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 Anyone want to invite him to your "home"?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 1:08 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm not sure if this is Dan or not, this is the second email. He's ready to come and live with me at my house. Only problem is he can't seem to figure out if he wants to call me mum, madam, dad or daddy. Not to mention the 14 year old sister has sickle cell, lung and breast cancer.

Anyone want him go ahead, I don't have enough time to see where it can go but I've got ideas.

I am writing you this mail with full illutration on how thing have been and i strongly believe that you are a God-fearing person who will lift us above our bondage and dreams and give us a better life in the near by future. Please do permit me and my younger sister to be calling you Mum since we are left with no parents anymore
I want to make you understand that the said funds which I and my younger sister are talking about are true and legal funds.

Well dad let me explain to you how come about the funds, until the death of my late father, he was a Paramount king and a Diamond and Gold merchant, he had a Diamond and Gold empire in my country before he was killed by the rebels during the war/crisis in my country, the funds was from the sales of diamond/Gold which he made from his empire, so the funds does not relate to any terrorist group or any other illegal activities, and one other thing again dad, before the diplomat left with the consignments to be delivered to late Miss.Georgina Boyson in States, (Miss.Georgina Boyson)had done all the legal documents that we back it up before leaving the shore of African.

Dad, I want you to understand we do put our trust In you, as I have view you to be a God-fearing person and trust worthy that can not betrayed us, as far as you will not betray us dad, we have you as our only biological Father and do accepts us in every way.

Dad I will really like you to understand that me and my younger sister will appreciate every kind of assistance that you will rendered to us at this point of time and also know that all the charges has been paid for the diplomat to see that he delivered the consignments from the shore of Africa but unfortunately the person whom was to received the consignments died that is why we are asking for your assistance to received the consignments that contain the funds in your country and to be in total charge of the funds and also you will promise to give me and my younger sister a better life with you in the nearby future as we join you up to start up a new life with you as a one big family.
I and my younger sister would want to thank you immensely for your kind interest in assist us to receive the consignments that contains the funds and the quantity of gold which I cannot specify. Madam I want to use these medium to inform you that our plan was to keep these funds in your total care since we are still young and we want to further our education with you in your country as a new family, because as at now my younger sister is not too feeling well because she is a sickle cell patient and she is suffering from cancer of the lungs and that of the breast, for quite sometime now she has not been taking her medication due to the fact that we cannot afford the bills of the drugs which was prescribe by the doctor, formerly when my late mother was alive she was one of the women leaders in the refugee camp so when ever the UN brings in drugs and food for the refugees she will definitely gets her pills so bring down the pains in her but ever since we lost our mother whom fell sick and died after a brief illness because of the stress she was going through in working out the modalities of the delivery of the consignments from the shore of Africa to oversea that when we lost her.

Since then my younger sister finds it very hard to get her pills for her illness and now the doctor says that she will have to undergo a medical operation for her as soon as possible but for the fact that we could not afford the charges that was put before us which I told the doctor that he should please do get her any pills to suppress the pains for now until am able to get the funds for her operation since she is the only family am having now and now that we have seen you we are very proud that you we show us fatherly love and care because when a child is mother he/she lacks the tender love and care of the mother, we hope in you so much that the love we will get from you is like we have not seen it before. So what I want you to have at the back of your mind is that I will forward you with the combination number in which you are going to use to open the consignments and send us money from it for her treatment and operation as soon as possible.

Furthermore, I would really plead with you to contact the diplomat ( Diplomat Meetin Koffi Saccra )with his Roaming Number (00233-246-020-994) daddy, all the documents are with the diplomat Dr. Meetin Koffi Saccra that he took along with him to make the delivery to Late Miss.Georgina Boyson before she died on a fatal car accident, I will really like you to contact the diplomat, through his roaming number that you have spoken with me, that you want him to make the delivery to you urgently and to inform him when and how long he will be making the delivery because he has been there for quite sometime now.

Dad I want to make it clear to you also that when calling him you should not mention the contents of the consignments(trunk boxes)as he did not knew the contents as well because we do not want anything that we jeopardize the funds as it's the only thing left for us to start a better life with you when we join you up to start up a better life, we do not want any jeopardy on the funds dad, so please you are okay for us and both(you and us)can put heads together to see that all is done safely for us to come and join you there as soon as possible before the end of the week.

I am 16 Years and my sister she is 14 years of Age, Please do all your best to see that you retrieve the consignment on time for the sake of my sister Life.

Please I do await your update form the diplomat. Because as soon as the consignments gets to you I will send you the combination number and password for you to open the consignments(trunk boxes)that contain the funds so that you will have to keep the funds in a safe place or in your personal account.

Awaits your response soonest.

Wishing you and the entire family a blessed day. And Please Do tells us little more about your self and you’re Address, and Your Phone Number Please.

Hope to hear form you soon.

Regards and God bless,
From your son/daughter
Prince Micheal and Princess Erica Bahati.


Dr. Meetin Koffi Saccra.
Email: [email protected]
00233-246-020-994 (Diplomatic Roaming Number).
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