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 Romance baiting FAQ

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 7:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A big thank you to Murry Guru for all the work that went into the draft of this sticky and for his contribution on the content. A big thanks too to all the contributors:
PRS Girly Girl
Stepan Fetchit

Romance baiting for noobs

New members would have received a welcome PM from one of our Mods or Admins here, if you have not already done so, please read it before you get started.

Some common terminology used here

Mugu or maga literally translates to fool or idiot; the name the scammers use to describe their victim
Mugu also the name we use to describe our scammer
Guyman literally translates to Master, it is the name scammers use for themselves
Oga term used for the lad's boss
Vlad A scammer from the area of Russia or the Ukraine
Lad A scammer from Africa, these are often Nigerian or from countries neighboring Nigeria however many scammers come from other parts of Africa and indeed other parts of the world, Lads are the ones from Africa
Pinay a filipino term for 'female fillipino'....or 'filipina' not a scam related term!
Phad, a less common baiting term for a Pinay
Pets, an affectionate name many of us use to desribe our mugus
NSFW, if you see this on a post or link you can safely presume that there is something that would be Not Safe For Work, if you are easily offended or in the company of others who are then open at your own risk.
Boi Boy
WU Western Union the favoured money transfer service for scammers
Moneygram or MG the second choice of scammers to receive money from their victims.
MTCN Money transfer control number
YIM Yahoo instant messanger, a great tool for wasting the lads time
ASEM accidentally sent email
ASIM accidentally sent instant message
RL Real life or Rodus Longus
OP the original poster usually refering to the person who created the thread
Safari A safari is the term used when we get our pets to travel over 200 miles or to cross a border in order to meet us or to pick up a non existent delivery
Trophy This is usually anything that has been created by our pets that has wasted their time or resources, as nice as a personalised photo may be one of the best trophies is a nice long transcript of a YIM chat.
ITP innocent third party

Some basic �DON�T�s:

- We DON�T inform scammers they have been baited. We don�t tell them about baiting or about EATER.
- We DON�T send scammers fake ID�s or passports. These fake ID�s could be used against real people.
- We DON�T cash bait.
- We DON�T involve innocent third party (ie. Having you lad call your local Pizza joint, Supermarket or Police station)

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2007 12:03 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Safe baiting - Putting on your cybercondom

As with all baiting romance baiting must be done safely, you will hear many of us say to bait safe so what does it mean and how do I bait safely?

All too often we see noobs join up and use the same username as other general interest sites where you may have posted a lot more information about yourself, one noob recently left a trail right to his front door as well as details of family members so if you have done this PM a mod right now and ask for your username to be changed, they will happily do this for you

There are things you need to be aware of before you even think about baiting a scammer. First up, as much as you may want to get back at the person that scammed you, the last thing you should do is continue from the address they're already in contact with. Drop them like a stone. Go to and post up their address and let them deal with it. If you want to bait them, or if you just want to have a go with someone else (and we don't really recommend it. It's much better to leave it to the people that know what they're doing), then get yourself a fresh new email address. There are free email providers that will hide your IP address, Google for them. If you don't know how to Google then walk away, you'll only put yourself at risk.

When the scammer asks for a picture, there are many ways to avoid sending one at all, tell them you dont have one, you dont know how to or some other excuse, it is also a good idea to send large files which will waste their time to download, any file at all can be renamed JPG alowing large DLL files to be sent often leading to your scammer ghiving up on asking. Telling your scammer that you have sent a photo and asking what they thought of it may stop them asking as well. If you must send a photo, don't send them your own, think of a minor celebrity and Google yourself some natural looking pictures of them.

What about a phone number? is a good place to get a free anonymous number. Skype is good too. An anonymous SIM card is a great help too, plus it costs the scammer more to phone.

There are many places on this site where you will find more information on safe baiting and you should search or ask for more information if you are unsure.

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General rules and etiquete of baiting

The baiters on this site will from time to time post the details of their Scammers including email addresses, photos and some other details. If an email address is posted here it is generally accepted that it is OK for you to bait them, in saying this if everybody begins baiting the same scammer at the same time it may twig them so please use some common sense. In some cases the poster may ask for you not to bait in which case it would be just plain rude to do so, there are many scammers available and we are only too happy to share. If you are baiting a pet and dont want others to interfer or start baiting the same scammer it is suggested that you do not post the email address for that scammer or better still write words asking for others not to bait that scammer just yet.

From time to time we will have a go at trying for different types of pictures or dialogue with a scammer, for instance at the time of writing we are quite fond of fruit, the OP has all rights to fruity converstion and pictures unless noted otherwise.

Letting the scammer know that they have been baited or "flaming the scammer" is another thing that many noobs will want to do, we strongly urge you not to do this for a number of reasons 1) the scammer may stop using that email address, we lose contact with them and baits that someone may have been working on for some time could be lost. 2) Many scammers do not know about baiting, it is hard for them to concieve why anybody would waste their time unpaid to help anybody and that is the way we like it, if they know that they have been baited they will soon learn the signs just as we learn the signs of a scam.

Closing down of scammer email addresses is NOT encouraged, for the small amount of inconvenience you will cause the scammer you run the risk of ruining many months work from other baiters if contact is lost. It will cause the scammer a whole lot more pain to post details including the email address onto a public website where you can warn those people smart enough to do a google search of the scammers details. We would much rather know where they are and what they are doing, More infomation can be found on this subject here

Most baiters here and indeed elsewhere will be only too happy to assist you with your bait, some by taking phone calls on your behalf others by helping to make sure the parcel you send your pet arrives safely to its destination (well thats how it will seem to your pet) we have people who provide some usefull forms and different tools to use and there are many who will provide their own time to help with specific questions you may have, please keep in mind that most of these privelidges are provided often at the baiters own expense, so please ensure that you follow any rules that the baiter may have in regards to use of these tools or information.

