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 Just 1 email - outraged at being chopped!

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Bomber Harris
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is outrageous, listen to me mr Benjamin am only the person inchareg of relaesing ATM card to any one and be informed that their no barrister working in our department here in ATM office..

I will advise you to send the correct MTCN to me latex by today if you wish to get your card before Friday. please try to call me or you can as well send your number to me for personal converstion because i believe you are dealing with unkown impostors:

Poor old Rev. Dr Albert Terry (A reverend AND a doctor - now, he REALLY must be trustworthy) has just had his moneygram payment snached away by Barrister 4kigbe

This is todays mail!


This is complicated that the unkown Barr Akigbe sent you and e mail with our logo, my dear you see am A Reverend thats why i am been appointed by Fedreal Goverment of Nigeria in other to be incharge of ATM payment master so that every one will get his/her Atm payment to avoid been scamed.

i keep on repeating we do not have any Attorney with that name Barr Akigbe, i guess someone is about to take adavantage on your card but i will not let that to happened, I have sent message to the Fedreal Goverment of Nigeria that someone is at the corner operating with one of our Beneficary who has not recieve his ATM card and they have notify this matter to the Economic and Financial Crime Committe (EFCC).

You are required to send us all the mails, information and phone number you have been recieved from unkown Barrister Akigbe because it will help the EFCC to track him down, he is an impostor any one that lie with the name of Fedreal Goverment of Nigeria will go 10yrs inprosonment.

Note: do not reply or send any mail to him as from now hence fort because am only person that can release your card to you. please try to call me or send your phone number to me for more explanation.

Thanks for your understanding and Remain Bless.

f*ck you scammer, go to hell, Mary Clemente (Not a very nice lady?)
Rollix Loan Firm is located in the UK (London) with branches in CHINA (Beijing) and WEST AFRICA (Nigeria) with over 9,000 Square Feet of office space; we are not a Mickey Mouse Shop.

your stup!d got.die f*ck uuuuuu (What Fanta Branco thought of Barrister Akigbes' suggestion "Her" format was no good!)
I felt humiliated at the front of Money Gramme agent that a full reputation of me comes around at their office with fake information.(Dr Rev T3rry 4lbert)

Closed lad accounts X3, Closed lad accounts Vlad X3 United Kingdom

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U. Sir Name
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I will advise you to send the correct MTCN to me latex by today

Latex... HaHaHaHa Laughing

I understand your concern,if this process is legal or not.Right all i have to tell you is that this process is illegal - Paul Lockett

Please take note my name is DAKORU BAKARE and not Bukake

i got your ATM card and you come and bring your information and also pay your $95 charge and collect the God dam card ok.

ok sorry i got you message, and i going to go fuck myself as you said. thanks very much.
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