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 Taking control

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 6:59 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I've had on the hook for a little while now - a standard Cocoa Orphan modlity - but things jst took a twist.

Malcolm Reynolds wrote to "her":

Actually there's a problem with things that I have to raise now. You said you'd be coming over to "my country" once this is settled - that might be a problem. Australia (where I'm living) has just decided to cut its refugee intake from Africa down to zero - sad but true. As I'm not a citizen, but a resident alien, I can't sponsor you here. On the other hand, you could get into the US, but that would be a whole new ball game.

I've been mulling over the problem of getting you here - as I said, applying for refugee status is a problem since the Australian Government cut right back on any refugees from Africa. You could either arrive as a tourist - which has its own limitations - or be sponsored by an Australian. If I could arrange a sponsor (and I think I have just the one), you'd be home free.

Quote: should contact a friend of mine here who could help you. His name is and he works in the film industry; his most recent work was on that movie "Rogue" that just got released here. He could help you get here as your sponsor... Don't delay; send him a message at once explaining what's needed.

The Lad didn't like that idea:

Please i do not want a third person to know about this fund because i do not want people to chasing me around after this transfer, so i would advice you to wait untill this fund gets to your account and i' ll contact him or her with the emal you gave to me... I'll be expecting to hear from you when you send the fee true western union so that after the transfer we can discuss about my coming to stay with you.

I was adamant:

Did I tell you to write to and tell him everything? No I did not! I told you to get in touch with him and see about getting you safely into Australia. In any event, even if you did tell him, how the hell is that going to affect you either now or later? The tax man won't be after you since it won't be your money, it'll be in my name; and I can't think of who else would be chasing after you! You have to write to him ASAP just to get things moving.
To be brutally frank about this, you have it ass backwards. The money shouldn't be transferred until your arrival in Australia is guaranteed. If we move it first and then you aren't allowed in, then we might as well not have bothered.

So was "she"

i heard all you said but the problem is that i want this fund to be transfered first because my uncle is after this fund beside if i can talk of traveling first , i do not have any money for it because this fund is still blocked unless after the transfer, i'll have acess to the fund.
I know you will not betray me after the transfer so please after the transfer you will withdraw some money from there ans send to me for processing of my papers for my coming to meet with you.
So please let this fund be transfered first before i can have enough money for the traveling to Australia because the bank have promise to make this transfer this week before they will remove our file from their desk. Please lets get this documents first, you know that this is end of the year, the bank have a lot of work at hand now and if they leave this transfer and face another work , it will be a problem to me.
Please i' ll contact your friend but let it be after this documents please because this lawyer will also help for traveling papers here because i have already told him that after the transfer i 'll be traveling to Australia.

No amount of "Pleases" could shift me...

I am aware of your situation, but this is real life. Things just don't fall neatly into place when dramatic moments are called for. Things have to be done and set in place for when they're needed. I've served in the US Marine Corps, and I learned the importance of planning ahead. In short, we have to make sure that you can get moving the moment that the transfer is complete, and got get things out of sync.

So - contact and tell him that you need to be sponsored to get to Australia. He'll get things in motion. Once that's done, I'll get things moving with the bank, and send you the money for the fare once you've secured your visa. When you're safely here (and cashed up) I can see about getting you to America. I think you'll like Charleston!

That's the way it has to be done, honey, so get to it and write to Brad. The sooner you do that the quicker you can get to a better place.

And lo and behold...

Subject: I was directed by a friend who work with Us corps in Australia !!
Dear Sir,
Good day and how are you today, hope all is well with you over there. My name is , I am from Africa. I have been directed by my friend ( ) who asked me to contact you towards your assistance to optain a visa to come over to Australia.
So please i need your assistance to secure a visa because i need to come to Australia before the end of this year or ealier january.

One copy of Department of Immigration and Citizenship Form 147 will be on its way soon... 18 pages to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest; so many ways to go wrong...

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:53 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I wonder if she is related to who I am baiting. Another orphan with a fortune. Trouble is she/he is dealing with a dumb blonde with a fetish. Just can't concentrate on sending money.

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