This sticky provides usefull information on services available to baiters

It is important to ensure that innocent persons are not affected by our baiting, there are some out there who believe what we do is immoral and wrong, if baiters start to hurt innocent persons then our reputation will be further damaged. When visiting dating sites please be mindfull that there are real people there and the owners of the site are normally innocent, we do not want to upset the owners of the sites so please be discreet. There are many ways to tell if a person who contacts you is real and this will come with experience, it is suggested that prior to setting up your dating site profiles you bait a few of the known scammers from the romance section on this site, this will help you in determining what to expect from your pet.
There is no excuse in harassing normal people on dating sites, a competent baiter needs to know how to identify a romance scammer.... and it can be done most of the time in the first contact....with experience
It is essential that you learn how to read a header, do google searches on your new lover and tell the difference between real or fake.
The email headers are the best indicator for vlads...and useful when dealing with any scammer.

Take a look here for more information on rules and etiquete of baiting
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Anonymity of your user name

Just as we suggest safe baiting we suggest you try to avoid letting the scammers know your username here, a quick google search of an email address which shares your username can lead a scammer right to our door which could kill your bait but worse teach your scammer to become a better scammer so dont bait with your username, again if this is a problem contact a mod who will be happy to assist..

Teaching scammers

Your pets will often make mistakes in what they write and for the noobs the temptation is there to tell the scammer about their mistakes in order to belittle the scammer. While it is fun to belittle your pet you will only make your pet a better scammer by helping them to rid themselves of the mistakes that victims may find. Remember many victims are deeply in love, gullible or desperate and sometimes every obviously blatent mistake by the scammer is still not enough to twig the vic.
We want smarter baiters not smarter scammers so do not teach them how to be more efficient.
An good example of this would be an ID that the scammer has photoshopped for you, regardless of how bad it is, do not tell him it is no good or he will simply improve it for the next person.

Your pets will often ask you for ID, we do not do this fake or otherwise because the scammers may start to use it to scam victims, just as with photos you can send all kinds of crap that in most cases will eventually stop a scammer from asking.

Do not under any circumstances mention to a scammer about this or any other baiting site, sites like this contain lots of usefull information about how to bait a scammer, unfortunately the same information could be used to help a scammer improve their scamming, most of the really more usefull stuff is tucked away and a little harder to get to but in time you will find those areas, for the moment start with the basics and you will learn a few more advanced things as your baiting career advances.
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Getting started

First thing to decide is what you are prepared to do in your bait,
You may choose to use any of the following in your bait and it is often best to have a rough plan on what you are prepared to do, things to consider here are:

IP stripping email only
Non IP stripping email
Live chat
Phone calls
Live webcam

The IP stripping email is the safest way to bait and with that alone it is possible to have a very successful bait, have your Character name prepared and complete the details when you sign up matching your characters, age location and name, although highly unlikely, this may be checked by the scammer. By using an IP stripping Address it is also possible for you to travel the world from the comfort of your own home and your pet will not be able to tell any different

Non IP stripping email such as Yahoo, if you do not intend to do live chat there is little advantage in this, the only advantage is that some scammers do not seem to like Gmail, if you choose to use Yahoo check for yourself where your IP address points to and if you are comfortable with your scammer knowing this fill in your character details as above.

Live chat, YIM can be a great tool especially for the male romance lads, you can keep them on line for hours at a time, leave them hanging when the phone or doorbell rings and cover a lot of ground in a short time, it is not at all uncommon to get to the money stage in the first YIM chat and you will have a record of the conversation so long as you select save conversation by clicking messenger/preferences/archive/then check the yes, save all conversations box. As with any non IP stripping email address it is possible however unlikely for a scammer to find your IP address when using YIM.
It is recommended that you get some experience at baiting with an IP stripping email before taking on YIM.
When you are ready have a basic story line ready, age, occupation, divorced, widowed, separated, and write down your life story and stick to it. If you make a mistake dont worry too much, at worst you will lose your bait, but often it will be overlooked anyway.

Phone calls, Not recommended until you have gained a lot of experience, very good for convincing your pet that you are real, some phone options such as Skype will record a message if you let the call go to message bank and send a sound file to your email allowing your pet to leave you a nice message that you can share with us. If you are taking the call be sure you are up to date with your story line and keep your pet on line as long as you can, you may have connection problems or a knock at the door to keep your pet waiting and paying a nice premium to sit and wait for you to return.

Live webcam, this is best left to the experts, your pet will know what you look like as well as where your IP address says you live. There are obvious advantages to your bait in doing this however it is usually unnecessary for your bait to be successful. If you intend on doing this seek help from an experienced baiter first.

When using email or YIM that does not hide your IP address be aware of where you are sending the email or chat from, if you are at work it will send your work IP which could lead your scammer to your work. If unsure send yourself an email first and check the header.

More detailed information can be found on all these things in the FAQ

I am ready to romance bait so what do I do now

Once you have set up your new character and learnt the basics you are ready to begin, there are 3 main ways for you to find a new scamming lover.

The scammer finds you
You borrow a scammer
You find your own scammer

1, The scammer finds you
Scammers occasionally contact you through an ASEM, if you get one of these in your email it could be considered just plain rude not to bait them. Wether you bait them or not, post the details of the initial email on a public forum and or in the surplus section of this site.

2. Borrowing a scammer
Many quality scammers can be found by looking on romance baiting sites or from the romance forum here, from time to time baiters will clear out there excess scammers and post them for others to share.
Baiters may also post details including recent email correspondence of current baits, in most cases the OP will not have a problem with you joining in the fun, but if unsure ask the OP if they mind you baiting as well.
This is the best way to gain experience early days as you will have a good idea of what the scammers story is and you can be fairly confident you do have a scammer

3. Finding your own scammer
Dating site profiles can be the most rewarding way to find a scammer but should be done only after some experience with the known and listed scammers.
First find a dating site, some dating sites are literally crawling with them and other sites may have a small scammer population, generally the free sites are favoured by the scammers however the pay sites are not free of scammers either. To find a suitable dating site for your new love just type free dating site into your google search engine and see what comes up, pick a few and sign up for free using your user name that lines up with a characters email address.
Some dating sites get a mention here on a regular basis as good places to find a scammer so if you want to catch the fish in the barrel ask on the forum for a few good places to start.
Complete the profile using as little information as possible or make your profile something that no real person will go for, photos optional but generally not required, however if you do choose to use a photo make sure it is a photo of a less attractive person (or animal or object) that no real person will bother with.

