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 OFX Connect - baiter ?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I got a very detailed word document from a Lad. I gather its recycled from a baiter. It doesn't help the transfer any. Who's work is this ?


Please this message should be read and treated with utmost urgency as it has information that provides a lasting solution to your hitherto difficulties in finalizing payment of your outstanding claims. This is a lengthy memo, but please take the pains in reading it completely.

I have an IT tool capable of retrieving your unpaid inheritance fund and also have same wired into your bank account by bypassing all official bureaucratic bottlenecks. This is a payment arrangement that guarantees success. Having been aware of your difficulties in retrieving your inheritance funds from the holding bank, I think it is high time you stopped pursuing this dreams through the official and conventional payment processing means because there are endless huddles along that direction, which explains why you still struggle without success. The IT tool is an Open Financial Exchange (OFX) connect which is a Personal Financial Management (PFM) scaleable platform capable of tactically siphoning your funds out of the database of the holding Bank and have it quietly deposited into your bank account without leaving any traces and risks whatsoever.


The above diagram gives a simple illustration of how this Open Financial Exchange (OFX) connect works. Based on JAVA Servlet Technology, this OFX-Connect is one of the most technologically advanced modular. It can be deployed on any platform with Java Virtual Machine support. This is an open scalable platform which would enable you, once I have gotten you connected, to directly and secretly exchange financial data with the Telex Room of the bank where your funds are. Once connected, it serves as a Bridge between the holding bank’s Telex room and your receiving bank wherever it is located. Designed to supersede current proprietary interfaces, this OFX operates via the internet through websites that allow financial transactions and personal financial management software. It has an inbuilt Anti-Phishing and first Terminal Encryption (user identification checks) software between the Web Server and the OFX server. There are firewalls and transaction SSL encryption software between the OFX server and the Back-end Systems (that is your receiving bank). The Transfer Dialog Network (which contains all the transfer request forms viz-a-viz; the amount to be transferred, the receiving bank details etc) comes between the Internet Login and the Web Server. The later receives the application requests and then post it to the main OFX Server for processing.

Please try to understand that this network can allow you to personally carry out wire transfers right from your bedroom so long as you have an internet access. All you need to do is to sign-up an Electronic Money Server Account (EMSAccount) on the platform where a hacker would be detailed for the deposition of your entire funds once siphoned out of the database of the holding bank. To sign-up for this account, you are to login to the domain website which I will give you upon your response to this message. Then look under the page and click on ‘’New User Sign-Up’’. Final transfers to your designated banking co-ordinate has to be transacted within the EMSAccount and in a number of installment of your wish. Please I would want you to follow this payment process without looking at it with a biased mind because this is for real and risk free. I am saying this because the type of transfer scheme you are about to experience now has never happened to you ever since you commenced the processing of your payment. It is the only sure way of actualizing your transfer and you will be amazed at how this would happen within a maximum of 3 or 4 days.

All you need to access this platform and make transfers is a computer that has system restore and advanced security features for large networks and NTFS file encryption support as well as Java Virtual Machine support so that the software can easily download on it once you log into the above given web link via a strong internet connection. Then you can personally follow the operational guidelines as would be shown on the computer screen once you are connected to the internet. Fill in your banking details precisely as you would want the funds to be received, with the exact amount you wish to wire and it goes off once you click on “TRANSFER”. The platform has a confirmation alert window which updates you on every activity that goes on within your EMSAccount. This automatically delivers a confirmation reports directly to your e-mail. This is very important considering the nature of this deal so that you don’t start asking your bankers for fund confirmation until you are sure that the money has already entered your account. This will avoid any form of securitizations and questioning so long as we keep the transfers low. It is best handled if you are online with your bank so that you can make a transfer from the platform and in a few hours you log into your bank account to view if your transferred fund has hit your account.

I know you will find it extremely difficult to believe this due to what you may have already gone through in terms of disappointments, unfulfilled promises and wasted years on this transaction. I want to tell you that in this era of information technology, it is very simple to retrieve your funds and have it credited into your account just by using a simple computer that is connected to the internet. All your struggles of the past were not really necessary but you had to go through them out of ignorance of what is really in vogue. Here are a few advantages of this OFX payment arrangement;

1.) You do not need to have any attorney or agent once you are connected.
2.) Transfers are completed in minutes since the SameDayPay button has already been activated on the domain. This ends documentations and equally cancels the long waiting confirmation period of the conventional fund transfer method since there is no more involvement of intermediary/correspondent banks.
3.) You decide when you want to make a transfer and how much to transfer at any given time.
4.) It is transparent and purely bank-to-bank, and completely monitored by
yourself. You are the one to know whenever a transaction is activated and when it hits your receiving account anywhere in the world through an e-mail confirmation alert.
5.) Those previously or currently monitoring the progress of your payment efforts would no longer know when you have received your fund.

Please get back to me if you are interested in cashing into this opportunity. If you are, then make sure you sign-up this EMSAccount immediately and let me know if you have any difficulties signing-up so that I can direct you accordingly.

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