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 My lad's operation. Volunteer request as well.

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PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2008 4:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm basically blackmailing my current lad right now. I've threatened to expose his scam to my "friend" etc, and lately I've been getting kind of brash and making some demands from him. So far he's been very compliant and willing do pretty much anything I've asked. After my last list of demands I received this:

Dear Friend,

Goodday to you and your family happy weekend many happy retune to you with good heath amen.
My friend, I saw your mail to day and am very happy for your respond, I also have confident that I can deal with you as understand somebody, according to your word that this deal must be top secret between me and you.In time of percentage I have no problem at all, the only things is I have office boy s also the work is not mine belong to one of my office boys. So all this issue does not cost us anything but understand is most matter between two or more friends.
Now ,if any office give me type of this work I have to give them his own percentage which is 35% then 10%for the rest office boys before I myself take 55% as the Chairman of the office .But now; as the situation be now, since you are the key of deal whom will make the deal be real before we share our own here, you have to let me know your actual rate from each $1000 how much is going to be your own. after that one we can come to our own normal share. Without any problem between me and you future. I just let you know how we are dividing the cash ,in terms of office issue.

Foremost thing, for the business you said about your friend there is northing consign any office boys is going to be within I myself and you,
So please feel free to demand anything you need from me and open your mind fully, is just beginning we can do many things better in future.
I hope to hear from you very soon
Thanks for co-operate.
All for one , one love.
Beat Regard.
Buhari Kosi

Not only did he give me that, but he sent a whole list of personal info, real name, wife's name, physical address, education, etc. Supposedly it's his real info anyway. Not real sure about the rules/ethics of posting such stuff here, so I'll keep that out for the time being.

Anyway, I've decided to take a slightly different course of action with this bait than what I originally intended, and I've decided that I'd hook him up with some more victims, as a gesture of my good nature. Basically I'm just looking for a few people to straight bait this guy while I work some other angles on him.

If anyone is interested, send me a PM.

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