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 New scam in Japan: scammers pose as vics

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This news story came out a few weeks back. It's strange but not surprising.

Swindlers posing as victims of fraud


In a brazen and ironic new fraud, swindlers are pretending to be victims to gain "compensation" from a law set up to protect bank depositors, according to police.

Arrests have been made so far in Hokkaido and in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The con artists pretend that money had been illegally withdrawn from their accounts through the use of forged or stolen cash cards, police said. They then report the "theft" and receive money under the law stipulating that financial institutions must compensate victims when their money is stolen via the use of illegal cash cards.

Police in Hokkaido have arrested 10 individuals of a group on suspicion of fraud in four cases. Three were arrested on Dec. 3 for allegedly obtaining about 30 million yen through the fraudulent scheme.

In November 2005, one of the group's members deposited money into an account under his name at a post office in Sapporo and then traveled to South Korea, police said.

During the trip, other members of the group created a forged cash card and withdrew the money in Tokyo.

The account holder reported that the money "disappeared'' while he was on his trip. He received the entire amount in compensation in February 2006, police said.

The group was reorganized and members attempted to receive compensation money from other financial institutions on three other occasions, police said.

But a bank grew suspicious about the large amounts of money moving in and out of the account during a short period and contacted police.

In Saitama Prefecture, three men were arrested on suspicion of attempted fraud in October 2006. One of the suspects had declared that 2.5 million yen had been withdrawn from his account after his cash card was stolen from his room while he was on a trip.

Another member of the group left footprints in the room to make it look like a thief had entered, police said. (IHT/Asahi: January 26,2008)

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