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 I hit the lottery! $700,000 to $800,000 - he loves me lol

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:44 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey Gang!

My Lad loves me! He finally trust me enough to deposit $700,000-$800,000 dollars in my bank account lol. All I have to do is give him and the company he does business with my bank account information. As simple as that ... go figure!

We have never met physically but we trust each other so much that I will give him my account number for him to make me a happy little wifee.

Now, he can have $800,000 dollars deposit, but he is unable to send me a $3500 western union for our daughters tuition for school. Oh by the way, he told me what is mine is his and what is his is mine... so we own two wonderful children... we are the little Brady Bunch... His beautiful daughter and my beautiful daughter who have never meet each other...

But even though we have never physically met, he popped the $800,000 question!

Please read about my $800,000 expected jack pot! I have to wait only about a couple of weeks until they make up my fake check and wire transfer... lol lol

Lad baby are u there
Me hi baby yes.. I am...
Lad hey baby how are u doing today
Me not good baby... I have been on the phone with _____ school
Me I am about $3500 short for her tuition...
Lad what happen baby
Me and I don't have it...
Lad what are we suppose to do baby
Me Dr. _______ paid for the summer tuition...
Me I guess I have to ask for his help again...
Lad give me mins
Lad i will be back shotly
Me okay...
Lad honey am back
Me okay
Lad so i was just thinking he has to pay for the school next summer
Me no... he paid her her pre-college...
Me I couldn't raise the money so he went to the school and paid it...
Lad oh i see
Lad but presently i dont even know what to do
Me you don't have it?
Lad no that
Lad i had wanted to discuse something important with you
Me okay...
Lad something came up i wanted to have tell you if i can ask some people to make some payment of funds into ur account for some reason
Lad i hve been trying to figure out somethings regarding the crude oil business i told you
Lad i am quite convinced that in no time i shoukd beablle to make more money
Me who are these people baby?
Lad these are the payment for the contract
Me why won't they deposit to your account?
Me who is making the payments..
Lad i have to present my account before the company i want to do the business with and there some certain amount of money i need to present before them
Me okay...
Lad as a business man you always have to conceder the business risk
Lad so i wouldn't like to disclose all i hve goting
Lad wel i am just saying this cos you are the next person to me
Lad and i also want to seek for ur own advise too
Me so, how much money are you speaking of depositing in my account...
Lad i am talking about 7-8 hundread thousand dallars
Me wow...that is a lot of money... you trust me with that?
Lad are u there baby
Me Baby, that means a lot for you to say that...
Lad you have truust me all along why cant i trust you baby
Lad you trust me even when people try to discourage you
Lad you have to know that you mean alot to me even
Me awwww.... baby you mean a lot to me too...
Lad i have sworn to love you till the end and i stand my words
Lad i will never go back
Me now... when do this suppose to transpire?
Lad i think in the next couple of week
Me can you send the western union today --- the $3500? I need it quickly...
Lad that is what i am still saying here
Me what?
Lad i just clear my amex for the anthony deposit yesterday about concerning the liscence
Lad but i hav to call some one to do that for you from the state
Me Oh baby... that will be appreciated...
Me I would not want to have to ask to borrow money...
Me Do you think it can be done in the next hours...
Lad no baby i dont want that even
Me well, I shall wait on you to send it... I will be patient...
Lad ok baby
Me Oh baby... I give you a million thank you for getting me the $3500... you are so wonderful...
Lad baby you deserve better than that baby
Me baby... I know my life with you I will get all that I deserve...
Lad baby i reli need you beside me in all i could do baby
Me and baby... I will stand tall and proud while beside you
Me hold on baby... bathroom break..
Me okay, I am back...
Lad ok
Lad baby which bank you use
Me I now with Wachavio Bank...
Lad ok
Me so, baby, what do I need to do,,,
Me give them my bank account number?
Lad yes
Me so, baby.. you trust these people to have my bank account information?
Me for my Wachovia account?
Lad baby this is company i hve worked for
Lad i tust them percent
Me oh okay,..
Lad that is the balance there are going to pay to you
Lad they already pay me the 60 % of the contract money
Me oh okay..
Me what is the name of this company? don't you have to give me the information to complete the wire transfer?
Lad i will ask them to contact you either on email or fax
Me okay... email will be better... I would not want information about this going to my office fax... okay?
Lad i will hve to tell them that the money is going to my wife account
Me awwww ... baby that is so sweet... I like the sound of that... me as your wife...
Lad baby i hvee to go and call i will get back to you later ok
Me okay baby...
Me I am happy now...knowing that you will be western union me the $3500 dollars... I am so relieved....
Me thank you baby and you have a good day..
Me I love you...
Lad yes baby
Lad i love you baby
Me I love you more big Smile of happiness
Lad talk soon