Within a week you should get a steady stream of new scammers trying to convince you to send them money, when experienced you will identify them straight away as scammers by things like, your profile is interesting to me or you are very attractive, obviously if you have no profile or photo you have a scammer.

As you gain experience take a look through the profiles and see if you can pick out the scammers for yourself, if doing this pick out the obvious ones and send them a message with your baiting email address, when taking this approach you do need to be certain that they are scammers as we do not condone harassing innocent people, if there is any doubt, do not bait or ask an experienced baiter to check it out for you.

Joining chat rooms and places such as Myspace can also be good ways to attract the scammers, if using scammers from these places make sure you bait them using an email addy with a completely different name, your scammer will neither notice or care.

I have some basic romance training, I have my charactor ready to go and I have a pet in mind that I would like to adopt, but I still have some questions.

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Romance FAQ

How do I find an IP address?

Finding an IP address.

On ther upper right hand side of the screen you'll see "Options". Click on it, then go to "Mail Display Settings". Where it says "Message Headers", change the option to "Advanced". Once that's done, click on "OK" and you'll see the headers of all the emails you get sent.
Click on the email you want the header for
Click on the arrow beside "more options" on the right hand side
Click on "show actual message"

Open your email. Scroll to the bottom of it and click on "Full headers". There they are. Nice and simple.

Open your email. Look for "More Options" next to the date the email was received. In the new set of options that pop up, look for "Show Original" and click on it. Your email will open up in a new page complete with headers.

On the same line as the subject, to the right of the screen you'll see "Show full header". Click it.

Using an external program to send and receive emails will send your IP address to the scammer as well. Only do this if you have emails already sent to you and you need to retrieve them for posting on the forum. NEVER USE THEM TO BAIT.

Outlook Express
I don't use OE myself, so if someone can confirm the method at works, please let me know.

Open your email, hold down the Ctrl key and (while still holding it down) press U. Up pops a window with the headers.

MSN 7.5
Open the Inbox e-mail. Press Alt and Enter together presto there's the info.

Windows Live
Open up your inbox, right click on the email you want to check, then click on "View source".

If you have the new Yahoo, then this is how you check headers. Open the email and, where you see "compact header", left click and it'll give you the option to show the full headers in a window.

What to do with the headers
Now you have them, what do you need to look for? First up, check if The Bat! is there. It's a very sophisticated email program that lets you use multiple email accounts easily. That's why scammers love it so much. It's a legitimate piece of software designed for businesses that the scammers have latched onto. Make a note of the version number and post it in your report. Now, how to find that pesky IP address we keep talking about. Go to

All you need to do with this site is copy the entire header and post it into the box. Be aware that some scammers forge the headers by using proxy servers, so you're not always going to get the result you expected. If that's the case, then try Googling it to see what other results you can find.


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I want to know more about YIM?

Don't be afraid of Yahoo chat. Most of them use it. You can really get to know someone a lot faster in spontaneous, one on one dialog. Just make sure if you don't want Yahoo to slam your browser with all their stupid search stuff and their home page, that you uncheck the appropriate box when you sign up.

There's another free chat program called Trillian that will let you manage all your character's chat accounts and be online at the same time with multiple chats going. It's a bit tricky and I have mistakenly typed something I shouldn't have in the wrong window before, but again, so what? They're disposable.

Oh, you probably shouldn't put your picture up in Yahoo chat and then use Trillian because I have had it default to one pic for all the accounts and it was tough to explain when I was baiting one lad from 2 characters and they both had the same picture.

Chat acronyms:
bbl - be back later
brb - be right back
OMG - Oh my God
WTF - What the F*
cya - see ya
oic - Oh I see
ttfn - ta-ta- for now
IMO - in my opinon
wtg - way to go
lol - laughing out loud
rofl - rolling on the floor laughing
lmao - laughing my ass off

Oh and slap the lads silly when they ding or buzz you! It's so rude.
Information compiled by Old Bag Lady

Am I safe using Yahoo Messenger? Will the lad be able to find my IP Address?

Technically it is possible to find someone's IP address while chatting to them on YIM. It's not the easiest of things to do though. 99.999% of lads either don't know how to do it or wouldn't bother doing it anyway. Do you?

So the girl in the pictures is the one I'm talking to, right?

Quoted from Elena from (with some slight editing)

It is a misconception that ALL photos used in scams are fake. As far as I can tell, 97-98 out of 100 are fake, others may turn out to be the real ones. My agent in Yoshkar-Ola have seen a number of ladies from my black list sitting in WU/MG waiting rooms. Apparently, a number of them are stupid enough to use their own name AND pictures (like in this case, for example). So far we only found 2 ladies like that. That's why we separate them into "amateurs" and "pros". "Pros" (what we often refer to as "Fat Yuri(s)", because majority of them are indeed males) operate differently from "amateurs". Most of the scammers we usually deal with are "pros" and their "WU girls". "Amateurs" are relatively easy. I prefer "amateurs". Though I was told that pros try to kick them out of their WU territory from time to time (take their money as they exit WU and politely advise them to stay out of the business).

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Identifying pictures:
EXIF data. What is it and how do I see it?

