha.

u don't quite seem to appreciate the G0merB0yz Fraternity network. If you did you wouldn't be calling us *DELETED*. u seem to hate everybody, is there anybody you actually like? Adolf Hitler? Pol Pot? Simon C0well?

How do you know I'm black? u haven't got a fucking clue have you mugu boy?

Broda, take care and sleep tight. One love.

G0merB0yz Fraternity.


heheheheh,,,, i know your a black cause your country is black hahahaha,,,dont call me your a white trash????hahahhahaha

why would i try to appreciate your fraternity,,,its a insecure group bunch of loosers hahahhaha.... fraternity in your ass hahaha,,,,

go back in cave you *DELETED* shit hahahhaha...

The lad discovers Eater via Google and kindly provides a link..


Ohh hahahahah...gosh the more i read and the more many people comment the more i am happy hahahahaha...

it makes me famous!!! he he he he Laughing

get a real forum he he he he


I see you can Google Phino. That makes a change for a ladyboy Phino like you who poses as a man being a woman before sex change operation. hahhaha. Well I hope you can soon fucking Google yourself out of a six foot hole in the ground with your penis stuck up your arse.

In Nigeria we have a saying, "He who laughs last doesn't get the joke". hahhaha. u gonna die as famous as The Chuckle Brothers. hahaha. Now fuck off and Google them before you die. hahahha

One love.

G0merB0yz Fraternity

I think he's had enough...

Ha ha ha , Yes Eat shit and Die Black *DELETED*!!! Nigerian, means NIGER!!! hahahah Good luck to your GAY FRATERNITY cause in reality we do exist hahaha and no one can put us in JAIL just get tired busting scammers hahhahaha...cause me i will continue to SCAM hahahahhahh SO LONG NIGER!!!!


Hello Sailorboy!

I'm actually a white Nigerian broda. My father is black and my mother is white. Why do you have a problem with the color of a mans skin? That stuff went out the window 200 years ago when William Wilberforce was a lad and George Washington abolished slavery when the apple fell on his head and he had a moment of clarity and decided to carve Mt Rushmore and solve the theory of gravity in less time than you can say Stephen Hawkin.

You really seem to have sexuality issues. Are you sure you are not in the closet with the lion and the witch, and afraid to come out and smell the dahlias? Have you noticed I haven't laughed yet hahahaha. Why is that you ask? That is because u couldn't bring a smile to my face unless u hanged yourself from the nearest Phino tree with poor man's jute rope used to keep your trousers up. Then I would laugh. Hahaha.

Give me your Phino address and I will send you a copy of Boy George's Gretest Hits. Hahaha.

Stay bless and count your nuts.

From the desk of the G0merB0yz Fraternity

PS I'm glad you exist inreality, because that fucking Swiss CERN particle accerorator is going to change all that.

PPS How are the breast implants coming on?

And that was that.

Please don't send your regards to the lad at this address...

£1,052,334.30 (=US$2,121,125.60) lads fake cheques out of circulation (at 11/6/2008)
Closed lad accounts x135 (at 26/9/2008) Easter Egg 2013 Cellphone x138
"i see your not interested in the transaction but catching your fun, calling names and my muckery of me." - Usman Bello
"You need to visit a good psychiatrist very fast, because some nuts are missing from your brain." - PROF.SOLUDO
" is very important you forward the your cycling proficiency certificate which by right belongs to you." - Prof Charles Soludo.
"note i can still change my mind to blow you off and whenever" - T0ny 'The Killerman' Erik

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