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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 11:20 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well, I go this scam about this girl and her brother wanting a box that is supposed to be filled with money, I made her send me a photo first

Permit me to ask you for an assistance . I

know that this will come to you as a suprise because you did not
know who i am but it is God that lead me to you. My name is
Constance Nambele i am from Africa a country called Liberia. I
am the Daughter of a well known business man who was killed by
the Rabbles durring the Liberian war . After the death of my
father i and my only brother ran to a Country called Cote
D'ivoire where my father had a company . So geting to that
country we find out that the company was taking over by the Cote
D'ivoire goverment because my father was owning the goverment
some money that is why when the Government of Cote D'ivoire had
that my father is dead so they took over his company as the
So when my father was alife he told me that
he has some money and some gold he put in a trust box and hand
it over to a local security company for security reasons. He
told me that he did not informed the security company the
content in the trunk box because he did not want to disclose to
them that it is money so he only told them that it is family

My father handed over the document of
agreement he had with the security company to my only brother as
his only son . so after the we saw that the Cote D'ivoire
government have taking over my late father's company so i and my
brother went to the security company to claim the trunk box so
the security company ask us to contact our late fathers foreign
business partner before they can be able to release the trunk
box to us. But we did not know any of our fathers partner so
that is why we contacted you for your assistance to act as our
late father's partner so that the security company will release
the trunk box to you in our name.

As we are contacting you now.We are staying
in a hotel because we did not have anywhere to stay or to sleep
and we did not know anyone in this country also we did not want
to have anything to do with people over here because we did not
trust any of them.
So in this respect we are asking you for your
assistance and help to reclaim this trunk box from the security
company and also help us to come over to your country where you
will help us to sale this gold and also assist us to invest this
money why we continue our Education in you country. So this is
why we contacted you for help and In the name of God we feel
that you will not look down our request from you.

From Constance And James Nambele

Looks like they are in a bit of trouble! I'll be willing to help but not without some photos!


First I would like proof that you are indeed in need of help and
that your photo will be needed. So I know that there are not any
forgeries I wish you hold a piece of paper saying my name "Harry
Cox" This will signify that the image is real. Upon receiving
this image, I will send you my picture. I ask you send me yours
first since you are the ones who contacted me. This is only fair
in my eyes.

Once I received the image, I will contact the security company
and I will definitely help you get your poor fathers money.

Next day I get this and I gasp in excitement.

Ok i will go out now to find a place where i can take i picture then i will
sent it to you by tomorrow

Can it be that easy?


Dear Mr Harry,

Please see the documents you ask and also wee the picture you ask me to take please i am waiting to hear from you so that i will give you the contact of the security company for you to contact them.

Waiting urgently for your reply.

From Constance

Attached some photos and some phony documents.


I get my trophy, and the bait continues if anyone

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 3:31 am Reply with quoteBack to top

^^^^ Good Start! keep us posted.

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