When you get a photo off a scammer, sometimes you can find out more about it than you may think. Pictures have what's called EXIF data embedded in them, which tells you things like when it was created, what camera/scanner they used, if it's been Photoshopped and so on. So how do you find this out? There's a piece of freeware called Irfanview that'll let you do it. You can find it at

Not straight out of the box though. Download and install Irfanview, then download and install the plugins. You have to install the plugins for the EXIF plugin to be installed. Both downloads can be found on the site above.

So now you have it installed, how do you use it? Open Irfanview from your start menu, press the O key to open a file and select the one you want. Once you can see the picture in Irfanview, press the I key, and if you can see a box marked "Exif info" then press the E key to see the EXIF info. If you don't see "Exif info" then there's none there and there's nothing you can do about it. Not every picture has it, but those that do can be checked this way.

Here's a simpler way to check EXIF data if you're using Firefox (And you should be. It's much better than IE!!!) Compiled by Wayne is an addon that'll let you see EXIF data from a photo with just a right click.

Posting Pictures on the forum:

First up, go to and create an account. You don't have to use your real name when you make it so don't worry. Once you do that, then log into your album. You'll see an optionm on the top right hand sign, "Submit Multiple Images". Click that if you have more than one picture to post. It'll let you select more than one image in one go. You have to have scripts enabled, so if you use NoScript, tell it to allow If you don't know what NoScript is, don't worry about it because you won't be affected by it. Once you've made your selections, click on "Submit" and wait while they upload your photos. When the screen refreshes, there's your pictures. under each picture you'll see three boxes, Url, Tag and Img. To make a direct link to your picture, select the text in the Img box. Double left click on it and the text all turns blue. Right click and click on "Copy". That'll save the information in memory. Now go to your post, right click and click on "Paste". You should see something like this appear

[ IMG ][ /IMG ]

That's your link to the picture added

How do I write "FAKE" across a passport? This should always be done prior to posting.

First up, load the picture into Photoshop, then click on Layer, New and Layer.

In the box you get, change mode to Hard Light and opacity to about 50%

Choose the colour that works best for the picture (usually red I find) and type your text in, changing the text size and moving it to where it covers the most detail. That's all there is to it. That'll stop the scammers seeing a document here and stealing it to use again.

Or you can do it with an open source program called the GIMP

Open up your image in GIMP, choose the colour you want your text to be (red always works well) then click on the text icon (that'd be the big letter "T"

Type in your text, then move it to where you want it (second row, second icon from the right for the "Move" icon) until you're happy with the positioning.

Press Control and L together to pull up the layers box. Click on the layer that shows your text and move the Opacity slider until you get it how you want it.

Now save it. It'll pop up a message box talking about flattening layers. Just click on "Export" and it'll save it for you.

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I am married / have significant other, I can't be joining dating sites.

You do need an understanding partner to be able to do this. There's no 2 ways about it. The thing to explain is that it's not you on the site, but the character you're using to trap scammers. And always be open with them about what you're doing and why. You're going to be "falling in love" with the scammer's character when you snag one, which is bound to cause problems. Explain to them how scammers work. Show them the threads here. Let them create what they think is a profile no real person would EVER want to touch for you. Give them the password to the profile, so they can see for theirself what's happening. Help them understand that the people you're talking to will lie to you constantly, will tell you that they love you and then ask you for money for whatever reason. Answer any questions they have honestly and openly. Romance baiting is a different beast to your other types of scam. And in all truthfulness, if they're still not happy with it then don't do it. It's not worth your relationship just to bait a romance scammer. Go make a fake check or phone scammer's life miserable instead.

All the signs were there but now I have doubts, is my Lad / Vlad / Pinay for real, how do I know for sure she / he is a scammer?

A very small number of scammers are extremely good at their job and will answer your questions very well, they will ask questions of you and expect answers, they will use your name and start to love you a little more slowly, scammers like this are rare and exceptionaly good at scamming victims. When you encounter this for the first time you may begin to doubt yourself, when this happens there are a few things you can do.

1. Check the headers (see section on checking headers) and see if the location lines up with where they say they are from or look for the bat as explained.

2. Do a google search on the details of the first email from your scammer, firstly the email address then on sections of the script, usually them describing themselves (unusual lines with spelling or grammer mistakes are great for this) and do an exact google search on the phrase, this may not succeed at first so try again with a few different phrases, feel free to try this on some of the listed baits

3. When the above 2 options are exhausted the next thing to do is to create another email address and send them a nice email such as. I have found your profile on a dating site and if you are interested I would love if you would write to me, you will usually be greeted by an email much the same as the first one you received to your first charactor, if still in doubt post details, ask for help or stop writing.
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Different types of scammers:

There are usually three types:
Vlads are from the former Soviet Union.
Lads are 419 scammers who also do love scams.
Pinays are from The Phillipines and are usually scam/beggars

Is it a Vlad or Lad or Pinay? Part 1 - Vlads.

Let's start with vlads. Vlads are scammers from the Former Soviet Union (FSU for short), and have some easy to spot signs. They're not 100% guaranteed, but a very good indicator.

Does the email address end in a number? Sometimes this can be telling. Vlads often use something like olga777@, while a lad will use jon4you@ or smithjames@ at the start of their email address, but sometimes will also use the number at the end. The best way to check, is the ip address used.

Look at the IP address the email came from. There are places that pop up time and again as being hotbeds of scammer activity. Mari-el for example. Also look for spoofed headers. Look for ones that show up as places like the USA or UK when they've said they live in Cheboksary, Russia.

The Bat!, Becky!, Voyager! mPOP or a similar x-mailer in the headers. These programs allow multiple accounts to be run at the same time off a single program. It's ideal for a tech savvy scammer to use.

