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 Dutch-speaking love scammer got my brother (again!)

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:24 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

It's kinda weird to post this topic here. I've been lurking on and off on this forum for quite a while. Now one of my close relatives has been the victim of a scammer.

Some time ago (I believe last year), my (slightly retarded and very naive) brother fell victim to a love scammer. It happens all the time. People steal his stuff, or borrow things and never bring them back. Some guy has been convicted for stealing money from him a couple of years ago.

I never really did anything with the scammer, because I found out about it long after the facts, and because I know that this will probably never stick in a criminal court.

Then last week at a family party, I noticed my brother was text messaging a lot, and when I checked his phone, I found messages from one K1m who asked him for money because she needed it urgently. My father went to have a talk with my brother (despite his mental handicap, he lives by himself) yesterday, and my brother confessed that he was still in contact with the scammer, and that he transferred small sums to her again. (After the first time, my father guards his savings account, or whats left of it, so my brother cannot independently transfer larger amounts of money).

I don't know much about the scammer. My brother transferred the money to the account one pulled TS, which is near Antwerp in Belgium. That name does turn up some hits on some kind of Belgian Ebay. She uses the email pulled TS. When I Google that email, I also get some hits on a guy-looking-for-guy site. On the Ebay site, she offers some crappy goods, and foot manicures plus relaxing massages. She works with quite a number of different mobile nummers. I suspect the ads are just lures to chat up guys. When my brother was scammed last time, she also used some site posing as a model looking for photographers. The site was called something like Angelmodel, and her name was Miss Lopez. I think that site is now offline. I wrote some insulting stuff in her guestbook back then. Thinking of it, she could also be a he. She's on MSN as well under the hotmail address.

All the things she offers for sale on the site can be found at:

Pulled. TS

I AM SO MAD. I'd say to everyone, have a go at her, because she deserves it.

I will also try to lure her and check with some friends in law enforcement, but I fear there are no options there.

I think she only speaks Dutch, possibly also Spanish because the Angelmodel site was set up as if she were half Spanish, which might just be the case. But perhaps she also speaks English.

Sorry for ranting a bit. This is not some nutty revenge spiel.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 4:23 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I am sincerely sorry that people have taken advantage of, and stolen from, your brother.

However, this thread was splitting into several different directions, with lots of conjecture.

The threat of somebody being targeted by mistake or a desire to do your brother a good turn are too high, and I've pulled all those.

I would encourage you and your family to get your brother to file a report with LEO, and possibly seek help from sites such as Scamwarners or ScamVictimsUnited. Other than that, and without emails with headers, there really isn't much we can do here.

With the emails all we would be able to do is bait this person.


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