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 Mugu Peter is a Hugh G Woodrow!!

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 11 Jul 2008
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Location: Somewhere between Dazed and Confused

PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Peter Mubaba comes forward with an amazing offer!!

Good Day,

I Know this message will come to you as surprise , but Iwant you to
handle it with the most carefulness to meet our commonunderstanding.

I am Peter Mubaba from Republic of Zimbabwe. Due theto political saga
in my country, life has turned unbearable because ofPresident Mugabe.
This lead me to flee from my country to Ghana forsafety. Since my
father is an opposition to the ruling party, whichled to his death.

As I speak to you now, I have with me the total sumof $13.5 million
United Stated dollars will I want to entrust on yourcare for onward
investment purposes in your country and I am willing tooffer you 30%
of the total sum for your assistance.

All modalitieshave been put in place for immediate onward transfer to
you in yourcountry, either by Bank to Bank transfer to any nominated
bank of yourchoice or it can be deliver to you at your door step by
specialdiplomatic means.

Please, get back to as soon as possible once youshown interest on my situation..

Thank you, looking forward to hearfrom you soon.

Main while, I remain,

Peter Mubaba

I am ALL to happy to help!!

Dear Peter,

Greetings to you, friend. I am not sure how you received my private email. However, it is always wonderful to meet new people. Your offer is very interesting.

How can I be of assistance? I certainly hope to be able to conclude this deal rather soon, as I will be flying to Caprton, S. Africa in 18 days for the International Krugarantin Toy Conference.

Please allow me to offer my condolences to you and your family with the tragic loss of your father. International news reports tell us every day of how horrible President Mugabe is and deserves to be arse bandited. I also understand that he is a glutial sniffer? Is this so? If so, that is a horrible man.

Anyways, please let me know what I may be able to do to assist. I hope to hear a reply as soon as possible.

Hugh G. Woodrow
CEO and President
Buy Me Toys, Inc.

Hello Mr Hugh,
I want to firstly thank you for appreciating my messageto you and asking for your assistance which you have shown concern andsympathy for the death of my father by the government of Mugabe which iwill not forgive till death.
In your email,you will be traveling toS.Africa in 18days from today and i believe we would have concludedthis transaction before then if not you are free to attend to yourInternational Krugarantin Toy Conference.
I am 25yrs of age and how youcan be of assistance is to receive this fund in your country and investwith it because thats the only way it can be used and you will also takeme to your country where i will start a new life with my youngerbrother.
In this transaction you will stand as a partner because thefund is been kept with a security firm here in Ghana which all legaldocuments are here with me.
It is true about what you have heard fromthe news about Mugabe's life and he is a real horrible man who doesn'tdeserve to be on earth.
I will like you to send me a telephone numberso that i can call you and we discuss on this transaction.
Waiting tohear from you.
Peter Mubaba.- Show quoted text -

OK, so a few more emails go by, I am rich and make many donations, etc.....until the barrister comes chiming in:

Attention:Mr. Hugh G. Rection.
CEO and President of Buy Me Toys, Inc

2800 Elmos Way
Seattle, WA (USA) 99899

With regards my office has warmly received your mail in respect to Mr Peter Mubaba from Zimbabwe regarding his father's wealth.
I am Barrister Anthony Falano of Fal Chamber Accra,Ghana and i have the privilege to respect your actions and that of Peter Mubaba in this legal act of property belongings.
Mr Peter Mubaba has told me everything which i need to know in this situation but i also need to hear from you as a confirmation from my profession,that's why i asked you to contact me which you have done and from the little you have said in your mail is no different from what my client has told me.
We will now proceed with the legal aspect first thing tomorrow morning by have the CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP which is now going to be in your name because you are standing in as beneficiary and father to Mr Peter Mubaba.
I will have to talk to Mr Peter about this and see his action and words tomorrow,then i will get back to you with any information that is needed.

Barr.Anthony Falano.
Fal Chambers Accra,Ghana.
Tel:+233 246 873 460.
NB:In your mail you introduced yourself as Mr Hugh G.Reaction but at the closure of your mail your name is Mr Hugh G.Woodrow.

CRAP! I used the wrong alias: Time for some damage control:

Good Morning Mr. Falano:

Please forgive any confusion I have caused you. As a successful businessman who is at times in the public eye, it is necessary to use an alternate, or "public" name in order to avoid the news media. This is why my last name was originally Reaction. My REAL last name IS in fact Woodrow. PLease forgive me if I caused you any confusion.

Once you have contacted Peter please let me know what will be needed. Hope this email is received in good health.

Hugh G Woodrow

Looks like he bought it!

Attention:Mr Hugh G.Woodrow.