The phrases they use. Here's an example
Certainly, I cannot describe to you myself at once. I very simple person!
And I to speak all which I feel also, I do not hide anything from people. Unfortunately,
I have no any person whom I could love. I want to find suitable
The person for a life, also can be good the friend. I would like to care about
The person and to love it. I very simple person and I to not aspire to riches,
But I to aspire to the best conditions lives, actually, for this purpose it is necessary To live. I so think

The script they use has been run through translation software, and it leaves some very obvious phrases. "I very simple person" or "I the very simple person" for example. With practice you'll learn these and spot them easily. Google odd sounding phrases and see what turns up. Have a go with "i the decent and sociable girl"

Ignoring your emails, and sending out generic, scripted emails in reply. Ask them a question and watch it get ignored. Get thanked for a photo you never sent. Send them their own emails back and STILL get replies. It's pretty obvious the first lot of emails you're sending aren't being read.

Falling in love with you within 3 or 4 emails. Realistically, is that ever going to happen?

If the headers show Ukraine and the pictures look like a softcore porn model, then expect an email telling you that to continue talking to the girl you need to pay a translation company a fee for them to translate the emails between you and her. That's your typical Ukraine translation fee scam.

Pictures taken "just for you" that the EXIF data shows are old, maybe even years old.

If they phone you up, do they sound like they're reading from a script, or that there's no real passion in their voice? That's because the scammers pay girls a tiny amount to make phone calls or take photos. They sound like they're reading a script because that's exactly what they are doing. 95% of Russian romance scams are done by males, and the women in the photos are either innocent victims who've had their photos stolen or a girl paid to make personalised pictures. Don't let a pair of long legs distract you from what the person behind the words is trying to do.

Is it a Vlad or Lad or Pinay? Part 2 - Lads

Here's a typical lad profile

am,ligth in complx,brown eye,5 ft, am, so humble,respectful,calm,cool headed,good looking,loving,caring,and so many good all.i like to play basket ball,i like to dance,clubbin,reading,smiles,and share joke.

See the bad spelling, poor use of punctuation, starting a sentence with "am" instead of "I am". Other phrases that pop up are "Am John by name" or I was the only child of my parents". Again, in time you'll learn to spot these easily. Lads also have a poor concept of past and present tenses, often adding an "s" or "ed" to the end of words inappropriately.

Pictures are often stolen from modelling sites, porn sites or even real profiles on dating sites. Does the photo match what they claim about themselves?

Often they'll be "currently in (insert place here), but about to go to West Africa for business/charity work/a modelling assignment. This is to explain away why you'll need to send money to them in Nigeria further down the line.

Overuse of the <BUZZ> feature in IM chats. They say hello, and instantly <BUZZ> you.

Claiming to be an engineer/studying a degree, especially if coupled with very poor writing skills.

An email address ending with something like 2cool, 4luv, 4u, 2006, 001 is often seen with lads.

A name like Smith David or Davids Thomas, where the last name and first name are mixed up.

These are all signs to look for to identify your scammer as a lad.

Is it a Vlad or Lad or Pinay? Part 3 -Pinay

These are easy as they tell you where they're from and also appear on webcam so you can see they're really who they say they are. The only real complication is determining if it's a scammer, beggar or a cam girl. Here's a quote from Stepan Fetchit from an earlier thread, slightly edited.

They kind of cross lines between begging, scamming...and sometimes porn cam girl.

You'll have to be careful to provide evidence she's lying.
It's not really scamming to 'beg'.

That is the problem with the pinay scam/cam/beggars.

You can catch her in lies about what she needs money for....'I need money for nursing school', 'I need money for my mother's operation'

(but she said she was in school to be a teacher, and her mom another chat...get the drift?)

If she's begging for money, or strong's not really a scam.

If she LIES about the reasons needing the money....

"My father needs an operation!!" (he was dead last chat)

you can go all out.....

Strangely, 'begging' on chat seems to be a part time job a lot of people in the phils have. I've seen mom and daughter teams, aunt and niece, etc.

Sometimes you'll see an adult barely off cam coaching the younger person.

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Baiting Male Romance Lads?

Romance lads tend to fall into three main categories:

1. They will claim to be from a Western Country, but inevitably end up in Africa for work or visit family. They will need money for some reason and want you to send it them. It is usually some type of family crisis such as a health issue or they've been robbed, the hotel is keeping them hostage for an unpaid bill and don't have money to get home.

2. They will want you to visit them or to visit you. This usually occurs after you agree to marry them. If they want to visit you, they will need money for it to happen (plane fare, visa fees, etc.). If they want you to visit them, it is harder for them to ask for money. Use your visit to completely waste their time and resources. You will be able to use the various tools in the baiting toolkit as if it was a lotto or inheritance scam. Romance lads will even safari if you properly set it up.

3. They will need you to receive goods purchased with stolen credit cards with a sob story of merchants not shipping to Africa. They may also ask you to cash some checks or money orders owed by a "business associate"
Never attempt to cash these as you could be charged and prosecuted for a crime.

Straight baiting works well in the beginning. Reveal the minimal amount of information about yourself without seeming too evasive. If they ask three questions about you, only answer one. Have a personal story that makes you seem lonely, desperate and have access to money. Feed this information to them over time, but make the story believable. Do not come across as being too smart. Dumb, lonely, desperate and wealthy makes for an attractive victim. This is the key to getting a romance lad deeply hooked.

Ask a lot of questions about them to gather as much information as reasonably possible. Know your enemy! This information is often useful since it can used against them or to catch them in lies. Ask about their city, country, job, education, family, culture, etc..

Lads are very patient compared to vlads. Some will not ask for money even after many months. If you hint or imply they are a scammer or after your money, the denials come flying in. They try hard to convince you of their honest and good intentions so it is fun to drop that accusation from time to time. Wait for a good opportunity and use this to make them prove their good intentions.

They will claim to fall in love with you after a few messages. Do not be in a hurry to fall for them. Make them work at getting you to fall in love with them. You will probably receive all kinds of love poems, messages and pictures obviously stolen from other sources. Graciously accept them in the beginning, but accuse them of laziness and thievery at a later date if an opportunity presents itself. Avoid explicit sex talk unless you are comfortable with it since it is may be non-productive and can get creepy; however, talking about wanting to hug and kiss them is usually effective.

