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 Midnight Express to Vienna

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 7:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This bait is actually two years old and my baiting style has changed a lot, but I thought it might be of interest - particularly if your lad is based in Europe, and you want to inconvenience him by making him stand on a cold and windy railway platform in the middle of the night. Smile

The characters in the bait switched between real names and nick-names – to avoid confusion, I edited the text so that the scammer is always Solomon and I am always Vanessa
Modalities for arranging a railway station meet are here

The scammer opens with a traditional "I am an orphan / refugee" opening – I won’t bore you with it

I counter with an unconventional "piss off" gambit, as I fancied trying a reverse love-bait over helping him to recover his lost fortune (read on...)
I think you are a scumbag trying to trick me.
There is no money - you just want a visa.
Get a job, and get lost.
But I renew contact days later with a surprise message from a different email account...
i am writing to apologise to you.
you wrote to my dad, and told him your story, and he was rude to you, and then he was joking with his friends about how he was rude you, and he called you all sorts of bad names, and then it made me really MAD WITH HIM, because he has NO FEELINGS for anyone, and i HATE HIM!! he is a REAL PIG sometimes. in fact, he is a real pig ALL THE TIME.
anyway, i just wanted you to know that not everyone in my country is a COMPLETE BASTARD like my father!!
i checked out my father's computer while he was away, and i read your story, and i felt REALLY SAD for you. i wish i could do something to help you. i can't offer you much, because i still live with my parents, even though i HATE THEM!! maybe i could send you some money - would that help you? i get my trust fund next month, when i am old enough, so i can maybe send you a few thousand pounds? i know it's not a lot, but i'm a student so i don't earn much.
anyway, let me know if there is anything i can do to help you, like sending you some money
please write to me
love from