With regards i have just returned back from the findings and possible solution to move this transaction and finalised it before the end of this week if possible.
I(Barr.Anthony Falano) and Mr Peter Mubaba has gone around this morning after i made it clear to his understanding that you will have to be the beneficiary of the said fund which is the CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP which we both went to the Federal High Court of Justice together with the document of the said funds in the security house.
We also went to the security house and i confirm from them about the consignment with them and they showed me the consignment after seeing the document and i made it known to them(The Company) that am the legal practitioner that is standing on behalf of Mr Peter Mubaba and his Partner(Mr Hugh G.Woodrow) and we are coming for the collection of the consignment to be sent to you in your country.
The Federal High Court of Justice will prepare the Change Of Ownership into your name but because of what is involved the court has asked for a fee(Charge) of US$4,700.
Sir Hugh,that is the development so far and that is what is holding us now to proceed with asking the security company to send/deliver the consignment to you.
I wait to hear from you and i have also attached a copy of my id card for you to have a view of me.

Barr. Anthony Falano.
Fal Chamber Accra,Ghana.
Tel:+233 246873460.

He also sent me an obvious fake ID. He shickingly, asks for 4700 for an ownership fee. But I have to be certain of Peter's Identity 1st.....

Good morning Peter,

I hope this is received in good health. I have been in contact with the fine Barrister. He is a very pleasant man. I believe that he has your best interesta at heart.

Anthony did advise me of a change of ownership fee of US $4700.00 in order to be able to proceed. This will not be a problem and I am making those arrangements to have this taken care of.

However, if i am going to pay this fee, I must ask for 1 small favour before I feel comfortable to proceed.

As a savvy businessman, I must know that if I am going to pay any money out I MUST be assured that this transaction is 100% safe and legitimate. In order to do this, would you be willing to provide a photograph of yourself for me? I know that photos can be easily forged, and although I know that you would not do anything like this, I must ask for you to simply hold a card or piece of paper with my name on it (Mr. Hugh G Woodrow) and have the photo scanned to me. PLease make sure that this is a large and CLEAR photo.

If you can do this for me, I will TRULY know that this is you and be 100% assured that this is safe. I will IMMEDIATELY then proceed with the ownership fee and get this transaction concluded.

I apologize if this seems like an unusual request. But if I am going to pay out 4,700 US dollars, I just need to be safe. I look forward to your response.

In good Health,
Hugh G Woodrow

Dear Sir,
I am so happy about the process and also your mail but i willnot be able to send you my picture at this moment because theres noscanner here but i promise to send it to you as early as possiblebecause i know everything is legitimate and you have my 100%assured.

Oh, OK - this is legit then.....NOT!!

Good evening Peter,

I have received your latest message. I received a voice message this evening from the barrister, and am ready to complete our arrangements. However, I must insist that I receive the photograph as outlined in my previous email in order to continue. Please make arrangements to do this as sopon as possioble and we will be able to move forward.

Hugh G Woodrow

The barrister is not happy about this request.

Attention:Mr Hugh,
With regards i received your mail and i understand what you meant by me sending you a copy of Change of Ownership which i was about to send before my client(Mr Peter Mubaba) came into the office and explained to me that he wants to send you a picture of himself.
Mr Hugh,its not wrong to send you a picture of himself but the problem is how you want him to send you the picture as a proof and i see it as a joke because i have called your number so many at times without any respond and your don't mention it in your mail that you have received any of those messages.
I don't mean to disrespect you but i would appreciate if you can ring me for us to discuss or give me a different number or cell number to ring you and discuss before i will allow me client to send you a picture in any which way you want it.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Barr. Anthony Falano.
Fal Chamber Accra,Ghana.
Tel:+233 246873460.

How DARE he insult me like this - SLappage Ensues!!

Mr. Falano:

Your last message insults me. You must understand that I am a businessman. I have been asked to pay out a total of nearly 5,000 US dollars to help complete a transaction that you and Mr Peter APPROACHED ME to help with. I do not feel that this matter is a joke. And I am insulted that you think that it is.

I also sent you email last night stating that I DID receive your voice mail message and that I was unable to receive this call in person. I apologize for this.

Please understand that although I AM willing to help, I MUST have substantial proof that this is a 100% safe and secure. Peter's photo is the proof that I require. If he is not willing to provide this proof of legitimacy, I am afraid that i am not willing to continue.

I do not want this to come to that. I do not want our time and efforts to be wasted. I want to see this business be successful. But I want my proof.

If this is not provided by Mr. Peter, our business is finished.


I also tell Peter that I am NOT a happy baiter!!

Good Morning Peter:

I am very upset this morning. The barrister sent me a very insulting email. He seems to think that I am trying to joke with you by asking you for your photo (as requested in my previous email) when all I want is proof for myself that this business is 100% legal and legitimate.