They often claim to be religious and will often use it as a way to verify or prove their honesty and good intentions. Avoid getting into a religious discussion with them since it can get tedious or become a waste of time. Their religiousness can be used against them. Introducing another character such as a religious figure or adviser is effective. Some of your requests can originate from this character and the lads rarely question them. Use your beliefs to make demands of the lads or to refuse their demands.

Lads tend to be arrogant, sexist and slightly misogynist. They will want to take control and tell you what to do. Appear to be compliant in the beginning, but remember you control the bait and slowly take control. Their attitude makes it easy to accuse, manipulate, insult and slap them. They hate it when you question their manhood, courage, strength or intelligence. Calling them a stupid, small boy or a homosexual are especially effective. Find ways to make them apologize to you. Some of the most arrogant ones are the most compliant after you break them down.

If you want to be clearly understood, use short sentences with simple and direct words. If you want to create confusion, use long and complex sentences with difficult words. This makes them work to figure out the meaning or gives you an excuse to abuse them when they misunderstand. Pretend not to understand them and make them repeatedly explain things. They get frustrated when you ask a lot of questions and will often tell you to just follow their instructions without question. They will often give up and try something else. Get and keep them frustrated, but not enough to make them go away.

Keep notes to avoid getting confused. You can often bait several lads at once using the same script. Cut/paste or copy the same messages. Remember to make them work harder than yourself. If it becomes too much work or it is going nowhere, drop the bait. You will get messages asking why you are ignoring them. They think they are losing you and sometimes this will make them more cooperative when you come back.

You can drag your bait out for months planning the wedding ceremony. No detail is too small to discuss. You need the lads opinion on everything. Where is the wedding going to take place? If it is in his country you want to wear traditional native wedding garments, you want to see pictures. You want his opinion on the pictures he sent you. Make him describe the ceremony and traditions associated with a wedding in his country.

Give the lad url for Victoria's Secret and tell him to go find some things he likes for wedding night attire, make him tell you why he likes them. Have him shop for shoes, rings, invitations, flowers, mother of the groom dresses, etc. Tell him you want the menu for the meal to be served, have him explain all the food in detail.

You must discuss children as well, how many, boys or girls, what will their names be?

When the lad gets impatient with how long all this wedding planning is taking, and he will, slap him for denying you the wedding of your dreams. Question that he is not the man you thought he was, and stop communicating with him for a few days He will be very sorry and compliant, an excellent time to request a picture from him.

Asking them to remove their profiles:

After they claim their undying love for you or you are the perfect match for them, go back to the dating site and see if their profile is still there. If it is, confront them with it and make them take it down. This will prevent them from using it to go after someone else. Check periodically to ensure it is not back up again.

Some dating sites will not only shut down a scammer's account, but add them to a blacklist. That way their email address gets put online reported as a scammer. It's well worth getting the site to close their account. Much better than telling the scammer to do it.

Others prefer not to go this route, it's entirely up to you. By not asking them to close the account, you can monitor them, so you can warn possible victims.
Whenever a friend shows up on their Myspace page, get pissy with them about it and make them remove the friend - but WARN THE FRIEND from another scam email account. Have the scam warning account send yourself a warning so you can ask the lad, "What is the meaning of this strange message I got?" Also ask them from time to time, what are they still using Myspace for, when you see they're still logging in there. Use it to question their intentions.
Then remove myself from being their friend and set your own profile to private so they can't tell whether you're active or not. The lads DO come back with other characters of their own to test your loyalty.

Talking on the phone:

Lads will often want to talk to you on the phone. A phone conversation can go a long way in convincing them of your sincerity; however, you need to be prepared and comfortable with it. Make them call you so they pay for the call. At a minimum, get a K7 or similar phone number. Make up good excuse for not talking on the phone (e.g., your work place blocks international calls to prevent employee abuse; all incoming calls go to voice mail since you work in environment where taking phone calls are not possible; you have limited service that does not include international calls). Use the time zone difference to your advantage. If they insist on calling, make them call you at a specific time that is bad for them like 3-4 am. Using chat is a good compromise, but you need to be able to think on your feet and have a good character history prepared so you can answer questions. If you do not like a question or direction of a chat, change the subject, send a question back to them or answer a different question. You can also go off-line for a minute and blame it on computer problems when you return.

My lad wants a pictures:

They will ask for pictures. You can usually ignore the request and they will stop asking; however, sending a few pictures often helps with the bait. Find a set from a low level celebrity or public figure. Remember the innocent third party rule. Pictures of different individuals that closely resemble each other work as long as the differences are not too big. Many lads claim to like sexy pictures as long as they are not too explicit. If you are having troubles finding natural looking pictures, using some posed ones or unnatural ones may work if you provide an explanation (e.g., I had some pictures taken especially for you; here is a picture of me in a play I was in last year). Add a text message on the pictures (using Photoshop or a similar program) to prevent them from easily reusing the pictures. Send large .dll or similar files at first then send only one good picture at a time. One approach is to send a picture after they comply with a request as an incentive.

My lad wants to appear on cam:

Some lads insist on appearing on cam for you so you can judge their sincerity. These lads scam with their real pictures. Be careful not too click on the cam too quickly because there are some out there that sound like lads but actually only want cyber sex and if you click on their cam you won't be looking at their face. When chatting with a lad and he asks about the cam in the first chat, say, "I hate to sound cynical but the guys I've met online want one of two things, money or sex, which one are you"? A guy wanting cyber sex will answer this question honestly and you can get rid of him. A begging lad will also often answer this question honestly. This question also puts the lad on notice that you won't be sending money (at least not right away in his mind) and he can't just start talking to you about sex.

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Why do scammers always want money sent via Western Union/Moneygram?