A number of email are exchanged at this point, during which I establish that:
- I am penniless at the moment but will get money from a trust fund soon
- a freak accident has left me temporarily unable to speak
- he is rather infatuated with me
Dearest Vanessa,
Life is like a lovely rose with much beauty and thorns, Life is how we make it with happiness or scorns. May there be sunshine after the rain and lots of happiness time and time again. When darkness seems to be all around and no peace of mind can ever be found. When you call on the Lord . Here comes the sun. He will fills you with joy as a new week have started. With happiness and cheers, Wishing you good health. These wishes are sincere. Ur appearance really pleased me but baby i expected more than one picture. So how are you doing today? Baby i told you before that i need to buy some things for winter bcos alots of cold here but you didnt say a word concern that. check my last mail. Really you still look pretty as before. Please ask your doctor about your travel bcos we need to see each other.
I cares Vanessa,
hi baby
and i am sorry that i did not ask again about how everything is going with you is everything ok with you baby? i am sorry to hear that you need things and i want to give you some money to help you buy the things you need and i hope you are not too proud to accept a little gift from me and don't worry i can afford to do this and guess what i can give it to you IN PERSON !!
and here is what happened i have spoken to the doctor again and he still said i cannot fly and then i talked to my best friend becca and told her how depressed i was that i would not be able to meet you for ages and she had a really great idea which is that i should take the train and i looked it up and it really works but it is a very long journey on a night train and i have to change at frankfurt and i have bought a ticket and i will arrive in vienna on the 19th at 06:02 and i know it is really really early in the morning but i need you to meet me at the station cos i do not speak german and i will be scared to be in a strange city when no one is around and i will not feel safe unless you meet me cos i will be bringing some money for you and more money for hotels and meals and things i figure 10,000 euros will be enough for us to live on for a couple of weeks but tell me if i should bring more
so promise me that you will meet me at the station ok cos i do not want to be alone in a strange city with so much money on me and you will have to find a nice hotel for us just book a room and you can stay the night and i will pay the bill in the morning when i arrive ok and make sure the BED is big and cosy!!!
lots and lots of LOVE
from vanessa
i cannot wait until i see you i am so excited!!!!
hi baby
i have not heard from you at all this week and now i am worried about whether i should travel to meet you or not cos i do not want to arrive in a strange city in the dark and find there is no one to meet me ok and so i decided it is best not to travel until i hear from you and i check for your emails every day baby and as soon as you reply then i will get straight on the next train so please hurry up and tell me it is ok for me to travel and that you will meet me
lots of LOVE
My lovely baby,
Ohhh my pretty baby am so sorry but i never meant not to welcome you in vienna. Just bcos i dont normal come out bcos of cold. U are welcome in vienna baby. I cares. Please, Please. Please. U are in my heart. Sweet kisses for you.
I cares.
hello baby
i am sorry that i had to cancel but i didn't know if you received my message but here is a new plan i will travel on wednesday 23rd but only if you reply and confirm this on monday or tuesday
and i will arrive at 06:02 and i want you to confirm that you will be there to meet me cos it will make me very very scared if you are not there and i will never speak to you again if you promise to meet me and you are not there ok i am serious about that
and where shall we meet at the station baby cos stations are big places and you need to go there and check it out and find a good meeting point ok
lots of LOVE
from vanessa
my pretty baby i missed you alots. How are you doing? How is your weekend? Really i need to see you. Please tell me all your plans bcos you keep saying that you will be 06. 02 which i never know when you will leave England. Tell me if you leave England to where again and how do you think you can meet up with this 06. 02 ? ? ? Only i need to stay with you. Show you how happy i feel about you. I need to have your phone number and if you will need mine let me know this will help us alots on your coming. How is your daddy and mom ? I cares baby. They are two stations in vienna you need to tell me which one you will stay. Be happy.
Sweet kisses,
Wet Kisses,
Baby what happen on that laptop ? ?
hi baby
i am sorry that i have confused you about my travel plans and i will leave england on tuesday 22 november and travel by a eurostar train to europe and then i go to frankfurt and i will travel overnight and i will arrive in vienna on wednesday 23 november at 06:02 on a train from frankfurt and it is a really long journey and i wish the doctor would let me fly
and i have copied the details of my journey below so that you will know which station i will arrive at and i REALLY REALLY want you to say that you will meet me cos i will not come otherwise
Frankfurt(Main)Hbf dep 22. 11. 05 19:50
Wien Westbahnhof arr 23. 11. 05 06:02 ICE, EN
and i told you baby that i cannot talk very well yet cos of the operation on my throat so there is no point in giving you my phone number
ok i will do what you ask about bringing the money
and i am going to ask again about the laptop but they did tell me that they would send it and it will take 2-3 weeks so you will get it soon and anyway i could just buy you one cos i am RICH now (hooray!)
lots of LOVE
from vanessa
My pretty baby,
Thanks for everything baby. I will be glad to see you in vienna and i promise to pick you from the station ok. my baby Love is like a butterfly in so many ways. It brings a bit of sunshine even on gloomy days. It makes our souls feel lighter just to know it's there. Giving our spirits wings, as if floating in the air. It carries us to places that we never knew before and comes in many sizes, shapes and colors galore. Once we've seen it, we wish to hold onto it so tight.
Always remember that you are in my heart.
How is your mom and daddy? ? ?
I hope they knew that you are traveling ? ? ?
I cares,
Sweet kisses for you my pretty baby.
hi baby
thank you for your letter and i will see you on wednesday ok and please tell me where in the station i will meet you ok cos it is a big place and it will probably be very dark
and please reply today cos i live a long way from london and i will be setting off early on tuesday
my baby,
How are you doing? I hope you are alright baby. Well when you get to the station just you will see a WAITING PLACE you will see me there. Sweet kisses for you. Till then baby. U are in my heart.

This is the turning point in the bait. I have not turned up at the railway station (obviously) and I need a good excuse if the bait is to continue. In these circumstances, a big lie is always best Smile
dear solomon
I am VERY VERY SORRY about what i did to you
i should have told you that i got blinded by the explosion and i expect that when i got off the train and you saw me then you did not want to know me and that is ok i understand i know that you need a girlfriend who is perfect cos you deserve that
and i am safe cos a lady found me crying in the station and took me back to her place and she is looking after me until i can find a hotel that can cope with a blind girl
and if you can forgive me for what i did to you then maybe we can arrange to meet at your internet cafe just give me the address ok and if you do not want to meet me again then i will go back home
i am staying here for a couple of days so let me know ok
lots of LOVE
from vanessa
I cant believe that is this Vanessa whom i knew. Upon every thing you treated me in this way. U keep telling me all kind of stroies. Do you really mean that you are blind after the explosion but how come do you knew that i sent you mail? ? ? U cant tell me that someone helps out to write me bcos never never your friend can wrote to me the way you do and dont tell me that you can travel with blindness with a helper. I have check everything and i dont see any reason why you keep telling me shit. U never sent money to me. I meant to take you as my girlfriend but this is what am receiveing from you. Now you told me to give you the internet cafe where i used to stay so you can meet me there. Am not hidding for you but i cant. U are not ever talking about giving me the hotel address where you. I never meant to hurt you but you keep planining what i dont know. I demanded for your pictures you sent me another different picture which i cant see any wound in your body. Vanessa why all this? ?

