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 The Love Rat Returns - sort of

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:24 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My despicable Love Rat ( seems to have decided on a come-back...

My name is John, Ak1m brother I am writing to tell you that Akim is very sick and he has been admitted in the hospital for the past some month , he just manage to give me your contact to write you, I have been calling you but your number is not going.
I will like you respond to this email, as soon as I hear from you I will give a telephone number of the hospital so that you can call the hospital and speak with him.
I will be waiting to hear from you if you care about him.


What's wrong with Mayor? Last time we exchanged messages he was in a good mood and so was I.

Not a good mood really - there should have been blood on the screen!

Thank God you reply my message, and sorry that I respond so later is because I am just coming back from the hospital this morning, as I told you that May0r hard an accident with his friend when coming from a part, he lost his two friends in that the same accident, what we really need now is your support because the doctor said that he need to undergo some operation in his chest and lift leg.
Cami11e, I will be happy if can be come and see to Mayor in the hospital, but if you can come, we need your financial support so that the doctor can carry out the operation by next week, we will really need your support.
I will hope to hear from you. Or you can call me on +so that you can take to May0r.

The number is an odd detail because of Cammy's deafness.

Exactly where is May0r?
I'm a bit surprised by what you said - at first you wrote that he was sick; now he's critically injured! And if he was in some car crash coming back from a party, then I can't say I'm exactly full of sympathy for someone driving while drunk.
The other thing that I need to know is just what he said about what was between us. Please let me know.

It was nice hear from you, you see madam I did not want to tell you that he has an accident in the first because they were drunk and our Government is against it,
Cami11e you see my brother told me to contact you because he was proposing you that is what he told me in the hospital I don’t know because I stay in another region where I school.
You now that this thing has happen we need your support financially, if you can come that we be more better, but if there is any way you can help us to flying him out of the country for treatment is good, because we do not have a perfect doctor in this country, as you know that Africa is a third world country.
But if you can there is no problem as the Doctor has promise to do the operation we have no choice but we need money if you can assist us we will be happy and God will bless you for your sympathy.
I will be waiting to hear from you or you can give me your phone number so that I can call you.

OK - he took the hint about drunkenness - I can use this.

Time for a little straight talking, so pay attention please.
May0r and I met over the web and things sorta took off. I thought he looked hot and he thought the same about me. We were doing fine - ever made pledges of devotion - but things went pear-shaped when I told May0r that I'm deaf. He got very nasty and basically said that since I'm deaf I must be too stupid to write, and then he accused me of being a man, and ranted on about how much he hates gays. I was equally nasty back - something about wanting him to kill himself by shoving a gun up his ass and giving himself one last buzz before blowing his brains out. I felt bad about it later, but it was way too late.
I think I understand now that he must have been drunk when he wrote to me that last time. It's the only thing that explains it.

More to come? I hope so!

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