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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 10:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This must be the keenest scammer I have found so far! In her very first email she told me that she was deaf! Excellent, because as luck would have it... so am I! Well, not me - but my character of course! There goes the phone issue - badabing!

I think she loves me - she has even told me what she is making for tea! Get in!!

Dearest one
Sorry I am handicap by being a deaf person. Well let me start by introducing my self-.I am miss Eunice amine whom just wrote you today from the site. I am a deaf girl and the daughter of late dr and mrs Vincent amine, my father was a very wealthy cocoa merchant based in Abidjan. The economic capital of Ivory Coast before he was poisoned to death by his business associates, on one of their outing to discuss on a business deal. When my mother died on the 21st October 2004 and was the day I became deaf.

My father took me so special because i am motherless. Before the death of my father on 29th November 2006 in a private hospital here in Abidjan. He secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has a sum of us$19.000.000 (nineteen million, united states dollars) left in a local bank here in Abidjan.

he also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his business associates, that i should seek for a foreign partner in a country of my choice where i will transfer this money and use it for investment purpose. (Such as real estate management).

I am honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways: to provide a bank account where this money would be transferred to serve as the guardian of this fund and my younger brother apala is 15 years. to make arrangement for us to come over to your country to further our education and to secure a residential permit in your country.

moreover, i am willing to offer you 10% of the total sum as compensation for your effort input after the successful transfer of this fund to your nominated account overseas. Furthermore, you can indicate your option towards assisting me, as i believe that this transaction would be concluded within seven (7) days you signify interest to assist me.

Anticipating hearing from you soon. And please do hurry to assist us out here now that this country is in political chaos, we urgently needs your kind attention.
Thanks and god bless
Miss Eunice amine

I am sorry for your loss, and I can appreciate your suffering as I am also deaf, I have been since birth when complications in my birth arose. I firmly believe that this is part of life's rich tapestry however, and don't let it hold me back!

I am need in money and feel that your email today is part of God's plan - as I have only had internet access for a few weeks now and it has bought you into my life! I live in a very remote area of the UK and live as a self-sufficient farmer, growing my own crops and rearing livestock to eat etc.

I don't understand how you would like me to help but I am willing to help if I can.

Your friend in Jesus,

Dear Peter
Thanks for your mail and for trying to understand me,well i am sorry that things are bad with us,but i pray that after this transaction all will be well in good faith as i told you. I am very happy to read from you again, please read my mail with understanding, we are the only children of our late parents and unfortunately i became deaf by accident, my father took us so special and trained us and took very care of us until the day he left us alone in this wicked world.dear i contact you after i have read and prayed that you will come and help us in our problems in good faith.

We are residing in abidjan cote d'ivoire.we came here some months after the death of our father, well it's a long story but I will make it shot. Some months after the death of my father my uncles called us for a meeting, well in our mind we thought they will discuses on how to take care of us and our late fathers business, but to our surprise they asked us to provide the documents of the money which our late father deposited in a foreign bank here, we asked them for what? Why do they need it, and they told us that they want to take care of the money for us in a good way for our future though our late father told us to be very careful of them that we should not allow them to have hands in the money and property.

So for this reason, we immediately refused to hand the documents to them I told them I can handle it my self, after I refused they started treating me bad to the extent of taken possession of our late father's business and property they seized all his bank account, farm land, after all this we decided to go to abidjan where the bank is located to try looking for foreign person that will help me transfer and invest the money in a good business.

Please we come to you with all our heart please don't disappoint us, because we did not come to you with any bad intention and we don't want you to treat us bad for God sake please consider our predicament and help us out, we promise that you will never regret helping us.

The only money that we have is the money that is in the bank which we want to transfer to your bank account, our late father deposited the money in a fixed deposit account and placed a clause on the money which means that the account is blocked and needs to be reactivated .so we can not have access to the money unless when the account is reactivated and transferred into ,any foreign account as was told by the bank director to us.

Dear this is the reason why we contacted you to help us to reactivate our late parents bank account and help to transfer the funds into any account you will provide, the little money that we have with us have being used to be paying for our hotel bills since we know no body here. Because we ran from the village, because of the problem of our late parents relatives and there wicked mind to kill us and take over the property, just because we have no body to help us and stand by us.

And now we are financial handicap we are even trying to know if a friend we mate at the church will accommodate us in her house, please we need your help urgently and for GOD sake help us, you are not helping us in vain please. Dear any expenses you made as regards helping us will be paid back to you.

we will direct you on how you will contact the bank and send you the full contact and bank account of our late father,so that you can contact the bank.

kindly send us your information as demanded by the bank from us ,on the person we will introduce as our helper and you being the beneficiary of the funds.that will help us transfer the funds.

1)your full name
2)your address
3)your telephone number

have a nice day

Yours truly
Eunice amine

Dearest Eunice,
My details are:
Mr Peter Fyle
New Farm,
Middleton Tyas,
Richmond.DL10 6PE (Not my real address but a fake farm just down the road from a very real manure factory some 200 miles from me..)

I do not have a phone though as I am deaf! As you are deaf too do you have a Textphone? I have a textphone at my friends house but he lives some miles away from me.

