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 HongKongLTD, First catch.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I replied to a few emails on the surplus email forum and I got this:

A Subsidiary of China Steel Corporation (CSC).
ROOM 1407,14/F,
Tel: +86-10-66067734
Fax: +852-301-41328
Email: [email protected]

Ref: CSGT/REP/887

Attn: xxxxxxxx
We are in receipt of your mail,we wish to thank you once again for your interest in being our Sole Representative/Agent in your province.
(CSGT)(HONGKONG) LTD. is a leading manufacturer and producer of Steel. Established in December 3, 1971 with its head office in
Taiwan.We have full time Sales and distribution of our steel products around the globe.We supply high quality steel products together
with excellent technological service and produce a complete line of all grades and types of steel.

We deal on the various steel products listed below: -

* Steel Plate - Hot-rolled Steel Palates.
* Steel Bar and Wire Rod Products - Steel wire rod /bar, Spheroidized wire rod, Billet, Pig iron.
* Hot-rolled Products - Hot-Rolled Band, Hot-Rolled Coil, Hot-Rolled Sheet, Hot-Rolled P/O Coil Stainless Hot-Rolled Band.
* Cold- Rolled /Laminated Products - Cold-Rolled Coil, Electrical Sheet in Coil, Electrogalvanized Coil, Hot-dipped galvanized coil.

Our Business concern span around mineral resources, which we mainly export to our clients in Canada, USA and Europe.
We provide sales services with a sense of responsibility and feeling of accomplishment.
It makes a reliable partner in all businesses as we keep global records of our sales round the globe.
Our products have a big market in America, Canada, and Europe. We own processing factories and long-term supply and cooperation
factories in Taiwan.All our products are competitive and quality first! We export large groups to supply foreign market every month and
to this regard we will want you to act as our Agent in your province.

Our constraints has always been the method of payment by several of our foreign clients who we supply these steel products.
We presently get our payments through checks and bank drafts in our favour by our client but we experience the delay in getting these
payments from our clients and these payments takes a very long period to clear at our local banks.

We normally encounter loss of funds by doing this as most of these payments are procured as short-term loans and overdrafts from banks
with high interest rates.It is as a result of this we decided to search for competent and reliable individuals/company who will act as our
representative in your province in dealing with our clients as well as helping us process these payments which will be made to you by our
clients in your province. Also be informed that our clients are already aware of this, as we need these funds to make new
installments/Shippments, as our clients will make these payments directly to you. We wish to re-affirm our earlier offer of 10% of any
amount made to you by our client in your province.Hope you are to be our good business partner in near future.

I await your prompt response.
Mr. Han Li.
Representative/Agent Officer

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:53 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

It's a fairly standard check scam. They send the the vic a fake check, the vic banks it. The funds appear in the vics bank account, but the check hasn't actually cleared. They send the 10% on to the scammer. Maybe 1-2 weeks later the check bounces and the vic gets into trouble.

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