Okay... the plan will be to get a notice from my bank because now all of my accounts are frozen because of an investigation of emblezzement of $300,000 for my job. I am ashamed, but I will confess to him that I did take the money and it is buried in a secret place. I became desparate because he didn't send me the $3500 for our daughter's tution. We raised over $1 million dollars for a fundraiser. The goal was to raised only $500,000, so I took $300,000 of it. One of the staff told that she know that we collected over $1 million and an audit was conducted and revealed that approximately $300,000 is indeed missing. Now I am afraid and will asked him for advice on what to do. Since we are in love and are to be together soon, he need to help me get the money out of the country to him. The plan is to get his bank information. lol lol

Any advice anyone?
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Elite Baiter

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 3:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome Passion! From your first post it's obvious you've lurked around here a bit and already gathered some great ideas.

Having your assets frozen is a great reason for not giving up your bank account information. The feds are monitoring your accounts and anyone who tries to access them will be traced and investigated.

You could tell him you've found a shady character who will take the cash off your hands for a small percentage and wire transfer the remaining funds to your boy. That might inspire him to cough up a bank account . . . which you can promptly turn over to Alan.

You might get more mileage out of the lad though if you just try the transfer with $100K and have your shady character disappear. Then you could convert the remaining funds into gold and diamond jewelry to wear as you travel to meet your love.

I DONT LIKE THIS HANICKPANKE GAMES!!!!! ~Sc00t (silly lad can't spell his own name, Scott) M0rris

My agent had a tribble actident.. he die on the process. ~M0s3s Ih3kw04b4

We two make compactible lovers. ~B!ll!e Vl4d!m!r J0nes


"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned." ~ William Congreve (1697)
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 29 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 3:42 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Thank you for the suggestion Oldbaglady!

The Lad claimed to had travel from Florida to Italy to visit his sick uncle last week. After asking me to have money deposit funds in my bank account and I asked him to western union me tuition money for my daughter ($3500). I shared that I need the money within 24 hours. Well later that evening the Lad comes back online to inform me that his uncle had died. And now I feel that I should come and be by his side during his time of grief. However, I do not hear from him within the 24 hours nor do I hear from him regarding my travel plans to Italy lol lol

Here is the conversation between me and my Lad. I continue ask him about how his daughter is doing and I want to attempt to make plans now to be with him lol lol. See below as my Lad is informing me of his uncle's death.

Lad: my Uncle is gone
Lad: i lost him
Me: oh baby... I am so sorry
Me: did it just happen?
Me: Baby, I wish I was there with you..
Me: my heart goes out to you
Lad: i am just coming from the hospital
Lad: he died exactly 3am
Me: baby... are you okay?
Me: were you with him?
Lad: yes baby
Lad: the doctor called ealier to inform me about his condition
Me: oh baby... how is _________
Me: and that was your only family... baby my heart just aches for you...
Lad: i am so down here
Lad: i can just think anything baby
Lad: i am so down
Me: I know...
Me: baby... how is _________?
Lad: _________ is ok
Lad: both us are just in ties
Me: oh....
Me: so, when will you make the arrangement for the funeral?
Lad: i will have to start right away
Lad: i dont want to keep it for so long
Me: oh okay....
Me: baby I wish I was there with you....
Me: I could come if you like?
Lad: baby that would be nice to have you beside me
Me: okay... I will look for a flight out, okay?
Lad: ok
Lad: then u let me know after you look out for it
Me: okay...
Me: so, where should I fly into?
Lad: sisley baby
Me: okay...
Me: I will look for flights...
Me: so, is there a phone number for that I shall call contact or shall I wait for you to come back on IM?
Lad: baby i will get back to u soon
Me: okay baby... be strong...
Lad: wait i will conect you when i come back
Me: I love you... kiss _________ for me...
Lad: i love you more

Well, he leaves me no choice I have to need to be with him. He has not contacted me in over 24 hours now... So, I now have to get the funds for my daughter's tution and now I need more to come and see him. So, I have to get the money some how... So, I will be to embarass to tell him about me emblezzing funds from my organization at first. I will only reveal it when he wants my bank account number.

