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 anyone want to partner with a lad?

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lad harasser

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 9:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

received this in reply to our ASEM

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 8:29 PM, [email protected] J3ga <> wrote:

Dear Brother

I was very delight with your effort; I'm a business man like you base in EGYPT,i,m from oyo state, ibadan nigeria. Brother with one mind and the fovour of God we are going to share big an biggest block money together.
I just want to let you know that any Arab work or around Egypt , with the power of God and his favour Upon us. our business partner must drop the cash money,
I base in egypt, and i recieved client from ourside egypt. from Jordan, saudi dubai.tunis.syria.isreal, with other countries, has far the client is ready to come conclude the business in egypt and i work EGYPT work at the same time face to face was wash.
Brother, our business is one mind and with one love any business must blood brother i dont want you to look me as if YOU give me one job am going to run away with your money the way some guys used to do i will never do that in my life an i have never done that
in my life thing i die an i'm telling you that if you can give me anyjob in CAIRO EGYPT you will never loose if the maga pay money the nest thing u have to do for me is to just give me all your detail how to send your own share,
i will be very very count on you an i count on god that god is going to help us in this year that if we can work together my brother we are going to make this big money ones my brother,an one thing i want you to know that EGYPT CAIRO maga used to
enter very well here in EGYPT becos they know this place is tourist country an he will be very easy for them to enter,that why all maga that we USED to cash any other country if you tell them that they should come they will like to come an see what we have an we collect good money from them becos is not there country they will have to pay us becos is our money an we need to collect it from them,
my brother i too used to give job but now i dont have anyjob act hand now that is done to give i for give no matter any formant you are trowing lottery transfer inwestment come an cary ur consignment formant no matter any formant you know the maga is rich or not rich we are going to collect one he have just push him here an tell him that is money is here that we are waithing for him that all ,
Incase you have any job for me, just call me or you send me email,, add me to your yahoo chart as well. below is my direct contact information.,
i will like you to reply me back with your name an your phone number so that i can call you to talk better on phone like brother share one love talk like same blood brother,
thanks an remain bless with your family
My private number +2o16798418o
Stay Bless.
sunday ay0

when i sent the first script again, i received this

guy man no dey doll ur self na

"nice try you want to spam my box asshole"
"fuck u and that of your company".
"ASSHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I know person like you fucking scammer".
"fuck off" Mr [email protected] [email protected]
"You are nothing but a crook and a liar,how could you send a fake transfer receipt to me and think that you can fool me".
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