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 Heartbroken. :(

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 12:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

My first love Natalya seemed to disappear, but contacted me on Anth3a club as if "she" has never known me!

The first message she sent me..
Hello my benevolent friend Richard . I am very glad to write you again the new letter. In the beginning the letter

I wish to tell to you many thanks, that you find for me time. That you write me the letters and tell about

To itself. To me very pleasantly gets acquainted with the person from other country. I am sincerely glad to your new letter. Everyone

I read your letter with pleasure and pleasure. Now I write you the third letter, and I hope, that I will write to you

Still it is a lot of letters. Because I do not wish to stop on it, I wish to learn every day about you more. I

I hope, that you will help me with it and will write the letters in which you will tell about yourself and about the

Lives. It seems to me, that you too like our correspondence, and you too with pleasure read and write me letters. I

To you already wrote, that at me it is a lot of very much girlfriends, but it is few friends to men. In my life now only 1 man

Is my father whom I very strongly love. But now you my friend became the best and main my friend

Richard . And I very much appreciate ours with you correspondence, I even can tell, that I appreciate ours with you friendship. Tell to me, as

Your affairs? How your health? How at you weather in a city? I wish to know, that at you all is excellent. And it is pleasant to you

Your life. Now we learn each other under letters. I wish to hope, that you speak me the truth. I trust all

To your letters. When I read your letters I represent, that you speak me it personally words. To me so

It is better to understand your letters. Therefore, when I read your letter my mood improves. And for it I

I can tell to you once again thanks. I hope, that to you that I write is clear. In this letter I will a little more tell

About the interests. Many my girlfriends often come to me on a visit. And consequently I should cook food. More often

In total I should do a supper because they call on me after the work. We stir about a miscellaneous,

About the life and the interests. And in it time it is eaten my meal which I prepare on the kitchen. And everyone

Time says all to me, that I perfectly cook different food. To me even spoke for fun that I became the good cook.

Also worked at restaurant, because my meal very tasty and nourishing. Always my girlfriends left from me full and

The happy. I even thought, that they come to me only to attempt. But each time I to see glad them in the

To apartment. I am hospitable. I think what to cook different food is an excellent quality of the excellent mistress in the house. As

I often read houses different books. Most of all I like romantic books, books about love and a real life. I

I read Russian writers, but happened, that read the foreign. And all write excellent books. There can be you read the such

Books then you can understand my hobby to books. I would like to name to you the favourite book, but not

It will turn out. As at me many favourite books, are more exact all books which I have already read all of them to me

Liked in own way. And how you carry to reading of such books? You in general read such books about love and the romanticist? In

These books all is always excellent and beautiful. In books love steams live perfectly, loving each other. But tell to me, at

You now there is a beloved? At you it is a lot of girlfriends with whom you often communicate? It is a personal question, but I ask

You to answer it it is fair. I think, that you will not begin to hide it from me. Also you will write the truthful answer. I

I expect to receive your fast reply on my letter. I ask you to set to me the questions in everyone

The letter. You have any questions or requests to me? Write all in the letters. I attentively read all yours

Letters. I wish you successful day. To in total you good. Your girlfriend from Russia Natalya.

How sad am I? Well here, have her email. Smile

[email protected]
her former email was [email protected]

She asks for a letter somewhere along the line of emailing, but that's where she left me. Maybe you guys could work your magic.[/quote]

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 9:12 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Anth3a club is a rather new place for vlads to hang out. I've had a few drop me a line their in the last couple of months.

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