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 Love-lad buckles under slappage

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I had a chat with Robert, a love-lad who was in love with me in his very first email. He wouldn’t stop saying how much he loved me, so I took him to task. Sadly, I forgot to save the chat when I logged out. But basically I told him I didn’t believe in love at first sight, and certainly not at first email. I told him not to call me “hun” or “sweety” or “dear” or anything like that. He was to call me Emily. I emulated PRSGG as Am6er and bore down on him until he gave in. I told him he was to write me an email without one word of love in it – just tell me about himself. I promised one picture before the email, and several if the email was up to standard.

Here’s the email. It wasn’t perfect, but it must have been terribly hard for him to restrain from endearments. So I rewarded him as I promised.

hello my dearest emily,how are you doing today?i hope you are doing fine,i love that picture of yours you look beautiful,thanks for the picture

let me tell you little about my self,like i told you earlier ,i am robert,my parent are mise bread,my mom is from africa and my dad from the usa,my dad and my mom her both marriad 65yrs before my dad died on plan crash from is way from uk.

i am single parent,i am divorse for about 7yrs now,i have one son who i told you about his name is kelvin,i love kids somuch and so as i love my son,family is much of important to me,

i like travelling,going out for dinner ,(candle night),going to the beach ,i like reading novels watching movie,going to the cinima,i am a easy going kind of person,my friend call me fun been with.

i am an engineer,a construction engineer precisely,also a petro chemical engineer,i do contract work, the work i am doing right now in uk is a contract work,that is my selfemployed work, i go out with workers to lay oil piples through flow station.

i have good sense of homour,i like laughing ,i respect people for who they are,i hate lie,i love honest people ,caring ,faithful,understanding and GODfearing people.

dearest emily i am always sincere in anything i am doing by the grace of GOD,here are some of my picture hope you like them,that is my very good friend johnie.

i hope to hear from you soonest ,and take good care of your self.

i dont think we can talk online tonight,for there is a fire outbreak in my sight today,so i have to put things in place,hope to talk to you tomorrow,


His son, Kelvin, had emailed me before, and I thought he was about 7. Now “Kelvin” emails me again, and I find out – he’s 16 going on 17. What are the odds I’ll be asked to send a birthday present soon?

hello mummy,how are you doing today?i hope you are doing fine mum,i am so happy to read your sweet mail mum,my dad can stop talking about are honest and sincere you are mum,i am so sorry for not replying your mail on time,i was so busy with study mum,i have some text ,

mum i stay with grand mum in west africa,and i school in british college in nigeria,i am 16 but will be 17 on september 16,i dont have a woman to call mum till now my dad told me of you ,i am so happy to hear that from my dad,

mum i am so happy you write me back,i will tell dad about it,you make me feel mum closing to me ,your mail is so sweet and i will be happy to read from you again mum,

mum i will stop here for now,have a lovely day and GODbless you

love you mum


Of course, if Emily does send a present, it will be by one of our home-grown parcel services. Very Happy Twisted Evil

EDIT: Here is the IP for both Robert (off the coast of UK) and Kelvin (at school in Nigeria) US UNITED STATES UTAH SOUTH JORDAN LBISAT LLC

Looks like a satellite connection to me.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 1:42 am Reply with quoteBack to top

LMAO, he's calling you mommy! How little faith this one has in basic human intellect. Rolling Eyes Maybe you could send him a gift certificate for "English School" Wink

So what's the picture you sent of yourself? I have like four totally different sets to pull from myself.

Wow a scammer based in the U.S., either that or he's bouncing off the satellite.

Thank you for your picture, i like it. I will be To increase and to unpack it. - Elvira

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