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 What if you owned your own country...?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:25 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

What if you owned your own country...?

Lets say that a large tropical island (about the size of Cuba) formed overnight in the middle of international waters. You were the first person there and you claimed it as your own. Your claim is uncontested, so now you have your very own country that is completely independent from any government. At this time you are the only person who lives on the island, but many people want to move there because it is a tropical paradise. You now have the opportunity to establish your own set of laws prior to anyone immigrating to your new country. Assuming you WANT people to EVENTUALLY move to your island nation - what laws would you establish and why? For example:

1 - What would you make the legal drinking age?
2 - Driving age?
3 - Age of sexual consent?
4 - Voting age?
5 - At what age would someone become an adult (free from parental control)?

6 - What types of recreational drugs (if any) would be legal?
- Pot
- Tobacco
- Cocaine
- Alcohol
- Caffeine
- Heroin
- Other?

7 - Can people have guns? (if so - who and what kind?)

8 - What would be the name of your country?

9 - Would you have the death penalty?

10 - What would be the speed limit?

11 - What types of religions would be permitted or restricted?

Which of the following would be legal:
12 - Porn?
13 - Prostitution?
14 - Polygamy?
15 - Homosexuality?
16 - Stem cell resurch?
17 - Human Cloning?
18 - Cock Fighting?
19 - Slavery?
20 - Hunting?
21 - Fishing?
22 - Eating meat?
23 - Littering?
24 - Unisex bathrooms?
25 - Suicide?
26 - Gay marriage?
27 - Abortion?

28 - What types of sexual activity (if any) would be illegal?
29 - Would your county be clothing optional or clothing mandatory?
30 - Would you have obscenity laws? If so - how would you define "obscene".

31 - What system would you set up for collecting taxes?
- Income tax? (how much?)
- Sales tax? (how much?)
- Import/Export tax? (how much?)

32 - What criteria would someone need to pass to become a citizen?
33 - What types of people would you allow (or not allow) into your country?

34 - What type of government would you establish?

35 - To what degree would your government be allowed to censor or restrict the media?

36 - Aside from laws - what sort of unofficial (and unenforced) cultural rules and traditions would you like to establish? For example - taking shoes off before entering someone's home. Or not eating with the left hand.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2008 11:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Sorry, but I don't see how this thread could become anything other than a political one.


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