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 WU in Scoocumchuck? interesting conversation with a vlad

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:12 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Is there a WU in scoocumchuck?

F4tan: hi r0bert
how are you
me: good you?
Fat4n: ok
I just have send you the leter
me: thanks I just got it
F4tan: so you can send me the money through bank
account if its easier
for you
me: okay thanks... I'llbe out to do it soon
what is W3stern un1on?
F4tan: its agency for delivering the money in fast way
have you never heard of
me: yes...
Fat4n: so
me: I've lived in the small country... we have a small college where we are
F4tan: aha
its not a problem
where you from
me: Middle of BC, in Canada
is this W3stern Union thing secure?
Fat4n: yes for sure
its international agency
me: is what I'm doing safe?
Fat4n: yes
you can talk to them they have a office all over the world
me: I don't think they have one where I am
Fat4n: maybe
but thats not a problem
the bank will be just fine
me: no worries then Wink
what about this other medium? the moneyram or something?
Fat4n: its the same
as western
me: do you think they'd have one in Scoocumchuck?
where are you from?
Fat4n: yes there is

but I am from KOSOVO
me: big city?
Fat4n: its not yet a state
we are fighting for
maybe you have heard on news
me: we don't get cable... I don't listen to a lot of radio either. It's too depressing
Fat4n: its not a problem
me: what are you taking in University?
Fat4n: I am studying economics
me: me too Smile
Fat4n: thats great
so when are you sending me the money
me: I'm headed to the bank today
Fat4n: ok
when money will be here I will notify
me: okay... who do I send it to?
Fat4n: to me F4t4n K3rc4gu
me: oh... srry... which account?
F4tan: F4tan Kerq4gu
ProCredit Bank - Kosovo
Account Number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
Swift Code Mxxxxxx2
me: okay thank you Wink I'll go do that now.
Fat4n: ok and can you please after depositing the money to scan and send to me the Money Transfer Order
me: will do Wink... you have a good night eh?
Fat4n: ok
you too
me: bye Smile
Fat4n: ok

Ok Dear.
Pls send the details again to the bank e mail. and
every necessary details that we be need to process the weird transfer to your account.
-L0u1s4 Chr15t0ph3R
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:40 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I know that lad PSD.

He has a number that is from Monaco... but nice that he gave you a bank account.

He was a pain in the arse when I dealt with him. Please give him some pain Wink

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