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 I made my lad get a job

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My lad was complaining he cannot afford to print and scan the adoption forms again. I told him I knew how resourceful he was and I was sure he would find a way. So he went and got a job at a cyber cafe, but business isn't good.

Me:how is your job going?
lad:well by the grace of God is normal
Me:very good
lad:we're now 2 people ,one works in the morning and i start from afternoon to the next day
Me:you don't want to work the day shift?
lad:i like to,but my other partner is a female
lad:and she has about amonth old son
lad:so i closess her in 4pm
lad:she started the work yesterday ,but the sales is realy bad
lad:so my boss said she should pray for people to come for the night,other then that she has to leave again
lad:doing her time from the morning she normaly get some sales,but when i came to replace her the sales is small becuz only few people comes,and is the night that' s why thr boss employed her and the night people does come
lad:so if things doesn't change for better then she will leave,and i will work from 7am-11.30 pmor 12am withing any midnight browsing
Me:i am sorry to hear the owner is having problems with business
Me:how can you increase business?
lad:by good management
lad:having all the necessary equipement ur cliets needs withiout any problems
Me:i would think he would need to invest in some printers and scanners
lad:nope he has no printer and no scanner at where i work
lad:and people normaly ask of it alot
Me:didn't you tell him he should invest in one?
lad:he knows mum
Me:then why does he not get one
lad:only God knows

Later he says that he will print and scan the forms as soon as he gets his first pay, next month.

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