Taken from

Most 419 scams / advance fee frauds by gangs from West and South Africa and many online scams run by Eastern European crime groups involve either Western Union money transfer (WU) or MoneyGram (MG). These services are the preferred method of online scammers to receive cash from their victims.

These services are quick and - more importantly in scams - the recipient essentially remains anonymous. Even though in some countries the WU agents will check picture ID when funds are picked up, the criminals don't have any problems getting hold of fake ID. Once they have picked up the cash there is no trace to who they are or where they live.

By contrast, bank accounts usually (but not always) involve some degree of address verifiction. For example, when you open a bank account the bank will usually mail the ATM card to the address given by the person who opens the account. If a fake address were used, the person would never receive the ATM card. With WU the criminal can give the sender any postal address he likes but will still receive the cash. Postal addresses have no meaning in a WU/MG transfer because the recipient walks into any agent office and picks up the funds. The money is not delivered to his home or to a bank account. Depending on the country, the recipient can pick any agent office in the nominated city or the entire country.

In a nutshell, Western Union and Moneygram allow the scammers to anonymously collect the money from any victim without fear of the transaction being traced back to them. They can even claim to be in one place and in reality be in a totally different one. Fake IDs make it highly unlikely the scammers can be traced when they receive the payments this way.

Western Union and Moneygram are perfectly legitimate services that the scammers have - once again - learned how to manipulate for their own needs.

I want to post my lad a gift that will not arrive. How do I do it?

Several members here have set up "courier" companies, and would be only too willing to make it look like you've sent your scammer a parcel. Another method is to simply tell them you sent it via the postal service. A standard till receipt can be faked up if needed, but if your lad's convinced you're real then there's no reason to doubt you've told them the truth.

I want to recieve snail mail from my pet, how do I get it posted to me?

Does your lover want to send you a hand written letter or does she have some underwear that she would like to send your way, are their some wedding invitations or christmas cards you would like to receive at your pets expense.

Some baiters provide drop boxes for premium members only to recieve mail from your pets, drop boxes are available at several locations around the world and are a safe and convenient way of recieving mail. Drop boxes vary in what you can have posted to them and each drop box has it's own set of rules that must be used. When using a drop box it is important to contact the operator prior to ensure you recieve your mail.

The operators of the drop box may forward mail to your home address at your expense of course, or they may scan and email documents to you if you wish.

If you are a premium member you will find more information on specific locations and various rules in the premium members area of the site.

If you are not a premium member unfortunately the boxes will not be made available to you.

More information on premium membership can be found here

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Your vlad is impossible to get off script how do I get things back on my terms? (AKA Change their email modality)

When baiting a vlad that is clearly using model pics and you are getting bored of the never ending script, drop what is lovingly referred to as The Bomb. It is basically a classic Dollar Chop but as this actually happened to me during my first ever bait it has a certain sense of realism to it.

On replying, change the time and of the previous email you are replying to. Slip in something like

Tasman but I have one small problem with reception of money. As on Monday I went to police in a department on work with documents and have given the passport for registration new. As in Russia all people should change the passport after the certain period of time. And now at me there has come this period. And consequently I now do not have passport to receive money. Tasman I have my close girlfriend which has agreed to help me with this situation. She can receive money for the name. Tasman for this purpose you need to go to the western union and to correct a name of the payee on my girlfriend, we together with her shall go to receive money and when she them to receive that at once will give them to me. Tasman a full name of my girlfriend: Surname: Vladface, Name: Yana.
Blah blah blah. You are so much better looking than Wayne and Murry etc etc

Either say I have paid it or I am about to and want to confirm the details. She will go ruddy nuts!

Now, what suddenly becomes the utmost importance for you, is her safety. You are being watched after all. Now go for a new email address. This has been much debated but as she has not lost the old email address you can be certain she still baits from it but now has to log onto two accounts. Ask for proof she is safe etc Have pages of insurance forms filled in to get the money back from WUs special insurance company the list goes on BUT she is way off script now. You will have her attention.

My romance pet has asked for money, what should I do?

The money question will come up otherwise it wouldn't be scamming, this could be very early in the bait or it may be quite a way into it, it is enevitable so be prepared, have an idea before you start on how you would like to tease your pet.

Most often your scammer will ask for money to be sent by Western Union however other forms of payment may be requested but it is fairly rare in comparison.

Now before you actually (not) pay the money, this is a good oportunity for you to ask your pet for something, you have many options available to you here and I have listed just a few

My dear, I was at the; WU office / bank / friends place and I was told that; WU is used only by criminals / many untrustworthy people operate in your area / a man was once scammed by a (describe your scammer), so how do I know that; you really love me / you will use the money for you visa / your mother is really sick, if you could send me a; picture of you holding a sign / pair of underwear / handwritten note / picture of you wish a fish under your arm / video of yourself pouring milk on your head / you get the idea then I will be able to trust you and send the money to you.

This is the moment you have been waiting for so have a basic plan but be prepared to wing it if an oportunity arises

When you know you can trust your scammer enough to send them money you will need to decide how you are going to torture you pet next.

The options here are limited only by your imagination but I will list a few things for you to consider.

Ask questions, what is this Westun Onion? I have never heard of it, please explain how it works. Your pet will love to answer your questions about how to use WU and may eventually ask you to do a bank deposit (see below)

Where do I find my nearest WU office, great for using up their time to find your nearest location.

Bank accounts are so much easier for me, just give me your account details and I will deposit the money immediately.

I tried to deposit the money but there appears to be something wrong with the bank account, do you have another bank account I can try?

My love, I have not been able to find the office of WU but I have found a moneygram office and I have deposited the money for you, here is the number (random 8 digit number) for you to collect it.
Note WU requires a 10 digit number and Moneygram an 8 digit number, WU can be checked on line, MG cant.

I am sorry dear, I must have written the number wrong, Try this (almost identical random 8 digit number)

This is all too hard, cant I just have your bank account details?

