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 Autobaiter on Full Insult Mode

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've got a lad now having a raging argument with an autobaiter. He calls himself "The Don" but I think the machine's got the edge on him here. He traded standard insults with the machine before it gets better and better. Lad's responses are in red:

Back to sender in Jesus name amen,you will soon be buried as you wish others while I live to fulfil my days in good health and in wealth.
Ole like you,you wan come carry money wey you no suffer for,you will die a church rat,ode like you

Later mailing:
You are nothing but a shit

He's warming up nicely in the next one:
Hello boy,

One thing about you is that you are a stact illiterate, even the ibo that you wrote is incorrect,otu nne gi is the correct spelling instead of oto nne gi, you wrote mor than fucker it means you are in the lowest part of Ajegunle city according to the foundation your father laid for you,you are very jobless,you better apologies and trace my way for God to bless you through me as he has done to others.I stand to return all your abuses back to you in Jesus name amen.

The Don

And then comes the half-hearted recruitment attempt:
Uche Nwankpi,

How far now? I no see your mail again wetin de happen? Make we dey do the thing until you are ready for partnership business then I will tell you my capability in this job.I be Ibeku man if you may be interested to know.

The Don

And now this:
Uche Oshi,

E be ichoro ka anyi debezie igbo,m ga agwa gi na mkagi ima ihe.Achorom ikpo go n'igwe nti gi.I bu onye ukpa,kamgbe I kwesiri ikpo m ma ukpa ekweghi gi.
I he nile m deere gi na mbu,jide kwa ha jisie ha ike.
Ka odi mgbe ozo.

Dede Gi Don

And this:


Why do you allow your inherited generational curse of poverty and untimely death to catch up with you? It's a pity that you are going to die just like your father and the worst of it is that you are going to hell fire to meet your father where the devil your master will torment you badly,well,you deserve it and your family will end the same way unless the real child of God if at all your useless parents could bear a child that will decide not to follow the ways of your stupid parents.Your mother was a prostitute who have shared aids virus to a lot of her bed mates of which you are sharing the same virus to people,my girl friend in Nigeria is from Anambra state but because of you I will not have sex with her again because you have been contracted by your master the devil to spread the aids virus to people within your reach.

He's in full conversation with a machine. Laughing

James Ezekiel: "do i am your meat i am 33 year old and if you will pammit me i will love to be your lover and honey.PLEASE CAN YOU SEND ME YOUR UNMBER SO THAT I CAN CALL YOU FOR MORE TOLK."

Fiduciary Agent: "junky, donkey monkey aboky na u .............."

Jean Atoh: "You must be a chronic idiot and stupid to the core. I do not want you to email me again, you can go to blazes bloody bastard. A full that cannot even express himself"

Global Service: "You have kept me in total confusion with your last couples of emails and i wish to understand more."

Spain United Kingdom

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Philo Kvetch
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 11:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

If you slip some dollar signs in occasionally he may be with you next year at this time Laughing

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