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 will he or won't he

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lad harasser

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 5:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I know i've done this before with other baits, but here we go again.

this is my favorite lad to date. The bait has been going since first part of June, hundreds of emails, countless troubles with transfers, lad claimed health issues an alleged journey to contonou from lagos. unfortunately, it seems to be winding down.

i did train this lad to not trust western union or moneygram,

What kind of bad things did you hear about western union and money gram over there? Do you mean they are no longer what people take them to be…..safest, easiest and fastest means to send and receive money? I am now skeptical with this issue of western union and moneygram in your country. Does it mean that when they send money to certain people somebody diverts the money


my lad

I'll pick it up from a few days ago when he i think it is getting close to the last straw.

I have told you that I will be leaving to Kenya on Friday. So go ahead and do whatever you want to do.


I had hoped we had built a good relationship, but it seems we have failed. I have recalled the shipment from [email protected] dir3ct and am working on recalling the payment made through moneygram.

please instruct me what to do next once you have realized my commitment to this business.

I agree with you that you have committed so much of your time in this transaction,but that should not be a criteria for the delay emanating from your side, as that has already cost me a lot. I have lost so many contacts in my own area of profession. I told you that I abandoned so many things because of this transaction which is totally out side my jurisdiction. It is ok that you have recalled your parcel from the company. That is good.

I have been in Nigeria for some time now and this is affecting me so badly, that is why I am so worried as if I do not have any other thing to attend to. If I had know that this transaction will take this long, I would not have put my hands in it at all. I know that my clients would not be happy with me all this while, as it some of them will assume that I have abandoned them. This is what I have been avoiding.

My advice to you is that you should go to the money gram office today and give them go ahead to release the money for me so that I can be able to pick it today, since you have already made the payment with them. I want to collect the money today and hand it over to the diplomat to carry on the assignment immediately, because I need to leave this country tomorrow evening.


Brother R0bins0n

I have just returned from the moneygram office where i have spent the whole morning trying to figure these problems out. I was told that the US transfer offices are under new regulations from our homeland security because of terrorist activities. it seems there are many new security rules when transfering money out of the US.

Moneygram gave me a form and said i needed it completed and brought to them so they can release the money. I became very upset and hollered at the clerk blaming them for these problems

I am now embarrased to visit them again without the information they asked for. I want to finish this today so there are no more troubles. please tell me what to do.

Your mail noted. The terrorist activities as said reminds me of the incident that happened in the United States in September 11th 2001.If I may ask. DO YOU THINK THAT DR. T0M SH3RIFF IS A TERRORIST? DO YOU ALSO THINK THAT DR. T0M SH3RIFF WANTS TO USE THIS MONEY FOR TERRORISM? FINALLY DO YOU ALSO THINK THAT THE AMOUNT YOU ARE SENDING WILL BE ENOUGH TO SPORNSOR TERRORISTS ACTIVITIES?

With the tone of your mail, I can understand that you are afraid. I am giving you 100% assurance that NOTHING is going to happen to you. The transaction is not any manner connected with money laundering or terrorist activism. So take that out of your mind.. The money you are sending is not going to be used for any illegal activities as you imagine, so put fear away from your mind and be FOCUS on this so that we can complete this transaction as soon as possible. Imagine yourself in my own shoe. I left my wife and children for couple of days now without communication. Don’t you think they would be worried having not heard from me? No! Let us be realistic, Jack

Go back to the money gram office in boldness and ask whoever is in charge of the transfer to effect the payment immediately .I want to go back to country Thursday evening and see my family.


Brother R0bins0n

I do not by any means think any such thoughts of my friend Dr T0m. He is a trusted friend and I have come to love him very much through this business. If thoughts like that were to arise i would defend him to the end.

After my incident today at the moneygram office, they told me if i visit them again without the proper forms i will be arrested. I am afraid to say, I need you to do as they ask so that i can release the money today. Please help me to help you..

I await your instruction

i attached this

^^^^ oops, i see a mistake on that form.

"nice try you want to spam my box asshole"
"fuck u and that of your company".
"ASSHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I know person like you fucking scammer".
"fuck off" Mr [email protected] [email protected]
"You are nothing but a crook and a liar,how could you send a fake transfer receipt to me and think that you can fool me".
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