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 Selling my car on Craigslist scambait

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 4:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So I put my car up for sale on Craigslist, and this noobsauce went about and tried to pull this classic scam, then had the nerve to curse me!

From: Silvan Wood [email protected] or [email protected]


Thanks for your urgent mail,but am sorry for the delay in getting back to you.I am very happy for that ok.It happened that we budget for a vehicle last time and unfortunately it was sold. But upon that i will like to ask you some question.My question below.

1) Is the engine in perfect condition?
2) How often do you service the vehicle?
3) How many miles on the vehicle now?
4) Are you the owner?
5) If yes, for how long did you use vehicle?
6)Finally At what price are you willing to sell this Vehicle to Us ...Bottom price.

N B. Kindly answer the question very well to avoid mistakes ok i look forward to complete this transaction with you.I await your response asap.

My Reply


1) Is the engine in perfect condition? The engine is in great condition. The vehicle runs great. No oil leaks or anything. In the last year or so i've had to add a quart of oil every 2-2 1/2 months or so.
2) How often do you service the vehicle? I get the oil changed every 3000 miles per the manufacturer.
3) How many miles on the vehicle now? 102,000 miles
4) Are you the owner? I am the original owner of the vehicle.
5) If yes, for how long did you use vehicle? As of March this year, 8 years.
6)Finally At what price are you willing to sell this Vehicle to Us ...Bottom price. I am willing to negotiate. I could do $6700's.


I have forwarded the information to my client and he have accepted your price for the car . However, My client left for an urgent business trip to London yesterday. But still no problem cos he made out a Certified Check of ($14,200) before he left to London for car Inspection and pick up.

He added an extra amount of ($7,500,) so you are required to deduct the cost of vehicle and send the balance of( US $7,500) to the Agent ( our shipper ) for him to be able to offset shipping & tax charges, and other cosmetic repair costs. After payment has reached you and balance sent to shipper, the shipper's agent will come for inspection, pick up (of vehicle & signing of title papers), make some cosmetic touches and drive to a prepaid shipper to be shipped to my customer.and also conclude other necessary shipping arrangements.

So you don't have to bother yourself about the pick up and shipping arrangements,and he will be coming for the shipping from the money you sent to him. I will provide the their information you need once you receive the Certified Check.and all the paper will be sign in your presence by my agent on my behalf.
Confirm this information so that the Certified Check can be mail to you as
soon as possible.

Full Name :
Address :
State Zip Code:
Phone Number :

Consider your Car sold to my client . I look forward doing business with you.
Below is my client's information
MAJ .Mac Schnieder,
454 2nd RD E,
Stoney Creek,
ontario L8J 2X9.

My Reply

Great! Congratulate the Major on his new vehicle, i'm sure he can't wait to get in in and pick up some bitches! Here's the information your requested below. I'll go to the bank tomorrow and get a money order in the amount of $7500's for the Major to offset the shipping and tax charges. Will be waiting here patiently for you check.

Full Name : Smarmy Blumpkin
Address : 17171 Gobler's Knob #24
State Zip Code: CA, 92649
Phone Number : 7142301957

P.S. I just put a new coat of wax on the car and it's looking tits!


How are you, i received your mail along with the information you sent for the check payment & i ve also forwarded it to the buyer as well.

I will get back to you later with an update on delivery of the check that will be sending to you any moment from now.

Thanks for your co-operation & i look forward to completing this transaction.


My Reply

Sounds spectacular! The Major is a savy business man indeed! He'll love his new Honda Civic, it's a total chick magnet!


Hello,How is life treating you?hope fine..

Well i just had a confirmation report from my client that the check payment for
the property bought from you has been endorsed by my client and also sent through a registered express mail today .I was also informed in details by my client that the check will get to you in less than 8 working days from today ,you should kindly exercises patience in this transaction and we are giving you every of our attention and sincerity to
make sure that this transaction goes on swiftly and smoothly so that we will all smile at the end of the day.Please you should also note that the difference of the money that will get to
you will be sent to the agent and the shipper that will be coming over for pick up and delivery of the purchased property,hope this is well understood.I guess we have really done our part by sending the check to you and hope you
will at the other hand follow up with the instruction been given when the check gets to you so that we will all achieve a common goal{give and take} at the end
of the day.We appreciate your patience and sincerity in this transaction and we look forward hearing from you as soon as the check gets to you.You should also consider your property sold at this moment and you are also advised to remove your property from the site you posted it in order not to bring complications with other interested parties.

