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 One of my first baits!

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:30 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey gang,

I started baiting a few days ago.

Im into Football (soccer) a bit, so I thought I would play along these lines.

I have been sent an email from a guy claiming to be a humanitarian, of all things requesting money for building of a church, orphanage, etc.

I decided to let him know that I have invested my money in a sports team, so perhaps he knows of a few lads that can play football.

He sends 2 pics, but as he claims the boys are 16, I will refrain from posting, until I get the pic Im after (youll see in my post).

Here is my next email to him.

Hello Micheal,

Thankyou for your quick replies.

I am planning on forming a junior side, these two boys look like they may be perfect for this.

I need to know a bit more about the boys so that the will have the best chance of being selected,

Please can you let me know the following. I need all questions answered as this is very important part of the selection criteria.





Time for 400m run (eg 14.55seconds, I need a precise time)

Time for 1000m run (again, I need a precise time)

Distance in centimeters they can jump from standing start.

Approx fastest speed they can run in km/H

Are they reg'd with FIFA, ANDRA, USMC, WWE and SSB/SSA? Can proof please be provided?

Shoe size (in US sizes)

Clothing size (in US sizes)

Who are they playing for now?

Are they under contract?

If yes, what is the value of the contract, and when does it expire?

Are they prepared to travel, or represent their country for football (should they be accepted)

Do they have current passports?

Can they provide vaccination slips?

Are they wormed and desexed?

Do they have their slips for CTP and Rego?

Also, as this has to go before my investors and a board of directors, I can advise you to include a photo of the boys together, wearing football gear, with a football at their feet. It is most important, however, that they are holding a banner, or sign, with the name of our club on it. The reason we ask this is because other clubs have learned there are great players to be had overseas, and they can steal the junior players we chose. If they are seen to be holding a sign with out club name, or slogan, the other clubs will not approach. We pay a lot better money than the other clubs, however, so rest assured, you wont be losing out.

The sign should read as follows. The club name is my name, Harry Beavers. I LOVE THE HARRY BEAVERS has proven popular with the board, so the sign should definately have this written on it.

Our slog is NOTHING BEATS MY HARRY BEAVERS. Last years team was undefeated, so this is an accurate description. If you write this, you will be shown great favour by the board.

It would be preferred if it was on a football ground, perhaps in a grandstand, maybe on the field, or in the 'in goal' area. Any of these will be accepted. As we are a football club, you really should try to take the photo somewhere near a football ground.

Please let me know your thoughts,

Mr Harry Beavers,

Nothin beats my harry beavers!

Cant wait to see how he responds to my vet questions, lol.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:59 am Reply with quoteBack to top

**Moved here**

Just keep me informed...then I can inform on you!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Beware! a lot of scammers are highly knowledgeable about football. So you might have problems with some of the more ridiculous questions. It's possible that you've asked for too much, too soon.

I'm also wondering what the scammer's (real) incentive is for playing along with your junior football initiative. His orphanage story, fine, he's trying to get the two lads out of poverty. But you might make it more likely for him to go along with your football gimmick by offering something like an agent's finders fee (paid in advance of the boys' tryout with your team, of course).

You could also make your story stronger by claiming that your junior team is directly affiliated with the junior development system of XXXXXXXXX real (major) team, and that a certain number of players have now made the transition and are playing for XXXXXX's junior teams.

-Please note, I am not able to visit 419eater regularly at the moment, please be aware if sending me private messages-

Has a scammer sent you a bank account? please report it to any moderator using the private message function.
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The details you sent do not match, check your records and reply immediate. I have forced to wait in office for two hours with out eating
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