I am not a joking person - I am a very serious businessman. I operate a 1.2 billion dollar business and do not want to enter into any business without being sure that this will be legal and NOT bring any bad publicity to myself or my company. You are a good person Peter, and surely you can understand this.

Apparently your barrister does NOT understand this. He must understand that I do not take kindly to insults. It was He that approached me for my help.

I am not upset with you, Peter. I sincerely do wish to see this through for you and your brother. But I am not sure I wish to continue doing business with your barrister. Please see whast can be done about this.


Naturally, they cave and sent the pic.

MORE to come!!
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 11 Jul 2008
Posts: 55
Location: Somewhere between Dazed and Confused

PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:33 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear Peter,

I thank you for your photos. I am thankful for your cooperation. Indeed you are a handsome young man. I am pleased that you are willing to see this through. It would seem that the barrister may not feel the same way.

I am still upset over the Barrister's email however. If we are to move forward, he MUST apologize to me for accusing me of being a jokester. I am not a jokester and want him to understand that.

Please tell him to do so.

Hugh G Woodrow

How about that!! Barrister apologizes!!

Attention:Mr Hugh G.Woodrow,

With regards to your request which i made the photos of Peter and ask him to send to you Yesterday which you received and your mail back to peter which he told me you asked for an apology.
Mr Hugh G.Woodrow,i want this transaction to move forward and i will give you your request.
I(Barrister Anthony Falano) of Fal Chambers hereby regret and withdrew the accusation been said to Mr Hugh G. Woodrow about Peter Mubaba and with this mail i want you to accept my apology.
I will wait to hear from you so that we can proceed forward with the Change of Ownership and get everything moving forward.

Barr Anthony Falano.
Fal Chamber Accra,Ghana.
Tel:+233 246873460.

After I accept his apology, he gets right back to business:

Attention:Mr Hugh G. Woodrow,

With regards to your mail which you have accepted the apology in other to see this transaction moving to an end has been received.

What has to be done now is the Change Of Ownership into your name which i have told you that the cost is US$4,700 and that i(Barr. Anthony Falano) will go to the security company with Peter Mubaba for the consignment together with the Change Of Ownership which your address will be clealclearlyed as the new beneficiary and receiver of the consignment(Peter's Property) which is the fund.

I will be looking forward to hear from you because we don't need to keep delay any longer since you will be leaving soon to South Africa.

If possible you can send the money through Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram Transfer to country(Ghana) and the receivers name Anthony Falano so that we can pick up the money and prepare the change of ownership.

Barr. Anthony Falano.
Fal Chambers Accra, Ghana.
Tel:+233 246873460.

Mr falano (I play stupid)

Your last message received well. I will prepare to have the 4,700 transferred straightaway. However, I have 2 questions:

First, Will I need to sign any forms regarding the change of ownership? Surely there will need to be something that I will need to sign allowing this to be done and done legally.

Second, is there a specific form that I will need to use fotr the Western Union transfer? Also please let me know exactly what I will need to put on the form. I have never used Western Union before. Please forgive my lack of experience in such matters.

I will not be able to get the money to transfer unil tomorrow morning as my local bank has closed for the day. I will arrange for this to be done tomorrow. Hoping you and your family is well.

Hugh G. Woodrow

I also have to tell Peter that things are looking up (FOR ME!!)

Good morning Peter:

I hope that your weekend was very good. Hope that you are well. The barrister did apologize for his accusation and I am very happy to report that we can all continue. I am very happy that he was willing to see me for what I am, a honest and wise businessman (LOL) .

I have contacted the good barroster and am awaiting forther instructions. I will keep you up to date.

Hoping you are well,

Hugh G Woodrow

Attention:Mr Hugh G.Woodrow

In regards to the transaction which you have sent a mail with two(2) question has been received today Tuesday in good state of mind and content well understood.

1) At this moment you will not be signing any form/document because what is needed is just your address and name which the Federal High Court Of Justice will use to prepare the Change Of Ownership and it will be sealed as legal tender by the court so that it can be presented anywhere and that is what we are going to present to the security company.If there will be any form/document for you to sign,then it will be from the security company to proof that its you that is going to receive the belongings of Peter.

2) Mr Hugh G.Woodrow,yes,you will need a form which western union transfer will give to you so that you will fill and its not difficult as all you will need is below:

Sender's Name:Hugh Woodrow
Receiver's Name:Anthony Falano
Receiver's Country:Ghana
Question: Who made the world
Tel:+233 246 873 460.

The above is how the form at western union looks like and that is what you will use in filling the form which after completion then MTC NUMBER will be giving to you and that is what you will send to me or Peter.

If we can have the Change Of Ownership done tomorrow then we can seal this transaction by weekend.

Barr. Anthony Falano.
Fal Chamber's Accra-Ghana.
Tel:+233 246 873 460.