I would feel much better if I could see some kind of identification for you - and I will do the same. We need to establish a level of trust and I am unsure about going into business with someone without seeing some credentials.

Ours in Jesus.

Dearest Peter Fyle,
please i can understand that you are deaf and we need to build trust,which i am so sorry too to your the attachment you will see my picture,below is the full contact of the bank address,with my late father bank account information.i beleive you will not betray the trust i put on you kindly send me your picture then contact the bank as to the processes of the transfer on good faith.i will introduce and inform the bank about you,by sending them an email.because were i stay is a long journey from the city were the bank is located called bouake.but tommorrow i will transport myself to meet the bank remitance director.

ADDRESS:BICI BAIL BANK CI, d'Espérey 01 BP Av. de Viajar of 1298 Franchet - Abidjan
Telex: 23870-BICICOMI
email: [email protected]
telephone:+225 20 22 70 52
General Directeur: Luc KOUAKOU
BICI-BAIL- BANK of Côte d'Ivoire
name of the account:CHIEF AMINE VINCENT
account number: 2864173255
amount: $19.000.000 dollars

i awaits your id picture too.
have a nice day


Hello Eunice,
You are very pretty - how much do you weigh?

I have attached a picture of me to you also - have you spoken to the bank yet? Are you married? I'm sure a pretty young thing as yourself must be married by now!



ear peter
oh you are handsome in the picture now and how will you be when you are young years back.well i am not yet married,because of my situation and condition of being people get embarresed,when they find out i dont hear nor talk,they ran away.

but all i need from a man is love and careing and not after marriage,we will divorce later and my kids will be i need to be careful.

dear i would want to know if you are married too,but if not age is just but numbers,all that matter is love with understanding.well dear i have introduced and informed the bnak with your detailed informations sinces last week and they said that they will contact you as regards the i dont know why they have not contact you up till now,but i will email them again.

dear my weight is 59 kg and yours is what.who is that person beside dear i would want you to contact the bank that this transaction will be done soonest.

have a nice day

Hello my dear Eunice,
I understand - I too am unmarried. I understand what you say about people being unsure of love because I am deaf, it is a lot to take on.

My weight is 10 stone 6 I don't know what that is in Kg? What is the name of the bank again that is contacting me? I will reply immediately when they contact me.

That is me on my holidays in the picture - I was in Vietnam on a tour last year. That was Nguyen who is also a farmer but out there - he was also deaf and knew rudimentary sign language.

What have you been doing today? Anything exciting?

dear Peter
ok the name of the bank is (bici-bail bank) and there email address is :([email protected]).oh you have being to vietnam,were is that?

dear ok you are unmarried ok.but how will i be able to meet you.because i need to arrange for my ticket and visa to come to your country.when the funds is transfered after the know that here in african we dont have good school for deaf people like i see on the internet and i would want to extend my education in your country.please i hope you people and your friends with neigbour hood will accept me.please can you check the process of coming over to your country.please kindly send me a picture were you are alone ok.
but i received a mail from the bank saying that you have replied them back and that you are deaf.which they said that you sent them and email telling them that it is a text phone.well just try and send me all the message you received from the bank ok.

today my country is having a football march for the african nation i pray that they will win.well i just cooking rice and plantain,with beef.

please dear try your best for me.i would want to come and settle down with you.

have a nice day

I think she likes me!! I'm so excited! The "bank" has emailed me to say that I need to fill out some contracts, so let's see how that goes.. I did pull the image of me off google images by searching for "deaf farmer" so that wasn't such a genius mood.. What are the chances of a picture of Larry David matching up??!

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Collecting TShirts the Hard Way

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Your ladette sounds like she should be writing novels.

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I Told You So

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 11:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

awwwwwwwwww I can see wedding bells rocking, (I can't hear them either) the two of you walking down the aisle,

Do we all get an invite?

our first eater wedding, how romantic

I hate scammers that use disabilities

SeniorNet NZ Local Branch ongoing workshops about internet scams For when you want to remember why we bait

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well i just cooking rice and plantain,with beef.

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It sounds like your ladette hasn't quite decided on what way she wants to scam you yet. Started out as a straight advance fee, now she seems to be scoping out different possibilities. I like it. I liked the mention of the farmer you met on holiday and his rudimentary sign language.
That's the sort of detail I throw in too, I find it gives me the giggles as I write.
Nice work so far.

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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 10:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Check out the amazing photo I found! She wanted a photo of me on my own, and had also mentioned (I think, it was a bit garbled) that I must have been good looking when I was younger... hey presto! Me in the 70s!


Ivory Coast Bili Bail Bank - shut down 06.02.08!

Go and pay the $550 charge and your fund will hit to your country without further delay at all - Rev. J1m And3rs0n.

today my country is having a football march for the african nation i pray that they will win.well i just cooking rice and plantain,with beef - Eun1ce

here in africa no body likes deaf people (sweeping statement) - Eun1ce

thank whom ever you are but i am not a 419 eaters - Eun1ce


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Interesting to see the open, non commital scam approach here. Will she add the winning Lottery Ticket she bought in your name to her options, and maybe the puppies as well! Laughing

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This one is a prize! You can have some fun with her! Safari her, get a few trophies, etc. This one is eager!

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