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 A rare find NSFW

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This lad is from this thread and others.

A rare find, a lad with access to a private computer and a cam.

He is well baited. I was trying to get a naked pic from him holding some flowers for Valentine's Day.

He performs live on cam for my character but draws the line at a naked pic with flowers. Lad logic, who can understand it?

Here is the chat, I have video too but I'll do everyone a favor and not post that.

F: hello
F: why are you buzzing me?
dan: sweetheart how are u today?
dan: i'm sorry
F: i said hello to you
F: why aren't you smiling
dan: so sweetheart h r u doing
F: how do you think I am?
F: where are you?
dan: somewhere
F: what does that mean? where are you?
dan: in my boss house
F: your boss? what is your job?
dan: yes
dan: no he is just my boss finish nothing muck
F: what?
dan: nothing much
dan: so ave u taken your breakfast?
F: yes, what about you?
dan: i have'nt eaten bcos my boss is not around and i am so tired to go and prepare something to eat
dan: he went to club
F: he went clubbing? why didn't you go with him?
dan: i wanted us to be together today
F: ahh
dan: but i follow him sometimes
F: ok, then why do you have your clothes on?
dan: nothing
F: you promised me
dan: yes
dan: what?
F: well?
dan: promised u what?,say it
F: you promised to show me all of you
dan: ok
F: well?
dan: ok i'll do it
F: no
F: you stopped the cam
F: you are all talk
F: no show
dan: k
F: wait ( I am trying to get the recording program ready. Stalling.)
dan: can u see me now?
F: i have to get my tea (Whoops, yes, in the Interpol prison you can have tea whenever you like.)
F: no
F: i can't see you
F: the camera needs to be lower
dan: k
F: are you touching yourself?
dan: maybe
F: let me see (And he does.)
dan: hope u have seen it,can i sit down?
F: you aren't horny right now?
dan: yes
F: show me how much
dan: can i sit doown now? (No, not yet.)
F: won't you let me see you make yourself cum?
dan: how u mean cum?
F: i mean for you to touch yourself to release
F: i want to watch you
F: stroke yourself
dan: should i start?
F: yes
F: how does it feel?
dan: it feel very sweet somehow
F: stroke yourself harder
F: i really want to see you
F: are you imagining us together?
dan: wait i'm coming
dan: yes
F: let me see
F: can you feel my hands?
dan: yes
F: my mouth?
F: let me see
F: how are you feeling right now?
dan: i'm feeling horny
F: show me how much
F: can you finish?
He buzzes again
F: i am right here
F: did you finish?
dan: hope you satisfied now?
dan: yes i did
F: good
F: when will you come for me so I can see you in person?
dan: hmmm
dan: maybe next month
F: why are you buzzing
F: i don't like that
dan: where are u
dan: y are u invisible?
dan: i'll come next month
dan: is that ok by u?
dan: since u don't wanna talk too me again i think i'll go off
dan: i know u are there
dan: but y are'nt u answering me?
dan: bye
dan: have a nice day

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the ball is in your cult
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Pretty please? Rolling Eyes

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I too have a performer. He's the lad I wrote about here: This one actually gets off on camming and I don't even reciprocate. In fact he's never seen any pic of me bigger than a thumbnail pic I've used with my chat ID.

Last night he finally confessed to me that he was still scamming women from his old k0||y_luk3 account (I outed him and deal with him now in his personal account) so he could get enough money together to come to the US to marry me. puke

I don't think there is anything he won't do on cam. I suspect he'd even cam with a goat if he thought the price was right. Anybody interested, let me know and I'll hook you up.

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Bring it on!

You all are making me naughty and I like it. Laughing

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