Take good care
Vanessa this is not what we discuessed before. I waited for you on the station upon the cold there. The whole thing you wrote is i never believed any words on it. I dont have any money for hotel fees. I planed to take you to my friends house bcos i dont want you to spend any money here in this country but i feel you are not thinking the same thing as i do. Now you are staying with a woman. Collect that woman phone number for me. I need to call her. I still need pure trueth about all this things.
dear solomon
i know this is not what we discussed before and that is why i am trying to explain it to you ok
and i asked the lady i am staying with if she i can give you her number or her address but she said no she does not want to talk to you or have you come to her house and she said we have to work things out between ourselves and i think she is is right and she said if you were a good boyfriend you would have met me at the station and not abandoned me and my friend becca thinks the same thing about you
and about the money i just wanted to make sure that you did not spend any money on a hotel cos i know you do not have much money and that is the only reason i offered to pay for the hotel ok
and i understand that you do not want any money from me even though i am totally rich now and i can afford to give you money and buy cars and laptops and things for you and that is cool ok i understand that you need your independence and you do not want a girl to pay for everything even if she has millions
baby, i cannot stay here forever waiting for you to decide if you want to meet me or not cos if you cannot decide that is a bad sign for our relationship and anyway i don't understand what is the problem with meeting at the internet cafe so i think you must decide about whether you want me or not so just tell me where it is and tell me what time to meet you there ok otherwise i am leaving cos this is going nowhere
love from vanessa
Vanessa i never believe all your words. She never want me in her house and i never cares to visit her house. Never will i do it. I only ask for her phone number. Look i came at the train station with all the cold there. all the darkness but you were not there and you knew very well that you are not there. Vanessa since i met you. U never talked with me on phone. U only sent me a picture for my birthday. I dont need car here bcos am asslyum seeker. Vanessa give that woman 20 euro to buy sim card then you can give the number so i can speak with that woman. I can see all things as i game to me. Ur friend told something about me. Vanessa am a guy of his words but with all kind of things you do, you never seems pure to my mind. yeah am not a good boyfriend since you never cares to tell me the trueth about yourself, about your mind.
Vanessa am real if you really want me.
dear solomon
i am very sad about your reply
i would like to give you the number for the lady i am staying with but she said no definitely no she does not want to get involved in our problem but i will try to make her change her mind ok so please give me your number and maybe i can get her to call you ok
and i don't know what about your story that you waited at the station and did not see me cos i got off the train and waited for you for an hour thinking that you had maybe been delayed and then after an hour i thought that you must have seen me and realised i was blind and that you had abandoned me and because i am blind i do not know if you were really there or not except that you say you were there but then if you were there why didn't you find me?
and i have never lied to you about anything ok i have just made one BIG MISTAKE and that is that i did not tell you i am blind and now i am SUFFERING for that one mistake ok so i hope you are happy now and it REALLY HURTS when you say i am lying cos i don't lie to people i am not that sort of girl ok
and i am sorry that you will not even give me an address where i can meet you and i think that a real boyfriend would do that so that we can work out our problems and i think maybe this relationship is just TOO DIFFICULT ok so i am going to leave on sunday unless you fix up to meet me before then ok so it is up to you it is your decision
and if you decide not to meet me than i want that picture back ok cos i would never have sent that picture to someone who doesn't love me
i think i am going to cry now
love from vanessa

Two years later, I can still write to this guy and pick up where we left off

Dr Bruno Assan writes "U have done it again!"
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