I go to the Western Union office - but oops! I forgot a number on the MCTN!

Good evening Mr falano:

I have completed the transfer as requested. I have the following confirmation number for you: 127372388.

When you have received everything please let me know.

Hugh G Woodrow.

Attention:Mr Hugh,

The mail which you sent has been received and i want you to clear everything and send a right number.
The western union office told me and peter that the number you sent is not correct and to this regards western union number is not 9 digit.
So make the correction as not to proof to Peter that what i told him earlier.

Comm Anthony Falano. (You are a commissioner now??)

Mr. Falano,

Please accept my apologies. I did give you the wrong number. It looks like the correct number is 10 digits. The correct number is 1273842388. Everything should be in order now.

Again, I am sorry for the error.

Hugh G Woodrow

Good to see that he'll get his $$ now........

Attention:Mr Hugh Woodrow,

With respect and regards i would appreciate if you send us the correct informations because the information you gave is not on the western union transfer system and to this i would appreciate if you send me the name in which you have used in sending the transfer.

Again we understand that the numbers which you have sent to us is totally different from that of the first number which you said was an error 127372388 and 1273842388.

This is in the ineterest to Peter Mubaba and not me as i would like you to understand what him and clear up this transfer.

Barr Anthony Falano.

Mr. Falano:

I am sorry for your troubles with the Western Union. I am wondering if there is an error with their computers. I have attached a copy of the Western Union form for you.

You may want to make 1 more trip there to try to conform the number with them. If this does not work I will work tirelessly to have this transferred to you in another manner.


Looks like Barrister boy is getting a little miffed!

Attention:Mr Hugh G. Woodrow.

We don't mean to disrespect you in trying to assist Peter but we would like you to show more concern by going to the western Union Transfar Office and collect back your money since it did not come to Ghana.

Barr Anthony Falano.

Looks like this bait is coming to an end - lets see if I can hold onto him a little longer:

Mr Falano:

I followed your instructions and went back to the western union office - they told me that the transfer shoudl have gone through. I do not know what the problem is - have you never used western union before?

I did get the money back. Is there another way we might be able to get this transferred? Moneygram perhaps?

I am also going to be travelling to S Africa for the international Kugarandin Toy Conference from 15 August until 17 August. Is there a possibility for a face-to-face meeting during that time? I can travel to your country before or after the conference but I do not know if there is an International Airport in your country.

I wish to see this through and I can assure you of my 100% dedication to this project. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Hugh G Woodrow

No Dice - Peter and Anthony are onto my game (darn!!)

Attention:Mr Hugh.
We are sorry to say this but its the truth.
Me and my client don't wish to continue with you any more because you did not show any concern by making us look stupid before the western union staff [color=black]GOOD!! HOPE YOU WERE HUMILIATED!!
and how do you think we can have that trust or believe in you.
Barr Anthony Falano.
NB:Please for us to continue then provide a valid telephone number for communication.[/color]

Then I busted him!!

Dear Anthony, or should that be Peter (or whatever your real name is):

You have been lying to me haven't you Anthony? Don't worry about it though because I have been lying to you as well.

You see, I know your name is NOT Peter Mubaba OR Anthony Falano. I have known this from the very 1st email I received from you.
Your email was of course a very pathetic attempt at a 419 scam. Are you starting to fee uncomfortable "Anthony.....or Peter"? Do you remember the first email I sent to you? You probably thought that I had sent you the email by mistake, but in fact this was not the case. I just pretended that I had sent you the email by mistake to see if your greed would make you do something stupid, and of course it did!

Let me answer a few questions that may be going around in your mind:

1 - As you may have already guessed my name is not Hugh G Woodrow. In Fact, if you put the name all together, it is slang for a certain part of your atanomy when you are aroused.
2. Thank you for the very funny photo - you posed like a good little mugu for me. Thanks for that!
3. I never did send anyone ANY money.
4 I KNOW you are a 419 scammer. Your original email proves it.
5. I am very glad to have wasted your time. The more time you wasted on me was less time that you could not get your filthy hands on some potential real victims.


Sadly, no reply from Peter Muguaba - but as soon as he voodoo curses me or whaever, I'll let you know.
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Bruce Banner
Master Baiter

Joined: 15 Jul 2008
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 2:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top


I thought you did a good job keeping control of the bait. The first e-mail indication of possible disbelief that they gave you was handled beautifully ("you and Mr Peter APPROACHED ME to help".)

But the end kinda blew it for me. You let them know that you were baiting them which could make them wise up in the future and have more success scoring possible victims and avoiding time wasters like us.

Maybe next time just regretfully inform your lad that since he's being such a jerk you've decided to help out a poor widow in Ghana who needs help to move some funds. "At least SHE'LL be thankful for my help."
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