If you do get bank details pass them onto Alan and in most cases the bank account will be closed within a week See this bank account reporting link for more information on how to have a bank account closed

In the baiters tool kit you will find all kinds of usefull forms including blurry WU and MG reciepts that will drive your pet nuts

There are also various money tracking and help sites available that are set up by fellow baiters to cause frustration to your pets, take a look for them or ask about them but do not over use them as most lads will fall for these modalities only once.

Of course you can have money posted to them as described in the section on how to post your pet a present which could end up at the wrong location and require pick up by your pet.

A completely different option at the beggining of the money stage is to introduce a friend or relative who would love to write to your pet, once you have established a second link to your scammer now you are free to die and keep baiting as the other new charactor, this will allow you to bait on your own terms and of course if you were in love there may just be an inheritance with more forms to fill in for your pet as well as deliveries that will end up in the wrong location.

As you can see options are endless so read around at what other baiters are up to and try a few things for yourself, if it works try again, if it does not work then refine your modality.

This is the fun part of any bait so be sure to enjoy it and post the details for us to enjoy the moment with you.
information supplied by Murry

Some general advice:

Where to find forms for your pet to complete:

Masking your lads name:

When you're making a post, above the reply text box, on the right end, there's a Mask button. Place your cursor over the text you want to select, left click and hold the mouse button down, scroll over the text you want to mask and when it's highlighted, release the left click button. Then move up and click the Mask button. This puts a code with [ ]'s and mask and /mask on either side of your text.

This feature does use more resources, so use it sparingly or give your pet a nickname. Obfuscation will work just as well, but for noobs who are not used to it, it is a bit hard to remember to do and even to read it. To obfuscate, you merely replace letters with numbers that look like the letters in the names and words you want to make obscure.

What does a lad say to make you feel morally obligated to send him money?

"Please send me money, my dear, because..."

- " dear mother needs expensive medication!" (already said above)
- " baby has just been sent to hospital because (s)he had an accident with boiling tea water right on his/her birthday!"
- "...I need a loan from you to finish my college education!"
- " week will be my birthday, please send me a gift, you are my only friend!"
- "...I need a working cell phone to be able to hear your voice anytime!"
- "...I need some new clothes before we meet!"
- "...I need to pay the officer or hell put me (back) in jail!"
- "...I am too poor to chat with you daily!"
- " mother will have birthday next week and I have no money to buy a decent present for her!"
- ...

...each one is often followed by a "BUZZ Do you REALLY love me, my dear?"
There is always some kind of moral pressure on the victim.

The more clever lad will be less likely to say it explicitly, he will count on your "common sense", thus avoiding direct begging. This is more sophisticated and implies "If you really love me, you will do this little favour for me." (and another one and another one and another one...)

To feel less worried, ask yourself the following questions:

"Do I have any proof that..."

- "...his mother really needs expensive medication?" (recipes, price lists, names of drugs, labels, amounts)
- "...his baby really is injured and in hospital at his birthday?" (hospital and doctor receipt)
- "...he really needs money to bribe the policeman to stay out off jail?" (police report)

At any rate, it will demand his time and resources to persuade you of his various needs . After all, he needs to convince you, its not vice versa. Always keep in mind that he is the one who asks you, thus you are in charge of what you are willing to give (hopefully nothing!) and what not. Never fall for this ethics trick - though this occurs from time to time, when you find yourself thinking: "Might this particular detail be real??!? Can I bait him???". Remember, the lad is lying and telling you simply anything which will make you send him money! Thats why he is chatting with you at all. Its not love and compassion. Its the scam business.

More information and further training

There are loads more stickies in the other forums to read and all will offer advice on various types of scams and modalities and answer most questions that you may have in your early days, please read them, they are there to teach and do that very well.

Additional links:

* Scambaiting Ethics
* Forum Guidelines and Policies
* Get a mentor
* Scambaiting Tips and Help Forum
* Pictures Tips

Dont forget to use the sites search function when looking for specific information, your search can be refined and in many cases will answer your question quickly and efficiently.

This sticky is designed to get you started and will get you well on your way to baiting not only romance scammers but other scammers as well, there is no substitute for experience so bait away, try a few things for yourself waste the time of some scammers, tell your family and friends to warn them of what can happen, but most of all, have fun doing it.

For ongoing baits/help requests

You can still post up the details, but remember that if a victim can google the details, so can the scammer. Either use the mask feature, disguise the scammer's name by substituting numbers for letters. For example, Irina would become 1r1na, or omit the scammer name.

My pet has stopped responding, what should I do?

Sometimes a bait can be saved no matter how bad it seems, try making an excuse and mention you are about to pay, you may save the bait, and maybe you wont.

If the bait is not saved then simply rinse and repeat, use a different email address and bait again fresh with the knowledge of what you have just learnt, in some cases it is not even necessary to use a different email address, and reusing the same script as well has been known to have some success

posting adequate details to warn potential victims and where to do it.

For completed baits/victim reports
The simple answer for what to post is everything. Pictures, emails (especially in the case of vlads - most of their letters are prescripted and used on dozens, maybe even hundreds of victims at a time), email headers and any information given during IM chats. When you post up a fake passport or visa, it really should be marked as fake to stop it being stolen and reused. The more information posted the better.
Post it here, plus any other sites you can find, such as or
The more information you post, and the more places you post it, the better chance it has of saving a potential victim from losing thousands of dollars to a scammer.

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I Have noticed many of the intelligent and witty baiters here have a very attractive username in Mugu Gold, what is that all about?
Help the eater team keep the forum and the website alive. You get many benefits as a premium member. It only costs you the very meager sum of $25US, which is payable via Paypal (You can send your appreciation to [email protected]), check or cash via *achem* Western Union. You will gain access to your own special forum, postal dropboxes, webspace and email. Click here for all the info you need - PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP
* When signing up for your Premium Membership please state your eater nickname *

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