My Reply

Greetings & Salutations Mr. Wood,

Life is treating me just peachy, well that is until this morning... My life partner of 3 years, Juan Pepe ( i just love me some speeshy spicey sausage! Smile You know what i'm talking about! Wink ) didn't come home from Ripples last night until 2:00AM smelling like 3 day old pork sword left in the sun! Can you believe that silly queer!? I was just so upset i made him garggle my coin purse for two hours! Anyways, back to business. So i can expect that juicy check from the Major in the amount $14,700's to arrive in the mail in 8 days? I have my check for $7,500's sitting here on my nightstand just waiting to be sent out next to my favorite bottle of Smarmy's Santorum Colon Butter (balloon knot sent highly recommended), i got the 95oz bottle at Walmart, it's just incredible you must try it! . Who should i send it too? When will the Major be picking up the car? By the way, I love me a cute sailor boy, is the Major single? Does he have an open mind? Would you say the Major is in to trying new things? Do tell cupcake! I just need to know if I should wear my favorite daisy dukes when the Major stops by to check me out! I have a Major Johnson of my own i'd like to show him Smile Be sure the Major knows how to drive stick, if not i'd be happy to show him...

Waiting kindly for your remittance.

S. Blumpkin


How are doing? I was contacted this day by my client to forward to you this
Bill of Sale to go through while you wait for the arrival of the agent with the
original signed copy by my client. You are only require to preview and get back
to me as a confirmation that everything is up and OK. You will be signing the
original copy together with my client agent.

Style Color:____________________

Odometer reading: _______________
Vehicle ID Number:_______________
(VIN#) Date of Purchase:___________

Seller's registration#:_____________

Have you previously filed an application for title of this vehicle?
YES___ NO ___

Seller's Full Name:________________
City or Town:____________________

Buyer's Full Name:_______________
Address: ______________________
City or Town:___________________
FOR THE SUM OF:_______________
ENTER THE AMOUNT IN NUMBERS:_____________________

WRITE THE AMOUNT IN WORDS: _______________________

I purchased this vehicle from:

Previous Owner: ___________________
City or Town:______________________
x_________________ _________________

NB:Payment is expected to be with you by this week friday or saturday,
You are to be checking your delivery mail box from thursday to avoid
As soon as it arrives notify me for onward information.

My Reply

FABULOUS! Everything looks in order to me. Please to be thanking you to make bill of sale in you.


Hello ,

How are you today,so sorry i have not gotten back to you earlier than now,i went for an inspection,am happy to inform you that the payment has been sent out with the correct address and should be getting to you very soon (Friday /Saturday ).

Full Name : Smarmy Blumpkin
Address : 17171 Gobler's Knob #24
State Zip Code: CA, 92649

Awaiting your response.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

My Reply

Oh darling, don't worry about it. You should have let me know cupcake, i would have given you an inspection of your life. You know a man should have his prostate milked weekly right? I have a special talent for doing just that... I have many talents... Blumpkin will be checking his mailbox daily! I just can't wait to cash that fat juicy check! I think i'll have enough money to treat myself to a little rub n tug and may get me balls waxed and buffed. Golly gee Blumpkin is just so very excited! Mo' money mo' money mo' monnneeeyyyy! Catch ya later sailor! Smile



My client reaffirmed that the payment package has been delivered via regular mail,hope you acknowledge the receipt of the package from the mail box at your mailing address you provided.
He instructed that you send down his balance via Western Union Money Transfer to shipping and pickup agent. and you are also required to provide the "address / location" of where the purchased property is presently located at the moment,so that as soon as the agent receives the funds and the address / location from you, they will be able to
seal-up the contract on pick-up and shipping arrangements with the prepaid-agent, for their pick-up and shipping services to be possible.
Below are the AGENTS' Details that you would need to send the money via Western Union Money Transfer as they will be needing these funds to settle some fees and tax charges regarding their shipping and pickup arrangements and as payment for the services before they can render their services.So you have to keep $1500 which you will be given to the agent on the day of pick up,then go ahead and send $6000 to them.Take the transfer charges from the $1500 you will be keeping.

You are to split the $6000 into two and send $3000 to
the shipper and the remaining $3000 to the agent.

