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 What's the most professional "lad" you've ever had

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Henrik Larsson

Joined: 21 Nov 2007
Posts: 27

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2007 11:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Most of the scammers that you hear of have terrible spelling, grammar, and general grasp of the English language, not to mention a single digit IQ.

I ask because one the baits I'm in the middle of at the moment is perhaps the most "professional" I've come across. Granted, the general idea of the scam is hardly inventive (its your typical lottery scam), but the Grammar and Spelling is spot on and they have supplied UK based telephone and fax numbers.

I'm about 2 weeks into this one now, but I could definitely see some people falling for this, so I'm going to make sure I run these Mugu's into the ground.
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Ophelia Dikki
Master of Master Baiters

Joined: 03 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 5:52 am Reply with quoteBack to top

get them off script and then decide if their English is still as good.

They are notoriously difficult to get off script, but it can be done. Ask lots of questions, and advice on how to spend your share of the money.
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music man

Joined: 22 Sep 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 7:26 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Best lad I have come across is H3nry H1ll. Speaks English with a strong American accent, warned me in his first call about all the scams out there in Nigeria etc.

Would call me up to 20 times a day to see how things were going. In two weeks he must have spent 10 hours on the phone to me.

Professional- oh yeah. One day he told me his wife wasn't feeling too good. Next day she'd died. Day after that he buries her and on his way back from the funeral he calls me to see whether I have made the payment yet!!

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You will rot in your back- any shadow could be mine ! YOU ARE VERY EASY TO TRACK IN YOU NEIGHBOURHOOD ! DRUNKARD AND A SCUMBAG LIKE YOU!
mike lawrence (cheque scammer)

Go fuck your dead parents asshole!!!How can a deaf fool make clean money..The money that you have will never be spent on anything reasonable.
So fuck off..dont reply me again until the cops get your stinking ass...
Lyord Melson- cheque scammer
$4.002million and £214K in fake cheques taken out of circulation. (updated May 2009)
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Elite Baiter

Joined: 11 May 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 9:20 am Reply with quoteBack to top

The most professional lad I have baited is "Ekene" but he was also the most gullible and gave the good people here many many laughs over the eighteen months I baited him.

I had him off script for nearly all of those 18 months, but his english is second to none. Despite numerous moneygram and western union trips and a couple of safaris, he always seemed to come up with a long winded mail to keep the maga on the hook (or so he thought). He also was not short of contacts, with at least ten people to pick up money who provided ID, and four of those IDs he provided were definately genuine nigerian passports, about ten phone numbers in nigeria, four in the U.K and two in Spain and Holland, he definately had contacts. He was also a paperwork machine!

Here is an example of one of his long winded replies, which was off script because his maga was now paying Usman Bello's gang instead of his gang Laughing


Thanks for your mail.Compliment of the season and new year.Well Rachel it is pertinent you understand some certain things.

I am treating this matter as a matter of my client.Please note the following.

1.I did not receive the money.

2.You have got yourself mixed up with people with questionable characters.

3.This people are the hackers that went into your box.From where they collected the information about the western Union.

4.This people are the same people that you are dealing with concerning the lotterry business.

5.It was this same people that suspended your email account.

6.The same people reactivated your email account.

7.This are the same people you told me to investigate about the lottery scam.

8.The same people are impersonating the bank official to meet you in London tomorrow.

9.This people are fake,there are not from the bank.Susan is not aware of this.They got the whole information from your mail box and decided to impersonate the bank officials.Why would the bank request you to sign the documents in London.It is never done anyway.For your own interest you should stop dealing with this people so that they will not put you in trouble.Suspend everything you are doing with them now untill I contact you and tell you what to do.

10.Meanwhile during the course of my investigation I found out several things about them.This same people contacted me and told me to help them as a lawyer so that they can collect big money from you and they will give me something from the money they collected from you but I told them no.They are the people that told me they have been speaking with you on phone.Else I do not know you pick your phones.This people has been contacting me on your behalf sending me several mails.But you know like the wise crook they are they suspected I might forward the mails to you so they write in broken English so that even if I decideded to forward the mails to you,you will not understand them.However if you have an African friend or a Nigerian friend who can translate this pidgin English then I will forward to you all their mails so you see for yourself.Before I read your mail they told me they are meeting with you tomorrow.That I should help them convince you do whatever they ask you to do.That they will send me something if they collect the money from you.Some of them are residing in London while some of them are residing in Nigeria here.To convince you that they are fake I want you to tell them to reproduce all the documents given to you by Susan.Since they are representing the bank they should be able to collect copies of those documents from Susan.Call me on 234-80-59039448.

Call immediately.This is your life.You may regret it badly ifyou do not call nor listen to my advise.Because this people already told me so many things they will do to you if they meet you face to face so that you give them big money.They even mentioned a preliminary fee of 12,000 pounds which according to them you have already agreed to pay.

They also gave me the list of how they tricked you and collected money from you at different times.They sent it to me just for me to agree and help them convince you to give them more money.But I refused.They said.

Below is the broken English with which they have been sending me mails with.You can also see the dates at which they claim you gave them money.Please check you records and see if it tallies then you will know I am telling you the truth.Those people are crooks.Stop and do not meet them.

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By the time I am through with you,that miserable thing inside you call a baby will come out being a goat and hating you for your wickedness. Barrister Ekene
I have been to this place for four times making fool of myself with invalid numbers.I will rather not go there again: Barrister Ekene
For all this pains you have cost to my heart today you must surely die for it. Fuck off and never reply this mail. Linda Wallfan Johnson
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Elite Baiter

Joined: 04 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2007 9:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The esteemed Dr. T0m B3ll0. I've been "working with" him for about 6 weeks.

It took him 5 weeks to get around to mentioning how much money it would cost me to get the payola, and he did it through his "barrister".
Most lads I've baited are talking "your cost" after 5 or 6 emails.

He makes a few slips, like losing his "Dr." in subsequent emails, and he loves $25 words where a $0.05 will do, which after a while sounds like a line of s**t.
I'm sure he fancies himself as "quite a slick fellow"

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