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 "I hope you will get me right" - yeah, right!

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:33 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My newest baiter persona, the affable , is trying to determine if travel to Burkine Faso is a go...

The Lad bankers said that Brad should go to BF to sign off on matters. The other Lad said (italics in original):

But the warst of it is that they want you to come dawn here in person and sign some paper work or those documant't by yourself and i have think about the hole thing i don't know what to do,because the bank may ask you some question concerning the die man which you can not get correct and you know that i will not be there with you too.
However,before we go further from here i want to know if you can come here?And let me think about this too as soon as i hear from you ,i will tell you what to do.

Brad replied:

Quote:'s a hell of a thing to arrange in a hurry. Cuold you please check what I need to get there in terms of visas and so on?
Funny thing - I was watching a TV prog last night called The Amazing Race - it's a sort of raelity show in which about a dozen cuoples or piars are in a race to get to certian places and do certian things and the prize is a milloin dollars. Last night they were in Burkina Faso and ended up getting to the big town hall is Ouagoudougou after having to iether pan for gold or do a dance ruotine, and then deliver goods in a market by bike. Burkina Faso looks pretty poor, thuogh better off than places like Sierra Leone or Zimbabwe!

The Amazing Race actually did show its Burkina Faso segment just the night before...

BTW - Brad has a problem with doubled vowels; he always transposes them. Just in case you wondered...

The Lad seemed OK with Brad travelling to BF. Hold that thought...

How are you? and i got your mail,Hence you have decided to come dawn here in Burkina Faso i am very very happy to hear from you,I don't know how much it may cost you both coming here and geting the document's or the visa,Now my surggetion is that i want you to write to the bank and inform them that you are coming dawn here for sign off the paper works,so that they will transfer the fund into your account or can you write to them and tell them that they should give you lawyer that can help you to procure all those document's and sign the fund out on your behalf,may be you ahve to tell them that you can not come dawn in person do to the nature of your job, just one excuse or the other,i hope you get me right ,i only just looking in a way the it will be so easy for us ok
Concerning what you saw in Burkina Faso is really fact that is how my country is,been the capital is called Ouagoudougou and is the place i am right now,but only the people that have there money enjoy here,Also you can see reason why i want this money to change my live and better for my family,so that my children will call me father aswell

In all innocence, Brad ploughed on:

I thuoght yuo'd be able to give some advice as my local contact - too bad I geuss!
Actaully coming to Burkina Faso might not be so aesy - DFAT says that travellers should get yellow fever vaccinations and I'd need a certificate to prove it to get a visa. I think that it takes a fiar while for those sorts of jabs to take effect - weeks possibly. Wuold that be a problem?

The Lad's reaction was rather strong, considering:

I got your mail,i think you did not understand me very well,base on the last email which i sent to you,i want you to listen to me very well,i have seen coming dawn here in Burkina Faso will cost you alot,eg.Air ticket,vaccinations,card,P.T.A and all the process of getting visa to come over here is too much,so that is why i said that you should write to the bank to issue you there bank attorney,who will help us do this job on your behalf,so that as soon as you contact the attorney,then we will know the cost of his service,if it will be easy for us from that way and this is what i mean ok.
I hope you will get me right

I think he was expecting Brad to meekly accept the advice not to come to BF - now his plans have gone awry!

Brad was not happy with the Lad's tone:

Mate, I can make my own decisions, thank you very much! I'm simply considering the options and here yuo are lecturing me like some bloody schooltaecher or something. Is it so difficult for yuo to traet me as a partner and not as some bloody inferior?
As it happens, I was seroiusly rethinking travel becuase of time constriants, not cost! Hell, yuo siad that 10% wuold be set aside to cover expenses, so what's the problem? And I wuoldn't mind an explanatoin of this lot; Air ticket,vaccinations,card,P.T.A - the first two are claer enuogh, but I have no idae what card and PTA are all about.
Now plaese give me a straight answer, without any waffle or talking down - we're supposed to be eqauls in this, after all.

Hopefully we can expect some more argument - and an explanation of that mysterious card and the enigmatic "P.T.A".

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

"I aim to misbehave."

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