Shipper's info:
Amount to be sent:$3000

Pickup Agent's info:
Amount to be sent:$3000

AGENT'S EMAIL-([email protected])

We have made inquiries today, from WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER and we have been informed that you would be required to pay some charges as cost of the money transfer to the agent.
Our customer is aware of these transfer charges and has agreed on these terms, so they have instructed that you go ahead and deduct the transfer charges from their balance money that you would be sending to the agents.

The agent will come along with the original signed copy of BILL OF SALE AND AUTHORIZATION LETTER FROM MY CLIENT
The pickup agent is presently in MARIETTA,GA right now and will be heading to the present location of the property 2-3days the funds is sent to her , so it is very neccessary that we speed up our activities as regards this transaction, so that we can meet up with their schedule as in view of the time range that they have for their pick-up / shipping jobs that they would be doing.
Please remember that you are required to forward the following money transfer details below, after you have done the transfer.
1 - MTCN numbers
2 - Sender's name and Address
3 - You are to state in your mail the exact amount
that you sent after the transfer charges have been
We are expecting your response with the all the details, because our customer will need this to be done early enough to ensure that he has settled all financial aspects covering their pick-up / shipping arrangements, and to be assured that he has secured a booking with the agent in order to meet up with their next shipping date.

You may go to any of the western union outlets near
you to do the transfer.


My Reply

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!! I received your Money Transfer and have cashed it. I think i'm going to treat myself to a lovely colon cleanse and maybe get Juan Pepe to give me a fine massage, he always knows how to give a proper happy ending. I tell you Sylvan, that silly queer can gargle some man yougurt. His rim job capabilites leave litte to be desired though, he just doesn't get all up in my leather donut and get my prostrate moist like my previous life partner little Nyguen did... Asians do know how to eat some asshole, you can take that to the bank! Anyways it's been a pleasure doing business with you. I sent out the Money Transfer today to the Agents you had advised below. One question, if I throw in and extra $1000 do you think Major Johnson could come over and Juan Pepe and I can make a juicy Wobbly H? I just want to thrust my pork sword all up in Major Johnson's delicious Harvest Moon. I do like em brown N' sticky! Please let me know if this is possible? You should be recieving your money transfer today sometime. Pleasure to make business in you. Dolla Dolla Bill ya'll!


I sent this directly to you via The Curse Of The Wicked Soul. Cradling the powers of the Orunmila to Wizard Of Ingoni, I have unleashed an army of seventy-two spirits and demons. The Eiye Efe will gaze from above as the summons of the spirits appear before your eyes. My cosmic powers have grown from the fears of deception and will reek havoc and spill the blood of the guilt. I have carved marks of evil into your conscience and your spiritual blindness will direct you to fall into the hands of proper authorities. The curse will begin when I attach this written segment of your soul "hope you are christain, in the name of the almight God. help me thanks". For you have only made me wiser. Money is just paper in which I used to buy your soul. If you would like it returned unharmed, you must make ammends to the deception you have brought amongst yourself. If you do not, you will live for eternity in the firey pits of hell and in fear of Bytor, Light of Darkness, Centurion Of Evil, Devil's Prince.
The U.S. Secret Service and the FBI will be on this case if the funds is not sent today. Did you think you'll eat somebodys money.So go to western union and transfer the money today.I am the only serpent.
Jim "Wizard" Waskowiak

My Reply

By Crom Blumpkin thinks your Gods are weak! Orunmila resides in the 8th Circle of Hades, whereas Blumpkins God Mephisto sits at mighty Baal's throne in the 1st circle. Mephisto laughs at your foolish Gods threat to unleash an demon army upon one of his loyal disciples. For this you shall pay dearly... Baal himself sent his Warlord Dalkeil to crush this army and capture the Eiye Efe for himself. Mephisto has granted Blumpkin mighty powers to combat this silly threat. Blumpkin shall unleash the fury of the froathy santorum upon thee. End the end.... you will kneel before the mighty Blumpkin and gargle his mayonaise... Blumpkin shall wreck your whale eye in ways you never thought possible... FEAR BLUMPKIN MORTAL! FEAR HIM!!!!!!!


Owner Of Your Soul,
Smarmy Blumpkin
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If it was a real advert placed, and i'm guessing you have emailed him from an email addy not specifically set up for baiting with fakey fakey details then walk away.

edit to add-You may wanna read this

^^^ damn tree hugging hippy. Very Happy -imike
Your are a complete ASSHOLE!! Dont you dare mail me again BASTARD!!!-george harrison
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