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 Greetings from Poland - another "Next of Kin" scam

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 27 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi guys, I really must say I'm new here, I've created my account few minutes ago, but I've managed to read a couple of topics.

Actually, I am from Poland and my good colleague has lately received few mails from a barrister from Zambia. He informed her that she is "a next of Kin" and she's inherited few million bucks, her distant relative died in a terrible accident in an oil shaft somewhere in Africa (LOL!) and there are money, funds waiting to be transfered to her bank account, thus he ordered her to send him a scan of her ID and some other personal informations.
My colleague, well, she is a clever girl, she asked me for help in translating those letters, of course we didn't believe in that shit at all. We sent him a message ( I didn't know this site then), that we don't believe him, we checked his identity, its fake, we gonna inform Police, etc. We thought it's the end of this story, but...

Yesterday, he sent another message (i've changed my friend's name to KASIA (Kate in English):

> Hello Kasia,
> Thank you so much for your time and energy writing me all this while. Be
> well informed that this is a legitimate and legal transaction and is 100%
> risk free and I have all the needed legal information to support your
> claim as the next of kin, all you need to do is to follow my instructions
> closely for the transfer and release of the money to you.
> I do no know how to make you trust and confide on me as regards to this
> transaction, Only God who knows that I am only trying to let this money to
> be inherited by the my late clients family which am sure that you are one
> of them because of your last name which you share with him, even if you
> are not his relatives but for the fact that I have tried all could to
> locate his relative which proof abortive, then I decide to track his last
> name in my research where I came in contact with you and your are of the
> same national with him, Come Kasia, believe me that you stand a better
> chance to have this money been transferred in to your bank account.
> Be well informed that I am the only person that will present to the bank
> next of kin and beneficiary to this money and whoever that I have
> presented to the bank should be and is the next of kin to this money
> because I am the only one who have all the necessary documents to this
> transaction, now you tell me where the police will be involve in this
> transaction or some-one else from your country will know about this
> transaction, Unless you go about telling people of the existence of this
> money in my country LOME-REPUBLIC OF TOGO, if not you telling people,
> believe me that you will have this money successfully transferred into
> your account.
> If you are doubting this transaction, why not make necessary arrangement
> and come down to LOME-REPUBLIC OF TOGO and witness the transfer of this
> money by humble yourself where you will see, feel, touch this money and
> have it transferred by yourself, As regards to your accommodation I will
> make every necessary arrangement to get you lodged at a comfortable hotel
> for the period of this transfer at least 7days will be done for the
> Transfer process of this money to your home country.
> I will like you to come down and meet with the Bank Board of Director’s
> and the governor of the central bank of Togo as one of the foreign
> contractors next of kin waiting to receive their beneficiary fund, and we
> will stand the chance of conforming my profiles yourself and not
> consulting Mr. A or B about my profession, come to think about it how will
> your Barrister will be in Poland and conform my identity or have I sent
> any to you?, Is he/she a magician or something.
> Kasia, be well informed that some persons can be real especial when they
> notice something good is coming to their friend or colleagues, I will you
> to think about it yourself and get back to me as to know my stand if you
> will be able to claim this money or not, Am waiting to hear from you for
> the last time.
> You will also attend the payment endorsement ceremony that will be held at
> the senate house. You coming down to LOME-REPUBLIC OF TOGO will also help
> in facilitating a smooth transfer of this fund without any hitch.
> All you have to do is adhere strictly to every instruction that I will
> give to you to avoid further delay, because I have made every arrangement
> to ensure that this fund is transferred to you legally and without any
> Problems arising to it in a short period of time.
> I wait your respond as it will enable us proceed with this transfer.
> Yours,
> Barrister George Nwakas (SAT).
> Tel- +228-097-4787.
> -------------------------------------------
> South Africas premier free email service -
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> For super low premiums, click here

My friend put an advertising on one of polish sites, when she was looking for new clients, probably there he found her name and email. I'm quite surprised that a guy from Africa visited a polish website, well i'm fresh. I'm impressed by his knowlede of English, he constantly uses formal language, I found few mistakes, but still he's damn good in using English.

What could you tell me about scammers like this "Stuborn Guy". He invited her to the capital of Togo, is he serious or it's just a bluff? What next step do you propose? I would like to have some fun ^^
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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Markinkowski. Welcome to eater!

Odds are that he's not expecting you to come to Togo, rather he wants you to say you can't come, and he will make arrangements to hire a lawyer, etc. for you.

If you want to bait him be sure and do it from a safe account, and not your regular email account. Read the stickies and sign up for a mentor.

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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Marcinkowski wrote:
this "Stuborn Guy". He invited her to the capital of Togo, is he serious or it's just a bluff? What next step do you propose? I would like to have some fun ^^

If he has your friends real life info which I assume he does just stop all contact with him, we never bait using any real life information. These guys might be a long way away but it is possible they have a friend close by who could pay you a visit if you start to mess with them. Never use any real info if you want to bait, welcome and read the stickies and get yourself a mentor before you start. It is unlikely a lad would come after you in your own country but we do not take any kind of risk here. There are plenty of similiar lads out there who you could bait who have no real life info on you or your friend.

Regarding the invite it coud be a bluff, on the other hand it could be a genuine invite to his country so he could kidnap you/hold you to ransom and even in worse case scenarios kill you as well. I don't have the link to the report of the guy who went to West Africa on the invite of a scammer and was brutally murdered but I'm sure someone will post the link sooner or later.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:19 pm Reply with quoteBack to top


Here is the link for the 419 victim murdered by scammers in South Africa

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 27 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 9:25 am Reply with quoteBack to top

WOW, that's little scary, to be honest with you.

I really appreciate all these tips for a beginner like me, thanks guys, of course I'm going to read all stickies, faq and to start my own "career" as a scambaiter. I've told my friend to do not respond on his next messages and just to block his email account for a safety reasons.

Cheers Smile
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