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 Inside link with scammer?

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Master Baiter

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've been baiting this lad for a long time and thought I'd get you guy's thoughts on this.

It started out with a Saddam's-Money-In-A-Trunk deal, and this lad was a "Cappt Scott" who grabbed the trunk in combat or something. $10 million bucks waiting for me to pay shipping charges. I'll have to say that I was incredibly impressed with the way he had engineered the scam. Finally, after probably a month I was wanting to get done with it, but luckily I was able to save the bait with another character I had drawn in earlier to dolla chop 'em.

All I have to say is that I think I'm able to talk with this guy somewhat on a peer level now...

me: Are you and James Heskey the same person?

cappt: what do you mean

me: This other man is saying you are.

cappt: i dont even know what you and james heskey are doing
i am in combat here
i am so worried

me: Yes you do.
No you're not.

cappt: he sent me a slip
which is not a western union payment slip

me: You sent yourself a slip.

cappt: what do you mean

me: Yes it was.

cappt: i am in iraq

me: What do you mean? Wuit being so vague.

cappt: i am in iraq and james is in uk

me: You're in Africa

cappt: no
am not

me: Yes
you are...

cappt: no am not

me: yes, you are

cappt: i have never been to africa before

me: you're in it now

cappt: stop all these argument

me: you're in an internet cafe

cappt: i swear
i dont know
am in no cafe

me: I'll start swearing if you don't make sense
Who is your oga?

cappt: what you mean

me: This James person tells me you have an oga

cappt: what is that

me: A boss scammer

cappt: what is oga
i dont know

me: yes

cappt: what languauge is that

me: pidgin I guess
mboh maybe
I don't know
I think you're a fool trying to trick me

cappt: am asking you

me: mister man man i dey di guy
youre di guy too, hau dey it goin
i tink youre di mugun
too stupid to write back

cappt: what u mean

me: u diot
youre an idiot ,go clean up di goats

cappt: who are you?

me: i be guyman
beihind ur back

cappt: what is the meaning of guyman

me: scam people
u know

cappt: what does this bullshit stands for man
u've got to get serious if you are really

me: u must be a littel guyman
im guyman
wut u tink?

cappt: you think your big
how much have you made

me: ya
liek $200 dis week
its guud

cappt: that is no money

me: wut u made?

cappt: we we think of 3 or 4 thousand per week u say 200

me: my oga is Mr Paul
hes big guy

cappt: where are you

me: Lagos
were r u

cappt: uk

me: no ur not

cappt: am in the uk

me: i dont tink so

cappt: well try and learn more so you can be better ok

me: will u tech me
if u r so good
actually ur pretyt guud
if u make 4000 a week

cappt: then first you have to do a lot to learn

me: how, sir?

cappt: you have to have materials

me: wut kind...sry i'm new at this

cappt: first good emails

me: ya that s true
i got mine frum internet is dat ok?

cappt: no

me: why

cappt: u buy

me: o ok frum where?
i hab some money frumm dis week scma

cappt: good links hackers

me: do u know any other guy her in lagos
dat could hep me out

cappt: no

me: oh ok

cappt: with the details you have gotten from me if your smart you can mabe make some money for your self ok

me: ok tanks
stockport uk?

cappt: how old are you

me: wut im 24

how old r u?

cappt: 27

me: aha dats guud
ur better than me
do u not have oga?

cappt: no i have boys

me: oh ok
how many mugu can u scam
i hab 5 right now

cappt: what kind of format are you using

me: wit the lottery
is dat guud?

cappt: i dont know is what you like

me: ok well i make almost $300 sumtimes
ever week

cappt: its ok for you starters

me: do u have anoter email i can ask u for hep sumtimes?

cappt: well send me emails on james heskey when you need help

me: maybe i can split my moni wit u for hep

cappt: send me money when you need help or need a job i will help you out with
then 4 sure we split cash

me: wow ok tanks a lot
ur very smart in this business
u been to university?

cappt: well i have graduated in nigeria before leaving to the uk

me: ok i hab not been but i want to
is it guud u think?

cappt: well when u need my help send me an email ok

me: ok i got to go now

cappt: bye

So I guess my real question is: is this an accomplishment or just small beans? Very Happy

i am so furious - Captain Scott
YOU ARE IDIOT 419MAN BYEEE - Prince Kelvin
i am 29 Years old and wil celebrate my 27th birthday on the 30th of December - Clara H.
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Master Baiter

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I think that is awsome. You have an inside source to learn how they do what they do. I would pick his brain as much as you can.


If you want you can send him one of my emails saying I am a maga you are working and you need help with me (or another baiter or even more than one).
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