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 A new kind of LEO

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Demented Opportunist

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:36 am Reply with quoteBack to top

just heard from of the Department of Treasury Federal Government of Nigeria, no less, to the effect:

Sir, We legitimately write to inform you, that each and every members of this office has putting a lot of attempt late last year, to make proper credit of the sum of US$12.5 Million as initial payment of your total funds into your nominated bank account as approved the presidency (FGN) without any upfront bill from you or stopping of your funds transfer by any governmental agency, but all our efforts to make the transfer failed because set of bills which you suppose to pay before the transfer could successfully done continue coming up. And following the instructions given to this office by the government of today federal republic of Nigeria, supposed we accomplish proper credit of your US$12.5 Million before the final payment of your funds will take place once the government approves sufficient amount of funds in a short time as to forfeit their profitable agenda.

That last line has me smiling, but the rest is bog-standard.

Then this:

Meanwhile, to complete our duty and provide evidence of our good office and capability in your payment, we have chosen to use formula ?A? of Nigerian 1919 constitution by obtaining a ?Legal Emot1onal Order? which will cost you the sum of $385 only for obtaining of the ?Legal Emot1onal Order? and it will be properly signed by the authorized offices of the federal republic of Nigeria in the direction of legally announce to all the governmental agencies, that you the beneficially of the supposed funds has completed all the requirements needed from you by the Nigerian government and your funds should be transferred without asking for any other upfront bill from you. And once this office receives the ?Legal Emot1onal Order? we will credit your US$12.5 Million with immediate effect.
You advice to send the required bill with the information as stated under to enable us acquire the ?Legal Emot1onal? and conclude the crediting of your funds straight away.

"Legal Emot1onal Order"? That is about the worst excuse for a payment demand in my experience!

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

"I aim to misbehave."

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 1:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

hehehe^^I would love to see a copy of "the Order." Could be filled with jollies. Very Happy

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