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 The Lad doth protest too much, methinks

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2007 9:00 am Reply with quoteBack to top

, a barrister in Cote d'Ivoire, can sense payday. So he wrote (emphasis added):

As I have already promised you,I want us to follow the legal aspect of this project well so that all will be finalised without any problem.
I view of the ongoing project ,below was my outcome from the ministry of justice today.
I invited to my Chamber today as to know how we will obtain this requested vital documents in your name and residential address , we both moved directly to the Ministry of Justice here to know what is required to get this approval two important Certificates in your name.
When we reached there ,we met the Registrar and handed him over your personal data to start the processing of the Cerificates Official Change of Beneficiary and as well The Letter of Authorization which will enable you and as well empower you to receive the consignment containing this fund as the new beneficiary to Yasine Diarra.
The Registrar made us to know that you will pay the sum of $1.650 which was their normal law in the Ministry of Justice for them to approve the two Vital Docuements in your name and address.
My Friend as you can understand ,this orphan do not have any cash at hand ,I managed and drove back to my house and took the only money in my possession $400 which is the feeding money for my family and gave it to the Registrar to enable him start the approval of the two vital documents in your name and residential address.
I want you to reason well on this issue and let us jointly help this orphan .I believed that whatever you do to help Yasine Diarra ,God is going to reward you back in full.
To make sure that we obtain this documents in your name today,You are advised to use my name and address to send me the remaining amount of $1.250 urgently so that I will proceed and get the documents in your name as the High Court registrar promised me.
Here is the information you will use to send the money direct to my name.You are adviced to use the Western Union Money Transfer to send the money to me so that I will pick it up the same day and move to the Ministry Of Justice and pay them for their remaining charges fee of approving this two vital Certificates in your name.
Name .Mr.lls
Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire.
West Africa.
I believed that you will appreciate and understand all my effort towards this project .You should note that both of us will surely reap the fruit of our Labour through this transaction.
I request you to comply with all my advice and instruction so that everything concerning this project will be concluded within this weekend and the fund moved to you as soon as possible as the security company Director Mr. assured me.
If you send me the money today and I received it,then I will go together to the Ministry of justice with and we will hand them over their remaining fee of $1.250 and they will hand us over the Certificates and from there we will move directly to the Security company to present the Two Certificates in your name to enable them move this consignment to you in without delay.
I hope this is very clear and understandable to you Mr..
Remember to keep the secret of this project with you as was demanded by for her security and your security as well .
I am waiting to receive your message urgently over this issue to enable me conclude this project soonest.

They always get wordy when payday looms... and the bit about the lawyer supposedly having to use the housekeeping money to pay some of the account makes my teeth hurt...

The Lad can't have been happy about this:

I'm afraid that I can't send that money without some form of formal invoice. In the current security climate sending money overseas in this fashion is looked upon with suspicion. The Haneef case still casts a long shadow in that regard.

The Haneef case involved an Indian doctor working in Brisbane who was wrongfully arrested over the attempted bombings in Soho and the Glasgow Airport attack (his cousin was, IIRC, involved in some way).

This is his reply - again, emphasis added:

In view of your mail to me which you stated that you are afraid of the content of my last mail to you on the request of the Ministry of Justice before they can be able to finally appove and legalize the two important documents in your name.
To be frank with you, I marvelled when I received such content of mail from you because I never see the reason why you have to be afraid.In my last mail to you,I put everything clear to you and informed you well all my effort to see that the consignment moved to you soonest.
In all my discussions with the Ministry of justice ,I made it clear to you on what is the amount requested by them ,how I made a part payment on your behalf and also the remaining amout you supposed to send accross here to finalise all.
One thing I should not want you to have in mind is suspicious because it even demoralise my mind when somebody I am trying to assist legally does nto even regard my ample assistance.
Remember that there is no way you shall compare my dealings with you to Haneef case .Such word is not suitble to be used in this project.
As you made mentioned of any proof or invoice for the amount charged from the Ministry of Jsutice ,I hereby attached the receipt of the amount I paid $400.00 on your behalf also the remaining amount of $1.250.00.I hope this is clear to you .
Kindly understand me well and follow my advise and instructions for us to archive this project soonest.

I wrote back:

I had assumed that given your name and qualifications that you would be fluent in English; plainly I was incorrect.
What I wrote had nothing to do with fear, but rather regret - as in "I regret that I can't sent the money without some form of invoice".
Then you mention something about suspicion on my part. Why? Did I ever mention anything that suggested that?
Now - you decry my concerns about the Haneef case - remember something here. I am not an Australian citizen, and in the security climate since the events of 9/11, the Bali bombings and terror attacks in London and Madrid, the sending of money without proper documentation can lead to suspicion and official harassment. I like where I live and I mean to stay here on good terms with the people hereabouts.
Finally - that receipt is useless. It says that you paid some money. It says nothing about any obligations that I might have.
Kindly understand me and follow my directives to get this deal done and dusted ASAP!

I don't know how well known the Haneef affair became, or whether he just googled for it. Either way, his response made me chuckle!

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:46 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Great stuff! ... I routinely ask lads for an invoice before I am able to make any payment. Their response is always priceless: They either refuse or insist that it will be provided to me AFTER I make payment. This, of course, provides a great opportunity to slap for not knowing the difference between and invoice and a receipt.

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