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 my lad deserves more pain and suffering

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lad harasser

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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 1:07 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've lost this lad, for some reason or another, on a few different accounts. he seems very cautious.

his 'banker' has sent me 2 accounts (which i forwarded to Alan) and this morning i recieved a third. i have stated the funds were transfered, provided false transfer reciept.

and today i received this;

You have once again demonstrated that you cannot be trusted ,you are just playing games with me regarding this transaction.Let me quickly inform you that you are not more clever than i am.

Please let me have the power of attorney from you to enable me continue this transaction with a more serious person who is now waiting at the wings.Although he has asked for more percentage and that the money must be transferred into his own account,and i have decided to go along with him only for this transfer to be effected as quickly as possible,therefore i want to beg you again to please let me have the power of attorney sent to me so that i can send it to the bank for the substitition of account particulars.I want you to do that today please.I promise to compesate you for all your efforts as soon as the money is transferred out.

I am so surprised at your behavour,infact i thought you are a gentleman who someone can trust but i was disappointed and i think it is for my own good because i can now see that if this money is confirmed in your account you will even run away with my money and you will not be heard anymore.Please let me have the power of attorney today i beg you in the name of God because time is not on my side anymore,but failure to do so i have an alternative arrangement which i will not reveal to you in this mail, enough is enough.

my reply to his statements

Your words hurt me. please show me where i have done anything that you do not trust? i have provided you the information you need, i have tried to transfer $25,000.00 to you on two occasions, i have been arrested and treated brutally, i have spoken with you on the telephone.
Please tell me what actions i have done to make you not trust me. perhaps it is YOUR bank that can not be trusted. on two occasions, i have tried to transfer funds to accounts that do not exist.

i truly do not wish you to find someone else to complete the transaction.

my mentor and i will be working on a plan to safari this turd. any other painful ideas?

good news, Alan confirmed the second account is in fact a valid account jump_4_joy

"nice try you want to spam my box asshole"
"fuck u and that of your company".
"ASSHOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I know person like you fucking scammer".
"fuck off" Mr [email protected] [email protected]
"You are nothing but a crook and a liar,how could you send a fake transfer receipt to me and think that you can fool me".
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Demented Opportunist

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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2008 1:24 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I recall a couple of times a Lad has played the Power of Attorney card. For example:

i know earlier that you don't have manners, and listen, i want to make you rich, well i will not insult you back, because i have seen that you don't have respect for elders, who know how you talk to your father at home, may be is someone like him i can strike this kind of a deal with not, you, because you are not my mate, my first son is even older than you, i have even concluded that you are not capable, but just considering you, because i have already made you the beneficiary, which i can equally change, because it is an error.
Please can you do this favr for me, can you raise a power of attorney for me from your country, stating that you have remove your hands in this deal, because i will love to look for another partner, who will respect me and understand what we are doing, it is a deal, please if you do this for i will be most greatful with you, because i will not like in a situation whereby i will be doing this business with another person and you will be contacting the company again ok.
Please if you still want the involment of this deal, Call your father for me, i can deal with him, not you because you don't have respect.
God bless you as you raise the power of attorney for me, for you to quiet.

Granted, I hadn't been too cooperative, but still... so I replied:

You don't know me at all. Let me give you some background.
As a Captain in the United States Marine Corps I commanded a company of Marine riflemen - seven officers and 161 enlisted men. Then I commanded a squadron of helicopter gunships - twelve AH-1 Cobras, 200 plus personnel, and tens of millions of dollars of sophisticated hardware.
My personal tally of kills during Operation Desert Saber was nine MBTs, 22 other AFVs, 72 soft-skinned vehicles, 10 AAA positions and 19 hardpoints. I had to stand by helpless as corpsmen tried to save the sight of my weapons officer after our Cobra was hit by a 57 mm shell.
Bearing that in mind do you think I'm the kind of person who'd wilfully buck authority and casually flout the laws of my country?
My father is the salt of the earth; a hard-working man who raised me with respect and understanding. If more fathers were like him America would be Utopia. I would no more talk back to him that I would have dissed my commanding officers in the Corps.
While we're here just how old do you think I am? You talk about me like I'm some rebellious teenager, but in fact I'm 39.
As far as I'm concerned the deal is still viable. Caixa asked for passport pix, which I can supply. There will be no power of attorney.
Now I suggest you in turn act responsibly and let me move ahead in this deal.

Then we got sidetracked onto another issue and the power of attorney was promptly forgotten... the bait lasted for another six weeks.

On another occasion, an argument over lawyers resulted in this:

To be sincere with you it seems that you are a very difficult man to dealt with and be please and to be candid i will really find it difficult to do something with you that will be of benefit to each other.
Because you don't know what i have been going through in spending money for attorney in this country on this transaction to be susessfull what you use to pay me back is by calling me a lier.
Please kindly give me a power of attorney so i can continue with one MR. RON MACLEAN OF NEW YORK USA .so if the money is out i will send something to you because i understood that you want to fraustrate me after everything because we can not be having disagreement where the money is not yet out and you can not trust me and you can not believe in me while i have not even collect a dine from you hoping that if all be ok it makes us to know each other better.
I need your urgent response in this matter BECAUSE NO BUSINESS IN THIS WORLD CAN BE SUCESSFUL WITHOUT TRUST ..

Of course I couldn't let him browbeat me:

You told me that you had a new lawyer - so why then did he submit documents signed by the old one? Care to give me an honest answer to that?
You talk about trust, yet I have hard evidence of your deceptive conduct. There's no point in skating over the matter.
I am not going to give you a power of attorney because I see no advantage to myself in spending money that I have no need or obligation to pay.

Another two months of baiting followed.

I don't recall any Lad who pulled that stunt, got called on it, and quit on me.

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

"I aim to misbehave."

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