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 Gullible Scammer

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Robin Banks
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:36 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is my first ever bait and so far I think I must have a pretty gullible scammer on my hands...

I started off by recieving the standard I am suffering from cancer...about to die...want to use my money to help the world etc. scam email which I unfortunately lost.

I then replied:

Dear Mr. Kamp,

I am very sorry to hear of your predicament. As I am a devout Christian, I believe firmly in your work. I would be honoured to help you, and I would also feel obliged to donate our churches donation fund to your noble cause. However, it is against our churches code of conduct to do financial dealings with anyone who is not a member of our church. If you were to proceed in the simple act of joining our holy sanctuary, we would have no qualms with assisting you, both physically and financially.

May god bless your soul.
Greet the new day.

Rev. Robin Graham Banks,
The Holy Order of Busted (Note the name, I plan to use it later!)

Dear Rev.Robin Graham Banks
For: The Holy Order of Busted

How are you today? Sir,and thank you very much for your swift response to my offer, regarding the establishment of this Charity Organization. Am very happy after reading your message. I contacted you to help me establish this Charity Organization in your Country, since my ill health is not given me the strenght I need to do it myself, then I have to look for someone to do it for me. But the question now is, can I trust you with this funds? since I have told you that I don't have much time to live according to my doctor's analysis.

Dear if you will help establish this and take good care of it, like it's your own. Then in return you will be entitled to 20% of the total sum of money, that is for your time and trust. Also remember that you will be totally incharge of this Organization. Sir, this Organization is what I have dreamed and wanted to do for my retirement , but as destiny may have it, I am befalled with this trible illness. I want my name to remain in the lips of people, as someone who used his had earned money to put smile on the poor and the needy. So for us to proceed, you will be required to send the following informations to me, so that I can prepare some legal documents, that needs to be obtained, to certify you as my sole beneficiary. So with these documents, you can claim this funds on my behalf, even at the point of my death

1) Your full name as it will appear on all legal documents
2) Complete house address
3) A copy of your International Passport
4) Your phone and fax numbers for easy communications.

Please note that due to mu present condition, I am not allowed to use phone, so dear I won't be calling you. But if need be, I will arrange a phone so that we can talk in Secret.

As you know am currently in an Intensive Care Unit(ICU) of my hospital. Furthermore, am attaching a scaned photo (The same photo that I recieved from the other scammers I planned to bait)that I took in the hopital, so that you can at least see me.

Please let me hear from immediately you read my message,

Thanks and God bless you and your family.

Mr. David Van De Kamp.

Dear Mr Van De Kamp,
Greet the new day!
In the Lord's holy temple we shall all be kings!

I hope that your health has not detiriorated since our last email. You will find here the information you requested. In regards to passport identification, I have never travelled outside of Britain and therefore have never required a passport. Neither have I required a drivers license, as I ride my bicycle to and from our chapel. Therefore I have attatched the only identification I have been able to find, from when I worked as a business analyst before I saw the light of my true path!

Robin Graham Banks
20 Deans Yard
Westminster, London, SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom (Westminster Abbey)

Unfortunately, I do not possess a fax either, so I'm afraid e-mail will have to do.

The only problem is that according to our church's policy, we are unable to do dealings with anyone not from within our own circle. If you would be able to join our holy order as an honorary member then we would then we would have no qualms to helping with and donating to your charity fund.

God bless,
Rev. Robin Graham Banks

The id attached was the very realistic photo you can see below. The only problem was, I forget to change the label name from fakeid.jpeg. I hurriedly sent him another email with a huge amount of bull**** that you'd have to be a complete idiot to believe...( for those not familiar with doctor who, the man in the id is david tennant)


Dear Mr Van De Kemp,
Greet the new day!

I just noticed that you may think I am a suspicious individual as the attached picture I sent to you was titled fake id! I should explain that I label all my documents in latin for security. Fake id (pronounced farcay ider) translates as Technical page (as it is my id for gURL tech).

I hope this mishap on my part does not put you off our possible agreement.

Rev. Robin Graham Banks

PS. I have managed to get a compromise on the joining procedure due to your current condition, should you wish to join our holy order. Email about your decision and I will give you the details!

What do you know. He falls for it.

Dear Rev. Robin Graham Banks,

How are you today?

I got your message and noted it, with the Id card you attached. Please you did'nt include your phone number like I asked you, please you really need to do that. Now with the informations you sent to me, will the have to get the necessary documents that will authenticate you as my sole beneficiary to enable you claim these funds for the establishment of the Charity Organization in your country.

Note that be tomorrow or next, the legal documents will be ready, then I can send them to you for us to proceed with this transaction.

Furthermore, I must asked you this, what do you do for a living and how old are you? let me hear from you once you get this message.

Thanks and God bless you.


Mr.David Van De Kamp

Dear Mr. Van De Kamp,
Greet the new day!

I did include my telephone number in my previous email, though as you didn't notice it it is 61245424. As for your other questions, I am 40 years old and I spend my days preaching and teaching in our holy church.

Also, as I said in my previous email, I am not able to complete these dealings with you unless you are an honorary member of our church. Please tell me whether this will be ok with you in the next email.

God Bless
Rev. Robin Graham Banks

Is this guy really gullible or really greedy?

I have a couple of things planned for this scammer. Though any good ideas for what he needs to do to join my holy order will be appreciated.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:08 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Gullible, greedy, or just so into the script that he didn't even bother reading your email or opening the attachments.

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