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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 12:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I met a lovely gal at from China. After several exchanges, she suggested we move to another site due to the difficullties she was having understanding my letters. She suggested After we got to the site and were there for a month, I mentioned to her about the high cost of translation, she ignored my comments. She never asked for any money. Anyway, to make a long story short, after 6 months we were to finally meet, I was going to China. Then she stopped writing 3 days before I was to leave and meet her. I got worried and was very concerned that there was some sort of scam going on. Then I got a letter from her cousin on InterDatingZone saying that she was involved in an autoobile accident and was in the Hospital in a coma. Again, they did not ask for money, but said, they wished that I was there. I've asked for the name of the Hospital in Chongqing she is supposedly in? Being that I was burned twice already, I started doing some checking and found this site. I did further checking and found ads listed by to young women in China. This is what I found: 学历要求:不限 月薪范围:2000-3000元
国际interdatingzone交友服务邀请具有一定英语能力的人员,进行竞争网站工作。 人员要求:具有一定的英文基础,熟练电脑打字,耐心细致,接受能力强,认真负责,头脑思路清晰,勤奋努力,熟悉电脑,并有充裕的时间上网在线工作。 我们已准备好为您繁重的劳动,支付足够的报酬,但是我们对工作人员的要求非常严格,如果您不愿意通过努力劳动来赚取报酬,那么请不要浪费我们大家的时间! 工资:每月260美金为起点。 接受信件问询(不诚者勿扰)。信箱地址:[email protected] QQ:3 9 8 3 4 7 7 4 8

School record request: Does not limit the monthly salary scope:
2000-3000 Yuan international interdatingzone makes the friend to serve
the personnel which the invitation has the certain English ability,
carries on the competition website work. Personnel request: Has the
certain English foundation, skilled computer typing, patience careful,
accepts the ability strongly, earnestly is responsible, brains
mentality clear, is diligent diligently, the familiar computer, and
has the abundant time to access the net the on-line work. We have
prepared for your arduous work, pays the enough reward, but we are
extremely strict to staff's request, if you are not willing through
diligently to work earn the reward, then please do not have to waste
our everybody the time! Wages: Each month of 260 Dollar are the
beginnings. Accepts the letter to inquire (honesty not to harass).
Mailbox address: [email protected] QQ: 398.347748 million

InterdatingZone apparently goes by any different names. I don't know what can be done about the whole set-up? But I figured, if anyone could help, maybe 419 could!

Been scammed 3 times, first 2 I was stupid, the last one was InterdatingZone
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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:16 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Aloha and welcome here,
The normal translation scam, it gets you every time. Try writing in English to her normal addy.
Or safer and better, make a new safe addy with hushmail or Gmail and write her again, if she plays the same game then the love will be over soon.
Don't feel stupid about it, shit happens and they make about $200 million a year so you're just a small one. Smile (how do you think that most of us started baiting Wink )
Now if she has Real Life information on you then be a bit more careful and stop writing her from that addy.
When you decide to bait her from a safe place, this is the website that can teach you the ropes, go introduce yourself in the newbie thread, get a mentor and read lots.
All questions always welcome and there will always be someone here to answer them.
Have fun, bait safe and get even Very Happy

Edit: I must be bored
while waiting for Mentor
Say HI to the gang here Smile

I don't do bling, I just do lads Evil or Very Mad
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