I will be so ashamed but I was smart enough to hide the funds. So, I need his help so that I can get the money to him and come meet him some how. Instantly I will no longer had a financial problem. I will have money but people are watching me so I need him to help me come up with a way to get the money to out of the country to him then I will later come to where he is and we can be finally be happy.

lol lol I am having a lot of fun!

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 29 Jun 2008
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 9:19 am Reply with quoteBack to top

My Lad did not mention the $3500 western union that I want him to wire for my daughter's tuition. What a selfish bastard! lol lol Then he had the nerve to tell an unecessary lie! He said that he had something to give me--- a poem that he sat down at breakfast and wrote "for me" so... I thought I have my very own poem. But I decided to find out the originality of my poem and I discovered the that shit brain copied it from the internet! By the way the poem is found at

Here is the bullshit conversation!

Lad: are u there
Me: hey baby
Me: yes how are you
Me: I have been thinking about you and _______ and hoping that you would come online
Lad: am doing good
Me: great baby
Me: so how are the funeral arrangements coming?
Lad: yes i just want to go an see the undertakers now
Me: okay
Me: well....
Lad: i want everything done by tuesday
Me: I was trying to come baby but I know that I was not going to be able to...
Lad: oh that is not problem i hope to be back to the state by next weekend
Me: I just didn't have the money and I didn't want to ask you now that your uncle had died
Lad: baby just excercise some lil patient with me
Me: baby of course I will... I love you and I will be patient..
Lad: i love you more baby
Me: that makes me feel good baby...
Lad: baby is so painful i lost the only Uncle i had remaining
Me: I know baby...and I can feel your pain....
Me: know that my heart is there with you
Lad: i love you baby
Lad: you make my happy you know that
Me: I am glad baby because I love you very much also
Lad: baby reagrding the money i want to wire to you account...i will like to start the process soon
Lad: so how long have u been using the account
Me: not long
Lad: oh ok
Me: to wire that type of money I would have to sit up a wire account...
Me: set up
Lad: so what happen to the account you aready have
Lad: are u saying that the money can not be wire to it
Me: well... yes.I just have to give you a wire account number
Lad: oh ok
Lad: have u open the account yet
Me: just let me know when you need me to do the transaction
Lad: ok
Lad: i have to leave you baby
Lad: i hve to do other thing early this morning
Me: okay baby....
Me: Love you....
Lad: but i hve something special for you
Me: really?
Me: what is it?
Lad: She’s a beautiful landscape for my eyes to gaze upon
A painting of beauty, delighting my mind and senses
She’s so perfectly conducted as a simple angels song
So soothingly through my lips, to my hearts entrance.
She’s the essence of pure beauty in my eyes presence
Rare as the rose in winter, in it’s most beautiful form
She’s beautiful as the sea, my loving heart sails upon
Sheltering me deeply with her love through the storm.
Lad: She’s my constellation, The beauty behind my nights
And the candle, igniting my hearts passionate desires
I see her true beauty, that only few could ever realize
In her precious eyes, I see beauty which God inspires.
She’s beautiful as the clouds shattered across the sky
And her tender lips has the sweetest taste as red wine
She’s the angel whom protects my heart and my soul
It’s in her angelic sweetness, I found a love so divine i found you _______
Lad: i wrote this for you when i woke up this morning baby... as a break fast for my baby
Me: oh baby... that is so sweet... my very own poem... you are the most romantic man on earth ... I love you
Lad: i love you more talk to you later ok
Me: okay honey... take care
Lad: sorry my computer act up
Lad: so i have to leave now
Me: okay baby...

"i wrote this for you when i woke up this morning baby... as a break fast for my baby" -------- What bullshit! Now don't that just piss you off.....

So, are there any suggestions out there to deal with this "Shit for a Brain Asshole"? Lying Selfish Bastard!

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