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Split from this thread. TS.

I am not one of his victims but found out about his con artist tricks while there was an investigation on a computer he constantly used that had GAY PORN on it. (There were a lot of Gay pop-up ads that were suddenly coming up on the computer.) Considering that this was a church computer it was very important to find out what was going on and who were visiting such sites. That's why he may show interest in homosexuality.
Full frontal nude photos of gay poses and actions where being downloaded from these gay websites and placed not on the hard drive itself but directly to the a: drive. I was also informed that he was being careful to delete the browser history to hide the websites he was visiting but the wonders of technology revealed just about all that he was doing on that computer. The investigation also revealed details of his website, emails that were sent, pictures posted of church members placed on his website as his staff members when they were not even aware that he had their pictures.

This investigation showed how he was using his website and several different email addresses as well as personal profiles on various dating websites to lure women to his ministry website and romance them with personal emails and IM's to peak their interest.

All of this happened in Nassau, Bahamas where he had moved from the U.S. to try and settle there as a Minister/Counselor/Musician/Youth Director/Timeshare seller/Evangelical Speaker.....a wide variety of optional job descriptions so that doors could be open to some kind of job.

The reason why suspicion was raised not just for the porn incident but also how quickly he almost become Associate Pastor and he was not even a member or a staff of this local church. How he was allowed full access to these computers and confidential files and photos but barely made a contribution to the church other than a sermon here or there. He more or less asked for contributions to help his ministry and missionary trips to other countries though.

Another incident was the fact that he was bragging about his relationship with his soon to be Bahamian bride and later to find out that the relationship ended abruptly. I heard that it was because the bride to be were getting calls from other women asking for him from other countries and in some cases not leaving any messages. What I can tell you was that not long after that a woman came in a surprise visit to the local church from the U.S. and professed her love for Woodard at one of the church's conferences that were being held at the time. The whole church new exactly what was going on. Even the Pastor of that church said "Oh what a web we weave". Appearantly the ex-fiance was right there attending the service while this woman from the states talked about how they met and that she was going to marry him. I was not there at the time but however the service was recorded and I saw the whole incident.

The lady who had visited him by surprise, I guess, could not wait to see him and came unannounced, she also said that she was a Minister from a church in the U.S. Needless to say that was the talk of the church. The recorded service showed how he was constantly looking back at his ex-fiance to see what here reaction was to this embarrassing situation.

He was confronted by the Board of the church about this and I don't think he had much to say except to deny everything. Not long after he moved to another church where he did become Associate Pastor. I don't know the details of whether persons became suspicious of him there too but I do know that by that time I eventually made contact with other women who said that they were conned by him so they revealed to me their stories.

Letters were sent to the Pastor of that new church, the press and government officials that he was a fraud, that his credentials where fake and the places that he got his degrees from never heard of him.
What I have found was that the pastors of both churches were reluctant to believe these stories right away because Woodard passed this off as a revenge thing from an ex-girlfriend. He made sure to be, in my opinion, very chummy with the pastors of these churches because they were the ones who make the final decisions around their church.

I believe people were starting to listen because eventually it got to a point where they didn't want anything to do with him. He could not get anyone to back him up or give a reputable reference to renew his work permit and thus had to leave the country - to Florida so I heard.

In any case it appears that he is still up to no good.
Persons in the past told me that they believed he may be gay by the way he behaved. I was disturbed to know that he had been interacting with the youth of the church by music lessons and/or counseling as well.

He may know how to romance a woman to death with all these poems and ending up in bed with them and taking some of their valuables but he may also be a man with gay tendencies. So beware.

Now on a slighty disturbing note for all of you women out there who have received love letters from him and still don't believe he is a con artist. He will send you love letters for all seasons. Since this is thanksgiving he will probably send you a beautiful picture of a grand thanksgiving feast and say that its a dinner that he is celebrating with family or friends which he more than likely simply downloaded off the internet.

Then he will send you (ALL OF YOU) a nice love letter and

it will probably look alot like this:

Oh, Turkey , Turkey, thou art my din din
Let me slit thy throat and marinate thee to the oven
Let this dripping blood that soon will be wine (sauce)
And the stuffing, thy replacement of your inner most parts.
All this I do for my love (uhÖÖ..whatís your name again?)
Of which my heaving manly chest covered in a manly apron
Breathes for your urgent reply to this possibly plagiarized/carbon copied poem.
Let your chain hang low, low I say,
So that I can whisk it away into my pocket while I peel off the rest of your clothes.
I prayed for this moment that I could cast mine eyes about your beautiful body and your heavy purse,
Cus Iímma put you to bed, bed, bed. (J. Holiday, for those who donít know)
After our pleasurable night of passion I must leave,
Because hither, thither calls another nightingale in eager distress and in need of my old body,
I mean, my duties call to continue the passion of using Godís name in utter vain in another country,
far , far away.
But take this ring as a promise to our so called love that we may one day walk the isle in marital bliss
when God sees fit for us to be one in body, mind and spirit or when hell freezes over.
Good bye my love but donít forget to visit my websiteÖ.

Dr. Marshall Woodard,
I mean, M. Marshall Woodard III
I mean, Maurice Woodard,
I mean, Sergeant Woodard,
I mean, Agent Woodard,
Call me (but if you donít get through its because you, I mean, I didnít pay the bills this month)

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Someone is going to be in trouble for the necro.

Sweetpuff, welcome aboard

Rather than adding to an old thread you will keep the mods happy by starting a new thread and refering to the old one.


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Made its own thread.

As Murry points out, please don't necro old threads.

Murry, please use the 'Report This Post' button in the future. Wink


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Yeah. What were you thinking MG Laughing

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